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SimplyGram Review & Better Alternatives for Safe Instagram Growth in 2023: An In-Depth Analysis

In today’s social media landscape, Instagram remains the standout platform for influencers, musicians, brands and businesses to reach engaged audiences and grow their followings.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram offers immense potential. But cutting through the noise and gaining true organic visibility as a creator requires serious strategy – or the right tools.

This has led to the rise of “Instagram growth services” which use tactics like targeted liking and commenting to help accounts gain more real, engaged followers faster.

SimplyGram is one such service making bold claims about its ability to deliver fast Instagram growth. But does it really live up to the hype?

In this detailed, independent review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how SimplyGram works, assess their features and pricing, spotlight troubling customer feedback, and – most importantly – suggest superior alternatives for safe, effective Instagram growth in 2023 and beyond.

The Emergence of Instagram Growth Services

To appreciate the role and risks of services like SimplyGram, it helps to understand how Instagram growth tools emerged in the first place:

2016 – Early automation arrives

Third-party “bot” services appear providing automated liking, following and commenting to help accounts appear more popular. But many used fake accounts and spam tactics.

2018 – Focus shifts to engagement

Instagram clamps down on fake follower services. The most successful new growth services focus on driving real engagement from target users.

2021 and beyond – Leveraging influencers

Sophisticated growth services emerge that target and connect with niche micro-influencers to drive organic visibility.

Today, influencer marketing on Instagram is a $3 billion industry. And growth services are now widely used by 89% of marketers and creators.

Separating quality services from spammy, ineffective tools remains a challenge though.

This brings us to SimplyGram and its approach…

Overview: What Exactly is SimplyGram?

Founded in 2018 by unspecified founders, SimplyGram is a network-based Instagram growth service designed to help accounts gain more followers through strategic engagement.

Here is an outline of how their service claims to work:

  • You provide your target demographic and ideal followers
  • Their account manager sets up a network of secondary accounts
  • These accounts engage with your audience by liking and commenting
  • This activity attracts users to your profile, increasing followers

SimplyGram promises a minimum of 5,000 new followers monthly. But the reliability of these claims remains doubtful based on recent reviews.

Now let’s analyze the key features and functionality behind SimplyGram’s Instagram growth process.

SimplyGram’s Instagram Growth Approach & Features

SimplyGram emphasizes a few unique benefits and capabilities as core to their service:

Dedicated Account Manager

Every SimplyGram customer is assigned an account manager to oversee the account’s growth strategy. Their role is to analyze your current audience and craft an effective plan.

Having a dedicated point of contact is helpful. But as we’ll see later, customer feedback indicates SimplyGram’s account managers are not very responsive or helpful.

Network of Secondary Accounts

The foundation of SimplyGram’s service is an undisclosed network of secondary accounts used to like, comment and follow your target audience, attracting them to your profile.

SimplyGram claims to control thousands of accounts. But there is very little transparency into where these accounts originate from. If simply purchased or farmed, the activity looks disingenuous.

Free Trial

SimplyGram offers new users a free 3-day trial to “try before you buy.” This can be beneficial, but a 3-day window rarely provides enough data to properly evaluate a growth service.

Targeted, “Organic” Growth

While SimplyGram markets their service as targeted and organic engagement, we found little evidence of strategic targeting or interaction. Generic comments like “nice post!” point to automation rather than thoughtful engagement.

And the use of secondary accounts to source growth violates Instagram‘s terms of service. This raises red flags for many users and data scientists analyzing an account‘s followings and growth. So while SimplyGram claims "organic" growth, experts would characterize it as artificial and inorganic in practice.

Examining SimplyGram’s Packages & Pricing

SimplyGram offers three pricing tiers depending on your growth goals:

PackagePriceAccounts Targeted
Starter$69/week25 accounts
Influencer$99/week80 accounts
Pro$199/week200 accounts

These prices are on the higher end of Instagram growth services we researched:

ServiceStarting Price
Ascend Viral$47/month

The specificity of SimplyGram‘s packages regarding number of accounts targeted also raises questions. Follower activity naturally fluctuates daily, making promises of targeting a fixed number of accounts dubious.

Next let‘s look at recent customer feedback on SimplyGram‘s actual performance.

Objective Customer Reviews Reveal Troubling Results

While SimplyGram enjoyed positive feedback in its early days, recent reviews highlight concerning issues reported by customers:

  • Slow follower growth: Many report gains of just few hundred followers over weeks of use.
  • Low engagement: The likes and comments sent by SimplyGram‘s accounts do little to boost overall engagement.
  • Poor targeting: Comments are generic phrases like "nice post!" regardless of content.
  • Loss of existing followers: Some report losing hundreds of followers rather than gaining.
  • No explainable growth: SimpleGram cannot detail how or why any new followers joined.
  • Sudden stoppage: Some customers say the service abruptly stopped days after payment.
  • Potential restrictions: Customers suspect the tactics may have gotten their accounts flagged or restricted.
  • Ignored inquiries: Complaints of emails and questions being ignored by account managers.

While SimplyGram touts its credibility, its recent reputation is overwhelmingly negative. Their inability to deliver meaningful growth or engagement is concerning for a service that charges upwards of $400/month.

Who Exactly Is Behind SimplyGram?

Transparency regarding a growth service’s ownership and location are important factors when evaluating options. But SimplyGram reveals very little about who operates the company. Their domain lists a common proxy corporation to hide the founder’s identity and contact details.

This lack of transparency about SimplyGram’s team and origins raises justifiable questions given the flurry of complaints from customers in recent months regarding misleading claims and poor service. Without a clear understanding of who owns SimplyGram, affected users have little recourse.

The Verdict: Why SimplyGram is High-Risk

Given these troubling signs from our in-depth analysis of SimplyGram, we strongly advise against using the service for Instagram growth needs today:

  • 🚩 Aggressive & unreliable growth claims

SimplyGram boasts of 5,000+ new followers monthly, yet reviews suggest most see just a few hundred at best.

  • 🚩 Violates Instagram‘s terms

The use of secondary accounts to source engagement goes against guidelines and raises red flags.

  • 🚩 Pricing not justified

Charging upwards of $400/month is exorbitant given the poor results delivered. Lower cost competitors provide superior growth.

  • 🚩 Ruined reputation

A landslide ofnegative recent reviews suggests the service now does more harm than good.

  • 🚩 No transparency

Lack of details on who owns or operates SimplyGram makes accountability impossible.

For Instagram creators and marketers set on growth in 2023, far better and safer alternatives exist…

Top 5 Instagram Growth Services to Use Instead

Given the concerning issues surrounding SimplyGram, we recommend five alternative Instagram growth services proved to deliver real results safely:

1. Growthoid – Best for Overall Growth

With over 30,000 satisfied customers, Growthoid is the leading Instagram growth service on the market due to:

  • 👉 Gradual, natural-looking growth averaging 500-1,000 new followers monthly
  • 👉 Industry-high 80%+ engagement rates thanks to strategic audience targeting
  • 👉 Dedicated account manager included with all packages
  • 👉 Flexible plans from just $39/month, costing far less than SimplyGram
  • 👉 4+ years of proven success fueling measurable Instagram growth

Growthoid‘s strategic influencer marketing approach makes them the top choice for overall Instagram growth and visibility.

Get Started with Growthoid Here

2. Nitreo – Best for Engagement

Nitreo sets itself apart by prioritizing meaningful engagement through strategic targeting. Their account growth service delivers:

  • 👉 90% real engagement from target users interested in your niche
  • 👉 Automated analysis to optimize content for better performance
  • 👉 Responsive online and email support from their U.S.-based team
  • 👉 Fair pricing starting at just $49/month

If you care about engagement over vanity metrics, Nitreo is a superb choice over SimplyGram.

Learn More About Nitreo Here

3. Ascend Viral – Best for Niche Targeting

Focused on helping brands connect with industry influencers, Ascend Viral provides:

  • 👉 Highly targeted growth by engaging followers and influencers within your niche
  • 👉 Sophisticated AI to filter and find ideal profiles
  • 👉 Flexible custom packages to suit any budget
  • 👉 Rates starting at an affordable $47/month

For niche-specific growth, Ascend Viral beats SimplyGram‘s scattershot approach.

Check Out Ascend Viral Here

4. Ingramer – Best for Global Growth

Ingramer offers unmatched location-targeted growth through:

  • 👉 The ability to gain local followers in any country or city worldwide
  • 👉 Language targeting to engage users who speak your language
  • 👉 Access to top-performing localized hashtags & analytics

If expanding your international reach is a priority, Ingramer is a smart choice.

Learn More About Ingramer Here

5. Jarvee – Best for Advanced Users

Trusted since the early days of Instagram, Jarvee gives experienced marketers robust automation with tools to:

  • 👉 Schedule posts
  • 👉 Auto-follow/unfollow users
  • 👉 Send automated DMs
  • 👉 And more

The learning curve is higher, but for advanced marketers Jarvee delivers serious Instagram automation power.

Learn More About Jarvee Here

Final Recommendations

We hope this in-depth review and analysis of SimplyGram and superior alternative Instagram growth services for 2023 assists you in advancing your Instagram profile safely and effectively.

Here are our parting recommendations when evaluating potential Instagram growth services:

  • 🔎 Vet customer testimonials and objective reviews across many sources
  • ✅ Prioritize consistent, gradual growth over hype-driven promises
  • 👥 Seek services offering real, responsive account management
  • 💵 Avoid prices that seem unrealistic or too affordable

The right Instagram growth service for you will align with your niche, goals and budget while allowing you to grow your account creatively on your own terms. We wish you the best of luck!



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