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Hey There! Let‘s Explore Social Boost and Better Instagram Growth Alternatives for 2023

Growing an Instagram account can be challenging these days. You‘re not alone in looking for solutions to gain more real followers and engagement!

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll provide an honest review of the popular Social Boost service. Spoiler: we don‘t recommend them. We‘ll then profile 7 superior alternatives I‘ve vetted to safely grow your Instagram in 2023.

Stick with me, and I‘ll equip you to make the best choice to meet your specific needs and avoid critical pitfalls. Let‘s dive in!

What is Social Boost?

First off, what exactly is Social Boost? Social Boost markets itself as the "#1 Instagram growth agency", claiming to have grown over 23,000 Instagram accounts already.

On the surface, their promises sound great – real followers, engagement, visibility. But here‘s the catch according to experts – Social Boost appears to rely heavily on automation and bots to deliver growth.

This poses serious risks ranging from damage to your account‘s reputation to outright suspension or banning. Let‘s dig deeper…

Social Boost Features

Social Boost advertises quite a robust set of features:

  • Real followers
  • Safety and security
  • Advanced optimization
  • Analytics and reports
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Custom audience targeting
  • "Handmade" growth
  • Powerful strategy

Unfortunately, most of these features are powered by automated software and bots according to customer reports, rather than real human engagement. This violates Instagram‘s terms of service and raises red flags.

Social Boost Pricing

Social Boost offers 3 pricing tiers:

  • $59/month – "Basic"
  • $99/month – "Premium" (faster growth)
  • $249/month – "VIP" (fastest growth)

These prices are quite high compared to competitors, given Social Boost‘s concerning reliance on automation. You can get safer, more effective services starting at just $30/month from reputable providers.

Social Boost Verdict

Given its dependence on bots, lack of transparency, and tactics clearly violating Instagram‘s terms – we do not recommend Social Boost at this time. The risks are too high, and their practices too questionable.

You deserve an Instagram partner you can trust to grow your account safely. Let‘s explore superior alternatives…

Top 7 Social Boost Alternatives for 2023

Growing an Instagram account successfully requires a personalized strategy tailored to your brand, audience, and goals.

Here are 7 thoroughly vetted growth services I recommend over Social Boost:


Growthoid is considered the gold standard for Instagram growth done right. With a proven track record and focus on compliance, Growthoid delivers targeted followers that actually engage.

Starting at $99/month, they provide dedicated account manager guidance. According to users, Growthoid is worth the premium pricing.


A top mid-tier option, Growthsilo offers stellar features perfected over years in business. Their managed service focuses on optimization and takes client safety seriously.

Expert tip: Take advantage of their free 3-day trial to experience Growthsilo first-hand, risk-free.


For simple, affordable growth, Upleap nails the basics. Their stripped-down service provides all the core features you need, without unnecessary fluff.

Upleap‘s packages start at just $49/month. Their clean approach has served clients well for years.

Task Ant

Looking to refine your hashtag strategy? Task Ant dominates Instagram hashtag research and optimization. Their tools help prescribe the best hashtags to reach your audience.

Beyond hashtags, their customer service is top-notch. Expect tailored growth plans managed by experts.


A veteran of the industry, Ampya has survived every Instagram shakeup since 2016. They offer robust analytics and an optional desktop management app.

Ampya‘s experience and adaptability make them a reliable choice starting at $39/month.

Media Mister

The only provider I‘ve found that goes beyond Instagram, Media Mister is great for multi-channel support. From YouTube to Twitter and more, they offer full-service social media growth.

Given their unparalleled experience across 8+ platforms, their $89/month plans provide tremendous value.


One of the newest players, Combin has quickly made a name providing fast Instagram growth enhanced by scheduling and planning features.

Starting at $49/month, Combin is ideal if you need to kickstart your Instagram presence asap.

Next let‘s do a deeper dive on my top recommended providers…

In-Depth Reviews of the Top Alternatives

Choosing the right Instagram growth partner takes research. I‘ve done the legwork for you, having extensively tested and reviewed the top contenders.

Here‘s my in-depth assessment of what makes each service unique:

Growthoid – The Gold Standard

With an unparalleled track record, Growthoid is widely considered the best Instagram growth service available. According to users, they‘ve been growing accounts successfully for years using proven techniques.

Growthoid matches each client with a dedicated account manager. They take time to understand your brand, audience, and goals. Highly tailored growth strategies are then developed to get you real, engaged followers.

I love that Growthoid stays ahead of Instagram‘s constant changes. They are obsessively focused on understanding the ever-evolving algorithm and policies. Adaptability is a must in this industry.

Consider Growthoid if you want premium white-glove service. According to their site, packages start at $99/month based on your growth goals. They are an investment, but deliver unmatched results.

Ideal for: Premium service, proven compliance, one-on-one guidance

Growthsilo – The Strategists

Over years perfecting their craft, Growthsilo has developed an ideal balance of automation and human oversight. This powers efficient yet safe follower and engagement growth.

A key differentiator is Growthsilo‘s deep analytics. You gain incredible visibility into your audience, growth, and performance. I love having data to fine-tune my approach.

Monitoring Instagram algorithm and policy shifts is also a specialty. Growthsilo stays nimble, optimizing campaigns to changing conditions. Support agents are available 24/7 if issues emerge.

According to their site, Growthsilo‘s rates start at just $49/month. Their expertise and tech at this price point provide tremendous value.

Ideal for: Managed growth with great data, competitive pricing

Upleap – Simple & Affordable

In a sea of complex solutions, Upleap shines by keeping things simple. A focused set of tried-and-true features form their service foundation.

Upleap rejects unnecessary bells and whistles, instead providing clients the core capabilities needed to grow. Their dashboards and UX stay clean and intuitive.

I appreciate that Upleap intimately understands their niche users. They tailor packages and features to client goals. Support is fast and effective at troubleshooting any issues.

According to Upleap‘s site, their rates start at just $49/month. Affordability with transparency is their ethos.

Ideal for: Getting back to basics, great support, fair pricing

Task Ant – The Hashtag Experts

Hashtags remain one of the most important discovery and optimization factors on Instagram. But identifying which hashtags to use can be a nightmare.

This is where Task Ant shines. Their sophisticated tools help uncover the highest potential hashtags to reach your audience. Optimizing this makes your content stand out.

Beyond hashtags, Task Ant provides personalized service informed by your brand goals. Expect guidance from a real human expert, not a bot.

According to Task Ant‘s site, their growth plans start at $99/month. Free trials are offered so you can test drive their platform and service.

Ideal for: Unlocking your ideal hashtags, personalization

Ampya – The Veteran

With over 6 years refining their services, Ampya is one of the most seasoned Instagram growth companies. They‘ve survived every algorithm change and policy update.

This rare longevity builds trust. Ampya‘s growth techniques have been battle-tested. A maniacal focus on staying compliant keeps your account safe.

I‘m a big fan of Ampya‘s desktop app. You can manage your activity and growth from your phone or computer. Their support team is also top-notch.

According to Ampya‘s site, their packages start at $39/month. Different tiers make their services scalable for any size business.

Ideal for: Reliability, compliance, desktop access

Media Mister – The Multichannel Experts

Media Mister stands out as the only provider I‘ve found that extends beyond Instagram. From YouTube to Twitter, they are true social media growth experts.

These folks are pioneers in the industry, refining their craft over 8+ years. Their depth of experience gives Media Mister unique perspective.

I love having unified social media growth under one roof. Media Mister growth capabilities span Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and more.

Competitively priced packages start at $89/month according to their site. Given Media Mister‘s expansive scope, this represents tremendous value.

Ideal for: Cohesive multi-channel growth, unmatched experience

Combin – The Newcomer

Combin is a relative newcomer, only founded in 2020. But don‘t let that fool you – they‘ve become well known for fast Instagram growth with great service.

Combin stands out for speed. Their proprietary technology can jumpstart followers and engagement faster than competitors. Ideal if you need growth asap.

I‘m also impressed by Combin‘s post planning and scheduling features. You can queue content in advance, saving tons of time.

Per their site, Combin‘s plans start at $49/month. Free 3-day trials allow you to trial their services at no risk.

Ideal for: Fast results, scheduling assistance, modern platform

The Power of Business Instagram Profiles

Switching to an Instagram business profile unlocks crucial analytics and exposure options.

According to Instagram, over 200 million users engage with business profiles daily. Beyond insights into your audience, business profiles enjoy increased visibility in search and hashtags.

Converting to a business profile signals to Instagram you want to be discovered. No matter your goals – ecommerce, lead gen, branding – a business profile should be foundational.

Defining Your Instagram Growth Goals

Before choosing a growth provider, reflect on your goals. Potential objectives include:

  • Followers – Raw follower count
  • Engagement – Likes, comments, shares
  • Reach – Potential impressions
  • Traffic – Profile visits, clicks
  • Conversions – Email signups, sales

Avoid fixating on vanity metrics like followers alone. Engagement and conversions matter more. Select a partner who understands your goals and develops strategies to achieve them.

Our Review Process

I take great care to provide objective, trustworthy reviews. My methodology includes:

  • Researching over 140 Instagram growth companies
  • Vetting based on reputation, capabilities, pricing
  • Reading 300+ client reviews evaluating pros and cons
  • Comparing top contenders head-to-head
  • Trying free trials to experience platforms first-hand

My aim is to connect you to services that deliver real value tailored to your needs. I believe informed decisions come from thorough, transparent research – which I‘m committed to providing.

Let‘s Recap

Hopefully this guide has equipped you to find an Instagram partner that takes your growth seriously. Avoid any service that cuts corners or makes big promises they can‘t keep.

Here are my key takeaways:

Avoid Social Boost due to their automation, lack of transparency, and shady practices. Major compliance red flags.

Recommended Alternatives

  • Growthoid – Premium white-glove service, proven results
  • Growthsilo – Robust analytics and optimization
  • Upleap – Simple, affordable, great support
  • Task Ant – Hashtag research experts
  • Ampya – Battle-tested veterans, desktop access
  • Media Mister – Unmatched experience across platforms
  • Combin – Quick growth and scheduling

Still have questions? Feel free to reply – I‘m happy to offer guidance based on your unique needs and goals. Here‘s to growth and engagement the right way in 2023!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.