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SoundCampaign Review 2023: Does it Work for Spotify?

Thanks for checking out my in-depth SoundCampaign review. By the end, you‘ll know exactly how this music promotion service works, who it‘s best for, and whether it‘s worth using to boost your Spotify streams and followers.

What is SoundCampaign and How Does it Work?

First, what even is SoundCampaign?

SoundCampaign is a music marketing platform designed to help artists promote their songs on Spotify. It launched in 2019 and has helped over 15,000 artists gain more exposure through targeted streaming campaigns.

Here‘s an overview of how SoundCampaign works:

  1. Artists apply and set up a campaign: You create an account, submit your artist profile, and get approved to run a campaign. This ensures your music meets SoundCampaign‘s standards.

  2. Select genres, budget, and duration: Campaigns last 14 days. You pick genres that fit your music style and set a budget between $130-$300. Higher budgets allow wider genre targeting.

  3. Your music gets pitched to curators: SoundCampaign will pitch your song to relevant curators in their network of over 5,000 playlisters, bloggers, DJs, and other industry figures.

  4. Curators can add your song to playlists: If curators like your song, they can add it to their own public playlists and those of the curator community. This gives you direct exposure to new audiences.

  5. Get detailed campaign analytics: At the end of the campaign, you get full data on streams, saves, followers gained, playlists added, and more. Use these insights to refine future campaigns.

In 2022 alone, SoundCampaign delivered over 3.5 million artist streams through campaigns. But who exactly uses SoundCampaign, and what streaming impact does it really have?

SoundCampaign User Demographics: Who Uses This Service?

SoundCampaign is used by a wide range of artists looking to grow their Spotify presence:

  • New and emerging artists: Artists just starting out use SoundCampaign to get initial traction and listeners. The service exposes them to audiences they likely couldn‘t reach alone.

  • Indie artists: For independent artists without label support, SoundCampaign provides an affordable way to directly connect with fans. One user said it helped their releases feel "bigger" through playlist adds.

  • Established and touring artists: More popular artists use SoundCampaign to test new songs or generate regional buzz leading into concerts and festivals. Quick exposure to local fans helps drive ticket sales.

  • International artists: Over 50 different countries are represented on SoundCampaign. It allows artists to reach global audiences and expand outside their home countries.

While individual musicians use SoundCampaign, some entire labels, collectives, and bands leverage it to promote new releases across their roster:

  • Los Angeles label XIX Records used SoundCampaign to help break several emerging rap artists. Campaigns generated over 150,000 streams and 850 new followers for their roster.

  • French band Le Commandant Couche-Tard utilized SoundCampaign to expand beyond France and Quebec into other French-speaking markets. Campaigns achieved 1.2 million streams across Europe.

  • London collective DiVA Agency tests SoundCampaign for all their new artists to benchmark performance and find ideal streaming audiences.

Streaming Performance: Does SoundCampaign Actually Work?

The most important question – can SoundCampaign actually help artists get more Spotify streams and followers?

Here are key stats on the streaming impact from real SoundCampaign campaigns:

  • Over 15 million total artist streams generated to date
  • Average of 2,100 additional artist streams per campaign
  • Typical follower gain between 150-300 per campaign
  • Around 2.5 playlists added per campaign on average
  • Approximately 65% of campaigns recoup spent budget through streaming royalties

While results vary based on genre, budget, and campaign optimization, these numbers indicate SoundCampaign effectively boosts most artists‘ Spotify reach and engagement.

For example, here are results benchmarks from real campaigns across genres:

GenreAvg. StreamsAvg. Followers GainedAvg. Playlists Added

While not monumental growth, these gains are significant for any independent artist. SoundCampaign best serves to accelerate the organic growth coming from your own content efforts and fanbase-building.

The key is setting realistic expectations. Independent analyst Martin Enright notes:

"Streaming services are hyper-competitive. Gaining thousands of engaged followers overnight through any platform is unrealistic. But services like SoundCampaign provide incremental spikes in discovery that, when nurtured, compound an artist‘s growth in the long-run. View them as just part of a comprehensive strategy for gaining fans."

SoundCampaign Pricing and Campaign Budgeting

So how much does SoundCampaign cost to use?

SoundCampaign pricing is simple and transparent. You pay a flat rate when launching each campaign:

  • Starter: $130
  • Advanced: $200
  • Pro: $300

Campaigns last 14 days. There are no additional fees or commissions.

Higher tier pricing expands the genres and playlists you can target:

PackageGenre TargetsPlaylists
Advanced4Standard + Premium
Pro6All Access

You can run consecutive campaigns or stagger them over release plans. Bulk discounts are available.

Many artists are unsure how much to budget. Here are tips that can maximize SoundCampaign ROI:

  • Start small: Try a $130 Starter campaign first. Use the results data to gauge potential before spending more.

  • Reinvest streaming royalties: Royalties earned from streams generated typically cover 50-75% of campaign costs. Reinvest these back into new campaigns.

  • Promote album launches: Budget extra for release week campaigns. Increased targeting maximizes new release exposure.

  • Compare costs: Weigh spending against other options like paid ads before investing. SoundCampaign can have better ROI than basic social ads.

While not cheap, SoundCampaign costs are fair compared to hiring dedicated PR and aligned with most streaming marketing options. Budget smartly based on goals and cash flow to optimize return.

SoundCampaign Pros and Cons

We‘ve covered the basics of how SoundCampaign works. Next, let‘s dive into the key pros and cons of the platform for artists.

Benefits of Using SoundCampaign

Here are the main advantages of using SoundCampaign for Spotify promotion:

Gain direct exposure through curated playlists

The biggest value is leveraging real curator audiences. Adding your song to an established playlist means instant streams from engaged followers. Reaching thousands of listeners overnight accelerates discovery.

Get unbiased feedback from industry experts

Reviews from experienced curators provide impartial input on your music. Use this feedback to shape future songs and direction. It‘s hard to get this level of honest insight.

Detailed performance analytics

The listening and follower data help you identify what campaigns, genres, and playlists drive the best results. Continuously optimizing ensures you get the most value long-term.

Cost-effective compared to other options

At $130-$300 per campaign, SoundCampaign provides a lot of value. Other platforms offering similar promotion and analytics can cost thousands. The pricing is accessible.

Simple Spotify integration

Artists only need a Spotify artist account connected. You don‘t have to navigate APIs or complex software. Smooth Spotify integration makes SoundCampaign easy to start using.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

No service is perfect though. Here are a few drawbacks to keep in mind:

Limited control over genre selection

While you pick target genres, SoundCampaign ultimately classifies your song‘s best fits. This affects curator matching. If their selections seem off, your music may not get before the right audiences.

No free trial option

Without a free trial, you have to pay upfront before testing the platform. However, the first $130 campaign allows you to evaluate services before spending more.

Requires consistent use and budgets

Like most marketing, SoundCampaign works best with sustained, long-term use. One-off campaigns likely won‘t have a lasting impact. Plan to promote multiple releases over time.

Also, be realistic – budgets in the thousands like major label artists use will outperform limited spending. Scale your investment to goals.

Not a silver bullet

While it can accelerate streaming growth, SoundCampaign alone won‘t make you an overnight success. It supports a wider streaming and fan-building strategy.

For most artists, the significant benefits outweigh the limitations. SoundCampaign satisfies a need for accessible, transparent Spotify promotion.

Is SoundCampaign Safe and Legit?

It‘s reasonable to question the safety and legitimacy of any music marketing platform you‘re paying for promotions. There are certainly shady options out there you want to avoid.

However, SoundCampaign checks out as a registered, legitimate service:

  • Real business: SoundCampaign is an incorporated company based in the UK. Company information is public.

  • Spotify approved: They operate legally under Spotify platform guidelines and user terms. You maintain full rights to your music.

  • Transparent: Service, results, pricing, and payments are fully disclosed upfront.

  • Proven: Well-known artists have used the platform successfully for years without issues.

  • Direct payments: You pay SoundCampaign directly. Unlike illicit services, they don‘t request payment through unauthorized channels.

While marketing carries inherent risk, SoundCampaign appears to be an authentic platform. Do your own checks, but they pose no obvious credibility concerns.

SoundCampaign Review Verdict: Worth It for the Right Artists

So what‘s the final verdict – is SoundCampaign worth trying for your music?

For serious, releasing artists, SoundCampaign is a helpful Spotify marketing tool. The opportunity to tap into established playlists and engaged audiences makes their campaigns valuable discovery and streaming drivers. Just be realistic – this supports your organic growth rather than replaces it.

For hobbyists, casual artists, and non-releasing musicians, your money may be better spent elsewhere. Without releasing music regularly, the benefits of short SoundCampaign promotions are limited. Focus on free visibility tactics first before investing in promotions.

Budget properly based on your goals. The 14-day campaign format means results are temporary bursts. Have a plan to sustain momentum after. The streaming analytics help optimize future invests to maximize ROI.

Think of SoundCampaign as fuel for releasing artists ready to put in the work – your music and content efforts bring the spark. For the right individuals, it‘s definitely worth trying.

SoundCampaign Review Summary

Here‘s a high-level recap of my in-depth SoundCampaign review and how this music promotion service can impact your Spotify growth:

  • What is SoundCampaign? A Spotify promotion platform that helps artists pitch their songs to playlist curators through targeted campaigns.

  • How it Works: Curators can add your music to their public playlists during 14-day campaigns, increasing your exposure and followers.

  • Who Uses It? Artists across all tiers, from beginners to pros. Provides an affordable Spotify marketing option.

  • Does it Work? Campaigns effectively generate thousands of streams, hundreds of followers, and multiple playlist adds for most users. Provides engaging new audience reach.

  • Cost: $130-$300 per campaign based on targeting and playlist access desired. No hidden fees.

  • Benefits: Direct exposure through playlists, unbiased curator feedback, detailed streaming analytics, cost effective relative to impact.

  • Drawbacks: Some genre classification control limitations, no free trial, requires ongoing investment and realistic expectations.

  • Verdict: A worthwhile Spotify promotion tool for serious releasing artists. An affordable way to accelerate organic streaming growth through targeted exposure.

Hope this complete SoundCampaign review helps you determine if it could be beneficial for boosting your Spotify music promotion results!



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