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7 Best SoundCloud Promotion Services (Organic & Real) 2023

For independent musicians, having a strong presence on SoundCloud is essential for expanding your reach and connecting with new fans. With over 75 million tracks and growing, SoundCloud offers unsigned artists a platform to share their music, build an audience, and potentially get noticed by record labels or collaborators.

But with so much music being uploaded every day, how can you make sure yours gets heard? This is where leveraging SoundCloud promotion services can give your tracks a significant boost.

In this guide, we’ll overview the top 7 real and organic SoundCloud promotion services for 2023. We’ll dig into the key features of each service, pricing options, guarantees, and more to help you determine which is the best fit to grow your SoundCloud account.

Let’s dive in!

1. Best Overall: Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media is an industry leader when it comes to SoundCloud promotion, offering comprehensive solutions to get your tracks heard by more targeted listeners.

Key Features:

  • Targeted plays, likes, reposts, followers, comments
  • Campaigns focused on specific countries and genres
  • Marketing tools like animated visualizers and social sharing
  • Detailed analytics dashboard to track campaign performance

Pricing: Packages start at $39 for 1,000 plays and go up to $599 for 75,000 plays. Other a la carte options are available.

Guarantee: Daimoon offers a 100% replacement guarantee if any drop-off occurs.

Reviews: With over 700 positive reviews, Daimoon is praised for delivering real, high-quality engagement and excellent customer service. Musicians report getting great results in expanding their SoundCloud presence.

Overview: For the best all-in-one SoundCloud growth solution, look no further than Daimoon. Their strategic, targeted campaigns along with social promotion tools can take your SoundCloud profile to the next level.

Try Daimoon Media

2. Runner Up: UseViral

If you’re looking for diversity in promotion sources, UseViral leverages a 5000+ network of websites and apps to share your music across the web.

Key Features:

  • Uses a network of over 5,000 partners to share music
  • Campaigns focused on driving streams, reposts, followers
  • Targets relevant audiences by genre and location
  • Guaranteed campaign results or money back

Pricing: Packages range from $49 for 5,000 plays to $599 for 150,000 plays

Guarantee: UseViral offers a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Reviews: Customers consistently highlight getting great organic results, responsive customer service, and satisfaction with the network approach.

Overview: For spreading your music far and wide over the internet beyond just SoundCloud, UseViral’s network-based promotion is a top choice.

Try UseViral

3. Best for Gradual Organic Growth: SidesMedia

SidesMedia takes an innovative approach by incentivizing real people in their network to actively listen and engage with your music.

Key Features

  • Uses real people that are paid to listen and engage with tracks
  • Focused on long-term retention and building an active fanbase
  • Gradual drip-feed engagement schedule optimized for organic growth
  • Zero risk of getting banned or suspended

Pricing: Packages range from $99 per week for 300 followers to $599 per week for 5,000 followers.

Guarantee: SidesMedia offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not obtain the promised amount of followers.

Reviews: Extremely positive customer feedback on getting consistent, organic growth and high retention levels from the incentive-based model.

Overview: For the most organic-feeling gradual growth, SidesMedia is a smart choice to build your SoundCloud presence.

Try SidesMedia

4. Best for Variety: Media Mister

Media Mister is a highly reviewed industry veteran when it comes to social media and music promotion services.

Key Features:

  • Promotion across SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Ability to buy individual engagement services a la carte
  • Tiered pricing for flexibility and budget management
  • Long track record of successful campaigns

Pricing: Packages range from $3 for 100 SoundCloud followers up to $970 for 50,000 followers and likes.

Guarantee: Media Mister offers a complete money-back guarantee if you do not obtain the promised engagement.

Reviews: With over 15,000 reviews, Media Mister is praised for delivering on orders reliably and providing excellent customer support.

Overview: For promoting your music across multiple platforms beyond just SoundCloud, Media Mister is a great full-service option.

Try Media Mister

5. Best for Marketing: Followersup

In addition to SoundCloud promotion, Followersup specializes in social media marketing solutions tailored to musicians.

Key Features:

  • Services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify along with SoundCloud
  • Custom social media strategy design and execution
  • Ability to test engagement with smaller trial orders
  • Dashboard for monitoring analytics and progress

Pricing: Engagement packages start at just $3 for 100 followers up to $750 for 50,000 followers. Custom marketing plans also available.

Guarantee: Followersup offers a full money-back guarantee on orders.

Reviews: Extremely positive feedback from musicians highlight effective marketing strategies, excellent organic growth, and top-notch customer service.

Overview: For robust social media marketing beyond just SoundCloud growth, Followersup is a leading choice.

Try Followersup

6. Best for Engagement: SoundCloud on Heat

With a focus on driving meaningful engagement, SoundCloud on Heat aims to connect you with real and active listeners for your music.

Key Features:

  • Targeted likes, reposts, follows, comments, and more
  • Campaigns focused on specific countries and genres
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on delivery
  • Real engagement from users interested in your music

Pricing: Packages range from $39 for 1,000 plays to $299 for 30,000 plays and $599 for 100,000 plays.

Guarantee: SoundCloud on Heat guarantees real users and satisfaction with the engagement delivered.

Reviews: Customers consistently report getting great organic results fueling their SoundCloud growth goals.

Overview: For sparking meaningful engagement with your target audience, SoundCloud on Heat hits the mark.

Try SoundCloud on Heat

7. Built-In Option: SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

For a solution directly integrated with SoundCloud, the Pro Unlimited subscription offers advanced analytics and promotion capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Direct integration and access within SoundCloud
  • Advanced analytics on track performance
  • Promote tracks through the SoundCloud algorithm
  • Early access to new SoundCloud products and features

Pricing: $144 per year paid annually

Reviews: Users highlight the benefits of seamless integration and leveraging SoundCloud’s internal algorithms to boost promotion. Downsides noted are the price and self-service approach.

Overview: For simple integration and tapping into SoundCloud’s internal promotion capabilities, Pro Unlimited is a convenient option.

Try SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

Choosing the Right SoundCloud Promotion Service

When evaluating SoundCloud promotion companies, here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Organic vs. Inorganic Growth: Organic growth from targeted users interested in your music will be more meaningful long-term than inorganic fake engagement. Prioritize services that focus on driving real streams, followers, and engagement.
  • Gradual Schedule: Optimal growth follows a gradual schedule over time and mirrors natural viral growth patterns. Services that drip-feed engagement are best to build lasting momentum.
  • Relevance: Promotion should target users actually interested in your genre and style of music for maximum retention and sharing.
  • Reviews: Look at independent customer reviews to evaluate the credibility and results delivered by the service.
  • Guarantees: Money-back satisfaction guarantees offer confidence the service will deliver on promised engagement.
  • Diversify: Consider promoting your music across multiple platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc beyond just SoundCloud to maximize exposure.

While buying fake followers may seem tempting, it violates SoundCloud terms of service and can permanently damage your reputation. Investing in real, organic promotion makes the most impact long-term.

Tips to Grow Your SoundCloud Organically

In addition to leveraging a quality SoundCloud promotion service, you can amplify your growth by optimizing your profile and activity.

Optimize Keywords and Hashtags

Strategically target keywords and hashtags related to your music’s genre and style to get discovered. Identify trendsing topics and conversations to join.

Engage With Other Artists

Like, repost, and comment on music from artists you admire. Connecting authentically helps more users find your profile.

Promote Across All Platforms

Cross-promote new track releases on all your social profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Drive your audience to check it out on SoundCloud.

Create Visually Appealing Artwork

Album covers and profile pics are first impressions. Invest in visually appealing artwork that represents your brand.

Use Waveform Comments

Add waveform comments on your tracks sharing behind-the-scenes insights. Making a connection helps drive engagement.

Take Your SoundCloud Presence to the Next Level

SoundCloud offers a hugely valuable platform for independent musicians to share their music and build an audience. But growth takes strategy.

Leveraging a tested SoundCloud promotion service accelerates putting your music in front of more targeted, interested listeners. Combined with optimizing your own organic growth activities, hitting your SoundCloud goals is within reach.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get heard and take your music career to the next level!



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