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8 Best Spotify Proxy

Get a list of the best Spotify proxy in the market to combination with bots, then get more Spotify followers.

The Best Spotify Proxy

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The platform has a large catalog of music, podcasts, and collaborative playlists. The platform is only accessible to people in specific regions like Europe, America, and partly Africa and Asia. Therefore, the best way to find access to the platform in some locations is by using proxies.

We have recommended you some of the best Spotify proxies. We have explained how the Spotify proxies work and why you need them for your audio streaming.

About Spotify Proxy

Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media service provider. It has a free and paid version. The basic version is free, has advertisements, and has a shuffled playlist with limited control. The paid version gives you full control. It has no Ads and offline access to your playlist.

About Spotify Proxy

The streaming service is only available in Europe, America, and parts of Africa and Asia. That is where Spotify proxies come into play. A Spotify proxy helps you access the Spotify website even if it is unavailable in your physical location.

A Spotify proxy server just like any other proxy sends requests to the internet on your behalf. Therefore, the Spotify server will see the Proxy server’s IP address. Your IP address will remain shielded to keep you anonymous when using Spotify.

The Best Spotify Proxies

We recommend using either HTTP or SOCKS proxies for Spotify. However, SOCKS proxies are more suitable for streaming. We have listed for you the best Spotify proxies in the market. You are spoiled for choice.

Best SOCKS Proxies for Spotify

1. Blazing

Blazingseo Home Page

  • IP Type:Datacenter
  • Locations: 13 countries
  • Price Charged: Ports
  • Cost: Start at $10 monthly for 5 IPs

Blazing proxy has IP addresses in 14 different countries around the globe. The proxy servers are connected to a 1Gbps network line to provide you with fast speeds during streaming. The proxy service has HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies. The SOCKS proxies are suitable for Spotify streaming.

The proxy allows both IP whitelisting and Username and password for authentication. The dashboard helps you change your IP addresses once every month. You can change the IPv4 proxies monthly and just 6 hours for the IPv6 ones.

Blazingseo Proxy Plans

This Spotify proxy offers unlimited bandwidth, high anonymity, and multiple threads of connection. It is suitable for your Spotify streaming.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Homepage

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: 200 countries
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $300 for 15 GB

Bright Data is known for its large IP pool. The 72 million IP addresses give you access to every location in the globe. They also have a “pay as you go” option, so you don't waste money when bandwidth needs are small.


The proxy provider obtains its IP addresses from Internet Service Providers. It has household Wi-Fi-based IP addresses in every city and country. The SOCKS proxies are legal and secure. SOCKS proxies are perfect for Spotify streaming. Additionally, they allow sending multiple concurrent requests.

Bright Data plan

The proxies are legal and patented. App users and owners opt to participate and get compensated as a result. Therefore it is an opt-in peer network.

3. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy Cheap Home Page

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: 127 countries
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $5 monthly for every GB

Proxy-cheap has IP addresses in 127 different countries in the world. The Residential pool has close to 6 million IP addresses in its network.

The proxy service offers both HTTP and HTTPS proxies. The dashboard only allows username and password authentication or IP whitelisting. You have options for rotating proxies and Sticky sessions. The average response time of these proxies is under 3 seconds.

Proxy Cheap Plan

The residential proxy scrapes Spotify without being blocked. The Spotify website thinks that the requests are coming from a real residential address.

4. Yourprivateproxy

Your Private Proxy Home Page

  • IP Type:Datacenter
  • Locations: 29 countries
  • Price Charged: Ports
  • Cost: Start at $6.97 monthly for 1 IP

Yourprivateproxy offers HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxies. The company has servers in 29 locations in the USA and Europe. The proxy service offers its customers a trial period of 24 hours. The flexible plans feed your needs according to speed, connection, and replacement.

The smallest package costs $6.97 every month for a sing dedicated proxy. The Threads allowed are 20 for every IP address. The proxies are delivered instantly, and you get a 3-day refund option.

Yourprivateproxy Datacentre Pricing

The proxy service is suitable for streaming. It allows up to 5 devices, multiple concurrent corrections, and high anonymity.

Best HTTP Proxies for Spotify

1. MyPrivateProxy

Myprivate Proxy Home Page

  • IP Type:Datacenter
  • Locations: 8 countries
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $2.49 per proxy

MyPrivateProxy has a small pool of IP addresses. It has over 220 proxy servers in 24 different data centers.  The proxy network has over 150,000 IP addresses across eight countries in the USA and Europe.


The proxy service only offers HTTP and HTTPS proxies. It supports IP whitelisting or Username and password authentication. The proxies are delivered immediately after payment. The 3-day refund policy allows you to test if the products suit your needs.

Myprivate Proxy Plans

MyPrivateProxy is highly anonymous. The IP addresses are non-sequential, and they have an uptime of close to 99%. The servers are hosted on Intel Xeon 2 processors. Therefore, the fast speed and performance can come in handy when you are streaming on Spotify.

2. SSLprivateproxy

SSLPrivateProxy Homepage Overview

  • IP Type: Datacenter
  • Locations: The USA and Europe
  • Price Charged: Proxy
  • Cost: Start at $1.75 monthly per proxy

SSLprivateproxy has anonymous HTTP and HTTPS proxies. The proxy network has 300,000 IP addresses in 34 locations in America and five countries in Europe.


The proxy service dedicated proxies for single-user accounts. They are highly anonymous and secure. The proxies require authentication before you can use them. You can log in to the dashboard using IP or Username/ Password authentication.

The 3-day refund policy helps you to test if the proxies fit your streaming needs. However, the period comes with conditions. You can change your proxies after every monthly billing period.

SSLPrivateProxy Plan

The Datacenter proxies are suitable for Spotify streaming and data scraping. The proxies allow you to send multiple requests.

3. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Premium Private Proxy

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: the USA and Europe
  • Price Charged: Ports
  • Cost: Start at $39 monthly for 40 threads

Stormproxies has 200,000 IP addresses in the USA and Europe. The proxy network has HTTP and HTTP proxies.


The proxy has backconnect rotating proxies. Backconnect proxies refresh your IP addresses after every request you send or after 3 or 5 minutes. The 3-day money-back guarantee gives you enough time to test the proxies. However, some packages are not refundable.

Storm Proxies Private Plan

They offer their customers unlimited bandwidth, high anonymity, fast speeds, and 24 hours support. You can use the rotating proxies for data scrapping and streaming on Spotify.

4. Infatica

Infatica Proxy Home Page

  • IP Type: Residential
  • Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and other countries
  • Price Charged: Bandwidth
  • Cost: Start at $360 for 40 GB

Infatica has 10+ million proxies in selected countries in North and South America, and countries in Europe. It is a relatively newer proxy provider. It supports SOCKS5 proxies. It also supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols.


The Residential proxy has high rotating proxies that make them suitable for web scraping and crawling. Additionally, the company does not keep logs of your connections. The Residential IP addresses refresh after 60 minutes. However, you can manually rotate the proxies after 10 minutes.

Infatica Proxy Plan

You can anonymously scrape data and stream your favorite audio tracks on Spotify using Infatica proxies.

The Purpose of Using Spotify Proxies 

  • Scraping data from Spotify – The most effective way to obtain data from the proxy website is through web scrapers using Spotify proxies. Using the proxies ensures you remain anonymous while scraping data. You can scrape large amounts of data without being suspicious.
  • Bypass IP block– A Spotify proxy enables you to bypass any restrictions places due to your physical location. Therefore, you have access to your favorite playlist from any place in the world. You can unblock Spotify in your school or workplace.
  • Speed and stability – Spotify proxies have excellent upload and download speeds. They also offer unlimited bandwidth. The requests sent are stored in the proxies’ cache. Therefore, whenever you search for a song, you get it at a faster speed.
  • Privacy protection– The proxy server sends all your requests to the Spotify server on your behalf. Your IP addresses remain hidden while you listen to your favorite tracks on Spotify. You are secure from unwanted attention, malware, and theft of information.

Supports Android and IOS Apps-A majority of people prefer streaming music on their smartphones to listening on their PC.

You can gain access to Spotify on your Android and IOS platforms by use of Spotify proxies. These Spotify proxies allow you to use specific mobile applications to get Spotify access. The applications can be downloaded from links provided by the proxy service you choose.

FAQs About Spotify Proxies

1. Which IP Type of Proxies Should I Use?

Spotify Proxies do not have any special features. You can use either Datacenter or Residential proxies for your streaming.

2. Does Spotify proxies illegal?

No, there is no explicit law. But you can't use it for illegal purposes. The purpose of using proxies is to trick websites to get the information you didn't have access to in the first place.

3. Can I use a VPN on Spotify?

Yes, you can use a VPN to bypass the restriction. But if you want to work better with the bots to earn traffic, please choose the proxy.


The Spotify streaming platform is only available in selected regions. The best way to bypass this restriction is by using Spotify proxies. The Spotify website allows the use of both Residential and Datacenter proxies. We have recommended for you the best ones in the proxy market.

Apart from beating locational restrictions, the Spotify proxy enables you to use the service on your smartphone and PC, scrape data and stay anonymous while you are at it.