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Growing an audience on Instagram has become an uphill battle – the almighty algorithm makes it tough to gain followers and engagement organically. This is why influencers and businesses alike have turned to growth services like to supercharge their Instagram strategy.

In this in-depth review, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about, compare it to leading alternatives, and make recommendations on the best services for different budgets and goals. Buckle up for an comprehensive look at kicking your Instagram growth into high gear this year!

What is A Full Introduction

Founded in 2021 by social media marketers Alex Markovic and Peter Koch, is a relatively new Instagram growth service making waves in the industry. The company‘s sole focus is helping users get more views on their Instagram Stories through automated targeting and engagement tools.

With over 500 million daily active Instagram Stories users as of 2022, tapping into this massive viewership is key for growth.

Some of the headline features that offers include:


  • Target users by username, hashtag, location, followers of other accounts, etc


  • Automatic story watching, reactions, and sliding up
  • Customizable speed settings to control growth pace


  • Gradual, staggered growth to appear natural
  • Avoiding actions that risk banned accounts


  • Quick email and chat support response time
  • Onboarding assistance

For pricing, offers three main plans:

  • Starter: $49/month
  • Advanced: $69/month
  • Pro: $99/month

The higher tiers unlock increased limits on the amount of daily story views, targeting options, and customer support access.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of makes it super simple to get more eyes on your Instagram Stories using automation. But how does it stack up overall? Here‘s a full rundown of the key pros and cons:


  • Skyrockets story views – nothing converts story lurkers into engaged viewers as fast as Most users report drastically higher views within days.
  • Advanced targeting – having options like followers of competitors and influencers gives you surgical precision in finding potential new viewers.
  • Budget friendly – compared to hiring a social media manager,‘s set monthly fees are very affordable.
  • Safe growth – gradual views gain that mimics natural behavior avoids red flags. No sudden surges.
  • Reliable support – direct email and chat access to a support rep results in quick responses if any issue pops up.


  • Limited to Stories – unlike some competitors, lacks feed post automation. You‘ll need to promote your feed separately.
  • Pricey for some – although cost effective overall, small personal accounts may find the minimum $49/month too expensive.
  • Follower growth lags – prioritizing views means follower growth can be slower than more broad services.
  • Easy to overdo it – cranking up the speed too much too fast increases risk of banned accounts. Requires caution.

So in summary – is fantastic for boosting Instagram Stories views through targeted automation. But the lack of feed post features and higher entry pricing leave some gaps.

Next, let‘s survey the top alternative services that offer more all-in-one Instagram growth capabilities compared to the pure Stories focus of

Top 7 Alternative Instagram Growth Services vs

While dominates the Instagram Stories automation space, there are worthy alternative services on the market for more well-rounded Instagram growth. Here are the top 7 competitors and how they compare:

1. Growthoid – Best for Organic Growth

Growthoid is a popular Instagram growth service thanks to its focus on slow, gradual organic growth patterns that mimics real user behavior. The advanced AI avoids risky spam tactics.

  • Founded 2015
  • 500K+ customers
  • Target competitors‘ followers
  • Plans from $49/month


  • Safe, natural growth
  • Quality over quantity approach
  • Great for avoiding banned accounts


  • Slower growth speed
  • Less Stories focus than

"I‘ve used Growthoid for over a year and have been impressed with the steady, organic growth they‘ve delivered" – @lifestyleblogger

2. Kenji – Best for Overall Growth

Kenji strikes an ideal balance between rapid Instagram growth and account safety. It‘s a top performer for both engagement and followers.

  • Founded 2019
  • 1M+ customers
  • Broad targeting capabilities
  • Plans from $49-$99/month


  • Excellent for growing followers and engagement
  • Feature-packed for the price
  • High deliverability to avoid bans


  • Less emphasis on Instagram Stories
  • Steeper learning curve

"I doubled my Instagram following in just 2 months with Kenji. Their automation tools are top notch." -@fitness_influencer

3. Upleap – Best for Stories & Reels

Upleap is optimized to drive massive volumes of views to Instagram Stories and Reels. The custom automation fuels explosive growth.

  • Founded 2017
  • 500K+ customers
  • Target locations, hashtags, more
  • Plans from $49-$99/month


  • Perfect for maximizing views
  • Great TikTok to Instagram integration


  • More expensive than
  • Higher ban risk on rapid settings

"If you want ALL your Stories and Reels going viral, Upleap is amazing." – @travelvlogger

4. Ingramer – Most Affordable Service

For those working with a limited budget, Ingramer offers full-featured Instagram automation starting at just $7.50 per week.

  • Founded 2019
  • 200K+ customers
  • Auto direct messaging
  • Plans from $7.50/week


  • By far the lowest pricing
  • Simple set-and-forget growth


  • Very limited support
  • Higher ban risk at fast settings

"I didn‘t have much to spend but still needed to grow. Ingramer hit the perfect price point." – @smallshopowner

5. Social Sensei – Best for Targeting

Social Sensei stands out for their advanced targeting capabilities, with options to target followers of multiple related accounts.

  • Founded 2021
  • 50K+ customers
  • Target multiple accounts
  • Plans from $19.99-$99.99/month


  • Next level targeting options
  • Great analytics


  • Still new company, small support team
  • Mobile app needs work

"The targeting flexibly Social Sensei offers helped me dial in my ideal audience." – @travelblogger

6. Follow Adder – Best for Simplicity

For those wanting an easy, no frills Instagram automation service, Follow Adder delivers with their straightforward feature set.

  • Founded in 2014
  • 800K+ customers
  • Auto direct messaging
  • Plans from $14.99-$59.99/month


  • Very easy to use
  • Long track record of success


  • Lacks more advanced features
  • Interface looks dated

"Follow Adder just works. Simple as that." – @foodiephoto

7. Jarvee – Best Established Company

With a long history dating back to 2014, Jarvee is one of the most established and trusted names when it comes to social media automation.

  • Founded in 2014
  • 300K+ customers
  • Broad targeting capabilities
  • Plans from $49-$119/month


  • Very reliable service
  • Run unlimited accounts


  • More expensive packages
  • Steep learning curve

"Jarvee has been dominating the Instagram automation space for years – they know their stuff." @travelphotog

Comparing the Top Players Head-to-Head, Growthoid, and Kenji stand out as three of the top Instagram automation services available today. How do they stack up against each other? Here‘s an in-depth features comparison:

FocusPure Instagram StoriesBroad growth – followers, posts, storiesBroad growth – followers, posts, stories
Targeting OptionsUsernames, hashtags, locations, followers of accountsFollowers of competitors, influencersLocations, hashtags, followers of multiple accounts
AutomationStory watching, reactionsTargeted follows/unfollows, likes, comments, messagingTargeted follows/unfollows, likes, comments, messaging
Account SafetyGradual views for organic patternGradual organic-paced growthGradual growth available but higher speeds unlocked
Ideal UserInfluencers, brands seeking story viewsBeginners focused on safe growthIntermediate-advanced users wanting rapid growth

Key Takeaways:

  • is perfect for boosting Instagram Stories views but lacks broader feed post features
  • Growthoid offers the best organic-paced automation for beginners concerned with bans
  • Kenji gives more advanced users the fastest growth, but higher ban risks
  • All offer similar base pricing but unlock more features in higher tiers

Expert Tips to Get the Most Out of Instagram Growth Services

To maximize your success and avoid potential issues using the or any Instagram growth service, here are pro tips to follow:

  • Start slowly – resist the urge to blast your account growth. Begin with the slowest speed setting and gradually increase over weeks. This helps mimic organic patterns.
  • Use high quality content – automation works best when you already create engaging posts and stories. Make your profile as compelling as possible.
  • Manually review followers – prune fake or bot accounts regularly to maintain good follower quality.
  • Avoid violations – don‘t automate commenting or use prohibited tactics like spam hashtags or excessive posts.
  • Monitor closely – check in daily to ensure your account isn‘t showing signs of ban like follower drops or engagement plummets.

Apply this wise advice and your Instagram growth service will give your profile the rocket fuel it needs, without hitting roadblocks.

Wrapping Up – Which Service Should You Choose?

With so many options for automating Instagram growth, choosing can be a challenge. Here‘s a quick recap on which services excel for specific priorities:

  • Organic growth – Growthoid
  • Maximizing views – Upleap
  • Overall engagement + followers – Kenji
  • Tight budget – Ingramer
  • Simplicity – Follow Adder
  • Targeting power – Social Sensei

Whichever provider you select, be sure to start slowly and monitor consistently. Set realistic goals and work closely with support if you have any issues.

Instagram growth services simply accelerate your existing efforts – the quality of your profile and content remains crucial.

Put in the work on your end, let the automation run on autopilot, and you‘ll be on your way to Instagram fame in no time!



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