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12 Best Stream2Watch alternatives to Watch Live Sports Online

Nearly everyone likes and watches sports. However, keeping up with an important football, soccer, or basketball match can be extremely frustrating. One of the best streaming services that let you enjoy various TV channels, especially those focused on sports is Stream2Watch. In case this service isn’t your cup of tea, in this article we’ve listed best Stream2Watch. Me alternatives and similar websites and apps.

What is Stream2Watch?

Stream2Watch is an open-sourced online streaming website that streams various live channels such as MTV, HBO, ABC, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and much more. However, what makes it one of the most appealing free online services is that it’s suitable for live streaming of sports events like on EUROSPORT and other sports-related channels.

It offers various services and allows its users to keep up with major sports events like football matches, NBA basketball, MLB, Tennis, Fussball, Hockey, and many other sports. The website sports clean and easy-to-use navigation, while the user interface is sufficiently intuitive for users who have difficulties navigating TV channels while offering impeccable audio and video quality. Additionally, the content is legal and verified, so you don’t have to worry about getting involved with some law problems.

Stream2Watch is an ideal platform for people who want to watch sports channels on the go, especially now, in the season of the basketball World Cup in China and the upcoming NBA season that’ll start soon. However, if it doesn’t suffice your needs, here are 12 alternatives you can use to enjoy sports, whether they are web-based or applications.

1. MyP2P


With its straightforward UI, Myp2p is an ideal website to keep up with the latest sports games from US football, soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many others. Once you visit the website, a list of currently-active games is displayed in a menu, decorated with the sports icon on its left side. When you pick a game, the website will offer multiple servers you can use to watch the stream.

One of the flaws is that this website can only be used for watching currently-streamed matches and won’t broadcast games that have already ended.  Myp2p offers multiple viewing options, as well as resolutions like HD. It’s no secret that many websites support their functionality through annoying pop-up ads, many of which are often inappropriate for viewing. Fortunately, MyP2P hosts only host one banner ad at the bottom of the website, making it much more attractive to its visitors.


  • Open-sourced
  • A lot of viewing options and high resolution.
  • Nearly no ads.


You can only watch currently-streamed events without the possibility to roll them back in case the match ended.


2. VIPLeague


VIPLeague is another Stream2Watch alternative that offers a lot of bells and whistles for users to enjoy. When you visit the website, you’re offered a list of sports that may host some event at the moment. You can also look for a particular TV channel or watch sports like soccer, American football, tennis, basketball, rugby, and more. The only downfall is that it’s supported through ads, but it’s an open-sourced website.


  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Great selection of different sports channels.
  • Independent


  • Ads can get extremely annoying.


3. Sports365


If you’re looking for a huge selection of sports events such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, WWE, MotoGP, and more, Sports365 is the right place for you. It offers a lot of sports TV channels that cover major events and tournaments across the world. It’s supported through ads, so make sure you turn your adblocker off. Sports 365 will appeal to those who are using Kodi media players as they can install it as an add-on. There’s also a separate website offering the same services.


  • Offers fast and reliable service
  • Easy to navigate


  • Too many ads if you’re using the website-based version.

4. VIPBox


VIPBox provides free and quality streaming services for over five years and gathers more audiences. When you visit the homepage, the website prompts you to choose the sport you want to watch and then displays upcoming and currently-active matches. It offers many streaming services other than restricting you to only one server. Aside from sports games, you can only watch different TV shows using this service.


  • User-friendly interface
  • A lot of sports to choose from
  • Also supports TV shows


  • It often changes the URL or domain.


5. Batmanstream


Batmanstream has a large user base that keeps growing as time passes. The website provides a great variety of sports channels and actively offers streaming events. NHL, NBA, rugby, and football are just some of the available options. Similarly to many other websites that support the streaming of sports events, Batmanstream doesn’t require registration or credit card information, and it’s entirely hosted by ads. The website shows currently-running streams, as well as those that are to begin in the future.


  • Great variety of sports events and an insight into the upcoming ones.
  • Large fanbase
  • Stable links and high-quality video.
  • Easy to use.


  • Unfortunately, Batmanstream isn’t available in all countries.
  • A lot of pop-up ads.


6. Feed2All


If you’re looking for a simple user interface and soothing design, Feed2all is one of the best Stream2Watch alternatives to help you enjoy sports events. The simple UI is a considerable advantage when you’re in a hurry to access sports games on the go and hosts the latest matches to keep up with. Another feature this website offers is that users can select the time zone they currently reside in.

Feed2all presents a large selection of sports types including UFC, WWE, boxing, snooker, MotoGP, Formula 1, and much more. Also, the links the website provides are stable, fast, and reliable, while the streaming quality is unprecedented.

Many streaming websites run thanks to multiple ads and pop-ups of often inappropriate content. Unlike them, aside from reliable connection and quality, Feed2all boasts limited ads, so nothing interrupts your watching experience. However, the slightly lower upload speed may discourage many visitors that opt to watch on this website.


  • Wide range of sports
  • Simple user-interface
  • Adjusting time-zone
  • Stable broadcast links


  • Lower upload speeds


7. MamaHD


Yes, American football is great, as well as the NBA league, but do you fancy the Champions League and want to keep up with all the matches? MamaHD supports a great variety of sports channels and lives streams of the top news and Champions League matches, as well as other European League games and North American sports.

While the categories focus on the most popular sports like football, soccer, and basketball, sports enthusiasts can also enjoy horse racing games, as well as rugby, College basketball, gymnastics, and much more. Another soccer-related feature is that this website keeps up with The English Premier League.

While the website sports an excellent UI and feels soothing for the eyes, one of the downfalls is the security and reliability of the broadcasting links. What many find to be a flaw is the stuttering and lag of broadcast links which may slow the game and stir nervousness in intense matches. The good thing is that many events are equipped with up to 15 broadcast links so you can always swap if you’re unsatisfied.


  • Great variety of sports games.
  • Up to 15 broadcast links
  • User-friendly interface
  • Up-to-date with all sports-related news.


  • Halftime breaks often get link interruptions.
  • Live chat support isn’t the most reliable

8. Goatdee


While Goatdee’s website may appear dull, it provides plenty of options to watch and TV channels to choose from. It’s free for all, and while the simple and boring user interface may discourage you from using it, it proves to be a great resource for European leagues and the Champions League. Unfortunately, American sports aren’t as demanded on this website.

When you visit it, you’ll be presented with a list of currently-active games to choose from. Several links are reliable and provide good-quality streaming.


  • User-friendly interface without uncluttered ads and complex CSS animations.
  • Great variety of sports events available at disposal.
  • Up to 15 reliable broadcast links


Although it’s user-friendly, the UI appears dull, boring, and slightly depressing.


9. Streamwood


While Goatdee sports an unappealing and dull UI, Streamwoop boasts a selection of colors that would attract absolutely everyone and is the favorite Stream2Watch alternative to most sports enthusiasts. Every sport and every game is highlighted in a colorful tab that makes them extremely easy to access, and despite the colorful interface games aren’t hard to find, and everything loads pretty fast.

Users have insights into competitions, games, events, replays, and games that took place on a specific day that can be easily accessed. It’s also easy to use and open-sourced so that everyone can access them. Additionally, Streamwoop has a well-designed forum so that the community can share their experiences and suggest more games.

It’s also worth noting that unlike the websites above, Streamwoop has better support for North American sports, while European sports are left behind, although a lot of things can be found from both worlds.


  • Colorful user-interface
  • Easily-accessible
  • Not too many ads
  • Many watching options


  • More favored North American sports as opposed to European ones.


10. Live TV

Live TV

Live TV sports minimalistic website design that offers various streaming options and a great variety of events in sports. It boasts many sports options so that everyone can find something to enjoy. Whether it’s a tournament, friendly match, sports occasion, or something entirely else, the streaming links are reliable and secure with excellent viewing quality and resolution.

This website, unlike many offers, features watching replays and highlights of different matches, while the sports-related information is nicely presented to the user and allows them to inform themselves before attempting to stream. Another great feature is that this website doesn’t require consumers to register or provide credit card information.


  • Minimalistic user-interface
  • No registration requirement
  • Different video qualities
  • Reliable broadcast links
  • Replays and highlights at the disposal


  • Despite the minimalistic user interface, the font appears to be too small, and the content seems to be overcluttered.


11. DirecTV


DirecTV offers a great variety of sports TV channels that allow you to enjoy your favorite games. It has a sleek and innovative design, making it extremely easy to access from both computer and mobile devices. On DirecTV, users can watch anything starting from formula 1, soccer, tennis, basketball, NBA, NFL, and much more.

If you’re not looking only for a Stream2Watch alternative in terms of sports entertainment, DirecTV also streams movies, TV shows, content for kids, and much more. The homepage offers a large selection of sport game videos with a live score that can be opened on a pop-up screen. However, it’s required to register on the website to be able to use its services.


  • Modern and easy-to-navigate user-interface
  • Great selection of sports events
  • Live scores available
  • Other streaming services like movies and TV shows are at your disposal.


  • The website requires visitors to register before they can stream a match.

12. Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN

If you’re looking for a desktop app that can help you keep up with the latest sports events online, Watch ESPN is easily downloadable to your Windows computer. It’s also available on Android and iOS devices. It works swiftly and allows users to enjoy a great variety of sports occasions and types, including basketball,  football, baseball, college basketball, and much more.

Some features allow users to pause and rewind live coverage, access exclusive programming, and more. The standard ESPN is free while the new ESPN+ version offers more features and is priced at $4.99 per month.


  • Beautiful design and great streaming quality
  • Ability to rewind some events.
  • Access to original programming


  • You must pay a subscription to enjoy all the features.
  • Limited coverage of some sports



We hope that you’ve liked the large Stream2Watch alternatives selection. Which service you’ll use solely depends on your availability, access to a computer, and the type of sports you’re looking for. Given some websites and their broadcast links aren’t fully optimized for mobile devices, downloading ESPN apps or paying a little subscription for the ESPN+ option should be worth it for everyone who wants to cheer for their team on the go. Which app or website do you use to stream sports events? Let us know in the comments!



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