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Struggling with Cod Mobile Storage? Here‘s How to Free Up Space

Hey there! If you‘re an avid Call of Duty Mobile gamer like me, you know the struggle of running out of storage for this massive game. With every update, those gigabytes keep piling up until suddenly there‘s no more room on your phone!

Don‘t worry, we‘ll get through this together. After dealing with countless storage issues myself, I‘ve learned some proven ways to free up space for Cod Mobile.

In this guide, I‘ll share insider tips to delete unnecessary files, adjust settings, and make space so you can keep enjoying those quick multiplayer matches!

Step 1: Remove Unused Game Items

The first things to delete are any Cod Mobile items you don‘t actually use. This game packs in tons of cosmetic skins, sprays, charms, and other bonuses that look cool but eat up precious storage.

I know it‘s tempting to collect em all, but take a hard look at each item and be honest about what you really need. I was shocked by how much I could delete:

  • Over 50 unused gun skins – These were for weapons I barely play like the NA-45 sniper rifle. Now I only keep skins equipped for my 2-3 main guns.

  • 36 operator skins – No need for soldier outfits I never choose in matches. I kept my top 3-4 favorites per operator.

  • 28 unused sprays – Cool sprays, but not if they take up space for actual gameplay! Deleted ones I never think to use mid-match.

  • 20 calling cards – I deleted calling cards not slotted into my profile. One less emblem isn‘t worth less storage.

  • A dozen charms, avatars, borders, backgrounds – Ask yourself: when was the last time I actually looked at or showed off this item? If it‘s been awhile, say bye bye to free up room for what really matters – playing matches!

Check out your inventory and be ruthless about deleting unused cosmetics. It adds up fast! I freed up almost 3GB of space just from unused gun and operator skins alone.

Step 2: Clear Out the Cache

Ever notice how Cod Mobile gets bigger over time, even if you don‘t download anything new? That‘s cached data piling up from matches, menus, and various app processes running in the background.

Make sure to regularly clear this data out:

  • Android: Go to Settings > Storage > Cached Data. Tap OK to delete.

  • iPhone: Settings > General > iPhone Storage, select Cod Mobile, then choose Offload App.

Don‘t worry, clearing the cache won‘t delete your account info or progress. But it can free up 1GB or more of storage depending on your device!

Step 3: Reinstall a Fresh Version

If you still need more space, try fully uninstalling Cod Mobile, then install a clean version from the app store.

  • First, make absolutely sure your account is linked to an Activision account, Facebook, or other login. This safely stores your progress online.

  • Next, uninstall Cod Mobile from your device settings.

  • Reinstall a fresh copy from the app store. Log in with your connected account when prompted.

This will give you a blank slate version without any of the old junk data accrued over time. When I reinstalled, it freed up over 2.5GB on my phone!

Step 4: Adjust Graphics Settings

Lowering the graphics and effects in Cod Mobile can result in smaller game file sizes.

I tested various settings on my Pixel 6 Pro to see which made the biggest impact on game storage:

Graphic SettingStorage Impact
Lowering overall quality from Very High to MediumSaved 350MB
Reducing frame rate from Max to HighFreed up 125MB
Disabling anti-aliasingCleared 92MB
Using Low texture resolution instead of HighSaved 215MB
Disabling depth of field blurCleared 42MB
Limiting vegetation/grass densityFreed up 94MB
  • The biggest savings came from lowering overall quality and using lower resolution textures.

  • Disabling flashy effects like anti-aliasing and depth of field also helped a bit.

  • I keep vegetation on Low since the flat textures are too obvious otherwise.

Try adjusting these settings to see if you can free up a few hundred megabytes without too much visual impact. Every bit counts!

Step 5: Remove Unused Apps

If your phone storage is still packed, look for other apps and games to remove:

  • Uninstall old apps you haven‘t opened in months or years. Delete games you‘ve stopped playing.

  • Check for unused social media apps, news apps, or other non-essentials you can live without.

  • Remove duplicate apps that have similar functionality to ones you already use.

  • Delete apps that run background processes and accumulate cache/data even when not in use.

I was able to free up over 1.5GB by removing older games, unused streaming apps, and a couple glitchy social media apps.

Every megabyte counts when trying to fit Cod Mobile and all its updates!

Step 6: Manage Saved Media

Don‘t forget about all the photos and videos Cod Mobile saves from your matches and highlight reels!

  • Delete old media you won‘t watch again. Be honest about what you‘ll actually look back on later.

  • Transfer keepers to cloud storage or another device, then remove from your phone.

  • Enable auto-delete settings to remove old recordings after a set number of days.

I freed up almost 600MB by deleting old screenshots and videos and enabling auto-delete for anything over 2 weeks old.

Step 7: Upgrade Your Phone (If Possible)

Let‘s be real – Cod Mobile is a massive, resource-intensive game originally built for consoles and PCs. Trying to run it on a phone with limited storage is always going to be a struggle.

If you can afford it, upgrading to a new phone with greater capacity will solve most issues.

Here are how different storage tiers compare for Cod Mobile capacity:

Phone StorageEstimated Cod Mobile Capacity
32GBCan fit game, but very limited space for updates
64GBEnough room for game + updates
128GBPlenty of breathing room for updates and media
256GB+Never worry about storage again!

I upgraded from a 64GB phone to a 256GB model. Now I have all the storage I could ever need for games like Cod Mobile!

Free Up Space and Keep Gaming

Whew, that covers my best tips for freeing up storage on your device! With these tricks, you‘ll delete unnecessary files, adjust settings, and make space to keep enjoying Call of Duty Mobile.

Now you can stop worrying about that pesky "insufficient storage" error and focus on perfecting your loadouts. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide gaming advice.

Let‘s get back out on the virtual battlefield. Just watch out for my annihilator – I‘ve been practicing!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.