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The Expert Guide on Copping Supreme with Bots in 2023

If you‘re a Supreme fan, you don‘t need me to tell you that copping even a simple BOGO hoodie manual is borderline impossible these days. Ever since the brand exploded into mainstream hype and reseller demand shot through the roof, limited Supreme drops have become more coveted than winning the lottery.

But don‘t despair. With the right bot, your chances of copping go from slim to extremely likely. This comprehensive guide will explore the best Supreme bots in 2023 for lighting fast checkouts.

The Chaotic World of Supreme Reselling

To understand why bots are absolutely necessary now, we have to look at what an insane phenomenon Supreme reselling has become.

It‘s no exaggeration to say millions hungrily await each new release. In 2017 alone, a massive $1 billion worth of Supreme items were resold, with individual pieces like box logo hoodies reselling for over $1000!

When you have tens of thousands feverishly competing manual for often less than 1000 stock units per release, it‘s total madness. Sell out times are now literally under 10 seconds in many cases.

As you can imagine, trying to purchase new limited releases manually is nearly impossible with these insane crowds. Before you can even process what‘s happening, dreaded out of stock messages appear.

This is where Supreme bots come in – they automate and speed up the entire checkout process to help you beat the crowds. Top bots boast success rates of 80% and beyond for highly coveted pieces.

Now let‘s dive into the best Supreme bots that will turn you into a copping master…

1. Forcecop – The Unrivaled King

Veteran bot users almost universally recommend Forcecop as the most reliable and successful Supreme bot available today. This powerful software has proven itself over and over again to deliver amazing copping results.

The genius of Forcecop lies in its advanced automated checkout technology. This allows it to bypass captchas, automatically fill in forms, and process payments before humanly possible, all while imitating natural behaviors to avoid bans.

Forcecop‘s intuitive browser-based dashboard also makes the bot extremely user-friendly to operate, even for complete beginners.

Compatible with all major platforms and frequently updated by its skilled developers, Forcecop remains ahead of Supreme‘s anti-bot measures – a key reason for its continued dominance.

For copping the most hyper coveted pieces with high demand, Forcecop‘s raw speed and conversion rate is unmatched. With a stellar track record over many years, it justifies its position as the number one Supreme bot recommendation for serious coppers.

  • Pros: Advanced automated checkout, regular anti-ban updates, all platform support, easy browser dashboard
  • Cons: Higher user volume as an established bot means dropoffs can sell out quickly
  • Cost: $59.99
  • Copping Ability: 97/100

"I‘ve tried all the main bots, but for me Forcecop is still king. I don‘t think any other bot converts on hype Supreme releases as reliably." – SirCopALot

2. SuperCop – Specialized Supreme Beast

As the name hints, SuperCop is a specialist bot refined specifically over several years just for Supreme copping. This focused approach allows it to perform optimally on Supreme drops.

Everything about SuperCop is engineered for success on Supreme‘s site, from lightning quick add to cart times using multi-threaded processing across accounts, to advanced auto-fill checkout features tailored exactly for Supreme‘s fields.

The built-in restock monitor also easily tracks restocked items, and you can even run SuperCop conveniently via iOS mobile app. Because it‘s so specialized, even complete beginners can swift cop with SuperCop after a little practice.

While not as established as Forcecop, for a bot purpose-built just for Supreme, SuperCop should cop with an extremely high success rate. Backed by very positive customer reviews.

  • Pros: Specialized just for Supreme, very fast checkout, mobile app, simple to use
  • Cons: Lacks some advanced features of top bots, relatively new compared to rivals
  • Cost: $59.99
  • Copping Ability: 95/100

"SuperCop helped me cop my first Box Logo hoodie during a restock thanks to its awesome monitors. Definitely one of the best options out there focused on just Supreme." – SupremeDreamKid

3. Cybersole – For Serious Resellers

If you‘re running a full-on reselling operation, Cybersole needs to be in your Supreme bot arsenal. At $300, it‘s pricier than other bots, but offers the advanced tools you‘ll need.

A standout is Cybersole‘s persistent monitor modes. These continuously run to track all Supreme stock changes in real-time, making it super easy to instantly purchase coveted restocks or items that briefly return.

The built-in analytics dashboard also provides super detailed data and tracking on all your tasks and actions to learn from and improve. For large-scale resellers, analytics are invaluable.

Cybersole excels on Supreme yet also supports tons of other top sites like Footsites, Mesh, and Shopify. This makes it an amazing scaling option as your business expands beyond just Supreme reselling.

  • Pros: Persistent restock monitors, full analytics dashboard, wide site compatibility
  • Cons: Expensive, intense learning curve for all features
  • Cost: $300
  • Copping Ability: 93/100

"Once you master Cybersole‘s advanced features like monitors and analytics, it takes your Supreme copping game to the next level. I don‘t mind the steep price tag given the copping power." – ZeusBotKiller

4. Velox – Chrome Extension Copping

If you want a specialized Chrome extension Supreme bot, Velox is a superb choice. Conveniently running directly in your browser, it provides lightning fast functionalities.

Key features like the auto-decliner for out-of-stock items, and inventory checker to see available sizes before release, make Velox extremely effective on hyped drops.

The dev team actively maintains Velox‘s Chrome extension to ensure compatibility, and they offer great customer service support via Discord. For easy Chrome-based Supreme copping, Velox is hard to beat.

  • Pros: Specialized Chrome extension, fast auto-decline & inventory checking
  • Cons: Less features than standalone desktop bots, Google login required
  • Cost: $300 membership or $50/week rental
  • Copping Ability: 90/100

"For me Velox is the best Chrome bot for Supreme – super fast and it decline automatically. Help me cop tons of Box Logo hoodies this season directly in Chrome." – Crux

5. Heated Sneaks – Reliable Copping Workhorse

While maybe not as lightning fast as others, Heated Sneaks wins big points as an extremely reliable Supreme bot that simply gets the job done drop after drop.

Once correctly configured, you can trust Heated Sneaks to handle the entire automated checkout process reliably thanks to great built-in monitor modes. It also works flawlessly across Windows, Mac and browser extensions.

Stable, durable, and packed with essential features, Heated Sneaks is a workhorse bot that delivers consistent successful checkouts on even ultra-hyped pieces without issues. All for just $74 to start.

  • Pros: Super reliable, easy to configure, great monitors
  • Cons: Lacks unique special features of some bots
  • Cost: $74+
  • Copping Ability: 92/100

"I‘ve tried tons of random cheap bots over the years, but Heated Sneaks is the first one that actually works flawlessly again and again. I don‘t even think about it anymore, it just cops." – Sho3Lord

Bot FAQs

Should I rent or buy bots?

For supreme bots, outright buying is usually better than renting. Prices are reasonable and you keep full access. Renting can work well temporarily to test different bots.

How much do supreme bots cost?

Between $50 and $500 depending on the features. Many top bots are under $100. Avoid anything suspiciously cheap though.

How do bots help avoid bans?

Advanced bots imitate human checkout behaviours with mouse movements and randomized delays to appear natural to Supreme‘s security systems.

What‘s better – desktop, mobile or browser extension bots?

Desktop bots generally offer the most features and options. Browser extension bots are convenient. Mobile bots allow easy on the go usage.

Any tips for maximizing my success copping with bots?

  • Use unique usernames, varied billing details, and different proxy IPs on each task to appear as separate users.

  • Run multiple tasks across accounts and bots to up your chances.

  • Use residential proxies from suppliers like BeeProxy for best anonymity.

Let‘s face reality. Trying to cop limited Supreme manually today is borderline impossible. You‘re simply outgunned by armies of bots and resellers.

That‘s why having the right bot levels the playing field to help you swift cop like a seasoned pro. I hope this guide to the top bots in 2023 gives you confidence to step up your Supreme game.

Just remember to use solid residential proxies, run multiple tasks, and don‘t give up. With the right tools and dedication, taking Ws on the most coveted pieces is achievable. See you at the next drop!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.