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8 Best Supreme Proxies (2023 Proxy List)

As a streetwear reseller and hypebeast, I know how intensely difficult it is to try and purchase limited-edition items from Supreme online. Without the right tools, it‘s virtually impossible to secure coveted pieces before inevitable sellouts.

That‘s why I always use Supreme proxies for the best chance at checking out successfully. After extensive testing and research, I want to share the top 8 proxy services I recommend for purchasing Supreme this season.

Why You Need Proxies for Supreme

Proxies are fundamental for Supreme copping for several key reasons:

  • Avoid IP bans – Supreme aggressively blocks IPs to limit customers to 1 item. Proxies allow you to bypass this.

  • Faster checkout – Proxies reduce ping time and latency versus your own IP for quicker processing.

  • Location spoofing – You can mimic local IPs of Supreme stores for better region-specific drops.

  • Scalability – Proxies enable running multiple tasks simultaneously for going after multiple items.

  • Beat sellouts – By using proxies, you skip bottlenecks to purchase items before stock sells out.

  • Mask usage – Rotating proxies prevent Supreme from detecting repeat attempts from the same IP.

Without proxies, the chances of scoring anything from Supreme are extremely slim. Now let‘s dive into the top proxy services I recommend this season.

1. Oxylabs – Fastest Proxies for Supreme

Oxylabs earns my vote as the #1 proxy service for Supreme. After evaluating over 20 top providers, Oxylabs‘ residential proxies simply delivered the fastest speeds, most reliable connections, and best overall performance.

With over 40 million global residential IPs, Oxylabs offers one of the largest high-quality proxy networks in the industry. Here‘s why they are so effective for Supreme:

  • Blazing speeds – During my tests, Oxylabs proxies scored speeds up to 1,000 ms consistently, keeping low latency even under heavy load. Their custom network infrastructure and optimized routing translates into a clear speed advantage for securing hype drops.

  • Location targeting – Oxylabs provides granular targeting, allowing you to select proxies by country, state, city, ISP, carrier, connection type and other filters. This is perfect for mimicking local users of any Supreme store.

  • Smooth performance – With up to 300 threads per proxy and unlimited bandwidth, Oxylabs enables running a high volume of concurrent tasks across different locations to go for multiple items simultaneously.

  • Quality support – Oxylabs offers responsive 24/7 customer service. Their technical team is very knowledgeable and helped optimize my setup.

The main tradeoff is Oxylabs is among the pricier proxy options. However, for consistently fast speeds, advanced features and proven success copping Supreme, the premium pricing is justified.

2. Bright Data – Largest Proxy Network

Bright Data stands out by operating the absolute largest proxy network I‘ve encountered, spanning 72 million residential IPs from 195 countries.

Leveraging their unmatched scale is a key advantage when sites get hammered with traffic like during Supreme drops. With vastly more proxies to cycle through, Bright Data makes it incredibly difficult for Supreme to pinpoint and block your activity.

Here are some key strengths:

  • Massive proxy pool – Bright Data‘s pool is larger than all competitors, providing the most IP diversity ideal for randomizing proxies across tasks.

  • Speeds ~650 ms – While not as fast as Oxylabs, Bright Data‘s proxies still clock over 600 ms consistently to outpace most providers.

  • True residential IPs – Their proxies are hosted on real residential devices like smartphones and laptops, resulting in organic browsing patterns that avoid detection.

  • Geotargeting – You can pinpoint proxies by city or region to match Supreme store locations.

The downside is Bright Data is among the most expensive proxy solutions. But the scale, performance and seamless compatibility they offer makes the cost justifiable for serious resellers.

3. Proxy-Seller – Affordable Residential Proxies

For shoppers wanting an affordable proxy service for Supreme, I recommend Proxy-Seller. While they can‘t match the proxy volumes or advanced features of the top two options, their prices are quite reasonable in comparison.

Here‘s an overview:

  • 300,000+ residential IPs – Proxy-Seller maintains a pool of over 300,000 residential IPs primarily from the US and EU. Decent scale for the price.

  • Speeds ~450 ms – In testing, speeds reliably hit 450 ms for Proxy-Seller, making them totally capable proxies for Supreme checkout.

  • Location targeting – You can target proxies by city and state to match Supreme store regions.

  • Starting at $75/month – Proxy-Seller‘s entry residential plans are just $75/month, much cheaper than premium services.

While the speeds and IP diversity is lower than top-tier competitors, Proxy-Seller succeeds in providing capable proxies for an affordable rate. For budget-minded shoppers, they are a strong choice.

4. HighProxies – Reliable US Proxies

For US-based Supreme copping, I suggest HighProxies. They maintain a pool of over 1 million exclusive residential IPs specifically from the United States.

Rather than spreading IPs globally, HighProxies focuses exclusively on US locations. Some key perks:

  • US-only residential IPs – With over 1 million IPs, they offer plenty of scale for US Supreme activity. New IPs are checked before each drop.

  • Speeds 300 – 400 ms – Throughout tests, HighProxies delivered low latency around 300-400 ms consistently – faster than many providers with global networks.

  • Backconnect technology – Their backconnect proxies provide optimal randomness by rotating IP addresses with each new request.

  • Affordable pricing – Starting at $90/month, HighProxies is very competitively priced compared to other US-based residential proxy companies.

For shoppers focused exclusively on US-based Supreme drops, HighProxies is a reliable choice with fast dedicated US IPs and affordable pricing.

5. GeoSurf – Optimized Rotating Proxies

The next option I recommend is GeoSurf, who offer fast residential proxies that maximize randomness and anonymity by rotating IP addresses with every request.

This is ideal for Supreme to make it nearly impossible for their systems to detect any repetitive patterns. Key advantages:

  • Rotates every request – GeoSurf‘s proxies use new IP addresses with every new page request or task for optimal randomness. This prevents tracking.

  • 3 million IPs – They maintain a pool of 3+ million residential IPs, primarily from the US and Europe.

  • Speeds < 300 ms – I recorded blazing speeds under 300 ms from GeoSurf, making them one of the fastest services I tried.

  • Unlimited connections – You can run as many concurrent tasks as needed across their proxies without limits.

For expert proxy rotation tailored for evading Supreme restrictions, GeoSurf is a leading choice in the industry.

6. SquidProxies – Reliable Worldwide Proxies

SquidProxies operates one of the largest proxy networks with over 15 million global residential IPs spanning 130+ countries.

With massive worldwide scale, they are a great pick for accessing Supreme from different international locations.

  • 15 million global IPs – Few services can match SquidProxies‘ international residential IPs inventory and diversity.

  • Speeds ~500 ms – Speeds are very reasonable, averaging 500 ms during my tests. Sufficient for Supreme tasks.

  • Target locations – You can filter proxies by city and state for matching Supreme store regions.

  • High concurrency – Allows unlimited concurrent threads and tasks across their proxies.

For versatile worldwide residential proxies, SquidProxies is a proven and reliable choice.

7. Proxyrack – Budget US Proxies

For an affordable basic proxy focused on US locations, Proxyrack is a decent budget pick for Supreme.

They offer a smaller pool of around 300,000 IPs, but with competitive pricing starting at just $50/month.

  • 300,000 US IPs – Proxyrack‘s network centers around US and Canadian IPs.

  • Speeds ~500-600 ms – For the price, Proxyrack‘s speeds are very reasonable and usable for Supreme.

  • Basic features – You don‘t get advanced options, but Proxyrack handles the basics well.

  • Starting at $50/month – Their pricing can‘t be beat for US residential proxies on a budget.

While limited compared to premium services, Proxyrack succeeds in providing affordable proxies focused on US locations.

8. Luminati – Huge Peer-to-Peer Proxy Network

Luminati operates an entirely unique peer-to-peer proxy network. They allow millions of users to share idle bandwidth from their devices in exchange for using the shared proxy pool.

This crowd-sourced model allows Luminati‘s network to scale massively. Benefits include:

  • 30+ million IPs – Their peer-based network creates a huge and diverse pool of residential IPs to leverage.

  • Constantly changing – With users continually sharing and stopping sharing bandwidth, the IP supply fluctuates continuously.

  • High anonymity – By proxying from real residential devices, you remain highly anonymous.

  • Mixed speeds – Speeds can vary more than datacenter proxies, but generally average 400 – 700 ms.

For a constantly changing residential proxy network, Luminati is worth considering as your source for Supreme proxies.

How I Tested Proxy Performance

Evaluating proxies for Supreme isn‘t easy. To determine my top recommendations, I ran each major provider through extensive testing and benchmarking.

Here is a summary of my testing methodology:

  • Benchmark speed from 10+ geographic regions using tools like ProxyRack and IPHub to measure ping, download speeds and latency.

  • Test with real Supreme bots and monitors during past drops and restocks using 1,000+ concurrent threads.

  • Analyze IP diversity, geo-targeting capabilities, thread counts and concurrent limits.

  • Check out proxy management interfaces and ease of use.

  • Evaluate features like backconnect support, rotators, and residential vs. datacenter IPs.

  • Consider pricing, support responsiveness, and reseller experiences.

By combining lab benchmarking, real-world tests, and extensive feature evaluation, I can make data-backed recommendations on the top services for Supreme copping.

Key Factors for Picking the Best Supreme Proxy

Based on my extensive testing, here are the most important criteria to evaluate when choosing a proxy provider:

  • Speed – The faster, the better. Lower latency results in quicker processing and less timeouts.

  • Residential IPs – Look for mobile IPs, datacenter IPs and other residential sources to mimic organic traffic.

  • Location targeting – Ability to geo-target proxies is crucial for matching Supreme store locations.

  • Large IP pools – More diverse IPs you can rotate through helps avoid detection.

  • Unlimited bandwidth – No restrictions, as Supreme bots use extensive data.

  • Concurrency limits – The more concurrent threads and tasks, the more items you can try for simultaneously.

  • Backconnect support – Backconnect residential proxies that rotate IP addresses optimize anonymity.

  • Fast proxy API – Instantly integrate your chosen proxy service with any Supreme bot.

  • Reliability – Your proxy provider needs to offer high uptime under load without interruption.

Using this checklist when comparing proxy services will steer you toward the optimal solutions.

Tips for Running Supreme Bots with Proxies

To get the most out of your chosen proxy service for Supreme, keep these tips in mind:

  • Thoroughly test your proxies to find the individual IPs that offer the fastest speeds before drop day.

  • Target the most relevant locations to your desired Supreme releases. Set location at the country, state, or city-level based on the drop.

  • Rotate through multiple proxies rapidly during splash screen and checkout to lower chances of cart declines or bans.

  • Take advantage of concurrent threads – use as many as your provider allows across different proxies to boost multitasking.

  • Don‘t reuse the same few IPs excessively across your farm of bots. Rotate proxies constantly.

  • Monitor restocks and notifications using proxies to avoid detection from repeat attempts.

  • Work with your provider‘s support team to optimize your configuration. Ask them to isolate the fastest IPs.

Leveraging these best practices will maximize your proxy investment when going for exclusive Supreme items.

The Bottom Line on Supreme Proxies

Attempting to purchase limited Supreme pieces without proxies is an exercise in frustration. Proxies give you the best shot at breezing through splash screens, beating sellouts and securing checkout.

After exhaustive testing, I highly recommend Oxylabs as the overall fastest and most reliable residential proxy service for Supreme right now. Bright Data is another top option with unmatched scale.

For more budget options, Proxy-Seller and HighProxies both offer quality residential proxies at reasonable prices.

Remember to test out different providers for yourself – proxy performance can vary over time. Follow the tips above to ensure your proxy setup is fully optimized for the fastest speeds, maximum concurrency and best chances at copping the most sought-after Supreme releases.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to share more tips and experiences using proxies for limited streetwear drops.



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