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How Much Was Takeoff Net Worth? An In-depth Analysis of the Late Migos Star

Hey there rap fans! Today I want to take an in-depth look at the net worth and financial legacy of Takeoff, one-third of the legendary rap group Migos who tragically passed away in November 2022 at just 28 years old.

I know you might be wondering – how did Takeoff earn so much money and status at such a young age? What were the biggest sources of his wealth? And how does Takeoff‘s net worth stack up to other rappers?

By the end of this blog post, you‘ll have a detailed understanding of Takeoff‘s career, how Migos achieved such immense success, and the empire Takeoff built during his short but impactful life. Let‘s get started!

A Young Takeoff Finds Early Success with Migos

First, let‘s rewind a bit to Takeoff‘s early days. He was born Kirshnik Khari Ball in 1994 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. As a kid, he met Quavo – his uncle – and Quavo‘s friend Offset.

The trio started rapping together as teens in 2008, forming the group then known as Polo Club before becoming Migos. Migos began releasing mixtapes and building a name locally in Atlanta.

Takeoff laid low during this time, with Quavo and Offset grabbing most of the attention. But he quickly proved to have elite rhyming skills.

Migos‘ career really took off (no pun intended!) in 2013 when they dropped their breakout hit "Versace." The song hit #99 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart – putting Migos on the map beyond Atlanta.

But the best was yet to come! Over the next few years, Migos parlayed that early success into bonafide rap superstardom. Let‘s look at how…

Migos Owned the Mid 2010s with Their Signature Style

Remember 2015-2017 when Migos seemed to take over popular music? Their music was truly inescapable thanks to their signature flow and viral hits.

Some key stats about Migos‘ peak popularity:

  • 2016‘s "Bad and Boujee" spent 3 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
  • 3 straight studio albums hit #1 on Billboard 200 (Yung Rich Nation, Culture, Culture II)
  • 2017 Billboard Music Awards Top Duo/Group
  • 24 Billboard Hot 100 Hits (4 Top 10 singles)

But it wasn‘t just the charts and sales numbers that made Migos so popular. Their style permeated hip hop culture and influenced many of today‘s top rappers.

The Migos Flow: Migos‘ unique "triplet flow" delivery made words and phrases sound chopped up and super-fast. You couldn‘t listen to rap radio without hearing their influence! This rapid-fire Migos flow got copied by pretty much every big rapper since 2015.

Fashion: Known for their flashy gear like shades and furs, Migos defined hip hop fashion trends. Luxury brands like Gucci and Versace became staples in rap.

Ad-libs: Quavo‘s trademark "yeah yeah yeahs" and other repetitive ad-libs that popped up in Migos‘ hooks became hugely infectious. You found yourself mimicking them!

Between the flows, fashion, and catchphrases, Migos shaped rap in a huge way in just 3-4 years. Their music connected with millions of fans globally, who were drawn to the trio‘s unique style and chemistry.

Migos‘ Success in Context: Stacking Up Against Other Rap Groups

To fully appreciate how popular Migos were, let‘s compare their accomplishments to other influential rap groups:

Total album sales:

  • Migos: Over 30 million records
  • Run DMC: Over 10 million
  • N.W.A.: Over 10 million
  • Outkast: 25 million
  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: Over 20 million

Chart Hits:

  • Migos: 24 Billboard Hot 100 hits, 4 went top 10
  • Run DMC: 7 hits, 3 top 10
  • N.W.A.: 2 hits, 0 top 10
  • Outkast: 14 hits, 6 top 10
  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: 1 #1 hit ("Tha Crossroads")


  • Migos: 1 Billboard Award, 4 BET Awards, 1 iHeartRadio Award
  • Run DMC: 1 Grammy, 1 MTV VMA
  • N.W.A.: 0 Grammys
  • Outkast: 6 Grammys
  • Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: 1 Grammy

Based on these metrics, Migos stacked up against or exceeded the most acclaimed rap groups. That really puts their success into perspective, doesn‘t it?

In just 5 years, Migos went from breakthrough single "Versace" to joining the ranks of the best-selling rap groups ever. Not bad!

Now let‘s break down exactly how this success translated financially for Takeoff…

How Takeoff Built His $26 Million Fortune

So how did Takeoff accumulate such wealth at just 28 years old? Let‘s break down the primary sources that contributed to Takeoff‘s $26 million net worth:

1. Record Sales

The bulk of Takeoff‘s fortune stemmed from Migos‘ music sales. He profited from:

  • Albums – Migos sold over 30 million in total records, including hit albums like Culture I, Culture II, and Culture III. Industry estimates suggest Takeoff may have earned $10-15 million just from albums.
  • Streams – Billions of plays on Spotify and YouTube. Takeoff earned royalties from streams.
  • Features – Takeoff charged over $150,000 per guest verse. He appeared on songs with Drake, Calvin Harris, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane over the years.

According to Forbes, Migos earned $11 million pretax from June 2017 to June 2018. Takeoff likely pocketed around $3-4 million.

2. Concert Tours

Between album sales and streaming royalties, touring was another huge income source. Some of Migos‘ top grossing tours:

  • Aubrey & The 3 Migos Tour with Drake (2017) – Earned $1.5 million per show off 44 shows = $70+ million total. Takeoff‘s cut likely over $20 million.
  • Culture II Tour (2018) – Grossed approx. $1 million per night off 24 shows = $24 million. Takeoff‘s share roughly $8 million.

Takeoff built wealth quickly by touring arenas globally in his early 20s.

3. Endorsements & Investments

Beyond recording and concerts, Takeoff brought in cash from business deals:

  • Beats By Dre headphones collaboration
  • Sprite endorsement deal
  • Lyft partnership
  • Real estate purchases in Atlanta and Los Angeles
  • Crypto currency investments

Takeoff also co-owned the restaurant and entertainment complex Crossover Entertainment Group with Quavo.

Diversifying his deals outside just music allowed Takeoff to expand his wealth. Smart investing!

So in summary, the keys to Takeoff building his $26 million fortune were:

  • Music sales from Migos‘ albums and streaming
  • High grossing tour revenue from arena concerts and festivals
  • Endorsements with major brands like Sprite and Beats
  • Investments in real estate and cryptocurrency

He earned wealth from his recordings, shows, and business ventures. Now let‘s compare Takeoff‘s net worth to his fellow Migos members…

How Takeoff‘s Wealth Compared to Quavo and Offset

Here‘s a fascinating aspect of Migos‘ finances – Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset maintained almost identical net worths throughout their careers.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, each Migos member had about $26 million when Takeoff passed away in late 2022.

On the surface, this is surprising. Quavo and Offset released more solo material and did more features outside of Migos.

Logic says they should have earned more individually. But Migos seemed to evenly split all group earnings.

Here‘s the reported net worth for each Migos member:

  • Takeoff: $26 million
  • Quavo: $26 million
  • Offset: $26 million

Offset may have more household wealth from marrying Cardi B. But his individual Migos money is on par with Takeoff‘s.

This financial parity shows that Migos prioritized maintaining equality. It was symbolic of their brotherly bond.

Despite differences in fame outside Migos, the trio shares essentially identical net worths. That‘s super rare in the music business!

Takeoff‘s Career Accomplishments Beyond Hit Singles

Now you may be thinking Takeoff just made good money from Migos‘ big radio singles like "Bad and Boujee" and "Walk It Talk It."

But he contributed way more than just commercially popular songs! Takeoff was hugely influential artistically as well.

Here are some of Takeoff‘s key creative accomplishments:

  • Helped pioneer Migos‘ signature triplet "Migos flow" rapping style
  • Wrote hits like "Bad and Boujee," "Slippery," and "MotorSport"
  • Blew away fans with technical rhymes and flows on tracks like "What the Price"
  • Dropped acclaimed solo tracks like "Last Memory" that displayed his talent
  • Earned praise from critics as the best technical rapper in Migos
  • Garnered over 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify as part of Migos

Many critics and fans considered Takeoff the most skilled rapper in the group. He had an effortless flow and enviable versatility.

Tracks like "What the Price" prove Takeoff could change cadences and tones on a dime. The music community widely respected him as an elite lyricist.

So it wasn‘t just about money and chart success. Takeoff also gained admiration for his artistic ability before his untimely death.

Takeoff‘s Lasting Legacy: Changing Hip Hop Culture

There‘s no denying the immense impact of Migos on hip hop music, fashion, and culture:

Mainstreaming trap music: Migos took the Atlanta trap sound into the pop mainstream. Trap beats and flows are now commonplace in rap.

Popularizing triplets flow: Their fast "Migos flow" delivery using triplets changed rapping styles. New school rappers like Lil Uzi Vert emulate this flow.

Luxury rap aesthetic: Migos made Versace, Gucci, and other luxury brands staples in hip hop imagery. They contributed to increased materialism in trap music.

Ad-libs and hooks: Quavo‘s "yeah yeah yeah ad-libs" and Takeoff‘s signature hooks like "Don‘t Play Wit Yay" were endlessly mimicked and repeated.

Between the flows, fashion, lyrics, and more, Migos left a lasting mark on hip hop‘s evolution in the late 2010s.

Takeoff was a core piece of that influence. He joins Biggie, Tupac, Mac Miller, and Nipsey Hussle as fallen rap icons who passed too soon.

Of course, it‘s tragic we‘ll never know what more Takeoff could have achieved. But his legacy as a pioneer of new school trap is set in stone. Not bad for just 28 years.

The Final Take on Takeoff‘s Net Worth

If you‘ve made it this far, hopefully you now have a detailed understanding of Takeoff‘s career, his various income sources, and Migos‘ overall impact.

Let‘s recap the key points:

  • Takeoff amassed an impressive $26 million net worth by age 28
  • Migos achieved meteoric success between 2013-2018, selling 30 million records
  • Takeoff profited from music sales, tours, endorsements, and investments
  • His net worth equaled Migos members Quavo and Offset‘s fortunes
  • Alongside Migos, Takeoff left an indelible mark on hip hop culture

While $26 million is an amazing sum for a young rapper, Takeoff‘s influence goes far beyond the money. Migos changed the sound and style of trap music at their peak.

Takeoff‘s fortune will live on through his estate. But more importantly, we‘ll remember his signature flows and rhymes for years to come.

Rest in peace, Takeoff. A hip hop legend gone way too soon.

Let me know if you want me to analyze the career and net worth of any other rappers! I‘m happy to research more artist‘s backgrounds and break down how they built their wealth. Just ask.



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