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20+ Tattoo Statistics You Need to Know in 2023

Tattoos have transformed from a rebellious form of expression to a mainstream way to showcase one‘s personality. With increase acceptance in society, tattoos have surged in popularity in recent years.

But just how pervasive is today‘s ink culture? From who‘s getting the most tattoos to how much money the tattoo industry rakes in, we‘ve compiled the need-to-know tattoo statistics for 2023.

Whether you‘re looking to get inked yourself or just want to learn more about the trends surrounding this ancient art form turned viral sensation, these insights will give you the lowdown on all things tattoos!

Tattoo Popularity is on the Rise

Tattoos are more prevalent today than ever before:

  • An estimated 225 million people around the world have at least one tattoo as of 2022.
  • 32% of Americans have one or more tattoos, up from 21% in 2012 according to Pew Research Center data.
  • Among American adults with tattoos, 22% have multiple tattoos.

Tattoos have grown in popularity across cultures globally:

  • In Europe, up to 48% of adults in Italy and Sweden have tattoos. Spain, Denmark and the UK aren‘t far behind at around 40%.
  • 46% of adults in the U.S. have tattoos, ranking 3rd globally behind Italy and Sweden according to a 2018 Statista survey.
  • Australia and Brazil also have high tattoo rates at 43% and 37% respectively.

Tattoos are prevalent across ages, with middle-aged adults surprisingly taking the lead:

  • 46% of Americans aged 30-49 have tattoos.
  • By comparison, 36% aged 18-29 and 13% aged 50-64 have tattoos.

While once associated with rebelliousness and counterculture, tattoos now have broad mainstream appeal though some demographics embrace them more than others:

Tattoos by Gender

  • 38% of women vs. 27% of men have tattoos in the U.S. according to Pew.

Tattoos by Race/Ethnicity

  • 32% of Black Americans, 35% of Hispanic Americans, and 14% of Asian Americans have tattoos.

Tattoos by Sexual Orientation

  • A whopping 51% of LGBT Americans have one or more tattoos compared to 31% of heterosexual adults according to Pew data.

The Tattoo Industry is Worth Billions

From artists‘ fees to tattoo care products, people shell out serious cash for ink:

  • The global tattoo industry rakes in over $1.89 billion annually as of 2022. By 2030, revenue is forecast to grow to $3.93 billion at a 9.87% CAGR according to Fortune Business Insights.
  • In the U.S. alone, people spend $1.65 billion per year on tattoos. With 32% of Americans having tattoos, that comes out to about $51.56 spent per tattooed person annually.
  • Average costs vary drastically based on factors like size, detail, colors, and artist skill. Small basic tattoos often start around $50-250. Larger customized pieces can cost hundreds per hour.
  • Removal is even pricier, with complete laser removal of a tattoo costing $2,000 or more over multiple treatments. Less effective options like chemical peels cost $100-300 per session.

How Big is the Tattoo Industry By Region?

Europe‘s historically strong tattoo culture and acceptance helps make it the world‘s largest regional market:

  • In 2022, Europe accounted for 33.5% of global tattoo industry revenue, or $633 million.
  • North America follows at 32% market share, then Asia Pacific at 22%.
  • The remaining 12.5% is split between South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Within Europe, the UK, Germany, France and Italy make up over 50% of revenue. The US and Canada dominate the North American market.

Most People Don‘t Regret Their Tattoos…

Despite the permanence of tattoos, most people don‘t experience "tattoo regret":

  • In a 2019 poll, 92% said they do not regret their tattoos according to Earthweb.
  • But for those who do experience regret, it can be devastating. Surveys show between 17% and 50% of individuals with tattoos have regretted their decision to get inked according to New Look Laser College.

Factors that influence tattoo regret include:

  • Poor quality tattoos – Amateur work that fades or bleeds quickly is a common source of regret.
  • Youthful impulse – Many regret the tattoo choices they made as rebellious teens.
  • Relationship tattoos – Parting ways with a significant other leaves relationship tattoos in the past.
  • Visibility – Highly visible tattoos like on the face or hands are regretted more often.

…But Tattoo Removal is Rising

Advances in laser removal have sparked a surge in tattoo removal rates:

  • In Australia, 47% of those with tattoo regret get laser removal according to New Look Laser College. It takes 5-12 sessions costing $200-500 each.
  • Only 8% of Americans with regret get laser removal. But popularity is rising as technology improves and costs decrease.
  • For small tattoos, 5% choose to get a cover up tattoo rather than removal.
  • Letting a regretted tattoo fade over time or hiding it with clothing remain the most common approaches.

What Tattoo Designs are Most Popular?

Classic motifs and representations of identity top the list of popular tattoos:

Table: Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattoo DesignPercent Choosing Design
Crosses/religious symbols20%
  • Lettering and script tattoos are also in demand, especially inspirational quotes and names/initials of loved ones.
  • Japanese and Chinese lettering is highly popular for symbolizing key concepts like love, strength, courage etc. in a minimalist way.
  • Biomechanical, watercolor, Polynesian tribal, butterfly, and mandala tattoos are hot trending styles.

Key Takeaways on Tattoo Statistics

  • Tattoos are more popular than ever with an estimated 225 million tattooed individuals globally. Over 30% of Americans have tattoos.
  • Demographic factors like gender, age, race, and sexual orientation correlate with tattoo popularity. Women get inked slightly more than men.
  • Europe is the largest regional tattoo industry at 33.5% market share and over $630 million in revenue.
  • Only about 5-10% of tattooed individuals regret their tattoos enough to pursue removal. But poor designs and visibility increase regret risk.
  • Classic motifs like names, animals, and religious symbols remain perennial favorites for tattoo designs. Styles come in and out of fashion.

The bottom line? Tattoos allow self-expression and have hit mainstream pop culture. But make sure to do your research and choose designs carefully before getting inked.

Now that we‘ve run through these must-know tattoo statistics for 2023, you‘ve got the inside scoop on tattoo trends and culture. So go forth and use these insights to make informed decisions!



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