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Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Back Together? Analyzing the Rumors

As Taylor Swift fans, I know we‘re all curious whether the rumors are true that she and her ex Joe Alwyn have rekindled their romance. It‘s the question on everyone‘s mind after their split earlier this year! Let‘s dig into the speculation and analyze whether a reconciliation may really be underway for this power couple.

First, where did this latest round of reunion rumors stem from? Well, it started with a viral tweet in August 2022 claiming Taylor and Joe were definitely back on. But the supposed "source" that tweet cited, Entertainment Tonight, shot down that rumor fast, clarifying they never actually reported that. So it seems some random fan ignited this gossip firestorm!

To get to the bottom of this, let‘s rewind and explore Taylor and Joe‘s relationship from the beginning…

Taylor and Joe‘s Relationship Timeline

Taylor and Joe first crossed paths at the 2016 Met Gala, when quiet British actor Joe was still under the radar and Swift had just broken up with Calvin Harris. They hit it off right away but kept their budding romance out of the public eye.

Over the next 6 years, they masterfully kept their relationship ultra-private, with only rare sightings giving us glimpses into their love. Let‘s walk through key moments of their covert courtship:

May 2016

  • Taylor splits from DJ Calvin Harris just 2 weeks before Met Gala
  • Attends gala solo in edgy silver Louis Vuitton dress
  • Photographed dancing with Joe at the afterparty – sparks fly!

Fall 2016

  • Joe presumably inspires love songs on Swift‘s album Reputation
  • Lyrics suggest intense, secret romance – "I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck"


  • Date nights captured in NYC, LA, London showing affection
  • Taylor attends Joe‘s film premieres as signs get serious

August 2019

  • Rare PDA moment caught on camera showing intimacy

July 2020

  • Duet "Exile" confirms they collaborated on Folklore
  • Lyrics depict deep emotional connection

April 2022

  • Split announced after nearly 6 years together

Wow – looking back, they really went to extremes to keep their love out of the spotlight! But those rare glimpses showcased true affection.

Now let‘s analyze clues on whether they‘ve reignited the sparks…

Reading Between the Lines of Taylor‘s Hits

Taylor is known for chronicling her love life through song lyrics. Let‘s review tracks from her latest album Midnights to decipher her state of mind:

  • Bigger Than the Whole Sky – Raw, emotional ballad mourning a devastating loss. Shows she‘s still hurting badly.

  • Bejeweled – References feeling "psychotic" and anxious post-breakup. Suggests she‘s still processing the split.

  • Mastermind – Playful lyrics about orchestrating a relationship seem to contradict rumors she‘s reunited with Joe.

Key Takeaway: Her lyrics paint the picture of someone recovering, not reconnecting.

Joe‘s Post-Breakup Focus

So what‘s Joe been up to that could provide clues into whether he‘s rekindled with Taylor?

  • Filming TV series Conversations with Friends suggesting focus on his career
  • Spotted hanging with friends at pubs in London
  • Hasn‘t mentioned Taylor in interviews about his latest projects
  • No activity on social media referencing or hinting at Taylor

The Vibe: Joe seems to be moving forward, not looking back.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Looking at the clues, it appears a reunion isn‘t in the cards right now – but that doesn‘t mean it‘s impossible down the road.

Their relationship stood the test of time for nearly 6 years. Feelings that strong don‘t just dissolve overnight. And the way they always kept their love so private means we can‘t really know what‘s going on behind closed doors.

Maybe some space is what they needed to reconnect and rediscover the magic. Or maybe they‘ve reached the end of the road. Only time will tell!

For now, I think we can conclude the rumor mills got this one wrong. Taylor and Joe don‘t appear to be rekindling – yet. But if anyone could secretly reunite, it would be these two! So fans should hold out a glimmer of hope. Crazier things have happened when true love is involved!

What do you think – are Taylor and Joe meant to be? Will they find their way back together? Let‘s chat!



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