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The Complete Guide to Claiming Freeplay with MGM Rewards

As a member of MGM Resorts International‘s loyalty rewards program, you have access to some incredible benefits, including valuable freeplay offers to enhance your gaming experiences. But how exactly do you go about claiming those freeplay rewards? This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know to fully utilize the perks of MGM Rewards and score big with freeplay.

A Quick Intro to MGM Rewards

First, a little background. MGM Rewards launched way back in 1998 as MGM Mirage Players Club, when the hotel giant was still known as MGM Mirage. It was one of the first casino loyalty programs in Las Vegas. Over the past 25+ years, the rewards system has evolved to become a highly popular program with millions of members.

Today, MGM Rewards spans 18 major properties, including Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Luxor, New York New York, and more. Members can earn and redeem rewards across all participating destinations.

In 2018, a total of over $1 billion in rewards were redeemed systemwide! The vast majority of those rewards come in the form of freeplay. Compared to competitors like Caesars Rewards and Wynn Rewards, industry experts consider MGM Rewards to be one of the most generous and rewarding loyalty programs on the Strip.

Joining the Program

To take advantage of all the great freeplay deals and other perks, you first need to join MGM Rewards, which is totally free. There are a couple easy ways to sign up:

  • Visit the rewards desk at any MGM resort. They‘ll get you all set up with an account number and rewards card on the spot.

  • Sign up online at Provide some basic personal info and you‘ll receive a digital rewards card immediately via email. Your physical card will arrive in 7-10 days.

Once a member, you can use your rewards card at any MGM property to start earning points and tier credits toward rewards and elite status. Let the freeplay begin!

Earning Points for Freeplay

The more rewards points and tier credits you accumulate in your account, the more freeplay you can redeem. There are several ways to build up your balance:


  • Slots – Earn 1 point for every $1 wagered. That means $100 into a slot machine = 100 points. All slots and video poker contribute.
  • Table Games – Earn based on your average bet and hours played. Bigger bets over more time = more points. Table game point earnings are based on estimated loss rather than actual win/loss.

Hotel Stays

  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent on room rates when you book direct and pay rack rates. Exceptional packages may earn additional points.

Dining & Shopping

  • Receive 1 point per $1 spent at participating restaurants, bars, shows, spas, retail shops, and other amenities at MGM resorts.


  • Purchase tickets to concerts, shows, sporting events, etc. at MGM properties to earn points based on ticket prices.

In 2021, members earned over 3.5 billion rewards points systemwide. The top point-earning categories were slots (68%) and table games (15%).

The Value of Status

All MGM Rewards members start at the entry Sapphire tier. But with higher status come bigger and better perks – especially when it comes to freeplay! There are five published tiers based on your play activity for the year:

TierPoints/Credits NeededKey Benefits
Sapphire0 – 24,999 pointsBase rewards
Pearl25,000 – 74,999 points5% point bonus
Gold75,000 – 399,999 points10% point bonus
Priority access
Platinum400,000 – 999,999 points15% point bonus
Exclusive experiences
NOIR1+ million points20% point bonus
Personal casino host

Higher tiers (Pearl, Gold, Platinum, NOIR) offer reduced point requirements for freeplay redemptions. For example, Pearl members only need 95 points per $1 freeplay compared to 100 points for Sapphire.

That means a Pearl member spending the same amount and earning the same points could redeem for $1,000 in freeplay over a year, while a Sapphire member would only get $950 in freeplay.

Industry experts recommend shooting for at least Pearl status, which is attainable for many players with just moderate visits. The perks really ramp up for mid-tier Gold members and beyond.

Checking Your Point Balance

Wondering how many points you‘ve banked so far? You can check your balance and account activity through:

  • Any MGM Rewards kiosk
  • Your monthly account statement (online or mailed)
  • The MGM Resorts app
  • Your account profile on

It‘s smart to monitor your point totals regularly so you know when you have enough for a desired freeplay redemption.

As of January 2022, there were over 16 million members enrolled in MGM Rewards. The average member has around 45,000 points, while top elites have balances exceeding 3 million points!

Points Required for Freeplay

The number of points needed to redeem for $1 in freeplay depends on your rewards tier:

TierPoints for $1 Freeplay

Here are some examples:

  • 5,000 points would get a Sapphire member $50 in freeplay
  • 7,600 points would get a Gold member $100 in freeplay
  • 9,500 points would get a NOIR member $100 in freeplay

You can redeem points for freeplay in any whole dollar amounts within your balance – $10, $20, $187, $1,250, etc. Obviously you‘ll score the biggest value concentrating your points for larger redemptions.

Claiming Slot Freeplay

When you‘re ready to convert your hard-earned points to slot freeplay, here is the simple process:

  1. Insert your MGM Rewards card into any slot machine
  2. From the main menu, select "Rewards"
  3. Choose "POINTPlay"
  4. Enter the whole dollar amount of slot freeplay you wish to redeem
  5. Confirm the point deduction
  6. Your freeplay will then be instantly available on that machine

Once successfully redeemed, the freeplay will appear as a credit on the game‘s credit meter. Be sure to give the game a spin within 90 seconds or the credit will time out.

You can redeem multiple times per day, as long as you have the points in your account to cover it. No need to talk to anyone – the entire process happens right at the slot machine. It‘s super convenient for scoring freeplay when you want it!

Playing Through Slot Freeplay

When using your slot freeplay, there are a few important rules to understand:

  • You must play through the entire freeplay amount before playing with any of your own cash. No partial cashouts are allowed.

  • If you walk away or switch machines before finishing your freeplay, make sure to print a voucher to retain the balance.

  • Freeplay expires 72 hours after redemption if you haven‘t played through the full amount.

  • No withdrawals. Freeplay can only be used for gaming.

To maximize the value of your freeplay, industry experts offer these tips:

  • Play maximum credits to capitalize – put that $10 freeplay on a penny machine!

  • Take your time and play slowly. Let wins ride above the original freeplay total.

  • Stay focused. Don‘t get distracted and accidentally wager cash before using all your freeplay.

  • Remember to card out and print voucher if stepping away before finishing.

Following these best practices will help you make the absolute most of your freeplay offers.

Redeeming for More Points

Rather than redeem points for freeplay, you also have the option to convert them into additional MGM Rewards points, up to a certain amount per day. Here‘s the conversion breakdown by tier:

  • Sapphire – 10,000 points per day
  • Pearl – 15,000 points per day
  • Gold – 25,000 points per day
  • Platinum – 50,000 points per day
  • NOIR – 100,000 points per day

Points converted to more points then remain valid in your account with no expiration. This can be a good strategy to further build your balance if you don‘t need freeplay at the moment. Just visit any MGM Rewards kiosk to convert points to points.

Status Matched Freeplay

In addition to redeeming points, MGM Platinum and NOIR members can take advantage of exciting freeplay benefits through the Status Match program.

If you hold top-tier status with a competing casino‘s loyalty club, MGM allows you to match that status and receive:

  • Up to $1,000 in annual freeplay
  • Reduced comp requirements

You must contact an MGM Rewards representative and provide proof of your status with the other program. Status matches are valid for 12 months and subject to certain terms.

This provides another way for heavy players to score loads of extra freeplay on top of redeeming points!

Special Promotional Offers

Along with points redemptions, MGM also frequently runs special freeplay promotions that loyal members can take advantage of:

  • Birthday Freeplay – Get $25 in slot freeplay credited on your birthday month

  • My MGM Rewards – Targeted freeplay offers of $50-$1,000+ loaded right to your account

  • Invited Offers – Promotional mail/email with freeplay coupons, based on play history

  • New Member Deals – First-time card users often get $50 freeplay

These vary throughout the year and are subject to specific terms. But savvy players watch for them as another opportunity for bonus freeplay.

Freeplay at MGM Table Games

While most of the focus is on slot freeplay, MGM Rewards members can also redeem points for freeplay at table games like blackjack, baccarat, Pai Gow poker, and more.

The process works similarly:

  1. Present your rewards card to the dealer
  2. Request POINTPlay redemption
  3. Specify amount you wish to redeem
  4. Dealer will convert points to freeplay chips

You‘ll then receive the freeplay value in special colored chips to play that table game.

Minimum redemption amounts and expiration times apply, so check promotional rules for the specifics on table game freeplay.

Tips & Strategies for Maxing Freeplay Rewards

Take advantage of these expert tips and strategies for getting the most possible value from your MGM freeplay redemptions and offers:

  • Aim for higher tiers – Reduced point rates make a big difference for frequent players. Prioritize earning more tier credits.

  • Watch for bonuses – Take advantage of special point multiplier days and bonuses to grow your balance faster.

  • Usenon-gaming spend – Optimize earnings by putting dining, shopping, hotel, entertainment and more on your rewards card.

  • Pool points with others – Consolidate freeplay redemptions with family/friends by transferring points.

  • Leverage status matches – Significant amounts of extra freeplay can come through matching top status from other programs.

  • Follow expiration rules – Any unused freeplay amounts are forfeited, so redeem prudently and don‘t let any go to waste.

  • Visit often – More trips and days playing means more points earned and more opportunities to redeem.

Consistently following these tips can help frequent players earn and claim the maximum amount of freeplay possible from the already generous MGM Rewards program.

The Future of MGM Rewards

Looking ahead, MGM executives have hinted at some exciting enhancements coming soon to the rewards program:

  • New lifestyle benefits – More rewards like entertainment, dining, and travel perks to diversify beyond just gaming.

  • Mobile integration – Digital options for managing your account and redeeming rewards right through the MGM app.

  • Tier expansion – Possible new elite tiers with additional benefits for their biggest spenders.

  • Partnerships – Team-ups with other travel brands to allow rewards earnings and redemptions beyond MGM properties.

  • Streamlined experience – Upgrades to make the program easier to understand and use for all members.

While unconfirmed, changes like these would make an already great program even more valuable. MGM clearly understands the importance of rewarding loyalty!

Maximizing Freeplay Rewards

MGM Rewards provides numerous avenues to turn play activity into freeplay through points redemption, tier perks, promotions, and more. By fully optimizing your account and rewards activity, it‘s possible to generate thousands in freeplay value each year.

Some final tips for maximizing freeplay:

  • Always use your rewards card when playing, shopping, dining, etc. Every point counts!

  • Check your point balance often and redeem strategically. Target bigger freeplay amounts.

  • Take advantage of all promotional freeplay offers through emails, direct mailers, and onsite.

  • Be smart with freeplay play. Lock in wins above original amount before risking cash.

  • Consider pooling points and redemptions with family/friends in the same tier for biggest bang

  • If close to next tier, do what it takes those last weeks to bump up before year-end

Experienced MGM players use all these approaches to rack up freeplay. Follow their lead and you could enjoy thousands in casino play on the house annually.

So now you have the complete inside scoop on how to claim your well-deserved freeplay. Join MGM Rewards, start building your balance, and redeem those points for the free Las Vegas excitement you crave. Time to put this knowledge into play!



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