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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Avatars in Call of Duty Mobile

So you want to customize your character with cool skins and stand out in Call of Duty Mobile, but don‘t want to spend a bunch of money? Don‘t worry, there are plenty of ways to unlock awesome avatars in Codm without spending a dime! In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide tips on how free-to-play gamers can build an impressive collection of character skins as well as information on paid options.

Why Do Codm Skins Matter So Much?

Before diving into methods for getting skins, it‘s worth understanding why avatars are such a hot commodity in Codm. Players love expressing themselves through customizing the look of their in-game soldier. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, Codm generated over $480 million in global player spending in 2020. Of that revenue, avatar and cosmetic purchases accounted for the largest portion.

Codm developers leverage this demand by offering skins of various rarities. Common skins are relatively easy to acquire while legendary quality skins are locked behind expensive luck draws and crates. Limited time events and ranked reward skins also create urgency and FOMO. According to surveys, over 60% of players claim obtaining rare skins and flexing them in-game is one of their primary goals and drivers of enjoyment.

For content creators and streamers, applying cool skins is especially important for building their brand and audience. As an influencer told me, "Rare skins not only look badass, they show that you‘ve put in the time grinding to unlock that phreshness." Let‘s get into how regular players can get slice of that phreshness pie for free!

Overview of Free Skin Rewards in Codm

Codm provides a surprisingly decent selection of skins you can obtain without paying anything. Nearly all methods require consistency and patience, but avoiding spending money makes acquiring that epic skin extra sweet. The main free avenues for skins are:

  • Challenges and Events
  • Battle Pass
  • Daily Logins
  • Ranked Rewards
  • Clan Wars
  • Giveaways and Gifts

I‘ll provide more details on how to maximize each one soon. First up, let‘s take a look at paid options in case you don‘t mind splurging on your avatar.

Paid Methods for Directly Buying Skins

While possible to play completely free, Codm makes a healthy profit from selling skins. Here are the most common monetization methods:

  • Crates – Contain random skins with guaranteed rarity tiers. Average cost per crate around 30 CoD Points (~$0.30 USD). Odds of epic/legendary less than 10%.

  • Lucky Draws – Offer grand prize epic/legendary skin. Starts at 30 CP per draw up to 120 CP by 10th draw. Average cost ~500 CP ($5 USD)

  • Bundles – Direct purchase of skin set ranging 800-2000 CP ($8-$20)

  • Premium Battle Pass – Unlocks ~25 extra skins per season. One epic, four legendary. Costs 220 CP.

  • Store – Rotating selection of skins available for Credits (earned currency). Prices range 10,000-20,000 credits based on rarity.

Unless you have a big budget, I recommend relying on free methods as much as possible and only spending on "must have" skins. Now let‘s maximize those free opportunities!

Completing Challenges and Events

Challenges and limited time events are an excellent way to earn credits, XP, and most importantly – free skins! Here are some tips:

  • Daily challenges – Always complete for easy credits/XP. Occasional avatar reward.

  • Seasonal events – Multiple week long events every season with skin rewards.

  • Featured events – Special 1-2 week events like Chinese New Year with rare skins as top reward.

  • Tournaments – Compete for chance at exclusive avatar prizes not obtainable elsewhere.

  • Clan wars – Join an active clan for seasonal skin prizes and clan currency.

Estimated 5-10 free skins per season from challenges/events!

Leveling Up the Battle Pass

The free version of the Codm Battle Pass awards multiple skins – around 4-5 each season. Here are the key details:

  • 50 levels total – skins unlocked at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
  • Takes ~75-100 hours of play per season to reach level 50.
  • Average ~3 rare, 1-2 epic skin rewards

The Premium Pass provides 25 extra skins but costs 220 CP (~$2). If you‘re going free, consistently hitting level 50 each season nets you 15-20 skins.

Logging In Daily

One of the easiest ways to gradually build your skin collection is simply logging into Codm daily. Here‘s what you get:

  • Check in reward each day – credits, items, occasionally skins
  • Weekly login – Large credit and crate rewards
  • Seasonal calendar – Premium and free skin rewards

Estimated 1-3 free skins per season from consistent daily logins. Every little bit counts!

Playing Ranked Modes

Ranked multiplayer and Battle Royale both offer free avatar rewards simply for reaching higher tiers each season. Here are the key details:

RookieCredits, items
VeteranRare avatar
EliteEpic avatar
ProEpic avatar, credits
MasterEpic/Legendary avatar
LegendaryLegendary avatar, credits

Reaching Master III in both modes nets you at least 2-4 epic/legendary skins per season!

Participating in Clan Wars

Joining an active clan unlocks access to seasonal clan wars. Here‘s how to earn skins:

  • Clan currency from matches – redeem in clan store for epic avatar
  • High clan rank prizes – awarded epic/legendary for top 100 finish

Can potentially earn 1-2 exclusive epic/legendary skins per clan war season.

Giveaways, Gifts, and Surprises

Finally, the developers often provide free skins directly during major updates, holidays, and as apologies for bugs/issues. Make sure to follow CoD Mobile social accounts and r/CallofDutyMobile for gift code giveaways and special events.

Through all these methods, conservatively estimate around 15 free skins per 3 month long ranked season!

Top 20 Rarest and Coveted Skins

To motivate you in the long grind for skins, here are some of the rarest and most sought after:

  1. Alias – Stealth
  2. Outrider – Mystic
  3. Battery – Demolition
  4. Reaper – The Reaper
  5. Scout – Forest Warrior
  6. Alias – Double Agent
  7. Bloody Vengeance Wingsuit
  8. Soap – Silver Tongue
  9. Urban Tracker – Neon Lotus
  10. Artery – Nosferatu
  11. Ruin – Vault Edition
  12. Seraph – Golden Treasure
  13. Prophet – Cyber Lines
  14. Makarov – Gold Glitter
  15. Nikto – Gold Vault
  16. Mace – Armored Clone
  17. Reaper – Premium
  18. Siren – Hydrodynamic
  19. Ghost – Loose Ends
  20. Price – Dead of Night

Hopefully this list along with all the tips in this guide will help you build your collection of free skins and stand out in every Codm match!

Closing Thoughts and Additional Resources

With some patience and consistent grinding, getting awesome skins for free in Call of Duty Mobile is very achievable. Make sure to follow CoD Mobile‘s Twitter account and Facebook page for giveaways, codes, and special events. The community at r/CallofDutyMobile is also a great resource for strategy and news.

Getting 10-15 skins per season will slowly grow your collection. And with some luck, maybe you‘ll get that mythic rarity skin! Customizing your character how you want makes enjoying Codm so much more fun. Just remember to take breaks and that final camos don‘t actually make you more skillful. But they sure do look cool!

Now get out there, start that grind, and unlock some phresh skins! The entire #CODMobile fam is rooting for you.



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