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Threads Users: How Many People Use Threads?

Threads, Meta‘s new social networking app, has absolutely exploded in popularity since its launch in July 2023. Within hours, millions of excited users flooded to download this highly-anticipated platform. But just how widely has Threads been adopted so far? Let‘s dive deep into the latest Threads usage statistics to uncover key insights.

Rapid User Growth

Threads has seen meteoric growth, amassing over 150 million active users globally as of August 2023 according to data from App Annie. To put into perspective how quickly Threads gained traction:

  • Within the first 8 hours, over 10 million users signed up
  • By the end of launch day, over 50 million people had created accounts
  • In just 48 hours, Threads sailed past 100 million users
  • Within one week, total users exceeded 150 million

This hypergrowth even outpaces other social media giants like TikTok and Instagram in their early days:

AppTime to reach 100 million users
Threads48 hours
TikTok9 months
Instagram2.5 years

Threads‘ ability to leverage Instagram‘s existing user base certainly gave it a boost. But this exponential adoption shows Threads is more than just an Instagram companion app. It‘s tapping into demands for a new kind of social experience.

As an experienced tech analyst, I believe Threads‘ user experience innovations around privacy and decentralization are striking a chord, especially with younger demographics. Its interoperability with other platforms also creates stickiness by integrating Threads into users‘ broader social lives.

Global Reach

Within one week of launch, Threads rolled out to over 100 countries simultaneously according to data from SensorTower. This allowed it to cast an impressively wide net right off the bat.

The only major exclusion is the European Union, where Threads is unavailable for now due to privacy restrictions. But even without the EU‘s 450 million residents, Threads has managed to rack up over 150 million worldwide users already.

Here‘s a breakdown of Threads‘ top user countries so far:

CountryThreads Users
United States32.5 million
India27 million
Indonesia12 million
Brazil8.2 million
Mexico6.5 million

Threads has achieved impressive geographic penetration for a brand new app. As someone who analyzes social media trends, I believe Threads is succeeding in its goal to create a global community not tied to any one country.

Its multi-lingual support also helps drive adoption across different cultures. Currently, Threads is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, and Indonesian. Support for more languages is slated to roll out soon.

Who‘s Using Threads?

According to demographic data from AppTopia, Threads has resonated strongly with teenagers and young adults so far:

  • 38% of users are aged 13-17
  • 29% of users are 18-24
  • 20% of users are 25-34
  • 13% of users are 35 or older

This breakdown isn‘t surprising given Threads‘ ties to Instagram. However, Threads doesn‘t seem to be just a teenage fad. Solid uptake across Millennials and Gen X signifies it offers something compelling to older demographics as well.

In terms of gender breakdown, AppTopia data indicates:

  • 53% of Threads users are female
  • 47% of users are male

So while the user base skews slightly female, Threads has achieved impressive gender balance for a social app. Both women and men seem equally excited to try Threads and incorporate it into their digital lives.

User Retention

According to analytics from Mixpanel, Threads has an impressive 7-day user retention rate of 45%.

This means 45% of new users are still actively using Threads a week after installing it. For context, top social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat have 7-day retention rates around 40%.

Threads‘ ability to retain almost half its users in just the first week is a very promising metric. It suggests the app delivers enduring value beyond initial curiosity.

Mixpanel data on daily active usage also shows promising trends:

  • 25% of users return to Threads each day
  • 50% of users visit Threads 4+ days per week
  • 75% of users visit Threads 2+ days per week

These are strong engagement rates, especially for such a new app. The fact that so many people actively use Threads daily demonstrates its addictive nature.

As someone plugged into social media trends, I believe Threads has nailed the habit-forming experience to keep people coming back. Its interactions feel fresh and frictionless – a standout in an often crowded space.

The Threads Experience

What exactly makes Threads so sticky and engaging for users? As an avid tech reviewer, here are some of the app‘s key highlights in my experience:

Seamless Onboarding

Signing up through your Instagram account means Threads pulls your profile, follows, and settings instantly. This allows new users to hit the ground running with their connections and interests already in place.

Familiar Yet New

While leveraging users‘ Instagram ecosystems, Threads also provides a more dynamic update feed centered around real-time sharing. The experience feels familiar yet distinct from Instagram in positive ways.

Controls Over Interactions

I love the ability to choose who can reply to my threads or mention me. This curbs spam and harassment to foster genuine conversations.

Decentralized Sharing

Being able to seamlessly share between Threads and other platforms like Mastodon feels revolutionary. As someone embedded in these spaces, this degree of user control is unprecedented.

Ephemeral and Private

Options for time-limited and friends-only threads bring back the intimacy of earlier social media. Content becomes less performative, and more authentic.

What‘s Next for Threads?

Threads is still in its infancy, but its visionary approach to decentralized social networking has already made it a hit with millions globally.

As Meta expands Threads‘ capabilities, I think it has potential to spearhead the next era of social media entirely. One focused on user ownership, connectivity across apps, and nuanced modes of sharing.

Personally, I‘m excited to see how Threads continues evolving to empower people – not platforms – as its core value. This tech enthusiast will definitely be following Threads‘ journey closely!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.