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Trusy Social Review & Alternatives (2023) for

Hey there! Looking to give your Instagram profile a major growth boost in 2023? If so, you may have come across Trusy Social promising flashy influencer promotions and viral expansion.

But are their services really all they’re cracked up to be? And could another provider be a better fit for your brand?

In this in-depth guide, we’ll provide a candid look at what Trusy Social offers, then compare it to five solid alternatives worth your consideration. Let’s dive in!

Trusy Social Review

First, what exactly is Trusy Social promising potential customers? Founded in 2018, this company offers Instagram growth services focused heavily on influencer partnerships.

Trusy claims they can connect your brand with celebs and influencers in your niche willing to promote you via shoutouts, giveaways and sponsored content. Beyond access to influencers, they also promise general follower growth and brand collaborations.

Trusy Social Features

A few of Trusy’s main features and growth promises include:

  • Influencer Promotions: Get your brand promoted by relevant influencers through sponsored posts, brand deals, or giveaways.
  • Celebrity Shoutouts: Reportedly gain shoutouts from big name celebs to expose your brand to their following.
  • Rapid Follower Expansion: Trusy pledges big follower growth through their proprietary methods and network.
  • Brand Collaborations: Gain access to their database of brands open to collaborative partnerships.
  • Account Management: Option to have an account manager optimize and oversee your growth campaign.

But can they really deliver? Unfortunately, Trusy seems to overpromise in many of these areas according to customer feedback online. While they may connect you with micro-influencers here and there, getting consistent celebrity access or placements is unrealistic. Reviews suggest to expect decent but not incredible follower growth either.

Trusy Pricing

Trusy Social has 4 main tiers for Instagram growth:

  • Micro Influencer: $97/mo
  • Influencer: $197/mo
  • Business & Brand: $347/mo
  • Elite Growth: $627/mo

As you can see, their pricing is on the expensive side, especially for the top Elite package. For smaller brands with limited budgets, these costs could be prohibitive.

Trusy Reputation

Analyzing reviews from across the web shows Trusy Social has a very mixed reputation at best:


  • Solid follower growth on lower tiers
  • Responsive customer service


  • Followers often outside target audience
  • Low engagement on new followers
  • Spotty response times for issues
  • No real influencer connections for most

So it seems Trusy can provide general follower expansion, but engagement is lacking. And the influencer benefits are hit-or-miss despite the bold marketing claims.

Trusy Verdict

Trusy Social may be worth considering if you want to test out influencer promotions and have ample budget. But expect inconsistent results and be ready to pay premium pricing. For most brands, the alternatives below are likely a wiser choice.

Top Trusy Social Alternatives for 2023

If Trusy isn’t looking like the right fit, here are five solid alternative Instagram growth services to consider instead:

GrowthoidGradual, consistent growth. Great safety record.$49+ per mo
GrowthsiloBudget-friendly entry level pricing. Quality growth.$39+ per mo
Follow AdderSafest for avoiding bans. Bot-proof growth.$69+ per mo
UpleapWhite-glove service. Dedicated account manager.$97+ per mo
JarveeEstablished reputation. Years of proven experience.$49+ per mo

Next, let’s explore each one in more detail.

Growthoid – Best Overall

If I had to choose just one all-around Instagram growth service to recommend, Growthoid would be it. Here‘s an overview of what makes them a top choice:

How It Works

Growthoid focuses on gradual, organic growth by attracting real users that engage with your content and profile. No fake accounts or bots. Their proven process delivers extremely consistent results month after month.

Standout Features

  • Gradual, steady growth from real target users
  • No fake or bot accounts whatsoever
  • Very consistent month-to-month growth
  • Spotless safety record – no ban risks
  • Stellar reputation for quality and support


Starting at just $49 per month, Growthoid is very affordable compared to Trusy Social‘s rates. Worth checking out their free trial.

The Verdict

With rock-solid safety, stellar support, and proven consistent growth, Growthoid is a savvy choice if you want reliable, organic Instagram expansion.

Growthsilo – Best Budget Option

Looking for an affordable way to test Instagram growth without breaking the bank? Growthsilo is a great budget-friendly pick.

How It Works

Growthsilo focuses on gradual, steady growth while avoiding spammy tactics that get accounts banned. They customize a strategy tailored to your brand‘s niche and goals.

Key Features

  • Starts at just $39 per month
  • Completely customized growth strategy
  • Gradual, organic growth – no fake followers
  • Very budget-friendly entry level pricing

The Verdict

Growthsilo delivers real ROI without the premium price tag of services like Trusy. A smart entry-level option for getting started.

Follow Adder – Safest for Avoiding Bans

Maintaining the security of your Instagram account should undoubtedly be a top priority. Follow Adder has by far the best track record when it comes to safe practices.

How It Works

Follow Adder uses a desktop software that lets you control the full process of finding targets and growing your following. This organic approach mimics real user behavior.

Why It‘s Safe

  • Software lets you stay in control
  • 12+ years in business without ever being linked to a ban
  • Very precise targeting and growth patterns


Around $69 – $99 per month, very reasonable.

The Verdict

For bulletproof peace of mind, Follow Adder simply can‘t be beaten – it‘s the industry leader in safety and organic growth.

Upleap – Best for 1-on-1 Service

Some brands desire white-glove service with dedicated account management and advice. If personalization is key, Upleap is a top contender.

How It Works

Upleap assigns your brand an account manager who provides hands-on, tailored service and consulting. They optimize your growth strategy based on your niche, goals and direction.

Standout Features

  • 24/7 access to your account manager
  • Very responsive, personalized support
  • Tailored growth strategies and advice
  • Regular check-ins and optimization


Around $97 – $297 per month based on features desired. The premium service comes at a price.

The Verdict

Upleap shines when it comes to high-touch Instagram growth and management. A superb choice for brands that value expert consulting.

Jarvee – Most Experienced

Boasting nearly 15 years in the game, Jarvee has an extensive track record when it comes to Instagram growth. They‘ve proven their strategies work over the long haul.


Founded in 2009, Jarvee was one of the first Instagram automation tools on the scene. They‘ve refined their service over hundreds of thousands of clients.

Why Jarvee?

  • Founding member of the industry
  • Refined over 13+ years
  • Hundreds of positive credible reviews
  • Affordable pricing despite immense experience


Just $49 – $99 per month. A bargain given Jarvee‘s reputation and expertise.

The Verdict

You can trust an established name like Jarvee to deliver lasting Instagram expansion thanks to their immense experience.

Which is Right for You?

Hopefully this guide has given you a detailed look at Trusy Social and some appealing alternatives to evaluate. The key is finding the service that aligns closest with your brand‘s specific needs.

Here are a few parting tips for deciding on the best match:

  • Consider your budget constraints. Some options are more affordable than others.
  • Ensure they use safe practices that avoid fake engagements.
  • Compare customer service reputation and responsiveness.
  • Check for consistent satisfaction from past users via reviews.
  • Pick a company focused on steady, gradual growth vs overnight viral success.

If you prioritize these principles, you should feel confident in identifying the perfect Instagram partner to help your profile thrive in 2023 and beyond. Just remember – genuine, organic growth takes patience.

Wishing you major success! Let me know if any questions pop up around comparing services. Always happy to help a fellow marketing friend and provide more details from my experience. Talk soon!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.