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Who is Tucker Carlson‘s Wife, Susan Andrews? A Close Look at Their Relationship

You may know Tucker Carlson as the outspoken conservative pundit who has hosted shows on every major cable news channel. But how much do you know about the woman behind this controversial figure? Tucker‘s wife of over 30 years, Susan Andrews, has largely avoided the spotlight – yet she‘s been a steady constant in Carlson‘s topsy-turvy world.

In this 2800+ word guide, we‘ll explore Tucker and Susan‘s enduring relationship and marriage. You‘ll discover how these childhood sweethearts built a family, weathered life‘s storms, and stuck together despite Tucker‘s chaotic career. Grab a cup of coffee and let‘s peek into the private life of Tucker Carlson and wife Susan Andrews.

A Quick Recap on Tucker Carlson‘s Marital Journey

Before we dive in, let‘s review the key facts about Fox News host Tucker Carlson‘s marriage:

  • Met at age 15 – Tucker and Susan first connected as teenagers at boarding school in Rhode Island in the early 1980s.

  • Dated through college – Their young romance continued as they attended separate colleges in the New England area.

  • Married in 1991 – After college, Tucker and Susan wed when he was 22 and she was 21 years old.

  • 4 kids together – The couple has raised 2 daughters and 2 sons together, ranging in age from early 20s to pre-teens.

  • 30+ years and going strong – Despite challenges, their marriage has remained solid after more than three decades.

Now let‘s explore their enduring love story in more detail…

From Boarding School Sweethearts to Lifelong Soulmates

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews have literally grown up together, going from teenage companions to life partners.

Their relationship story began in the early 1980s when they met at St. George‘s School, an elite boarding school in Rhode Island.

  • Susan‘s father served as the headmaster of the tony prep school.

  • 15-year-old Tucker was immediately smitten with the headmaster‘s daughter, 10th grader Susan, later describing her as the "cutest 10th grader in America."

  • Their young love blossomed on campus and continued flourishing even after Tucker graduated from St. George‘s in 1984.

Carlson has credited his boarding school experience with shaping him in profound ways:

“It was a very difficult time for me. But it did make me a better person. It made me tougher, more self-reliant. It taught me how to get along with people. I actually think it was very beneficial.”

After high school, Tucker and Susan went to colleges in the same region – he attended Trinity College in Connecticut while she studied at Colby College in Maine.

  • This allowed them to stay connected through their college years, laying the foundation for a lasting future.

  • By the time they graduated in the late 1980s, their adolescent fling had grown into a mature adult relationship centered around shared values, memories, and abiding affection.

In 1991, Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews decided to formalize their lifelong bond by getting married.

  • Tucker was just 22 years old at the time and Susan was 21.

  • They wed in a beautiful ceremony in Maine, surrounded by happy friends and family.

  • 30+ years later, it‘s clear their intuition was right – they had indeed found their soulmate and partner for the long haul.

Balancing Family and Career in the Nation‘s Capital

After their storybook wedding, the young Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Carlson settled down in Washington D.C.

As Tucker was starting his meteoric media career, he and Susan focused on establishing a happy home life as well.

They Put Down Roots

The couple initially lived in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of D.C., in a group house with other young creative types and journalists.

But once they began having children in the mid-1990s, Tucker and Susan wanted more stability.

  • They purchased a historic home in the Kent neighborhood of Northwest D.C.

  • This allowed them space to grow their family without the chaos of urban living.

They Welcomed 4 Children

Tucker and Susan went on to have 2 daughters and 2 sons, now ranging from college-aged to pre-teens.

The kids have stayed largely out of the public eye as their parents aimed to give them a normal childhood. But here are a few family facts:

  • Their youngest daughter is named Dorothy Carlson – she was born in 2006.

  • The family has a Labrador retriever dog named Buckley who Carlson adores.

  • For a few years they lived on a 30-acre farm in Kent, Virginia to give the kids outdoor space.

Susan Built Her Own Career

As Tucker‘s media profile grew, Susan also had an impressive professional journey. After graduating from Colby College with an art history degree, she landed a coveted on-air job:

  • She worked as a news anchor and reporter at WTTG-TV, a Fox TV affiliate in D.C.

  • She covered local politics and events around Washington.

Susan later took a role as an associate producer for CBS News.

  • She focused on big national news stories, primarily political coverage.

  • Her work was recognized with an Emmy Award in 2000.

But once kids came along, Susan stepped back from her career to focus on raising their family.

Standing By Her Man: Susan Supports Tucker Amid Controversy

As Tucker Carlson‘s fame grew through his appearances on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more, he became an increasingly controversial figure. His polarizing political stances have earned him ardent fans as well as passionate detractors.

Through it all, Susan has been unfalteringly loyal and supportive of her husband at home.

She Separates Public and Private Personas

Though Tucker has frequently made inflammatory comments on-air and enraged critics, he has described his home life with Susan as calm and loving.

At the end of the day, Susan seems to differentiate between Tucker‘s public persona versus who he is as a husband and father behind closed doors.

She Provides Stability Through Ups and Downs

Carlson‘s career has been a rollercoaster of high highs and low lows – from host of CNN‘s Crossfire to the first host of Fox & Friends to an abrupt exit from the network.

But Susan‘s presence has been a constant source of support. She‘s been spotted visiting him on set. And she provides him with a safe haven from the chaos.

She Sticks By Him Through Backlash

When Tucker has sparked controversy – like infuriating women‘s groups or promoting conspiracy theories – Susan hasn‘t wavered in her loyalty.

  • In 2021, when the Anti-Defamation League called for Carlson‘s firing over comments on race, photos showed Susan visiting their Florida home in a show of support.

  • In 2022, after Tucker made more inflammatory remarks about women in the military, Susan again stood by quietly but resolutely by his side at home.

This support has likely given Carlson strength in weathering backlash.

Before Susan, Tucker‘s Childhood Featured Pain and Estrangement

As we‘ve seen, Tucker Carlson‘s adult life is anchored by his close-knit marriage to Susan Andrews and their family. But his childhood featured painful challenges.

Carlson was born in 1969 in San Francisco, California. His early years seemed stable as he lived with his parents, Richard and Lisa McNear Carlson, in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego.

However, that stability was shattered when Carlson was just 6 years old:

  • His parents made the difficult decision to divorce in 1975.

  • Afterwards, his mother Lisa left the family and moved to France for a fresh start.

  • So Tucker was raised primarily by his father, rarely seeing his mother except during summer visits.

This childhood trauma left deep scars. As Carlson told the Washington Post:

“Totally gross…My mom left when I was 6. She wanted to find herself. She was a mess. Everyone I know with a mother who abandoned her kids is a complete basket case."

So Carlson likely craved the security, comfort, and nurturing he found in Susan‘s embrace. She helped fill the void left by his absent mother.

No doubt this early estrangement influenced Tucker‘s laser focus on having an untroubled home life with his own wife and kids.

An Unwavering Bond That Withstands the Test of Time

After 30+ years of marriage and four kids, what‘s the secret sauce keeping Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews going strong in the face of challenges, controversies, and criticism?

The Power of History

Tucker and Susan‘s lifelong connection anchors them. Their romance grew from teenage companionship into adult partnership. They know each other profoundly.

The Privilege of Privacy

By keeping family life private, Tucker and Susan maintain a sacred space untouched by outside pressures and opinions. Home is a haven.

The Promise of Permanence

Marriage gave them the security of knowing they have someone in their corner now and forever, whatever may come.

The Pull of Partnership

Neither Tucker nor Susan feels alone – they tackle life‘s joys and trials side-by-side with their best friend and soulmate.

The Experience of Intimacy

Their deep physical and emotional intimacy binds them body, heart, and soul. This vulnerability forges unbreakable trust.

No doubt, Tucker and Susan have faced tests. But their shared history and devotion continues powering their lifelong union. They are living proof that true love stands tall in time‘s wind and weather.

The Key Takeaways: Tucker and Susan‘s Enduring Love

Let‘s recap the key insights about Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson and his steadfast wife Susan Andrews:

  • They met as teens at a Rhode Island boarding school in the 1980s.

  • After dating through college, they married in 1991 when Tucker was 22 and Susan was 21.

  • They built a family and home life in D.C. amidst Tucker‘s growing fame and controversies.

  • Through ups and downs, kids and career changes, they‘ve stayed devoted partners for 30+ years.

  • Their enduring marriage shows the resilience of true love in weathering all of life‘s storms.

So next time Tucker Carlson makes waves in the news, remember the graceful, devoted woman who stands stalwartly by his side at the end of the day. Their love story is one for the ages.



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