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Tweet Attacks Pro Review & Alternatives (2023) – A Twitter Expert‘s Guide

As a Twitter marketing expert with over 5 years of experience driving growth for brands, I‘ve tested my share of Twitter automation tools. In this comprehensive review, I‘ll share an in-depth analysis of one of the most popular options – Tweet Attacks Pro.

I‘ll assess its key features, pros and cons, and compare top alternatives to help you find the right Twitter automation platform in 2023. Let‘s dive in!

What is Tweet Attacks Pro?

Tweet Attacks Pro is a Twitter automation service that offers tools to auto-post content, follow and engage with users, analyze performance, and manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.

It aims to save time and scale Twitter presence through automation. Some key features include:

Auto Tweeting

  • Schedule unlimited tweets and threads

  • Post at optimal times for engagement

  • Promote content through auto DMs and retweets

Auto Following & Engaging

  • Auto follow/unfollow based on keywords and filters

  • Auto like and reply to grow engagement


  • Tweet and profile analytics

  • Best time to tweet based on audience

  • Track growth and engagement metrics

Multi-Account Management

  • Add and manage unlimited Twitter accounts

  • Track all accounts in one centralized dashboard


Tweet Attacks Pro starts at $27/month for the Starter plan, up to $57/month for the Pro plan.

Pros of Using Tweet Attacks Pro

Through first-hand experience, here are some of the pros I found with Tweet Attacks Pro for Twitter automation:

User-friendly interface– Dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate

Powerful posting features – Robust auto tweeting and scheduling functionality

Helpful analytics – Great for optimizing best times and hashtags

Time saver – Automate tedious Twitter growth tasks to save hours

Affordable pricing – Lower monthly cost than some competitors

Good for multi-account users – Manage unlimited profiles from one platform

Cons and Risks of Tweet Attacks Pro

However, Tweet Attacks Pro does come with some downsides to consider:

Auto following risks bans – Aggressive following/unfollowing often gets accounts suspended

Lacks human touch – Automation lacks the nuance of human-driven engagement

No audience targeting – Can‘t target relevant followers or influencers

Support lacks responsiveness – Customers report slow and poor support

Overreliance on automation – Manual user engagement still essential for growth

Potentially spammy – Excess automation raises spam flags with Twitter‘s system

Without careful usage, Tweet Attacks Pro‘s automation-focus risks getting accounts banned for looking like bots. Next, let‘s explore some highly-rated alternatives.

Top 4 Alternatives to Tweet Attacks Pro

Here are the top alternative Twitter automation services I recommend based on safety, engagement strategies, feature sets and value:

1. Twesocial – Best for Overall Twitter Growth

Twesocial is my top choice for overall Twitter growth because it combines automation with human-driven engagement for safe and organic growth.

Some standout features include:

  • Auto DM Outreach – Automated yet personalized direct messaging

  • Audience Targeting – Follow users in target demographics

  • Content Likes & Shares – Get real account visits and post engagement from real users

  • Conversion Focused – Uses engagement data to drive website traffic and conversions

Use case: Ideal for brands wanting a hands-on, conversion-focused growth approach. Avoid risks of pure automation services.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month


  • Drives real, human engagement

  • Very safe and compliant growth

  • Excellent audience targeting

  • Great for traffic and conversions


  • More expensive than pure automation tools

  • Requires more manual setup and effort

2. Tweeteev – Best for Powerful Automation

For those wanting automation on steroids, Tweeteev is a top choice. Their auto posting, monitoring and analytics thoroughly cover the automation basics.

Highlights include:

  • Posting – Schedule unlimited auto tweets and threads

  • Monitoring – Auto monitor keywords and hashtags

  • Analytics – Track top hashtags, tweet times, audience insights

  • Affordable – Plans starting at just $9/month

Use case: Solo entrepreneurs and smaller brands wanting robust automation and analytics on a budget.

Pricing: Starts at $9/month


  • Great automation functionality

  • Very affordable pricing

  • Powerful analytics

  • Easy to use


  • Bot risks if overused

  • Lack of audience targeting

3. Jarvee – Most Budget-Friendly

Jarvee is the most affordable Twitter automation tool out there, with plans starting at just $9.99/month.

It provides basic yet solid automation covering:

  • Auto posting

  • Following and engaging

  • Keyword monitoring

  • Tweet analytics

Use case: Solo users and microbusinesses wanting basic, low-cost automation.

Pricing: Starts at $9.99/month


  • Very affordable for tight budgets

  • Good basic automation features

  • Easy to use UI


  • Very limited features beyond basics

  • High ban risk from aggressive automation

4. Tweetfull – Best for Profile Safety

For those cautious about getting banned, Tweetfull is the safest automation option out there.

It avoids risky auto-following and caps automation to stay under Twitter‘s radar. Key features:

  • Tweet scheduling

  • Auto retweeting

  • Manual audience building

  • Ban protection tips

Use case: Anyone who prioritizes account safety over fast growth

Pricing: Starts at $49/month


  • Very safe automation

  • Excellent ban protection

  • Organic engagement focus


  • Limit on automation caps growth
  • Pricier than basic automation tools

Comparative Overview

ServicePricingBest For
Twesocial$49+/moOverall growth
Tweeteev$9+/moPowerful automation
Jarvee$9.99+/moBudget automation
Tweetfull$49+/moAccount safety

Choosing the Right Service For You

When choosing a Twitter automation service, consider:

  • Your goals – Organic engagement vs cheap automation vs account safety

  • Your budget – Entry ($10-15) vs premium ($50+) plans

  • Your risk tolerance – Aggressive automation risks bans but drives faster growth

  • Your content mix – Human touch boosts impact of automation posting

  • Your audience – Targeted human engagement resonates best

Rule of thumb: Use 80% automation for efficiency + 20% manual for personalization and impact.

Using Twitter Automation Responsibly

While automation is powerful, it requires responsible usage to avoid getting banned:

  • Limit auto-following – Twitter hates follow/unfollow spikes

  • Vary content types – Tweets, DMs, retweets, not just blasted posts

  • Use real engagement too – Likes, comments and shares from real users

  • Avoid bot-like behavior – Keep actions human paced, targeted and nuanced

  • Review best practices – Understand platforms‘ automation guidelines

  • Monitor actively – Watch for any flags or policy warnings

Bottom line: Automation works best supporting human efforts, not replacing them. Use it to scale efforts, not take shortcuts.

The Final Takeaway

Tweet Attacks Pro provides ample Twitter automation capabilities but carries risks if used irresponsibly. For both automation and engagement, Twesocial is my top recommendation for its balanced and conversion-focused approach.

But assess your specific goals and needs to choose the right service for you. Take the time to thoroughly understand each platform, use their tools strategically, and monitor your accounts actively for best results.

With the right Twitter partner, you can cut tedious manual work and accelerate growth. But tread carefully – quality beats quantity when growing your audience.

Hope this review helps you find the ideal match! Let me know if you have any other questions.



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.