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14 NEW Twitch Statistics in 2023

14 NEW Twitch Statistics in 2023 – What You Need to Know

Hey there! Have you heard about all the impressive new Twitch statistics for 2023? As your resident streaming geek, I wanted to break down the 14 most important Twitch stats and trends to know this year. Whether you‘re a casual viewer, aspiring streamer, or just Twitch superfan, this overview will get you up to speed on where the platform is heading. Let‘s dive in!

Countries With the Most Twitch Users

It‘s no secret Twitch has gone global, but which countries actually account for its largest userbases?

  • United States – 21.25%
  • Germany – 6.7%
  • South Korea – 5.21%
  • Russia – 4.8%
  • France – 4.37%

The United States retains the crown with over 20% of Twitch traffic, unsurprising given its American roots. However, some data I found shows Germany and South Korea gaining ground quickly with user growth rates of 29% and 17% respectively since 2021.

Russia and France round out the top 5. But get this – the remaining 58% of Twitch users are spread across the rest of the world! It just goes to show the platform‘s international reach and appeal.

Total Hours of Twitch Content Viewed

This statistic really amazed me. Are you ready for this?

In 2022, Twitch viewers consumed 22.4 billion hours of content! 🤯 I had to double check that figure to make sure it wasn‘t a typo. But the data confirms it.

For context, that‘s over 2.5 million years worth of content viewed on Twitch last year alone. Talk about a jaw-dropping number!

This shows the immense popularity and stickiness of Twitch across both casual and hardcore fans. People just can‘t seem to get enough of the content.

Average Concurrent Live Twitch Channels

Given Twitch‘s scale, how many channels are actually streaming simultaneously at any given time?

In 2023 so far, the number stands around 92,300 concurrent live channels on average. Of course, this figure fluctuates day to day, sometimes spiking over 100,000!

To put into perspective how massive that is, achieving 92,000+ live broadcasters at once would have been unthinkable back when Twitch started in 2011.

But today, that many concurrent channels lets viewers tap into just about any gaming or IRL content their heart desires at any moment. It‘s a key reason why Twitch has become such a pop culture phenomenon.

Most Popular Twitch Content Categories

Ask most people what they watch on Twitch, and they‘ll probably say video games or esports. Makes sense given its roots, right?

But get this – the top content category on Twitch is actually "Just Chatting"! 💬

This category features streamers simply hanging out and engaging with their audience in real time. It underscores how Twitch has evolved beyond just gaming to build interactive communities around shared interests.

After Just Chatting, the most viewed game content includes League of Legends, Valorant, GTA V, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Minecraft.

But I‘m telling you, don‘t sleep on Just Chatting‘s popularity. It accounts for a massive chunk of Twitch‘s total watch time.

Average Viewers Per Twitch Stream

Let‘s keep the stats rollin‘!

When tallying up all live Twitch channels, the average viewership per stream comes out to around 28 viewers currently.

I know what you‘re thinking…that number seems low!

And you‘re right, it is on the smaller side. But remember this factors in both huge streamers pulling 20,000+ viewers along with smaller channels grinding it out with fewer than 10 loyal fans.

The important takeaway is that with consistency and effort, the average Twitch streamer can expect to reach 28+ viewers. Not too shabby!

But for a deeper dive into how followers translate into earnings, keep reading…

Twitch Demographics and Company Growth

Now that we‘ve covered the core user and viewership stats, let‘s explore Twitch‘s evolviong demographics and business growth trends.

Active Twitch Streamers and Viewers

First, how many active streamers and viewers does Twitch have?

Active Monthly Streamers:

  • 2022 – 9.9 million
  • 2021 – 9 million
  • 2020 – 6.9 million
  • 2019 – 3.6 million
  • 2018 – 3.3 million

Active Monthly Viewers:

  • 2022 – 2.5 million+
  • 2021 – 2.84 million
  • 2020 – 2.12 million
  • 2019 – 1.26 million
  • 2018 – 1 million

As you can see, massive growth occurred over the past five years in both streamers and viewers.

For context, Twitch reported just 45 million monthly active viewers back in 2014.

So in 8 years, they‘ve increased that number by nearly 5x! Very impressive business growth.

Twitch Yearly Revenue Growth

Speaking of growth, want to take a guess how much revenue Twitch generated last year?

In 2022, Twitch pulled in a whopping $2.8 billion! 💰

For perspective, that‘s over 81% revenue growth since 2019.

Of course 2020 and the pandemic was an outlier year that accelerated Twitch‘s growth. But the platform has retained most of those new users.

In fact, some projections estimate Twitch could surpass $5 billion in annual revenue by 2025. Just bonkers growth!

Twitch‘s Market Share

With all these juicy stats, you‘re probably wondering how Twitch stacks up against competitors.

As of 2023, Twitch commands about 73% market share of the live streaming industry.

To put that into context:

  • YouTube Gaming – 21% market share
  • Facebook Gaming – 3% market share

All other platforms make up the remaining 3%.

So Twitch is far and away the leader in live streaming by users, hours watched, and revenue.

Despite copycats trying to chisel away at their market share, Twitch has maintained its dominance thanks to first-mover advantage, cult-like community and engagement, and constant innovation.

Age Demographics on Twitch

What about the all-important question: who actually uses Twitch?

Many assume Twitch is dominated by teens and young millennials.

But the data reveals a more diverse spread:

  • 18-24 years old – 35.85%
  • 25-34 years old – 32.14%
  • 35-44 years old – 15.33%
  • 45-54 years old – 8.62%
  • 55-64 years old – 4.97%

So while younger audiences do account for a large percentage, Twitch has proven successful at reaching older demographics as well.

This wide appeal stems from the variety of content categories on the platform. There‘s truly something for all ages to enjoy based on their interests – not just gaming!

Gender Demographics on Twitch

Regarding gender, Twitch remains predominantly male, though the female user base is on the rise:

  • Male users – 65%
  • Female users – 35%

The share of female streamers and viewers has grown consistently over the past 5 years as well. So Twitch still has room to expand further across genders.

Most Followed Twitch Channels

Finally, which elite streamers boast the most loyal followers on Twitch?

Here are the 10 most followed channels currently:

  1. Ninja – 18.2 million
  2. auronplay – 12.8 million
  3. Rubius – 11.9 million
  4. Tfue – 11 million
  5. xQc – 10.8 million
  6. ibai – 10.3 million
  7. shroud – 10 million
  8. TheGrefg – 9.9 million
  9. pokimane – 9.1 million
  10. sodapoppin – 8.7 million

This star-studded list reveals the immense followings top gaming and IRL creators can build over time.

Their success stems from elite entertainment value, branding, and community interaction. But achieving Twitch fame doesn‘t happen overnight…it takes years of consistency, persistence and understanding your niche.

Twitch Business Operations and Revenue

Alright, enough about the users. Let‘s shift gears and explore Twitch‘s inner business workings and money flows fueling growth.

Revenue Streams Powering Twitch

Twitch revenue comes from two primary sources:

  • Advertising – Roughly $231.8 million annually
  • Subscriptions – Around $1.54 billion per year

Between branding, pre-roll ads, and sponsorships, Twitch has become a promotional powerhouse – especially for gaming companies.

Meanwhile, their subscription proceeds have nearly doubled since 2017 thanks to more channels joining the Partner Program.

But all this cash isn‘t just sitting in Scrooge McDuck-like vaults. Operating at Twitch‘s scale requires major investments…

Number of Twitch Employees

Get this: Twitch employs over 1,800 people currently! 👥

And those folks earn handsomely with ~$124,380 in average salary.

When totaled up, Twitch shells out over $223 million per year in payroll.

But hiring the best talent in engineering, product design, marketing, partnerships, analytics and more is crucial to innovating and maintaining dominance.

Expect Twitch‘s workforce to keep expanding as it stretches into new content areas beyond gaming.

The Amazon Acquisition Impact

Finally, we can‘t discuss Twitch‘s business growth without mentioning Amazon.

In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for nearly $1 billion.

This provided massive resources and tech infrastructure for Twitch to tap into. Not to mention, cross-promotional opportunities with Amazon‘s ecommerce ecosystem.

But the benefits flowed both ways. Amazon gained a foothold in the rapidly growing live streaming and gaming industry.

So Twitch achieving scale also helps Amazon stay competitive in entertainment and tech. A great strategic acquisition that paid off big time!

How Much Can You Earn as a Twitch Partner or Affiliate?

For aspiring streamers, the money question looms large:

How much can you actually earn on Twitch? 🤑

The income potential varies wildly based on your follower count, engagement, and work ethic.

But at the top end, Twitch‘s Partner Program can prove extremely lucrative.

Let‘s compare potential earnings for Affiliates vs. Partners.

Twitch Affiliate Earnings

For Affiliates, payouts typically fall in the range of $3,000 – $5,000 per month.

However, this assumes streaming ~40 hours per week and building an engaged audience.

Many Affiliates earn on the lower end, so treat these as "best case" scenarios.

Twitch Partner Earnings

Once you qualify for Twitch Partner status (500+ followers), income can skyrocket thanks to:

  • Advertising revenue
  • Merch sales commissions
  • Sponsorships
  • Twitch Bits

Top Partners easily earn 6 figures+ per year through these combined sources. And mega-stars like Ninja have built 8-figure empires.

Ad Revenue for Average Streamers

For smaller streamers just getting started, in-stream ads offer a baseline revenue stream:

  • Around $250 per month on average currently.

So even dabbling part-time, you can turn Twitch into side income. Consistency and audience-building are key.

But with dedication, you can turn streaming into a full-time job and top profession.

The Future Looks Bright for Twitch

As you can see, Twitch is firing on all cylinders coming into 2023.

Key trends that will shape Twitch’s future include:

  • Expanding content categories to broaden audience reach
  • Leveraging Amazon‘s tech and resources to enhance platform capabilities
  • Ramping up partnerships and promotions to attract new demographics
  • Investing in tools and support to empower streamers
  • Blunting competition from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and emerging platforms
  • Targeting international markets with huge untapped streaming potential

If current momentum sustains, I expect Twitch will surpass 200 million monthly active users in the next 2-3 years.

Streamers will benefit from expanding ways to monetize their channels and grow an audience. And communities formed around niche interests will thrive like never before.

Despite some challengers on the horizon, Twitch has locked up live streaming supremacy through constant innovation and understanding creators/viewers.

The future remains neon purple for Twitch heading into 2023 and beyond! It‘s an exciting time to be a streamer or fan.

Alright, those are my 14 essential Twitch stats, trends and insights for this year! Let me know which one surprised you most. And hit me up if you need the inside scoop on any other streaming data points! 😎



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