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Unlock the Freezing Power of Unbounded Freezing in Skyrim

As a seasoned frost mage with hundreds of hours perfecting my ice-shaping skills, I‘m delighted to share my wisdom on one of Skyrim‘s most unique and powerful spells – unbounded freezing. Keep reading to master this swirling vortex of frosty power!

But first, what exactly does unbounded freezing do when unleashed? Once cast, a blizzard surrounds the mage, knocking back and continually freezing any foes within range. This expert-level spell harnesses the bitter northern winds, keeping enemies perpetually chilled while you focus their destruction through ice and steel.

I‘ll teach you how fellow cryomancers and I acquire this spell, incorporate it into our builds, and turn draugr, bandits, and dragons alike into frozen statues. Read on, and the power of unbounded freezing shall soon be yours!

Origins of the Vortex

While many claim this spell has been secretly passed down by the mages of Winterhold for generations, my colleagues and I traced its discovery to an ancient cave system north of Hob‘s Fall Cave. Carved runestones within describe an apprentice cryomancer attempting to mimic the relentless northern storms, yet losing control of the magics, encasing himself and his teachers in everlasting ice.

This tragic tale led me to dub this spell "unbounded" freezing, as the novice clearly failed to bind the wild magics he summoned. Nevertheless, his foolishness gave us this gift. Study it wisely, avoid his mistakes, and the storm shall serve you.

Acquiring the Icy Tome

Reclaiming this lost magic for yourself requires meeting two challenges – power and knowledge.

First, you‘ll need to hone your talents to mastery of the expert-tier destruction spells. I recommend dedicated practice against the living targets conveniently found in caves and ruins across the realm. When lesser frost spells bore you, seek out instruction from the seasoned mages at the College of Winterhold.

Once you‘ve fully embraced the devastating potential of frost, the path to unbounded power will open. Specifically, you must reach:

  • Destruction Skill Level: 65
  • Destruction Perk: Expert Destruction

At this point, two routes exist to obtain the ancient tome:

  1. Brave the aptly named Hob‘s Fall Cave, battling fearsome foes, and claim the tome from an enchanted chest guarded by a lich. Expect a challenge but relish the glory!

  2. Complete specialist training at the College and hope the Master Wizard Faralda decides to share her copy. I suggest completing any tasks that might impress her and regularly check her wares.

Whichever path you take, soon the secrets of unbounded freezing shall be yours to discover!

Mastering the Vortex

I‘ve unleashed this spell a thousand times across my adventures, yet it never loses its wintry satisfaction. The audible rush followed by the sudden blizzard whirling around you is exhilarating. And the sight of foes helplessly encased in ice? Divine!

However, proper mastery requires practice and insight. Here are some key tips I‘ve learned when wielding unbounded freezing:

Control the chaos – The vortex spans outward up to 12 feet. Back away after casting to avoid freezing yourself and allies.

Time it right – The 2 second channel time leaves you vulnerable. Seek openings rather than desperation casts.

Combine and conquer – Layer other frost spells like deep freeze and ice storm over the affected area. Few can survive the icy onslaught!

Spam away – With sufficient magicka reserves, chain cast consecutive vortices. Entire dungeons shall become your frozen kingdom!

Beware magic immunity – Some fabled beings like dragon priests possess resistances penetrating even the thickest ice. Adjust strategies accordingly.

Now let‘s explore how to fully incorporate unbounded freezing into your build and playstyle…

Cryomancer Builds

While any frost-focused mage can benefit from unbounded freezing, optimizing your talents and equipment around this spell will unlock its full devastating potential. Here are some of the most lethal icy builds I‘ve discovered across my adventures:

Frost Striker

  • One-handed sword plus unbounded freezing
  • Heavy armor for close combat
  • Frost/magic buffing enchantments
  • Frost atronach distraction
  • Freeze foes up close then finish them with steel

Hailstorm Mage

  • Pure mage with frost staff/spells
  • Fortify destruction/frost alchemy potions
  • Max out frost damage and cost reduction
  • Pour endless ice storms upon enemies
  • Focus on magicka, reserves, and regen

Winter‘s Warden

  • Sword and shield tank
  • Block enemy attacks between casts
  • Frost/heavy armor enchants
  • Draw aggro whileBlizzard spell
  • become an immovable glacier

Customize your build around your style, but stacking frost damage and cost reduction is critical. The Divines granted us two hands – use one for steel, one for spellcasting!

Mastering the Ice

While unbounded freezing may be your core focus, true mastery requires understanding all facets of Skyrim‘s ice magic. Here are some key frost spells and tactics to employ alongside your vortex:

Deep Freeze – An apprentice spell that encases targets in ice. Use it to immobilize threats before unloading your vortex.

Ice Storm – Blanket an area with deadly ice shards. Excellent to layer over your ongoing freeze effects.

Blizzard – The master-tier frost ritual spell. Requires finding all lost tomes but deals immense damage.

Ice Enchanting – Boost frost spell damage exponentially by enchanting your gear with fortify destruction and frost boosts.

Cryomancy Alchemy – Brew potions to enhance your powers. Combine frost mirriam and salt piles for potency.

Mask of Winterhold – This rare helm boosts frost attacks by 30%. Legend says it was stolen from ancient snow elf ruins.

Permafrost – A deadly poison that drains heat, magnifying all incoming frost damage. Can turn even dragons into frozen husks.

Study these closely and unlock frost‘s full potential. Most importantly, wrap your mind in ice – being impervious to Skyrim‘s chill will grant you powers beyond mortal comprehension.

Acquiring Your Icy Armaments

While spell knowledge provides the foundation, equipment determines a cryomancer‘s true might. Here are some key tips on acquiring the arms and armor to support your unbounded freezing:

  • Seek out gear with fortify destruction and frost enchantments – boost Intensity!
  • Craft frost staves and ornamental icy weapons – channel the essence of winter!
  • Upgrade enchanting and smithing skills – craft the mythic armor of legends!
  • Robe or armor – tailor protection to your style, but boost magicka.
  • Explore lost ruins – some whisper even dragon priests‘ relics lie within…
  • Complete College radiant quests – opportunities to impress mages may arise.
  • Learn the frost transmutation spell – turn dwemer metal blue and deadly.

Above all else, decorate your armory with the motif of frost. Surround yourself with the powers you seek to harness, and few will stand against your icy onslaught!

Unlock the Frozen North

Hopefully you now grasp the tremendous powers contained within unbounded freezing. This expert spell represents the pinnacle of Skyrim‘s ice magic, but attaining mastery requires diligence, practice, and embracing the way of the cryomancer.

But those willing to walk the path will gain powers beyond their wildest dreams. The heavens themselves shall hurl icy spears at your command, and the mighty dragons shall cower at the coming storm.

So steal yourself, sharpen your steel, and set forth on this epic quest. I shall await, within the ice-locked ruin where this forbidden spell was first crafted, ready to congratulate any mage who unlocks the true might of unbounded freezing.

Until then, may your spells stay frosty, and your foes fall frozen!



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