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Unveiling the Scenic Setting of ‘3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost‘

The 2023 Hallmark Channel romantic comedy "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" was filmed primarily across the Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. Key locations included sites in Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver. Principal photography spanned just a few weeks in June 2023. The warm summertime settings complemented the movie‘s cheerful, romantic tone. Beyond looks, creative decisions like filming location directly shaped the overall viewer experience.

Vancouver, Canada‘s Hotbed of Film Production

Before diving into the specific sites used in "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost," it‘s helpful to understand why Vancouver often hosts Hallmark and other film productions.

Some key factors that make Vancouver an ideal filming destination include:

  • Financial Incentives: British Columbia offers production companies tax credits equal to 35% of qualified local labor costs. This effectively reduces total production budgets by over one-third.

  • Experienced Local Industry: Vancouver has been a film and TV production hub since the 1990s. Local crews offer exceptional expertise and services tailored to productions.

  • Diversity of Locations: The region ranges from oceanside to mountains, offering urban cityscapes and quiet suburban neighborhoods all in close proximity. This variability within a small geographic area is a major asset.

  • Four Distinct Seasons: Vancouver‘s weather changes enable productions to choose settings ranging from snowy winter wonderlands to colorful fall foliage or sunny summer days.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Vancouver is home to major production studios like Bridge Studios and Ironwood Studios featuring huge soundstages and high-tech capabilities for projects of all sizes.

To quantify Vancouver‘s rise as a global production center:

  • Vancouver hosted 343 film and TV productions in 2021, ranging from major movies to commercials and music videos.
  • These productions contributed over CAD $3.3 billion to British Columbia‘s economy that year.
  • The industry employs over 70,000 locals in well-paying jobs.

With this expertise and infrastructure, it‘s easy to see why Vancouver stood out as the ideal location for "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost."

Picture-Perfect Filming Locations

Within the Vancouver area, the production team behind "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" chose a mix of urban and natural locations that perfectly suited the story‘s warmth and accessibility.

Notable Parks

Parks offered beautiful backdrops for pivotal scenes between the main characters, like first dates and conversations advancing the romance.

  • Deer Lake Park (Burnaby): This lakeside oasis provided easy access near the production company‘s home base. Its meandering trails facilitated walking dialogue scenes with a scenic view.

  • Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver): Known for its lush rainforest surroundings and scenic 50-meter suspension bridge, Lynn Canyon hosted an apparent first date scene between the leads.

  • Queen Elizabeth Park (Vancouver): Overlooking the city, this 130-acre park contained the ideal pastoral setting for Anna and Daniel‘s sunny picnic date.

"The beauty of the local parks juxtaposed with the lead characters‘ connection really accentuated the romance of their journey together." – Peter Sullivan, Director

Neighborhoods and Streets

Residential streets and neighborhoods offered a sense of home and community.

  • South Granville (Vancouver): With its historic brownstones and street trees, this upscale area provided exterior shots of Anna‘s home.

  • Downtown Burnaby: Lively streets around Burnaby City Hall doubled for exterior shots of the town‘s main drag, with restaurant and shop fronts.

  • Capitol Hill (Burnaby): This quiet suburban neighborhood contained the blue house Anna considers buying, representing her dream home.

"Shooting on location enabled us to move through different neighborhoods that each added new dimensions to Anna‘s world." – Joie Botkin, Writer

Other Iconic Locales

Additional recognizable Vancouver-area spots rounded out location filming:

  • Lonsdale Quay: The waterfront marketplace along the Burrard Inlet offered a lively lunch date scene.

  • Mount Seymour: Panoramic shots of these North Vancouver mountains provided transitional establishing shots conveying the region‘s natural beauty.

  • SFU Burnaby Campus: The grassy main academic quad transformed into the university where Anna and Daniel first meet.

"Our locations manager was exceptional at scouting places that aligned perfectly with our vision for each scene‘s mood and atmosphere." – Gregg Rossen, Writer

The Perks of Summer Filming

Beyond locations, the timing of filming in June 2023 proved impactful. Summer in Vancouver boasts long sunny days, minimal rain, and lush green vegetation.

Filming in summer allowed the crew to maximize use of available daylight. The 16+ hours of sun in June enabled efficient shooting of exterior scenes across many locations.

The sunny weather also literally brightened the movie‘s look and feel. Vancouver‘s blue skies and green forests complimented the story‘s warm, uplifting tone.

Finally, tourists flock to Vancouver in summer, giving realism to busy parks, attractions, and restaurants. Background action from real tourists and locals helped scenes feel authentic.

"Everything from the weather to the energy felt so alive when we filmed in June. It was the perfect vibe for our lighthearted rom-com."– Brian Sawyer, Writer

Artistic Choices: Set Design, Costumes, and More

Locations alone can‘t tell a full visual story. The crew‘s artistic choices enhanced the atmosphere.

Vibrant Set Design

While filming occurred on location, indoor scenes used stage-built sets reflecting characters‘ personalities:

  • Anna‘s cheerful cottage bungalow with pops of color showed her warmth.

  • Her realty office with abstract art conveyed her creative spirit.

  • Open layouts aligned with the script‘s lively pace.

Wardrobe Reflecting Personality

Costumes are crucial in defining roles. For Anna, key choices included:

  • Casual separates like flowy tops and jeans conveyed her approachable nature.

  • Feminine details like floral prints and woven bags reflected her romantic side.

  • Textured cardigans and accessories kept her look multidimensional.

  • A color palette blending neutrals with bold hues conveyed vibrancy.

"Anna‘s wardrobe contrasted with the ghost Suzette‘s more old-fashioned style. Their differences in fashion highlighted the gap in their eras." – Costume Designer

Hair and Makeup for a Girl-Next-Door

Anna‘s beauty look relied on natural styles suitable for an active, low-maintenance character:

  • Loose blown-out waves added bounce and movement to her medium-length hair.
  • Minimal makeup focused on bright lips and defined eyes, avoiding heavy foundation.
  • Polished nails aligned with her real estate professional side.

"I wanted Anna‘s look to feel effortlessly pretty. She dresses up a bit for work but overall keeps things simple and casual." – Hair Department Head

Cinematography Capturing Motion and Emotion

From sweeping landscape shots to intimate close-ups, cinematography added visual impact:

  • Tracking dolly shots followed behind Anna and Daniel, inviting viewers to join them on a journey.

  • Slow pans of settings like Lynn Canyon drew focus to the area‘s natural allure.

  • Over-the-shoulder two-shots captured vulnerable dialogue.

  • Bright depth-of-field in daytime conveyed joy; shallower focus at night evoked mystery.

"The camera needed to move with the characters. This energetic approach reflected the spirit of Anna and the story." – Cinematographer

Breaking Down a Supernatural Rom-Com Plot

While aesthetics contributed immense impact, at its core "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" relied on an engaging, offbeat storyline.


  • Protagonist: Anna, an eager but struggling real estate agent

  • Supporting Characters: Daniel, a potential buyer/love interest; Suzette, a friendly ghost

  • Premise: A realtor‘s life changes when she meets a handsome client and discovers she can communicate with his home‘s resident ghost.

  • Tone: Lighthearted and funny with a romantic spirit

Key Plot Points

  • Anna shows Daniel a home, but he seems more interested in dating Anna than buying the house.

  • Peculiar events make Anna realize she can see the ghost named Suzette haunting the home.

  • Suzette decides to play matchmaker for Anna and Daniel, pushing them into dates and romantic situations.

  • As Anna warms up to Daniel, she also helps Suzette remember her past and cross over peacefully.

  • By the end, Anna helps resolve Suzette‘s unfinished business, gets her dream home, and finds love with Daniel.

Blending Genres

On the surface, the movie fits cleanly into the romantic comedy genre. But the addition of a literal friendly ghost infuses it with elements of fantasy and the supernatural. This blend makes the story more unique and unpredictable.

"We set out to make a movie that could surprise viewers. Combining the paranormal with rom-com tropes helped keep things fresh." – Julie Gonzalo, Lead Actress

Vancouver: The Ideal Backdrop

Analyzing the wide range of creative choices by the cast and crew demonstrates how Vancouver provided an ideal backdrop for "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" thanks to:

Diverse Settings: From downtown streets to lush parks, Vancouver offered variety in easily accessible locations.

Summer Vibes: June‘s sunny weather and long days facilitated efficient filming with bright, lively visuals.

Local Expertise: Experienced crews executed everything from cinematography to set design at the highest level.

Region Recognition: Iconic landmarks like Lonsdale Quay created an identifiable sense of place.

In summary, Vancouver‘s blend of natural beauty, cosmopolitan energy, and production infrastructure made it feel like a character unto itself in "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost."

For Fans Looking to Recreate the Experience

The film showcases so many enticing corners of Vancouver and its surrounding municipalities. For fans inspired to visit, it‘s easy to recreate some of the most impactful experiences:

  • Stroll hand-in-hand across the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge or beside Deer Lake.

  • Picnic in Queen Elizabeth Park amidst the gardens, trees, and mountain views.

  • Wander the lively streets of areas like South Granville and downtown Burnaby.

  • Snap photos at landmarks like Lonsdale Quay with its idyllic waterfront setting.

  • Simply driving between filming sites offers a chance to soak in the region‘s natural beauty.

Beyond locations, visiting Vancouver in the summertime allows fans to experience the same energy, green landscapes, and sunny weather that imbued the film with its bright atmosphere.

The Takeaway: Location as a Fundamental Storytelling Tool

While the cameras have stopped rolling, "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" lives on as a beloved, feel-good romantic comedy. Analysing its creation process demonstrates how fundamental filming locations are for movies seeking to maximize visual impact and atmosphere.

Much like casting the perfect actors or composing an affecting score, choosing the right physical backdrop is a crucial piece of cinematic storytelling. For productions seeking idyllic, diverse settings, Vancouver consistently delivers. "3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost" stands as a prime example of British Columbia‘s ability to elevate imaginative narratives into fully realized worlds for viewers to immerse themselves in.



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