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7 VIPLeague Alternatives to Watch Live Sports Online 2023

Most people try to stream an NBA game online for the first time and then quit for good. If you are an ardent sports streamer, you can quickly figure out why. If you browse through a few free sports streaming sites, it may seem, at first glance, that they are competing for who can present the worst user experience.

With many of these sites, the interface is a tangled maze of jumbled fake links and constant pop-ups that will have you running back to cable in no time. Furthermore, the sites are often poorly optimized for any of your devices. The typically look like something straight out of the ancient 2004 internet.

Removing these challenges is where the VIPLeague streaming platform trumps most of the competition.

VIPLeague Doesn't Always Work As Expected

VIPLeague Platform

If you are a sports streamer here in the US, the chances are that you have already heard about VIPLeague. This web app is one of the most popular free sports streaming platforms in the country thanks to its flawless coverage of some of our most beloved sports, like basketball and football.

The platform also covers a host of other sports that include golf, tennis, Nascar, baseball, hockey, soccer, and rugby. Plus you can even watch UFC and WWE matches on here too!

However, where VIPLeague truly shines is in the UI. The web app uses a simple, intuitive platform that is a far cry from the clunky interface you will get on other platforms.

On visiting VIPLeague, you meet an uncomplicated front page will large tiles that lead you to specific sports categories.

Clicking on any of the options takes you to another neat page that shows the available games in chronological order. From here, you can launch one of the multiple streams to follow any of your favorite games.

One excellent feature VIPLeague offers is that, on the match list page, the stipulated time for the matches is automatically adjusted to match your timezone.

VIPLeague is an excellent way to stream live sports from the comfort of your home with just the internet and at no extra charge.

However, the site does experience some downtime from time to time. Whether, you temporarily can’t access the platform, can’t find your game there, or need a change of scenery, in this article, we round up some of the best VIPLeague alternatives.


If you can’t access the VIPLeague platform, and you need a worthy alternative, look no further than Strikeout. The Strikeout web app is almost a direct clone, offering similar aesthetics, games databases, and functionality.

The main page uses a tiled design that is almost identical to what you will find on VIPLeague. From there, you can click on any of the listed sports to reveal the ongoing and upcoming games with available streams.

Like VIPLeague, Strikeout covers a host of sports and popular competitions like the NFL. Regular season and Play-offs, the Super Bowl, MLB, NHL, NBA, and even the NCAAF. Furthermore, from the home page, you get links that take you directly to the live feed for all matches from either of these competitions.’s coverage spans almost every competition and cup imaginable from soccer leagues to the Grand Prix, to The Tennis Opens and the Golf Majors.


2. VipBox TV

VipBox TV

Another platform that offers a very similar user experience is VipBox TV. If you are familiar with VIPLeague’s UI, you will have no problem adjusting to the VipBox TV web app.

The site uses a familiar tiled interface that allows you access to games from sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, racing, cycling, boxing, UFC, WWE, and lots more. You also gain access to other sports you will rarely find elsewhere like Gaelic football and hurling, water sports, and winter sports. VipBox TV also allows you to stream live TV and TV shows from around the world.

The platform automatically adjusts the time on games to match your timezone. Furthermore, you get a time selector that lets you change the timezone settings to match your needs. Hence you do not need to waste time doing any conversions.

Watching games is easy as the site is intuitive and easy to use. However, testing out a few streams, we discovered their platform often features one large ad on the stream that you cannot remove manually. Hence, you must click the ad and visit an advertiser before you can get an ad-free stream.

While the on-stream ad is a minor inconvenience, we do think it is entirely unnecessary, and it does detract from the user experience.


3. Stream2Watch


When it comes to site design, aesthetics, and functionality, Stream2Watch will rank near the top on any list grading free sports streaming services. The site is hands down the best-organized platform on this list.

When you visit Stream2Watch, you first see a minimal dark homepage that lets you choose between the live sports and live TV portion of the site.

Clicking on “Live Sports” will show you a list of ongoing and upcoming games across all popular sports. You also get a nifty tabbed menu up top that lets you switch the display to matches from only one particular sport.

On the games list, you get a handy chronological inventory of matches for the next 72 hours. Furthermore, Stream2Watch ditches the timezone entirely for a more straightforward format that states how much time before a game in hours. Hence, irrespective of your timezone, the timing on this list holds.

Clicking “Live TV” takes you to an array of broadcast stations that include multiple channels from 3SAT, 4MUSIC, 5STAR, 6TER, A&E, ABC, ACC Network, Adult Swim, Al Jazeera, AMC, Animal Planet, Antena 3, ARD, Arena Sports, ARTE, Astro Supersport, At The Races, Barca TV, and multiple BBC variants.


4. WiZiWiG



WiZiWiG is another popular platform that hosts links to streams for sports games from around the world. This web app sports a simple interface that shows you all the live games on the main page.

The platform does not show any future upcoming games. Hence, you have to visit the web app a few minutes before your game begins, creating a possible inconvenience scenario. However, if you know the start time of your game in your timezone, you won’t have issues. WiZiWiG automatically adjusts to match your local time, so no time conversions are necessary.

On WiZiWiG, you can find live matches from Football, Baseball, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, Moto GP, Rugby, Hockey, and a few other sports.


5. Beast Streams

Beast Streams

Beast Streams uses a very different system from many other sports streaming sites and platforms. Here, the web app does not list games or competition but rather host 15+ live channels to cover all popular sport games. Beast Streams also has 10+ live channels dedicated to American Football.

The Beast Stream system can be confusing at first as you do not get any pointers on finding the games you want. Furthermore, even when you figure it out, we can attest that the site is still a pain to navigate. The only possible relief is if you get a tip from social media or forums on what Beast Stream channel is showing a particular game.

However, the strongest suit of the Beast Stream platform is the quality of its live feeds. This platform offers high-quality HD sports streams that are unmatched anywhere on the free internet.


6. fuboTV


If you would rather pay for a relatively more seamless and utterly ad-free experience, fuboTV is your best bet. First launched in 2015, FuboTV has grown into one of the most popular online sports with over 250,000 subscribers at the end of 2018.

fuboTV offers a smooth, seamless ad-free experience on all devices: mobile, tablets, web, and smart TVs. Furthermore, in 2019, fuboTV became the first sports streaming service to come natively integrated into Apple’s Smart TVs.

The platform offers a base package with over 90 channels and several add-on packages that include Sports Plus, fubo Cycling, Latino Plus, and Português Plus. However, currently, fuboTV is only available in the United States, Canada, and Spain. So potential users from other countries are out of luck without a VPN.


7. Tennis TV

Tennis TV

For the ardent tennis fan who only wants to stream tennis games, no site serves you better than Tennis TV. This platform lets you stream every single tennis match from around the world in HD and from all your devices, including the Xbox One or Playstation 4.

With Tennis TV you get access to all 9 ATP Masters tournaments, the ATP 500s, the ATP 250s, The Nitto ATP Finals, the Next Gen ATP Finals, the new ATP Cup in 2020, and classic matches from the ATP archive with hundreds of full match replay.

When it comes to streaming tennis games, Tennis TV is the best choice as it completely blows any competition out of the water. However, the platform comes with a year subscription fee of $119.99 with an option to pay $14.99 every month.




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