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The 3 Best VPNs for Watching Showmax in 2023

Hey there! If you‘re looking to watch Showmax from anywhere worldwide in 2023, I‘ve got you covered. After extensive testing and research, I confidently recommend these top 3 VPNs for accessing Showmax:

  1. NordVPN – Excellent speeds and server coverage make it the best VPN for Showmax.
  2. Surfshark – An affordable VPN with great performance.
  3. AtlasVPN – A free VPN option to get started with Showmax.

I‘ll explain what makes each of these VPNs ideal for Showmax, but first let‘s quickly cover how I evaluated and picked these top services.

How I Tested VPNs to Find the Best for Showmax

As a streaming enthusiast, I know how frustrating geo-restrictions can be when you want to watch your favorite shows but can‘t access them abroad. Having tested dozens of VPNs myself, I looked for several key criteria to find the best options for accessing Showmax:

  • Speed – I performed extensive speed tests from different locations to find which VPNs could maintain fast and stable connections for HD streaming. Slow buffering kills the viewing experience.
  • Server Locations – I favored VPNs with plenty of servers in major South African cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town. This ensures reliable access to a South African IP address.
  • Platform Support – The VPN needed to offer apps across various devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. to ensure flexibility.
  • Security Protocols – I required modern encryption like AES-256-bit and protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2 for privacy and security when streaming.
  • Pricing – Affordability was important, so I included budget-friendly paid options and even free VPNs as long as they met the performance criteria.

Based on my extensive testing over the past year, these 3 VPNs stood out as the top services for accessing Showmax in 2023. Let‘s look at each pick in more detail.

1. NordVPN – The Best VPN for Showmax

If I had to choose one top VPN for streaming Showmax right now, I‘d go with NordVPN hands down. Here‘s why it earns my highest recommendation:

Lightning Fast Speeds – NordVPN topped my speed tests with impressively fast connections across multiple locations. This is thanks to their large server network, specialized streaming servers, and NordLynx protocol. Expect silky smooth, buffer-free streaming.

Abundant South African Servers – With 20+ servers located right in major SA cities, it‘s easy to connect and get a local IP address. I never had issues finding a fast SA server to start watching Showmax.

AES-256 Encryption – Your data is secured with enterprise-grade encryption when streaming. NordVPN also provides secure protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec.

6 Simultaneous Connections – One account lets you cover all your personal devices like phone, laptop, media players, etc. Very convenient!

Powerful Security Features – CyberSec technology blocks dangerous sites and malware. Double VPN chains your traffic through two servers for anonymous streaming.

User-Friendly Apps – I found it super easy to install, connect, and switch servers on all devices using the NordVPN apps. Intuitive design!

Affordable Pricing – Considering the high performance and security you get, pricing is very budget-friendly. 2-year plan brings cost down to just $3.29/month.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee – NordVPN lets you take it for a test drive with Showmax risk-free. Love this provider confidence!

So if you want the absolute best VPN experience with Showmax that ticks all the boxes for speed, security, reliability and ease of use, NordVPN has my full recommendation. Their high-quality service will let you stream Showmax without any restrictions.


2. Surfshark – Most Affordable VPN for Showmax

If low cost is your main priority, I suggest considering Surfshark as the most affordable VPN for Showmax access. Despite the cheap price, performance is definitely not compromised:

Pocket-Friendly Pricing – Surprisingly good speeds and features for the cost. Just $2.21/month if you grab the 2-year deal! Hard to beat value.

South African Server Options – You get 10+ SA server locations to choose between, ensuring reliable connections to Showmax.

Strong AES-256 Encryption – Your Showmax viewing activities are secured with military-grade encryption. OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols supported too.

Unlimited Devices Covered – A single account can be used on as many of your personal devices as you want. Super convenient!

Ad & Tracker Blocking – Surfshark‘s CleanWeb feature blocks ads, trackers and malicious sites for safer Showmax streaming.

Camouflage Mode – Makes VPN activity harder to detect by your ISP. Helps avoid throttling when streaming large amounts of Showmax video.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee – You can test out Surfshark risk-free with Showmax and get a refund if not satisfied. No risk!

For budget-minded streamers, you really can‘t go wrong with Surfshark. Of course speeds may be a tad slower vs NordVPN, but I found performance reliably good enough for HD Showmax streaming at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to save money without sacrificing quality and security, Surfshark is my top affordable VPN pick for accessing Showmax in 2023.


3. AtlasVPN – Best Free VPN for Showmax

For those looking to access Showmax for free, I suggest AtlasVPN as the best free VPN option in 2023. You‘ll face some limitations, but it works surprisingly well considering the price:

Totally Free – AtlasVPN lets you connect to South African servers and access Showmax at $0 cost. Useful to test if a VPN will work for you before paying.

1 Connection Allowed – The free plan limits you to just 1 device connected at a time. Fine for streaming Showmax on your phone or laptop, but you can‘t cover multiple devices.

Limited Bandwidth – Speeds are slower than paid VPNs and capped at 2GB per month. Enough for SD quality streaming but HD will struggle.

Basic Security – You get standard AES-256 encryption but no access to OpenVPN protocol like on paid plan. Security still passable for Showmax.

No Activity Logs – Your Showmax viewing and activity still remains private without any logging on their free servers.

Easy-To-Use Apps – Despite limitations, I found AtlasVPN simple to set up and connect on iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Intuitive design.

Upgrade Available – If you want better speeds, more data, and extra features, AtlasVPN paid plans are fairly inexpensive starting at around $2/month.

For people that want to test accessing Showmax for free or don‘t stream a ton of hours, AtlasVPN is a suitable choice in my experience. But power users will likely want to upgrade to a paid VPN for the extra speed and simultaneous connections.

Give the AtlasVPN free plan a shot if you want basic Showmax access at zero cost!


Why You Should Use a VPN for Showmax

Now that you know my top recommendations for accessing Showmax with a VPN, let me explain some of the key benefits a VPN provides when streaming this service:

Bypass Geo-Restrictions – Showmax is only available within South Africa. A VPN lets you virtually appear in SA and bypass this region blocking.

Avoid ISP Throttling – Many ISPs deliberately slow down streaming traffic. A VPN prevents this by hiding your Showmax streams.

Enhanced Privacy – Your VPN encrypts all Showmax activity so your ISP and others can‘t see or log what you watch.

Secure Public Wi-Fi – Wireless hotspots are often unsafe. A VPN protects your data from potential hackers when streaming over public connections.

Unblock Extra Content – Some shows/movies on Showmax are only available in certain countries. A VPN lets you access SA-specific catalogs.

Prevent Government Censorship – In countries that censor streaming services, a VPN allows you to bypass blocks and watch Showmax freely.

So in summary, a quality VPN like my top recommendations adds important benefits of privacy, security, and unlimited access when streaming Showmax abroad. It‘s well worth using one!

Step-By-Step Guide to Watch Showmax with a VPN

If you‘ve chosen one of my recommended VPNs, here are the simple steps to get set up with Showmax:

1. First, sign up for the VPN service and download their app on any device you want to stream Showmax from. I‘d suggest a phone, laptop, or media streaming box.

2. Install the VPN app, create your account credentials, and log in.

3. Connect to a VPN server located in a major South African city like Johannesburg or Cape Town. This will assign you a South African IP address and location.

4. Once connected, launch the Showmax app or site, and try playing a show episode or movie. It should now work flawlessly as if you‘re in South Africa!

5. Sit back and start streaming Showmax abroad! The VPN will run quietly in the background encrypting your connection.

6. If you experience buffering, try switching to a different SA server in your VPN app to find a faster connection.

And that‘s all there is to it! After a quick and easy setup, you can stream Showmax seamlessly from anywhere worldwide using a top-rated VPN for privacy and bypassing geo-restrictions.

FAQs About Using a VPN with Showmax

Here are answers to some common questions about using a VPN with Showmax:

Is it legal to stream Showmax with a VPN?

Using a VPN to access streaming content from other regions falls into a legal gray area in most countries, but is generally not illegal for personal viewing. There are currently no laws against it.

Will Showmax detect I‘m using a VPN?

Top VPN providers use advanced protocols specifically designed to avoid detection from streaming services like Showmax. Just connect to a South African server and you will appear located there, avoiding blocks.

Do I have to keep the VPN active the whole time?

Yes, you need to keep the VPN connection running in the background while you‘re actively watching Showmax. If you disconnect, Showmax could detect your real location outside South Africa and cut off access.

Can Showmax ban me for using a VPN?

In most cases, Showmax does not outright prohibit VPN usage as long as you abide by their terms of service. Using a VPN just to stream Showmax from abroad in a personal capacity should not result in any issues.

What‘s the fastest VPN protocol for streaming Showmax?

I‘d recommend using the OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocol on your VPN app for the fastest speeds. WireGuard is also extremely quick if your VPN offers it. These protocols optimize performance for streaming.

Let the Showmax Binge Watching Begin!

I hope this guide has helped explain the best VPN options for watching Showmax anywhere worldwide in 2023. Based on my extensive testing and experience, NordVPN, Surfshark, and AtlasVPN provide the right combination of speed, security, and affordability.

Take advantage of my VPN recommendations and you‘ll be unblocking Showmax and streaming your favorite shows in no time – all with complete privacy and protection. Now grab some popcorn and get watching!



Michael Reddy is a tech enthusiast, entertainment buff, and avid traveler who loves exploring Linux and sharing unique insights with readers.