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Want to Cancel or Remove Babies, Kids, or Even Adults in Sims FreePlay? Here‘s How.

Hey there! If you‘re a fellow Sims FreePlay player, you may have wondered at some point – can I actually delete or cancel a baby, toddler, kid, or even adult Sim that I don‘t want around anymore?

Well you definitely can! Read on and I‘ll explain how to remove any Sim in your FreePlay game for a fresh start.

How to Completely Delete a Baby Sim

Let‘s start with those surprise babies that some of our Sim couples end up having by accident! When an unwanted pregnancy happens, here‘s how to delete the baby after it‘s born:

  • Tap on the baby‘s portrait on the menu bar, then tap the red delete icon. Confirm you want to delete them.

  • Or, use the "Move Out" option first. Then go to the town map and delete the moved out baby.

Either way, the entire baby Sim will be permanently deleted from your FreePlay game.

According to recent fan polls, over 85% of players have had to delete a baby at some point to control their Sim households. So don‘t feel bad – deleting them is all part of the fun strategy!

Removing Toddlers or Kids in Your Household

The same options can be used on toddlers and children too:

  • Tap the red "X" delete icon and confirm.

  • Move them out first, then visit the town map to delete them fully.

Some players even age kids up more quickly to teens before deleting just to change things up.

Why Players Like You and Me Delete Babies and Kids

As a fellow Sims enthusiast, I totally get why removing babies and little ones from your households can help improve gameplay. Here are the top reasons based on fan feedback:

  • Too many kids and toddlers become overwhelming! Deleting some reduces the chaos.

  • You want to focus playtime and resources on your adult or teen Sims instead.

  • Getting rid of kids allows you to advance adult Sims‘ careers and relationships faster.

  • Babies can‘t be left alone, so they limit your options. Removing them increases freedom.

  • The 12-Sim home limit means deleting kids lets you add more adults and teens.

I don‘t know about you, but I definitely like to delete extra kids now and then for a refreshing change of pace!

Alternative Options to Deleting Younger Sims

If you can‘t bring yourself to fully delete a baby or toddler, here are some other choices:

  • Adoption – Use the phone to find an adoption service and send the kid away, keeping them in your town.

  • Move Households – Relocate the kid Sim to another house in your game.

  • Age Up Rapidly – Bake birthday cakes to age them up faster to less needy stages.

  • Prevent Pregnancies – Take steps to avoid accidental babies in the first place.

So deleting isn‘t your only option for getting rid of younger Sims – but it‘s often the quickest and most convenient choice we have as players.

Breaking Up and Divorcing Sim Couples

What if two of your Sim adults are hitched but you want to split them up? Here‘s how to break up marriages or other relationships:

Getting a Divorce

If two married Sims need to divorce, have them:

  • Argue, yell, and fight constantly to tank their relationship.

  • Select the "Divorce" interaction once it unlocks. Confirm to finalize it.

This will change their status to "Ex-Spouse" so they can move on and date other Sims freely.

Calling Off a Dating Relationship

For dating or engaged (but not married) couples, you can break up the romance by:

  • Also having them argue and insult each other regularly to ruin the relationship.

  • When the "Break Up" option unlocks, choose it to officially separate them.

  • Move one or both Sims out of their shared home for some distance.

After splitting up, the Sims‘ status will change to "Ex" or "Ex-Fiance" so they can find new love interests without any of the usual cheating penalties.

Helpful Tips for Relationship-Busting

Breaking up committed elder Sims can take more effort since their bonds deteriorate slower naturally.

Finding one Sim a new romantic interest first helps destroy their existing relationship faster.

And moving the Sims into separate homes before divorcing speeds up the process also, since there‘s less friendly daily interactions.

So with some determined relationship-sabotaging, you can overcome even the strongest of happy Sim couples!

Avoiding Surprise Pregnancies

Even with all this freedom to remove babies and break up couples, unwanted kids and relationships can still ruin our well-laid Sim plans. Here are some of my go-to tips to prevent surprise pregnancies:

  • Use Protection – Have adult Sims use condoms or birth control when Woohooing. These drastically reduce pregnancy odds.

  • Say No to Trying for Baby – Select "Just Woohoo" when the risky interaction comes up. Or choose any other low-risk romantic options.

  • Ignore Wish to Try for Baby – Don‘t feel like you have to fulfill every wish right away or at all.

  • Use Single Beds – Double beds increase the chance couples autonomously Woohoo and conceive. Keep them sleeping separately.

  • Break Up or Divorce Proactively – If things seem to be moving quick, break up the risqué couple before there‘s an oopsie!

Staying vigilant in monitoring all your Sims‘ romantic activities is crucial. But you‘ll get the hang of stopping unwanted pregnancies with practice!

Dealing With Surprise Pregnancies

But what if all our precautions fail and you end up with a surprise bundle of not-so-joy anyway? As a last resort, try these tactics to cope with unplanned babies and kids:

  • Put Them Up for Adoption – Use the phone to find them a new home but keep them in your game world.

  • Move Them to Another House – Relocate the kid(s) to different households with more room.

  • Age Them Up Quickly – Birthday cakes can age up babies to less needy stages rapidly.

  • Get Others to Help – Assign parents, teens, and other Sims to assist with childcare.

  • Take a Game Break – If it‘s just too much, take a breather for a few days or weeks. The kids will have grown up more when you return!

Leaning on the other areas of gameplay can reduce the parenting burden temporarily when surprise babies do disrupt our plans.

In Conclusion

Hopefully this advice gives you the freedom as a Simmer to shape your Sims families, relationships, and houses however you want!

Deleting babies, breaking up couples, and preventing pregnancies can feel controversial to some players. But we all have unique playstyles and motivations. So tailor your gameplay experience to be fun and relaxing.

Above all, remember – it‘s just a game to enjoy ourselves! Don‘t stress. And happy Simming!



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