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Want to Play Bloons TD for Free on Your PC? Here‘s My Ultimate Guide to Enjoy the Series Without Spending a Dime

Hey there fellow tower defense fan! If you‘re reading this, I bet you love the addictive gameplay of the Bloons TD series just like I do. Popping hordes of colorful balloons never gets old!

But always having to pay for the premium Bloons TD games can really drain your wallet. Especially with a new Bloons TD coming out every few years.

So you might be wondering:

"Is there any way to get Bloons TD on my PC for free?"

Totally understandable! In this detailed guide, I‘ll share all the legit ways I‘ve discovered to play Bloons TD 100% free on computer, no credit card required!

After tons of research and scouring the internet, I‘ve found 10 solid methods to enjoy these fantastic tower defense games without spending a cent. I‘ll also answer some common questions at the end.

Let‘s pop some bloons!

1. Play Bloons TD 5 Browser Version

This is one of the easiest free options – simply head to the Bloons TD 5 web version on Ninja Kiwi‘s site.

With over 10 million players, the Bloons TD series exploded in popularity with BTD5. Fans loved the signature strategic tower defense fused with the charm of popping colorful bloons.

According to Ninja Kiwi, the Bloons TD 5 browser game includes:

  • 50+ maps to tackle
  • 19 powerful monkey towers
  • 3 upgrade paths for each tower
  • Special agents with unique powers
  • Co-op and competitive modes
  • Daily rewards and achievements

That‘s tons of content! Obviously the graphics and features are dated compared to newer titles like BTD6. But in my opinion, BTD5 gameplay still holds up incredibly well today.

Best of all, this official version is 100% free in your browser, no strings attached. Play as much as you want!

If you‘ve never tried a Bloons TD game before, start here to get a feel for the gameplay basics. And if you‘re a long-time fan, enjoy the nostalgia of where the craze all began.

2. Download Limited Mobile Version

On iOS and Android, you can try out Bloons TD 6 – the newest and most advanced entry in the series – for free!

The mobile demo provides access to:

  • The first 10 maps
  • 4 monkey towers – Dart, Sniper, Boomerang, and Bomb Shooter
  • 2 upgrade paths per tower

You can play up to round 40 on Beginner and Intermediate difficulty modes.

In my experience, this was enough to complete about 5-6 hours enjoying the core BTD6 gameplay for zero dollars. Pretty sweet deal!

Sure, the demo is limited compared to the full version with over 150 rounds across 50+ maps, co-op mode, and 25 unique monkey towers. But this free trial gives you a great taste test before paying the $5 unlock fee.

If you end up loving the demo, the full BTD6 game is easily worth the price. Just turn off auto-renew for subscriptions to avoid being charged again later!

3. Claim During Free Promotional Periods

Occasionally, popular digital game stores like Epic Games Store and Steam run limited-time promotions where they give away Bloons TD games for free.

Here are some stores I watch like a hawk for Bloons TD freebie events:

Epic Games Store

  • Previously offered full Bloons TD 6 completely FREE for 1 week (over 10 million copies claimed!)
  • Create free Epic account and check weekly free game rotations


  • Steam seasonal sales drop Bloons TD prices up to -90% or more
  • Wishlist titles like BTD6 and wait for major sales events

  • Independent developers share free Bloons TD fan games and mods

Scoring Bloons TD games free during these promo events takes a bit of patience and luck. But it‘s such a rush when you see that FREE tag pop up!

With some persistence checking back regularly, you can grab premium Bloons TD gameplay without paying a dollar.

4. Utilize Giveaway and Bundle Deals

Some amazing websites and communities give away PC game license keys for older Bloons TD titles as part of promotions, contests, or bundled packages.

Here are a few legit sites I use to score Bloons TD freebies:


  • Occasional giveaways for Steam keys of select Bloons TD games
  • Complete easy tasks like surveys to earn points for gift card prizes


  • Bloons TD Steam keys as bonus inclusions in bundled game packages
  • Typically 90%+ discount on bundles featuring Bloons TD


  • Daily game license giveaways
  • Previous giveaways for Bloons TD 3, 4, and 5


  • Aggregates all the latest free game deals in one place
  • Makes it easy to find Bloons TD giveaways

Scoring free games does require a bit of luck and persistence, since popular titles get claimed quickly. But visiting these sites often maximizes your chances of grabbing that free Bloons TD key when it drops!

5. Enjoy Spin-Off and Special Edition Titles

Can‘t get your hands on the latest premium Bloons TD release? There are some fun spin-off titles in the series you can play for free!

Bloons TD Battles

  • Head-to-head battles – outlast opponents by surviving the longest
  • Free web browser playable version

Bloons Monkey City

  • Build and manage your own monkey city
  • Free to play, with in-app purchases for bonuses

Bloons TD 6 Race

  • Limited but free version of BTD6
  • Race against the clock to pop all bloons as fast as possible

While not the same as traditional Bloons TD games, these free spin-offs can provide some casual enjoyment. They‘re often smaller in scope, but still capture the satisfaction of defeating colorful bloons creatively.

Plus who doesn‘t love free? When you‘re really craving that Bloons TD fix, these special editions hit the spot.

6. Enjoy Fan Ports and Clone Games

Dedicated programmers and hobbyists have created "fan games" that mimic the Bloons TD experience. While not official, these clones try to capture the classic tower defense gameplay.

Some free Bloons TD clones worth trying:

Bloons Tower Defense on CrazyGames

  • Faithfully recreates BTD5 in your browser
  • Includes upgrades, boss events, achievements

Tower Defense: Bloons

  • Build maze-like paths and use monkey towers
  • Clean UI and graphics

Tower Defense: Balloon War

  • Cute balloon enemies instead of bloons
  • Fun caricature art style

More Bloons

  • Official BTD5 fan sequel
  • Made by passionate hobbyists in their free time

I suggest sticking to reputable game portals like CrazyGames when trying these, and doing malware checks. But fans have created some solid free options!

7. Watch Streams and Videos

Okay, I admit watching others play isn‘t as interactive or satisfying as controlling the action yourself.

But streaming and YouTube videos enable you to experience all of the Bloons TD excitement totally free!

Bloons TD 6 videos allow you to spectate challenging modes like CHIMPS on tough maps you may never reach yourself. Top players make it look easy!

Popular Bloons TD streamers like Ethan Reid (1.2 million YouTube subscribers) provide entertaining live commentary while showcasing strategic mastery.

And channels like ISAB (over 400k subscribers) push the Bloons TD games to their absolute limits with crazy restrictions like $50,000 only.

If you can‘t play, watching skilled gamers crush Bloons TD provides the next best thing!

8. Use Free Trials of Game Services

Some gaming subscription services offer free trials for limited-time access to premium Bloons TD titles.

Apple Arcade for example provided a 1 month free trial after launch, granting full mobile access to Bloons TD 6+.

This allowed me to complete the entire revamped premium Bloons TD 6+ game during the trial period, without paying the Arcade monthly fee. Sweet!

Similarly, Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate offers a 1 month trial granting access to over 100 Xbox console/PC games including Bloons TD 6.

Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends to avoid being charged. With some strategic timing, you can finish Bloons TD games during the free window.

9. Wait Patiently for Future Free Versions

I know waiting isn‘t as satisfying as playing Bloons TD now. But historically, mainline titles eventually get free standalone versions months or years after initial paid release.

For example, Bloons TD 4 and 5 both originally launched as premium games, before later receiving free Flash browser versions.

Bloons TD 6 could follow a similar path, with a free HTML5 version coming sometime down the road.

So even if you can‘t play BTD6 for free now, add it to your wishlist and keep an eye out for a potential free port in the distant future!

10. Explore Other Free Tower Defense Games

This may sound blasphemous on a Bloons TD fan site, but there are other great free tower defense titles beyond just Bloons:

Tower Defense Generals

  • Full free browser game with no ads
  • Clean graphics and intuitive gameplay

Desktop Tower Defense

  • Addictive maze-style free Flash game
  • Insane towers like Tesla and Nuke

Cursed Treasure 2

  • Free to play on Steam
  • Unique "Change Fate" mechanic alters enemy paths

Kingdom Rush

  • Origins is free web version
  • Popular fantasy tower defense series

When you really need that tower defense fix, try out some of these free alternatives while waiting for the next Bloons TD freebie event!

Does BTD6 ever go on sale?

Yes! Major sales drop BTD6 price by 25-50%. Watch for seasonal events like summer/holiday sales on Steam, Epic Store, and mobile stores.

Is there a completely free full version of BTD6?

Not currently. Only the limited mobile demo is permanently free. But occasional giveaways make the full PC/mobile BTD6 free for a short time!

Can I play competitive BTD5 online free?

Yup! The browser BTD5 has co-op and head-to-head modes for free online play vs others. Great way to test your skills and strategies.

Is BTD6 worth paying for?

In my opinion, BTD6 is easily worth the $5 asking price. However, try the free demo first to see if the gameplay clicks with you before purchasing.

Why did BTD6 remove energy limits?

The original energy system was removed based on player feedback for unlimited playtime. This came at the cost of more in-app purchases required.

How is BTD6 different on mobile vs PC?

The core gameplay is identical, but controls and graphics are optimized per platform. Mobile promotes quicker sessions while PC has hardcore modes for long-term expert play.

Can I get BTD6 on both mobile and PC with one purchase?

Unfortunately not – the purchases don‘t carry over across platforms. You need to buy BTD6 separately on each device.

Are there plans for a BTD7 release?

No BTD7 announcement yet. BTD6 is still getting major content updates like the recent Dreadbloon event. But eventually BTD7 will likely come in the next few years!

And there you have it – over 10 legit ways to play stellar Bloons TD games on PC 100% free!

With the handy tips and tricks in this guide, you can enjoy hours of addictive tower defense action without spending a dime. Experiment to find which free option works best for you!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a free Bloons TD game and start popping to your heart‘s content! Just pace yourself – don‘t blame me if you end up playing all night instead of sleeping!

I hope my guide helps you get your Bloons TD fix. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help a fellow fan discover the joy of popping bloons for free.

Now get out there and start defending those towers like the Monkey King you are! This is going to be awesome!



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