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20 Watermark Makers to Add Watermark Your Photos for Free (2023)

Do you know that adding a watermark to your photos can also be a way to protect your photos from being claimed by others? This article will show you the various ways to add a watermark to your photos.

A watermark is a text or image appearing as a transparent indicator on a photo. This inclusion provides whoever is viewing the photo with more details about it. This can serve as a way to protect your photos from misuse or being claimed by other people.

A good example of a watermark is when you add your name or brand to an image. A watermark is part of a photo but does not take attention away from the photo. That is why watermarks are made to look faint or small in size.

Thus, adding watermarks to your photos has several advantages. There are many ways to add watermarks to your photos. You will need a dedicated app for this purpose. And there are many apps available to help you achieve this. In this article, I have assembled some of the best apps to help you add a watermark to your priced images. You can use these apps on your phone, PC, or online. These apps are given below.

20 Watermark Maker Tools to Watermark Your Photos

Adobe Lightroom (Compatible With desktop and mobile)

  • Price: $9.99 per month

Adobe Lightroom is regarded as one of the best professional photo editing apps. It can also be used to include a brilliant watermark on your photos. And one good thing is that you can work with multiple photos all at once. To make things easier, if you want to work with a single watermark style, you have to make certain configurations to the watermark. After that, you can include it in any photo without more adjustments. This is great if you are working with multiple photos.

All you have to do is go to the Edit Watermarks menu, then decide which watermark style you want. In this case, it is either text or graphics. After your selection, a new window will emerge, and you will find all the elements you need to make adjustments to your watermark. If you are using a character, you can change its size, color, position. If it is a graphical element, you will have to make a PNG file, include transparency and make other relevant adjustments as desired.

Adobe Photoshop 

  • Price: $9.99 per month

Adobe Photoshop is another professional photo editing tool that can also help you include watermarks on photos. All you have to do is upload the photo you want to work on. Include whatever watermark style you desire after choosing the text feature. This can be your surname, brand name, initials, or something unique.

With this tool, you have the liberty to make extensive adjustments to your chosen text. You can change the color, font type, position, text size, and more. When choosing a great spot for your text on the photo, ensure it is not interfering with the photo in general. The best position for a watermark on a photo is at the bottom right corner. This will not call too much attraction to it compared to the original elements of the photo.

The app has a free version, but you will need to subscribe to the paid version for more advanced features. This will cost you $9.99 per month.

Visual Watermark – Online Watermark Tools

  • Price: free trial version available
  • Paid plan: $19.95

Visual watermark is among the best watermarking apps you can find. It provides you with an easy way to create unique watermarks and includes them in your photos. The application allows you to work with multiple photos at the same time. If you want to incorporate copyrighted images into your visual content, Visual Watermark is a suitable tool to use. The app comes with around 260 font types to show how extensive its features are. And aside from that, you can create your fonts and make your unique watermarks.

Visual watermark comes with an already set size and position for your logo. However, you can adjust to this by altering any relevant element in the settings. But you should know that it will alter the template you have included in your photo. However, this alteration is minimal. A free trial version of this app is available for use, but if you want more features and extensive usage, you can subscribe to the paid version for a fee of $19.95.

Arclab Watermark Studio (Software)

  • Price: Free version (limited)
  • Basic plan: $29

Arclab Watermark Studio may not be great at other things, but it is when it comes to adding watermark to your photos. When you have figured out the element of your watermark, you can further make relevant adjustments such as color, font, text size, position, and more. Aside from using text, you can use icons or logos and make changes such as transparency, gradient, and more. And one good feature you get from using Arclab Watermark Studio is that you can adjust the size of your finished photo. This will be great for those who want to readily post their photos online after including a watermark. It also allows you to include multiple watermarks in a single photo. You can use the app for free for a limited period or subscribe to one of its paid plans. The cheapest among them goes for $29.

TSR Watermark Image (Software)

  • Price: Free trial
  • Basic plan: $29.95

TSR Watermark Image will help you include great watermarks in your photos. And the good thing about this app is that you don't need to have a great photo editing experience to use it. You can easily include a watermark on a photo without much stress. You can also sign your claims in the metadata. This is better than including a name. You can make your mark more original by incorporating different effects such as lines, borders,

crosses, and more. TSR Watermark Image comes with a free version, but the features are limited. Suppose you want extra features and advanced tools; you will need to subscribe to their paid version. TSR Watermark Image has numerous subscription plans, and the lowest among them costs $29.95.

Mass Watermark (Software)

  • Price: $30
  • Possible free trial version available

Mass Watermark provides you with an easy way to include a watermark in numerous photos all at once. Its speed and efficiency make it ideal for those working with tons of photos and make them one of the best. The app is compatible with Mac and PC. You can use the app to improve your photos even before including watermarks. After adding watermarks, you can readjust your photo's size and perform other relevant editing routines before uploading it somewhere on the web. You can also easily make changes to your watermarks as you want. And one great thing about this app is that it offers you the chance to directly upload your photos to your Flickr or Picasa Web Album. You can use the app's free version or choose to go for the advanced version, where you would be required to take a paid subscription.

Watermark Software

  • Price: $24.90
  • Free trial version available

Watermark Software is a tool that allows you to include watermarks on your photos without much stress. All you need to do is upload the photo you wish to work on, and the app will work on it. You can include graphical or text-based watermarks. It has a unique Watermark Tiling feature, which helps prevent unauthorized use of your photos. Watermark Software comes with an EXIF editor that helps to include watermarks in the metadata of your photo. The only downside to using this app is that the free version has limited features. You will need to take a license payment to access all Watermark Software.

 iWatermark Pro (Software)

  • Price: $30

iWatermark Pro is a great tool for adding a watermark to protect your unique photos. There are many options regarding watermark styles when using this app. The styles include StegoMark, Arc Text, Metadata, and Signature. This array of features is one of the reasons this app is highly regarded. And one good thing about using this app is that you can work with multiple photos simultaneously, which makes the work easy. You will have to subscribe to use the advanced version of this app. a subscription will cost you $30.

uMark (Photo Watermark Software)

  • Price: Free version (limited)
  • $29 for unlimited use

uMark is regarded as one of the best watermark-adding tools for Windows. This app allows you to include a graphical or character-based watermark in your photo. And one great thing is that it can also help you with your videos, not just photos. The app also allows you to work with multiple photos simultaneously. This will take away the stress of adding a watermark to individual photos if you are working with a large set.

And one unique thing about this app is that it provides you with the opportunity to include QR codes or something entirely different in your content. This is a feature you won't find in most of the other apps on this list. You can easily make your unique watermark and save it for future purposes. This app provides you with two options. There is a free version, but it is only available for a limited period. However, if you want unlimited access to the app, you will need to pay $29.

Alamoon Watermark (Software)

  • Price: Free

Alamoon Watermark may not be the best when adding watermark to photos, but the app works efficiently and is easy to use. The app can add watermarks to multiple photos at once. The only downside to using this app is that it only comes with simple watermarking tools. Alamoon Watermark does not allow you to design watermarks for future purposes, and you can't make changes to your photo. You will find the upgraded version quite disappointing if you thought it would contain all the necessary features you may need.

Watermark Photo (Watermark photos app)

  • Price: Free

Watermark Photo

If you are solely taking photographs with your phone and need an effective watermarking tool, you will find Watermark Photo a handy app to use. It allows you to easily include logos and signatures in your photos.

The app comes with great templates to make creating your watermark easier. There are great fonts for use as well. The templates are mostly transparent, making them easy to include on photos. And one advantage of using this tool is that you can directly upload your watermarked photos on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The app is free for use.

eZy Watermark For Android

  • Price: Free

eZy Watermark Photos

eZy Watermark is another watermarking tool available to iPhone and Android users. With more than 2 million downloads on the Apple App store, it is regarded as one of the best for iPhone users. You will find many useful watermarking features and templates to work with easily. eZy Watermark comes with more than 150 fonts, providing more than enough options to make unique watermarks.

The app allows you to make alterations such as color, font, size, thickness. You can easily upload photos from your phone's gallery and social media platforms. You can easily share your photos when you are done working on them. The app is free for use.

My Watermarks

  • Price: Free

My Watermarks

With My Watermarks, you can easily make unique watermarks to include in your photos and make them stand out. The app was created by 360 Camera, a prominent brand in photo software production. My Watermarks comes with great watermarking features. It is one of the best for iPhone users. One unique thing about using this app is that you can transform your handwritten texts into original watermarks.

Aside from this unique ability, it saves all watermarks and keeps tabs on them. This gives you easy access when looking for past logos or watermarks you have used in the past. The app is free for use.

Star Watermark

  • Price: free trial version available
  • Basic lifetime plan: $17

I like Star Watermark because it is an easy and not complicated application that provides you with a great way to add watermarks to your photos. You can easily make adjustments to your watermark. Elements like fonts, color, text size, and more can be altered with ease. And one good thing is that you can even turn photos into unique watermarks.

It is a great app that many professionals have used to make their photos stand out. Star Watermark allows you to include watermarks in multiple photos simultaneously with ease. One of the few disadvantages of this app is that advanced watermarking tools are limited. There is a free trial version, and if you want more advanced features, you can take a lifetime subscription. The basic fee for that is $17.

iWatermark for Android

  • Price: Free

iWatermark Protect

iWatermark is another watermarking app to include original watermarks in your photos. It is only available for iPhone Android users. Thus, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store. And one great thing about this app is that it is free to use. You can directly upload photos from your phone's gallery without stress.

And you can proceed to add watermarks on the photos as you desire. The app comes with more than 300 fonts to make your watermarks unique. iWatermark has custom templates for quick usage. It comes with a flexible text adjustment feature. You can easily alter your watermark's font, color, and font size. It also allows you to resize your photo for easy publication on social media platforms.

Watermark X For iPhone

  • Price: Free

Watermark X

Watermark X is a great watermarking app tool suitable for beginners or those with little experience making watermarks. The app is easy to use and understand. It comes with many unique templates, which makes it easier to use.

You can easily make changes to your watermark to make it unique. Elements like color, size, opacity, position, font, and more can easily be altered to meet your desired vision. And one good thing is that the creators of the app constantly make improvements on different aspects of the app to make it better. The app is completely free for use.

Watermark ws 

  • Price: Free

Watermark ws is another great tool to add watermark to your photos. This app is an online tool. Thus, all you need to do is upload whatever photo you wish to watermark onto the platform. The app allows you to include a logo or graphical element in your photo. You can make adjustments as you wish, such as position, font type, color, gradient, and transparency level.

With Watermark ws, you can make a barely-visible or vivid watermark. You can save your image when you are satisfied with the results. The app also allows you to handle multiple photos at the same time. And another great thing about this app is that it is completely free for use.


  • Price: Free

Watermarkphotos is another online tool for adding watermark to your photos. You can readily upload the photo you wish to work on onto the platform and make relevant adjustments to it.

And one great thing about using this online tool is that it provides ample privacy for your activities and photos. It won't transport your images to an outside server. Thus, there is no danger in using the tool. Apart from being an online watermarking tool, Watermarkphotos is free to use. In general, it is one of the efficient tools on this list.

123Watermark (Software)


  • Price: Free

123watermark is one of the best apps to add a watermark to your photo. The app is easy to use. It helps you add an awesome watermark without much effort. And one good thing about using this app is that you can work with multiple photos simultaneously. With 123watermark, you can save your images for future use on the cloud. Working with 123watermark is a direct and simple affair.

It is not a sophisticated app that requires much time or practice before effectively adding watermarks to photos. There are useful features such as borders, icons, borders, and others to play around with when looking for the right watermark for your photo. 123watermark also allows you to include your finished photos on OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. In general, the app is an efficient watermarking app.

PicMarkr (Down)

Price: Free

PicMarkr is regarded as one of the best apps to add watermark to your photos. This app is an online tool that allows you to upload photos from your PC, mobile device, Facebook, or Flickr. There are only three watermark types that this tool provides: image, tiled, and text. If you choose to include an image on your photo, this tool will provide you with the option of icon-like images to add to your photo. However, any image you wish to add must be reduced. If you go with adding text, you will find many text options, including making adjustments regarding size, position, color, and font.

However, the tiled alternative provides you with a patterned approach to including text all over your photo and ensures it blends in properly. Although this may add more uniqueness to your photo, it takes away much attraction from the photo by decreasing visibility. But if you are so much in love with this style, I recommend you use another software called PicMark. It gives you the same result, but the difference is that it makes your photo more visible.

Water Marquee 

  • Price: Free

Water Marquee is another great watermarking tool. It allows you to come up with unique watermark styles for inclusion in your photos. If you can't create one for yourself, there are many templates ready for use. Using Water Marquee to add a watermark to your photos is an easy process. All you need to do is upload any photo you want to add a watermark.

There are many options like Add Logo, Add Text or Use Template. If you choose Add Text, you can include any text you want and make several suitable adjustments such as text size, font, position, and color. You can also add effects to your text. After you are satisfied with the outcome, you can save your photo and choose where you want to save it. One good thing about using this app, aside from being an easy app, is that it is free.


  1. Can I turn a logo into a watermark?

You can easily turn a logo into a watermark. This could be a logo for your brand. However, ensure the logo is attractive and can be easily remembered. A good way to go about this is by choosing something simple to decipher, no matter how small it is. Your logo shouldn't be necessarily image-based; it can be completely text.

  1. Can I protect my photos by including a watermark on them?

Yes, adding watermarks to your photos can serve as a form of protection from unauthorized usage and claims. It is not advisable to share your great photos on the internet without watermarking them. This provides people with the chance to claim your photos and utilize them however they deem fit without any form of acknowledgment. When you watermark your photos, it will be difficult for someone else to use them without your permission.

  1. Can I promote my brand with a watermark?

You can promote your business by using the brand's officially recognized logo or name as a watermark on photos associated with the business. Anyone who comes across such photos will readily associate them with your business once they recognize the watermark. This is a good way of increasing your brand's visibility. A good strategy is sharing such photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Creating watermarks and adding them to your photos to make them look more professional and unique is not too difficult to do. The apps listed above can readily help you achieve that. Also, the watermarks help people easily identify your photos and prevent them from unauthorized use and claims.



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