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10 Best Web Scraping API in 2023 – Techlaze

Businesses today rely heavily on data to drive strategic decisions. Yet pertinent information is often scattered across the web, hidden behind restrictive paywalls or buried in siloed databases. This is where web scraping comes in.

Web scraping provides the capability to automatically extract online data at massive scale – turning unstructured content into structured, actionable insights. According to ReportLinker, the web scraping market is projected to reach $13.3 billion by 2026, growing at an astounding 23% CAGR.

However, scraping sites successfully can be challenging. Websites deploy captcha tests, IP blocking and opaque JavaScript to deter bots. This is where leveraging a robust web scraping API becomes critical.

We‘ll compare the top web scraping APIs available today based on key criteria. After reading, you‘ll be equipped to choose the right solution for extracting the web knowledge you seek. Let‘s dive in!

Why Web Scraping is Poised for Growth

The web scraping market‘s hockey stick growth trajectory can be attributed to surging demand across many sectors:

  • Ecommerce – Monitoring competitor prices and inventory
  • Travel – Aggregating flight data for fare comparison
  • Recruiting – Scraping job listings from multiple sites
  • Real Estate – Comparing property listings across portals
  • Business Intelligence – Competitive research and market analysis
  • Marketing – Gathering leads, building targeted lists

Web data also enables emerging technologies like machine learning and big data analytics that drive smart business strategy.

But collecting this data isn‘t so easy. Websites actively deter scraping with protections like:

  • CAPTCHAs – Puzzles to prove you‘re not a bot
  • IP Blocking – Blacklisting your IP if scraping detected
  • Obfuscation – Opaque code and site layouts that confuse scrapers

This is where web scraping APIs come in – providing the tools and infrastructure to power successful data extraction at scale.

Benefits of Using a Web Scraping API

Opting for a hosted web scraping API over building your own scraper bots offers many advantages:

Quick Ramp Up – Start extracting data in minutes rather than weeks. Avoid infrastructure costs and complex bot development.

Avoid Blocking – Proxy rotation and residential IPs prevent blacklisting. APIs can solve CAPTCHAs automatically.

Enterprise Scale – Cloud-based APIs make it easy to increase scraping capacity on demand.

Saved Development – Leverage APIs instead of building and maintaining scraper software.

Data Integration – Scraped info can be fed into databases, BI tools and other systems.

Expert Support – Technical specialists can help configure and troubleshoot your scrapers.

Now let‘s explore some of the top web scraping API solutions available in 2023.

1. Bright Data Web Scraper

Boasting one of the largest proxy networks globally, Bright Data provides powerful tools and managed scraping services capable of handling complex websites.

Key Features

  • Point and click scraper – Configure scrapers visually without any coding
  • 2M+ residential IPs – Massive proxy network helps avoid blocking
  • Built-in browsers – Chromium and Firefox engines accurately render pages
  • Data integrations – Connect to 100+ apps like Google Sheets, SQL, Python
  • 24/7 support – Technical specialists available to optimize scrapers

Bright Data shines when dealing with challenging sites. The robust proxy network and built-in browsers handle JavaScript rendering, rotating IPs, captchas and more. Users praise their knowledgeable support for guidance handling difficult sites.

The point-and-click scraper and integrations simplify extracting data for non-technical users. Configuring scrapers visually enables rapid experimentation to perfect your recipe.

Plans scale up to meet big enterprise needs, with pricing starting at $29/month for 15,000 pages scraped. For large-scale scraping capabilities, Bright Data delivers exceptional power and flexibility.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse makes web scraping accessible for non-programmers via its visual workflow designer. It also provides reliable data extraction from complex websites.

Key Features

  • Visual workflow – Configure scrapers without any coding
  • Proxy rotation – Built-in residential IPs avoid blocking
  • Headless browser – Accurately renders JavaScript-heavy sites
  • Database exports – Output data to SQL, Postgres, MySQL, etc.
  • Scheduling – Automate scrapers to run daily, weekly or monthly

Octoparse stands out for its ease of use. The drag-and-drop workflow builder is intuitive enough for beginners, yet supports complex multi-step scraping logic. Users praise the reliable data extraction from challenging sites.

For businesses, Octoparse makes it fast and easy to build scrapers without technical skills. Scaling up data extraction is as simple as dragging in additional workflow steps.

Pricing starts at $9/month for 5,000 page scrapes per day. Octoparse delivers simplicity without sacrificing robust features under the hood.

3. ParseHub

ParseHub offers a uniquely visual web scraper optimized for non-coders. The point-and-click interface allows quickly configuring scrapers by clicking on page elements.

Key Features

  • Visual editor – Configure scrapers by clicking on page elements
  • JavaScript rendering – Accurately scrapes dynamic JS-based content
  • Built-in browsers – Chromium and Firefox browser engines
  • Multi-format exports – Output data as JSON, CSV, XML, Excel
  • Cloud storage – Manage and access scraped data in the cloud

ParseHub makes web scraping accessible for non-technical users via its intuitive click-based editor. The visual approach allows fast experimentation to build scrapers tailored to your needs.

Reviewers praise ParseHub for handling JavaScript-heavy sites reliably. The built-in browsers render dynamic content accurately when other tools falter.

Pricing starts free for 250 monthly page scrapes. ParseHub provides newcomer-friendly onramp for getting started with web scraping.

4. Scrapy Cloud

As an open-source framework for large-scale scraping, Scrapy brings advanced capabilities for experienced developers. Scrapy Cloud adds SaaS convenience.

Key Features

  • Powerful scraping – Built on open-source Scrapy framework
  • Cloud hosting – Deploy and run Scrapy spiders without managing servers
  • Autoscaling – Spin up workers dynamically to handle load
  • API and integrations – Manage spiders and transfer data programmatically
  • Browser rendering – Supports Scrapy Splash for JavaScript pages

For existing Scrapy users, Scrapy Cloud provides a managed platform for easy cloud deployment. You focus on building scraping logic while they handle infrastructure.

The platform scales dynamically to meet demand. Reviewers praise the ability to handle complex sites and large datasets reliably. APIs and add-ons extend functionality further.

Pricing follows a usage model at $0.11 per spider run minute, making Scrapy Cloud cost efficient for variable workloads. For large-scale scraping capabilities, it‘s a top choice.

5. ScraperAPI

ScraperAPI makes it easy to start scraping the web in minutes with no coding required. Their API handles proxies, browsers, and captchas automatically.

Key Features

  • Simple REST API – Make requests to extract data instantly
  • 2M residential IPs – Avoid blocking via automatic proxy rotation
  • Headless browsers – Render JavaScript-based sites accurately
  • CAPTCHA solving – Optional human-powered captcha solving available
  • Affordable pricing – Pay only for pages scraped – 1K free each month

ScraperAPI shines with its simple API allowing anyone to start scraping instantly. No need to build your own proxy rotation or headless browsers.

Reviewers praise the sheer ease of use. The free monthly pages make it great for small one-off projects. Scaling up is affordable at $10 per 1,000 page scrapes.

For users that just want to extract web data quickly and easily, ScraperAPI delivers. Their API abstracts away the complexity behind the scenes.

6. Apify

Apify provides robust web scraping capabilities for both beginners via visual builders, and experts via integrations with Scrapy and JavaScript.

Key Features

  • Visual scraper builder – Quickly build scrapers visually
  • Scrapy integrations – Use Apify with existing Scrapy spiders
  • Autoscaling – Scale across thousands of servers on demand
  • Built-in datasets – Tools for storing, analyzing and exporting scraped data
  • Proxy management – Automatic proxy rotation with millions of IPs

Apify covers a range of needs from hobbyists to enterprises. Beginners can visually construct scrapers while developers integrate with Scrapy and JavaScript.

Reviewers praise the performance when scaling to thousands of servers. Apify also provides rich tooling for managing datasets post-scrape.

Pricing starts free for 1,000 monthly pages scraped. For heavy-duty scraping needs, Apify brings together ease of use and advanced functionality.

7. Phantombuster

Phantombuster handles JavaScript rendering and anti-bot protections reliably. Their point-and-click editor makes it easy for non-coders to build scrapers.

Key Features

  • Visual editor – Configure scrapers by clicking on page elements
  • Headless browser – Accurately render JS-heavy sites
  • 5M residential IPs – Avoid blocking via automatic proxy rotation
  • BUILT-IN captcha solving – Supports image and reCAPTCHA captcha busting
  • Email notifications – Get alerts if scrapers encounter errors

Phantombuster‘s visual editor empowers newcomers to web scraping. Reviewers praise the tool‘s effectiveness when scraping complex sites protected against bots.

Under the hood, Phantombuster leverages robust browsers, proxy networks and built-in captcha solvers that handle tricky sites with ease. Users can be scraping within minutes via the intuitive editor.

Pricing scales from 1,000 free pages per month up to 200,000 pages for $199/month. For easy, reliable data extraction from protected sites, Phantombuster is a top choice.

8. Mozenda

Mozenda brings enterprise-level power to big web scraping projects. Their platform scales to billions of pages per month.

Key Features

  • Visual workflow automation – Build complex logic visually
  • Massive scalability – Distribute scraping across thousands of servers
  • Data connectors – Pipe scraped data to databases and warehouses
  • Access controls – Manage users and permission levels
  • Hardware optimization – Leverage Mozenda Cloud for efficiency

Mozenda focuses on major Fortune 500 companies with big web scraping needs. Their platform can scale reliably to billions of monthly page scrapes.

Developers praise the visualization tools that simplify coding complex scraping workflows. Robust connectors pipe data into existing data systems for analysis.

For high-volume needs, Mozenda delivers exceptional power. Pricing is custom-tailored to each client‘s workload and objectives via enterprise packages.

9. Oxylabs

Oxylabs provides advanced proxy management and data extraction capabilities tailored for experienced developers.

Key Features

  • 40M residential IPs – Massive proxy network helps avoid blocking
  • Powerful APIs – Make requests and transfer data programmatically
  • Custom solutions – Packages tailored for niche scraping needs
  • Consulting services – Expert guidance building complex scrapers
  • 24/7 support – Get help from engineers around the clock

Oxylabs gives developers direct access to robust tools and enormous proxy networks. Customers praise the sheer scale and flexibility compared to out-of-box services.

For maximum control and advanced use cases, Oxylabs delivers. Pay-as-you-go pricing and expert support provide additional appeal.

If you have demanding scraping needs at enterprise scale, Oxylabs has the proxy firepower and APIs to match. The custom consulting also helps unlock new possibilities.

Comparing the Top Web Scraping APIs

ProviderStarting PriceKey Strengths
Bright Data$29/monthEnterprise scale, point-and-click UI, reliable complex site scraping
Octoparse$9/monthEasy visual workflow builder, headless browser rendering
ParseHubFree 250 pages/monthBeginner-friendly, uniquely visual click-based editor
Scrapy Cloud$0.11/minuteIntegration with Scrapy framework, autoscaling
ScraperAPI1,000 free pages/monthSimple API, built-in proxies and browsers
ApifyFree 1,000 pages/monthScalability, Scrapy integration, dataset tooling
PhantombusterFree 1,000 pages/monthEasy visual editor, proxy networks, captcha solving
MozendaCustom enterprise pricingMassive scalability into billions of pages scraped
OxylabsCustom enterprise pricingHuge proxy network, expert consulting services

Choosing the Right Web Scraping Solution

When evaluating the myriad options available, keep these key criteria in mind:

  • Learning curve – How technical are you? Pick a code-free visual tool or developer API.
  • Scalability – Will your needs grow? Choose a platform that can scale up.
  • Blocking prevention – Handling captchas and IP rotation is crucial.
  • Integrations – Can the tool connect to databases and BI systems?
  • Pricing – Watch for hidden fees and minimums that inflate costs.
  • Support availability – Having experts to consult with is invaluable.

Take the time to scrutinize how well each platform meets your specific wants and needs. Prioritizing the factors above will help zero in on the best fit.

Scraping Success Awaits!

Web scraping unlocks game-changing knowledge, insights and competitive intelligence for your business – if done right. A robust API solution paves the way for data extraction at scale without headaches.

We‘ve covered top providers delivering power and simplicity to users of all skill levels. Now that you‘re equipped with key considerations, you‘re ready to start scraping smarter. Here‘s to discovering the web‘s hidden gems of opportunity!



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