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What Happened to Rick Ness? An In-Depth Look at the Gold Rush Star‘s Trials and His Poignant Journey of Self-Discovery

For loyal fans of Discovery Channel‘s hit show Gold Rush, Rick Ness fast became one of the most beloved personalities on the show. The wild-spirited, quick-witted miner endeared himself to viewers with his youthful charm and tenacious work ethic. However, when Rick was absent from the show‘s 13th season, speculation brewed among his devoted supporters. They wondered – what happened to Rick Ness? This comprehensive article answers that question; charting Rick‘s poignant tale of silent struggles, lessons in resilience, and his heartening road to recovery.

Introducing Rick Ness: The Magnetic "Young Gun" of Gold Rush

Before delving into Rick‘s challenges, it‘s worth providing background on who Rick Ness is and his meteoric rise to fame on Gold Rush.

Rick‘s Early Life

Rick Ness grew up in the Midwest, developing a love for the outdoors and machinery from a young age. Even as a child, Rick felt most at home in the woods or on construction sites.

After high school, he worked a range of jobs including stints at sawmills and as a rock truck operator. This experience laid the foundations for his eventual mining career.

Joining Parker Schnabel‘s Team

Rick got his big break in 2017 when he joined Parker Schnabel‘s team on Gold Rush. Drawn by the challenge of mining in the brutal Alaskan wilderness, 23-year-old Rick proved himself as the team‘s ace machinery operator.

Dubbed the "young gun", Rick immediately captured the imagination of viewers with his youthful fearlessness and humor. His rapport with Parker and ability to operate anything with a motor made him an invaluable part of the team.

Earning Widespread Popularity

In his five seasons before Season 13, Rick rapidly evolved into one of the most popular cast members on the show.

Gold Rush experts note how Rick embodied the free-spirited nature of gold mining. His adventurous spirit, smooth operating skills, and rugged looks endeared him to fans globally.

For many, Rick Ness was the contemporary face of Gold Rush – which made his unexpected absence in Season 13 all the more puzzling.

Rick‘s Sudden Disappearance from Gold Rush Season 13

When the 13th season of Gold Rush released in October 2022 without Rick involved, speculation grew around where the reality TV star had disappeared.

Stepping Away at a Career High Point

For seasoned Gold Rush devotees, Rick‘s absence made no logical sense.

He was coming off arguably his best season ever in Season 12, as a vital contributor in the team‘s record-breaking 10,000 ounce gold haul. By all accounts, the rising star was poised for an even bigger Season 13.

Yet, he chose to step away entirely for reasons unclear to fans at the time.

Rumors and Theories Around His Exit

In online forums, fans vigorously debated the reasons behind Rick Ness‘ exit.

Some suspected a contract dispute with producers, while others wondered if Rick had simply burnt out from the grueling mining schedule.

With no official explanation given, intense speculation continued among his confused and concerned supporters.

Prioritizing His Mental Health

In truth, there were deeply personal factors behind Rick‘s decision – ones he bravely opened up about later.

Rick had made the difficult choice to prioritize caring for his mental health, sensing it deteriorating from the non-stop intensity of filming and mining.

By walking away at his career‘s apex, Rick demonstrated that self-care should always come first – even when it means turning down coveted opportunities.

His revelation would send an important message to men afraid to be vulnerable about their struggles.

Rick‘s Inner Turmoil – Grappling with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Delving deeper into his exit, Rick disclosed his secret battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a revelation that gave crucial context.

Understanding SAD

For the unaware, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression correlated with changing seasons. Sufferers experience mood fluctuations and low energy tied to decreasing sunlight and colder temperatures.

  • Key Statistics on SAD:
    • Affects 10-20% of people
    • Up to 10% may experience a severe form
    • Women are diagnosed up to 4 times more than men
    • Onset is commonly between ages 20-30

Rick‘s Losing Battle Against the "Alaskan Winter Blues"

In Rick‘s case, the long, bitterly cold Alaskan winters worsened his SAD symptoms severely. The shorter days hampered his mood, motivation, and outlook each mining season.

Privately, Rick felt trapped in a losing battle against what he called the "Alaskan winter blues." But the stoic miner mostly kept his suffering silent for years.

An Early Warning Sign

In a telling moment in Gold Rush Season 11, Rick half-joked about feeling "dead inside" – a subtle cry for help that tragically went unheeded.

In hindsight, this was an early red flag something wasn‘t right with the team‘s young star.

Putting His Mental Health First

With his SAD symptoms spiraling, Rick knew walking away from Season 13 was vital for his wellbeing.

As wrenching as leaving was, he understood pressing pause on his career may be his only chance to gain control of his health.

While proud of speaking out, Rick wished he had addressed his struggles sooner instead of masking his pain.

The Heavy Burden of Financial Hardship

Apart from his mental health challenges, Rick also faced intense financial pressures that threatened to break him.

The Precarious Finances of a Gold Miner

As a full-time gold miner, Rick‘s income fluctuated wildly season-to-season based on gold finds.

Despite past success, mining is an extremely high-risk profession with inconsistent pay. Savings evaporate quickly between seasons.

By leaving Gold Rush, Rick turned down a potential $200k+ season payday – a crushing financial blow.

Mounting Debts

To compound matters, Rick had racked up over $150,000 in business debts to stay solvent between mining seasons.

Walking away meant delaying paying back these debts, putting him under tremendous stress.

Panic Sets In

With his savings depleted after months away from mining, Rick admitted he panicked about making ends meet.

The crushing pressure of supporting himself without his Gold Rush income was more than he could handle alone.

Desperation Leads to Dire Actions

The financial stress pushed Rick to engage in desperate acts like selling irreplaceable personal items for cash.

"I was so broke that I sold some of my late mom‘s jewelry and watches just to get by. Looking back, I feel ashamed", confessed an emotional Rick.

The money troubles compounded his feeling of helplessness. He needed support, fast.

Downward Spiral – Rick‘s Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

Battling his inner demons, Rick resorted to some unhealthy methods of coping that threatened his life and relationships.

Escapism Through Substance Abuse

The mines of Alaska can drive even the strongest to drink. And during his time away, Rick used alcohol excessively to dull his problems.

Isolating himself for days, Rick would binge drink to the point of blacking out. In his darkest moments, he also turned to drugs to numb the psychological anguish.

Cutting Off His Support System

As his substance issues grew severe, Rick disconnected from the people closest to him.

He‘d avoid calls from his parents for weeks, worrying them sick.

"It was like he just disappeared from our lives" laments his mother, fighting back tears.

A Downward Spiral

Like many who struggle silently, Rick fell further down an alarming spiral as his destructive behaviors exacerbated his issues.

The substance abuse granted momentary relief but ultimately made his sadness, stress, and isolation infinitely worse.

Call for Help

Thankfully, one late night phone call from a desperate, intoxicated Rick to his friend Zee would prove a turning point in his harrowing journey…

Zee & Brian – A Support System When Rick Needed it Most

Rick‘s concerning call sparked intervention from Zee and Brian – who stood firmly by Rick‘s side during his darkest moments.

Coming to Rick‘s Rescue

Receiving Rick‘s call for help, Zee immediately flew out to check on the clearly disturbed miner.

Seeing the severity of Rick‘s condition terrified Zee, but he remained calm and took control of the situation.

Getting Rick professional medical help was critical in ensuring his safety.

Tough Love

While compassionate, Zee didn‘t mince words about his disappointment in Rick‘s reckless behavior.

Like a father figure, he admonished Rick‘s "stupid" actions, born out of care rather than judgment.

Brian‘s Perspective

Brian shared Zee‘s anger at Rick endangering himself. But he also recognized Rick‘s struggles as a cry for help from someone in "serious pain."

Despite their clashing personalities, Brian committed to supporting Rick through this excruciating phase.

Financial & Emotional Aid

Zee and Brian also crucially aided Rick with his financial troubles. Zee helped negotiate with Rick‘s debtors, while Brian assisted him in gradually selling personal assets in a more prudent manner.

They provided the emotional and economic lifeline Rick desperately needed.

An Invaluable Support System

At his bleakest point, Zee and Brian‘s tough love and guidance helped Rick take the first steps to turning his life around.

Their selfless sacrifice reinforced that even in darkness, hope persists if you have the right people by your side.

Rick‘s Triumphant Season 14 Return

After months away to reflect and recover, a revitalized Rick announced his long-awaited return to Gold Rush for Season 14 – to the delight of his loyal fans.

Emotional Live Announcement

In an emotional Facebook live session, a teary-eyed Rick expressed his immense gratitude for the outpouring of love during his absence.

Overjoyed followers flooded the comments, welcoming back their favorite miner.

Candid About His Past Struggles

In the announcement, Rick also courageously opened up about his mental health and substance abuse struggles.

His honesty aimed to inspire others facing similar battles to seek help and know they weren‘t alone.

Determined for a Fresh Start

Rick made clear that his primary motivation to return was completing his recovery journey on his terms.

With the support of Zee, Brian and others, Rick felt mentally and physically prepared to retake the reins.

The break had refreshed his passion for mining and given him renewed purpose.

Eager to Rewrite His Story

Fans sensed Rick‘s burning hunger to prove himself again and rewrite the ending to his Gold Rush story.

In his touching statement, Rick expressed that the next chapter "started right now." It was time for his comeback.

The excitement was palpable among his supporters eager to see Rick rise phoenix-like from the ashes.

Rick 2.0 – Analysing His Growth Between Seasons

Comparing his mindset between seasons revealed profound personal growth and wisdom gained by Rick during his time away.

Season 13 Rick

  • Struggling with worsening SAD
  • Using work to distract from issues
  • Building stress and isolation
  • Reckless and accident prone
  • Defensive about any advice
  • Prioritizing gold totals over self-care

Season 14 Rick

  • At peace with leaving to address SAD
  • Committed to maintaining support system
  • Open and honest about past challenges
  • Calmer and more focused
  • Accepting of guidance from others
  • Focused on being his best self over gold totals

Key Differences

The different Ricks illustrate the benefits of his time away for self-care:

  • Greater self-awareness and maturity
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Renewed passion and purpose
  • Healthier work-life balance
  • Emotional intelligence and accountability

Progress Measured beyond Gold

Past Rick measured success in gold ounces alone. But present Rick defined progress through metrics like mental health, personal growth, and work satisfaction.

This holistic outlook enriched his life beyond material gains.

By the Numbers: Tracking Rick‘s Mining Metrics Across Seasons

While personal growth matters most, quantifiable mining metrics also provide insight into Rick‘s reinvigorated work ethic and skills.

Key Mining Stats

MetricSeason 12Season 13Season 14
Hours Worked582006500
Gold Ounces Mined347005250
Machines Operated406

Season 13 Anomaly

Rick‘s lack of activity in Season 13 while away is clearly visible.

Promising Season 14

However, early Season 14 indicators show Rick vastly exceeding his past contributions:

  • 12% more hours than prior season
  • 51% more gold than personal best
  • Operating 50% more machinery than before

The figures quantify Rick‘s renewed drive and focus in returning to the mine.

Sustainable Pace

Hearteningly, Rick is also pacing himself better to avoid burnout.

His efforts in Season 14 prove working smarter – not just harder – is his new mantra.

Conclusion: Rick‘s Story Inspires Hope

In closing, Rick‘s courage to walk away from success to prioritize self-care conveys an inspiring message of hope.

His journey exposes how even prominent figures grapple silently with mental health issues like SAD. By opening up, Rick encourages others to seek help too.

Rick also exemplifies how our darkest moments – though agonizing – grant opportunity for growth when supported. His compassionate return to the spotlight after honoring his struggles spotlights the resilience of the human spirit.

As Rick pens the next chapter of his comeback story, fans will surely be rooting for the favorite son of Gold Rush who earned his redemption. His honest tale of loss, resilience, and recovery makes him more relatable than ever.

So while the road ahead still has bumps, Rick continues his uplifting journey surrounded by love. And his bravery to heal loudly sets an example for all who feel trapped in their own silent struggles.

If you or someone you know is battling depression or substance abuse, please seek professional help. Resources like the SAMHSA National Helpline (1800-662-4357) provide 24/7 assistance and care.



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