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What Is the Difference Between Private Proxy and Shared Proxy?

There are so many different types of proxy servers, but it's easy to get confused. This article will discuss private proxies and how they differ from shared proxies.

What are Private Proxies?

What are Private Proxies

A proxy is a middleman between you and the web. It helps you to stay anonymous online and will let you use its IP address. But, what is a private proxy? Private proxies, also known as dedicated proxies, are IP addresses you alone use at a given time, or for certain domains, these proxies are a premium option. So, we usually use the fastest service available as they perform the best, and we naturally cost the most.

What are Shared Proxies?

What are Shared Proxies

It's best to discuss private proxies compared to their counterpart shared proxies. Shared proxies are, you guessed it shared. Several people can connect via the same proxy at the same time. Shared proxies might not have the most stable connection, and they are easier to get blocked.

You can't control what others are doing with the same IP address. Even so, they are the cheapest type of proxy out there. The majority of residential proxies are shared. They use a common pool of IP addresses scattered across the internet to provide multiple users equitable access to services.

What are Semi-Dedicated Proxies?

What are Semi-Dedicated Proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies provide a great option between the full-access benefits of shared proxies and the fewer simultaneous users of private proxies. They're targeted at smaller companies that want to share proxy use with all of their workers but avoid landing on any unwanted sites.

They're relatively inexpensive and rather stable. But some shared proxies can still suffer from a bad neighbor effect because you can't fully control their use.

Top 5 Private Proxy Provider List

Top 5 Private Proxy Provider List

If you want to know which providers offer the best private proxies, we've collected a list of great proxy providers for a wide range of budgets and tasks:

Proxy-Seller: Provide cheap IPV4 and IPV6 private proxies

Proxy-Seller Homepage

Beyond being a mere proxy vendor, Proxy-Seller epitomizes quality, efficiency, and value. Serving as a trusted ally for endeavors ranging from targeted ad campaigns to sneaker acquisitions and unrestricted content access, they've cultivated a reputation for excellence.

Backed by a solid presence in key regions like the USA and Europe, their offerings encompass top-tier proxies, unbeatable price points with potential savings of up to 40% on extended plans, round-the-clock support, diverse payment avenues, and an impeccable legacy, all anchored in an expansive infrastructure across 400 networks and 800 subnets.

MyPrivateProxy: The best overall performance private proxy

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

MyPrivateProxy, also known as the MPP Group, is a well-established proxy service provider founded in 2011. It's renowned for delivering outstanding overall performance in the realm of private proxies. It offers high-performance private proxies optimized for various tasks, such as SEO, web scraping, and social media management.

Their reputation is built on consistent performance, robust security protocols, and unparalleled customer service, solidifying their position as the go-to choice for those seeking the best in private proxy solutions.

InstantProxies: Their private proxies with many use cases

InstantProxies Homepage

InstantProxies is a renowned proxy service provider known for its robust private proxies that cater to a myriad of applications. Their private proxies are not only reliable but are also fine-tuned to meet diverse online needs, ensuring seamless functionality across various platforms.

Their commitment to uptime, fast response times, and user-friendly interface make them a preferred choice for those seeking performance-driven proxy solutions. In essence, InstantProxies is the quintessential platform for users who prioritize reliability, speed, and adaptability.

Rayobyte: The private proxies with a wide range of locations

Rayobyte Homepage

Rayobyte is a prominent proxy service provider celebrated for its versatile private proxies that span across a vast array of locations worldwide. They have carved a niche in the proxy landscape by delivering high-quality, resilient proxies that are perfect for various online tasks and functionalities. Their wide geographical coverage ensures that users have the flexibility to operate virtually from anywhere, making geo-restrictions a thing of the past.

Beyond just a proxy service, Rayobyte stands as a testament to performance, reliability, and adaptability, catering to both individual and business needs. For those seeking a combination of privacy and extensive location options, Rayobyte emerges as the go-to solution.


SquidProxies: Affordable and fast private proxies

SquidProxies Homepage

SquidProxies offers both affordability and speed in their private proxy solutions. Tailored for users who seek efficient online operations without breaking the bank, SquidProxies ensures seamless browsing, scraping, and various other online activities.

Their commitment to high-speed connections and a reliable infrastructure sets them apart from many in the market. With SquidProxies, users can expect a blend of cost-effectiveness, performance, and security, making it an ideal choice for those in need of top-tier proxy services without the premium price tag.


So in simpler terms, private proxies are recruiting a house on your own so that you don't have annoying roommates. But you'll obviously need to pay way more for the utilities. Up until recently, private proxies included only datacenter addresses. Today you can get dedicated residential proxies as well. They are called static residential proxies or ISP proxies.