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What Song is Playboi Carti on in Utopia: A Deep Dive into His Monumental Contributions

At first listen, the genius of Playboi Carti‘s contributions to Travis Scott‘s new mega-hit album Utopia may not be obvious to the casual hip-hop listener. But make no mistake – Carti‘s standout vocal performances on "Fein" and "Escape Plan" are emblematic of his rising influence as one of rap‘s most vibrant young voices. For longtime fans like you and me, Carti‘s appearance takes these already great songs to the next level. Let‘s explore the greater significance of Playboi Carti‘s artistry within Utopia and why his sizzling verses represent a milestone in both artists‘ careers.

Setting the Stage: Travis Scott‘s Long-Awaited Utopia

As one of hip-hop‘s biggest superstars, Travis Scott‘s musical drops are major cultural events. After years of anticipation, he finally unveiled his Utopia album on February 5th, 2023. Coming three and a half years after his last studio project Astroworld, pressure was high for Utopia to be Scott‘s best work yet.

He delivered in spades, with Utopia smashing multiple streaming records in its opening week:

  • 5.5 million global streams, the most ever for an urban album‘s first 7 days
  • 3.5 million U.S. sales, marking 2023‘s biggest release thus far
  • All 14 songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously

This overwhelming commercial success points to Scott‘s king-making ability – any feature on Utopia would be career-rocketing exposure. Even as fans absorbed bangers like lead single "Lobby" with The Weeknd, intrigue built around Scott‘s coveted guest verses. Which new talents would benefit from Travis Scott‘s golden touch this time?

Playboi Carti Secures the Spotlight

The pre-release hype hit a fever pitch when Scott unveiled the Utopia tracklist with features from heavy hitters like Lil Wayne, James Blake, and Summer Walker. Notably, one name stood out amongst the veterans – Playboi Carti.

The buzzed-about rapper nabbed slots on TWO songs – "Fein" and "Escape Plan." For Carti‘s feverish fans, this prominent placement felt like a culmination of his steady rise from Soundcloud phenom to household name. After winning crowds through leaked EPs and cult mixtapes, Carti broke through to mainstream success in 2017. His explosive self-titled debut album Playboi Carti peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200, buoyed by the smash hit "Magnolia."

Carti avoided the sophomore slump with Whole Lotta Red in late 2020, debuting at #1 with over 100,000 units sold first week. But controversy around the album polarized critics, leaving some questioning if Carti was more style over substance.

Years removed from his last proper full-length, anticipation was brewing for Carti‘s next career phase. Travis Scott must have sensed Carti‘s untapped potential – his appearances on Utopia provide the perfect launching pad.

Track by Track: Carti‘s Unforgettable Performances

Carti pops up on two cuts from Utopia‘s diverse tracklist. Let‘s analyze his standout contributions to each smash single:

"Fein" – Dark, Menacing Magic

The third song "Fein" encapsulates a moody, dystopian energy. Travis Scott and producer Wondagurl crafted an ominous slow-burner, with a minimalist, industrial beat. In the first half, Scott‘s auto-tuned melodies shuffle over trembling bass and eerie synths. At the 1:57 mark, Playboi Carti emerges from the haze. His laidback sing-song verse adds a jolt of electricity, as Carti flows effortlessly on beat. Flashing sly charisma, he spits quotable lines like:

"I‘m with the mob outside, it get gruesome"

"Might hug the block, it get confusing"

Carti drenches his raspy ad-libs in autotune, blurring exclamations like "what!" into the dark abyss. The verse encapsulates Carti‘s talent for ambiance – lending urgency and flavor without overpowering the moody soundscape. Where Scott brought the melancholy feels, Carti injects just enough gritty edge.

"Escape Plan" – Rapid Fire Hype Man

In contrast to the atmospheric "Fein," ninth track "Escape Plan" delivers upbeat festival energy. Travis Scott brings the vibes early, from a bouncy Mike Dean guitar riff to drums that compel your head to nod. Halfway through, the beat drops to make way for rising synth arpeggios.

Right on cue, Playboi Carti bursts in rapping at breakneck speed. He pummels the punchy percussion with staccato triplets and blink-and-you‘ll-miss-them flows. Peaking with animating urgency, Carti spits:

"I had the people waitin‘, what took ya so long?"

"Diamonds dancin’ hopscotch, bust down, go bonkers"

His lightning-quick delivery electrifies the atmosphere, providing the perfect pre-chorus climax. Where Scott laid thoughtful foundations, Carti enters as the hype man screaming "let‘s rage!" He whips fans into a frenzy devastating the beat in only 45 seconds. It‘s a verse custom-made to ignite mosh pits on Travis Scott‘s inevitable Utopia tour.

Critical Praise and Fan Hysteria

Beyond the music itself, public reaction to Carti‘s appearances proves his burgeoning impact. Both mainstream critics and die-hard supporters waxed poetic about Carti‘s standout contributions:

Critics Welcome a Bold New Voice

  • Billboard praised Carti‘s verse on "Escape Plan" as a "showstopper" that "provides crucial voltaic energy."

  • HipHopDX wrote Carti "steals the show on Utopia" and "his punk ethos oozes out between Scott‘s grander ambitions."

  • PopMatters said "Playboi Carti‘s unhinged charisma offers a vital yang to Scott‘s contemplative yin."

  • Modern rap commentator Scott Woods lauded "Carti‘s stylistic Penicillin added flavor and edge to Utopia‘s angst."

Such acclaim from veteran outlets signifies Carti transcending his polarizing reputation. His vocal dynamism has won over even once-skeptical critics.

Fans Buzzing with Memes and Demands

Meanwhile, Carti‘s cult fanbase exploded with reactions across social media:

  • On Twitter, the #CartiOnUtopia hashtag trended for days with over 50k tweets praising his features

  • 1000s of TikTok videos remixed Carti‘s verses, sparking viral dances to "Escape Plan"

  • Reddit threads on r/HipHopHeads and r/PlayboiCarti dissected Carti‘s lyrics and flows with effusive praise

  • IG comments demanded more music from Carti post-Utopia: "Drop Narcissist bro!"

  • Memes spread far and wide cheering Carti stealing Travis‘ spotlight

Long part of rap‘s underground, Carti has now entered the mainstream conversation. Having a hand in Utopia‘s success will likely convert casual Scott fans into dedicated "vamp" lifestyle members.

Decrypting Carti‘s Booming Appeal

Both established critics and digital-native fans have embraced Carti‘s singular artistry. But what specific qualities make his rapping so alluring and influential? Let‘s examine the pillars of Carti‘s aesthetic that Utopia only enhances:

Fashion Iconoclast

Beyond music, Carti‘s subversive sense of style makes him a fashion visionary. He popularized "leaning" aesthetics in hip-hop fashion – wearing skinny ripped jeans and avoiding oversized looks. GQ named him "the face of modern punk rap style." He‘s graced the covers of Cultured Magazine, i-D Magazine and Highsnobiety while walking the runway for Louis Vuitton.

Equally important, Carti inspires mass youth culture beyond the runway. His punk glam look has been replicated worldwide through affordable brands like ICY jewelry and Chrome Hearts glasses. Utopia‘s promotional art flashed Carti‘s signature style, embedding his cultural influence.

Ad-Lib Innovator

While underappreciated by non-rap fans, ad-libs offer MCs flexibility for percussive emphasis and tonal flourish. Carti‘s ad-libs like high-pitched "what" and "yeah" snarls have practically become their own instrument. His vocal riffs between lyrics bring flavor and momentum to songs in cutting-edge ways. On Utopia, Carti weaponizes ad-libs to spotlight key lines like "I‘m with the mob outside."

Flow Grandmaster

Most fundamentally, Carti has honed the technical skill of rapid-fire flow into high art. His breakneck rapping speed and tumbling triplet rhythms exert masterful control. Rather than getting tripped up, Carti tightrope walks over beats with precision and unpredictability.

By stacking rhythms and switching flows relentlessly on "Escape Plan," he shows off his technical muscle. And on "Fein" Carti proves he can still command tracks at slower tempos. This dynamic versatility cements his status as a student of flow.

Mainstream Confirmation

With his appearances all over Utopia, Playboi Carti‘s niche appeal has broken through to the cultural main stage. His punk alternative energy struck a balance against Travis Scott‘s moody atmospheres. Scott wisely tapped Carti to bring the ruckus, validating his prowess.

For longtime Carti supporters like us, Utopia feels like sweet vindication after years of hip-hop traditionalists rejecting his code-breaking style. Carti didn‘t have to conform to find widespread acclaim. His kaleidoscopic artistry sounds more progressive than ever on Scott‘s commercial smash.

Utopia‘s launch pads Carti out of the hype-fueled blog era into undeniable stardom. The numbers speak for themselves – over 3.5 million Utopia sales globally means millions of new Carti fans. And his performances demand repeat listening above all other aspects of the album.

Playboi Carti has arrived in his own utopia.

Gazing into a Bright Red Future

With Playboi Carti exposing his versatile talent to the world on Utopia, what does his imminent future hold? I predict major success as Carti builds on this big momentum:

  • Individual single smashes – Travis Scott features light a fire under artists to drop solo singles and videos. Don‘t be shocked when Carti soon unveils a chart-dominating viral hit.

  • Next album anticipation – Utopia will spike thirst for a proper Playboi Carti follow-up. He‘ll likely drop teasers by year‘s end, building hype for 2024.

  • Festival dominance – Get ready for Carti to secure headlining slots at major music festivals. He‘ll bring maelstrom mosh pits and ragers of a lifetime.

  • Fashion world creative director – Look for Carti expanding his fashion profile with a role at a major house. He could creative direct campaigns or launch capsule collections.

  • Superstardom – Playboi Carti now boasts the acclaim, mainstream appeal, and youth cultural sway of a definitive hip-hop superstar. The sky‘s the limit.

If I‘ve learned one lesson as a Playboi Carti fan, it‘s to expect the unexpected. After these electrifying Utopia features, Carti‘s future shines brightly. I can‘t wait to experience what comes next on his game-changing journey. A new era of hip-hop has emerged with Carti at the helm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Playboi Carti on Utopia

Still hungry for more Carti knowledge? Here I‘ve answered some common questions about his epic Utopia appearances:

What songs is Playboi Carti featured on in Utopia?

Carti is featured on tracks 3 ("Fein") and 9 ("Escape Plan") of Travis Scott‘s album.

How did critics respond to Carti‘s verses?

Critics widely praised Carti‘s verses as standouts, applauding his punk energy and vibrant flows.

What was fan reaction to Playboi Carti on social media?

Fans went wild for Carti online, making memes and acclaiming him for stealing the spotlight. Hashtags like #CartiOnUtopia trended.

How has Playboi Carti impacted hip-hop fashion?

Carti sparked new trends like skinny ripped jeans and embracing punk aesthetics that were replicated globally.

What is notable about Carti‘s rap style and skills?

Carti has masterful command of vocal delivery, unpredictable flows, catchy ad-libs, and dynamic energy.

How did Travis Scott and Playboi Carti collaborate previously?

Scott and Carti collaborated on the 2018 track "Wake Up" from Scott‘s Astroworld album where Carti had a memorable feature.

What does Playboi Carti‘s future career look like post-Utopia?

Expect Carti to drop more viral singles, release a hotly-anticipated new album, secure major festival billings, and ascend to superstardom.



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