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What‘s the Latest on Aaron Paul‘s Awards Journey? A Close Look at His Impressive Trophy Haul

Hey friend! If you‘re a fan of Aaron Paul, you likely know him best as the brilliant Jesse Pinkman from the acclaimed series Breaking Bad. Portraying this complex character earned Aaron immense praise and a slew of awards. But what about his other roles and accolades?

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll trace Aaron Paul‘s acting journey and analyze the critical recognition he has amassed over his illustrious career. Grab some popcorn and get comfortable – this is the comprehensive lowdown on all things Aaron Paul awards!

The Road to ‘Breaking Bad‘: Aaron Paul‘s Early Life and Career

But before diving into the awards, let‘s rewind a bit to see Aaron‘s origin story.

Born in 1979 in Idaho, Aaron Paul Sturtevant was bitten by the acting bug early on. He starred in plays during high school and later moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to pursue acting full-time.

Like many aspiring actors, Aaron struggled initially, taking on odd jobs while auditioning and landing minor TV roles. His first break came in 1999 when he was cast in a recurring role on the soap opera The Guiding Light.

Over the next few years, Aaron steadily amassed small roles on shows like Melrose Place, Suddenly Susan, and NYPD Blue while also featuring in a few films.

Then came his big break in 2004 when he was cast as Jesse Pinkman on AMC‘s Breaking Bad. Little did he know this role would skyrocket him to stardom and Critical acclaim.

Some early Aaron Paul credits include:

  • The Guiding Light (recurring role) – 1999

  • Melrose Place (guest role) – 1999

  • Suddenly Susan (guest role) – 1999

  • NYPD Blue (guest role) – 2000

  • Bad Girls From Valley High – 2005

  • Mission: Impossible III – 2006

  • K-PAX (supporting role) – 2001

Why Aaron Paul‘s ‘Breaking Bad‘ Performance Was Game-Changing

In the role of Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul delivered what is regarded as one of the greatest performances in TV history.

As Walter White‘s drug-peddling yet heartfelt partner, Aaron brought depth and humanity to the character. His emotional range allowed him to seamlessly shift from dramatic intensity to comic relief.

Critics and fans unanimously praised Paul, saying he stole scenes and gave the show its secret weapon. Here‘s what people had to say about his acting chops:

"Watching Aaron Paul‘s spectacularly virtuoso performance makes it hard to believe this is the same guy who muddled through insignificant roles in films like Mission: Impossible III." – Mary McNamara, LA Times

"Paul is simply tremendous. He can communicate Jesse‘s entire emotional condition with the slightest twitch of an eyebrow." – Variety Magazine

"This is a star-making performance. Like Paul Newman in The Hustler, Paul brings an intensity that makes his character‘s existential crisis reverberate." – Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

Aaron also shared sizzling on-screen chemistry with co-star Bryan Cranston. Their dynamic propelled Breaking Bad to become one of the most critically acclaimed series ever.

Awards Glory for ‘Breaking Bad‘: Paul‘s Trophy Collection Begins

It‘s no surprise Aaron Paul‘s masterful portrayal of Jesse Pinkman earned him his first taste of awards glory.

In 2010, he won his first Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. With this win, Aaron now shared elite company with other actors who have won Emmys for breakthrough roles, like Michael Imperioli for The Sopranos.

In 2012, Aaron doubled down by winning his second Emmy in the same category – affirmation he was no one-hit wonder.

In 2014, Aaron secured the extremely rare Emmy three-peat, taking home the trophy for a third time!

That same year, Aaron also won:

  • Critics‘ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  • Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor

Here is a rundown of Aaron Paul‘s awards and nominations during his Breaking Bad days:

2010Primetime EmmySupporting Actor in a Drama SeriesWon
2012Primetime EmmySupporting Actor in a Drama SeriesWon
2014Primetime EmmySupporting Actor in a Drama SeriesWon
2014Golden GlobeBest Supporting Actor in TV SeriesNominated
2014Critics‘ Choice TVBest Supporting Actor in a Drama SeriesWon
2014Satellite AwardBest Supporting Actor in a SeriesWon
2014Screen Actors GuildOutstanding Ensemble in a Drama SeriesNominated

This incredible recognition from the top awards groups cemented Aaron Paul as one of the best actors on television at the time.

Spreading His Wings: Aaron Paul‘s Versatile Post-‘Breaking Bad‘ Roles

While nothing could match the acclaim of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul continued to prove his versatility in various projects after the show ended in 2013.

He took on eclectic roles that highlighted different facets of his acting ability:

BoJack Horseman – Aaron lent his voice to the character Todd Chavez in this animated cult hit. Though a supporting role, he displayed his comedy chops in a poignant portrayal. The show was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program at the 2019 Emmys.

The Path – Here Aaron played Eddie Lane, a devoted member of a fictional religion, in this Hulu original series. As the lead, he got to showcase dramatic intensity reminiscent of his Breaking Bad days.

Central Intelligence – This action comedy with Dwayne Johnson saw Aaron in a buddy role as an accountant. He proved he could hold his own with his sharp comic timing.

Westworld – Aaron was a guest star in the acclaimed sci-fi Western, playing a tech expert. A departure from his regular roles, but he fit right in with a moving performance.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – Reprising the role of Jesse Pinkman, Aaron earned a Satellite Award nomination for Best Actor in this 2019 Netflix film that picked up right after Breaking Bad ended.

Truth Be Told – This ongoing Apple TV series stars Aaron opposite Octavia Spencer as a prisoner fighting to vacate his conviction. His nuanced acting has earned praise in this gripping crime drama.

How Aaron Paul‘s Awards Stack Up Against Other TV Icons

While Aaron Paul‘s trophy haul is impressive, how does it measure up against other iconic television actors?

Here‘s a comparison of total acting wins and nominations at the Primetime Emmys and Golden Globes:

ActorEmmy WinsEmmy NomsGlobe WinsGlobe Noms
Bryan Cranston4916
Kelsey Grammer416312
Michael C. Hall0515
Jon Hamm01627
Aaron Paul3401

Among his peers, Aaron Paul‘s three Emmy wins for a single role is mighty impressive. Only Bryan Cranston matches that number thanks to Breaking Bad.

Meanwhile, acclaimed actors like Jon Hamm and Michael C. Hall never won an Emmy despite multiple nominations each.

Considering Aaron Paul achieved this in just five years at his Breaking Bad peak, it highlights how quickly he gained elite status thanks to that career-defining performance.

The Final Aaron Paul Awards Tally…So Far

While awards don‘t define an actor‘s skills, they do provide one measure of excellence. By that metric, Aaron Paul‘s trophy cabinet is shining bright.

Here is Aaron Paul‘s total awards haul to date:

  • 3 Primetime Emmy Award Wins
  • 3 Screen Actors Guild Award Wins
  • 1 Critics‘ Choice TV Award Win
  • 1 Satellite Award Win

That‘s 8 Major Awards from 4 Different Organizations

Add to that an additional 7 nominations from the Emmys, Golden Globes and Satellite Awards.

Grand Total: 8 Wins and 15 Nominations

At just 43 years old, Aaron Paul still has plenty left in the tank. Given his calculated choice of projects and dedication to quality over quantity, I suspect more accolades will come his way soon.

But even if the awards dry up, his legacy as one of the most gifted actors of his generation is rock solid. As Jesse Pinkman would say, his work is art…Yeah Bitch!

The Road Goes On: What‘s Next for Aaron Paul?

So after delving deep into Aaron Paul‘s fruitful awards history, what does the future hold?

Aaron remains busy with a mix of acting projects and business ventures:

  • He currently stars in the Apple TV series Truth Be Told, which will return for Season 3.

  • He is an executive producer for an upcoming sci-fi thriller called Black Market starring Michael K. Williams.

  • Aaron also co-founded a mezcal brand called Dos Hombres with Bryan Cranston which is earning rave reviews.

And I‘m certain more exciting roles are on the horizon that will allow Aaron to continue showcasing his versatility. Perhaps even a potential Breaking Bad spin-off? Never say never!

One thing is for sure – Aaron Paul remains must-see-TV. His awards-laden journey thus far has cemented him as true Hollywood royalty.

But beyond the trophies and statuettes, his authentic passion for the craft is an inspiration. Aaron Paul has stated:

“Awards are very important to me, but it‘s not everything…It‘s really about the performance.”

And oh, what exhilarating performances he has given us! I know I‘ll be cheering Aaron on as his journey continues. Here‘s to more well-deserved awards and timeless roles to come. Thanks for taking this ride with me!



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