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When Do Street and Chris Finally Become a Couple on SWAT?

Fans of the police drama SWAT on CBS have been eagerly watching the slow-burn relationship develop between two of the show‘s main characters – Jim Street and Christina "Chris" Alonso. After many seasons of romantic tension, viewers finally got the payoff they craved when Street and Chris officially became a couple.

The Long Road to Romance

Jim Street and Chris Alonso first met as rookie members of the Los Angeles SWAT team. Their initial dynamic was antagonistic, but over time they developed a strong partnership and friendship.

Little hints of a budding romance started to emerge in early seasons, with casual flirting and rare moments of vulnerability where they opened up to each other. However, both characters consistently brushed off or downplayed any suggestions about being more than friends.

Their romantic chemistry finally came to the forefront in Season 2, Episode 17 ("Rocket Fuel") when Street kissed Chris after they spent an evening drinking together. Chris acted like it was just a drunken mistake, leaving things unresolved.

The First Real Kiss

More than two seasons went by before Street and Chris addressed that kiss again. In Season 5, Episode 13 ("Zodiac"), the two characters found themselves alone in a hospital room after Chris got shot on a mission.

In this emotional scene, Street started opening up about his true feelings, admitting he regretted them never talking about the kiss and that his biggest fear was losing her. This revelation prompted Chris to confess she felt the same way about him. They shared a passionate first real kiss, cementing them officially as a romantic couple.

Fan Response to #Stris

SWAT viewers were overjoyed to finally see Street and Chris come together after years of build-up. Fans quickly dubbed them "Stris" and celebrated the long-awaited union on social media. Many remarked that this was one of the most satisfying relationship payoffs they had seen on TV after such a slowburn trajectory.

Where Are They Now?

As of the current timeline in SWAT Season 6, Street and Chris are still going strong as a couple. However, their relationship has experienced some new challenges.

At the end of Season 5, Chris made the difficult choice to leave the SWAT team in order to run a safe house for domestic violence survivors. This means she and Street have had to adapt to being in a long-distance relationship, since they no longer work together.

Fans are curious to see how Street and Chris‘ romance continues to evolve now that they are apart professionally. There is also intrigue around whether the show may be building toward an engagement or wedding storyline before SWAT concludes its final season.

Hints at a Future Proposal

Without officially confirming anything, SWAT‘s showrunners have dropped some teasers suggesting Street and Chris‘ relationship could progress to the next level.

At the 2022 Television Critics Association summer press tour, executive producer Aaron Rahsaan Thomas hinted that Street may "get down on one knee" in the future. Actor Shemar Moore, who plays Street, also remarked that the couple‘s bond is strong enough now for marriage.

While fans wait anxiously for any wedding news, they can rest assured knowing that "Stris" is still going strong despite all the ups and downs since that first fateful kiss years ago. Their emotional journey from colleagues to friends to lovers has become one of the most beloved aspects of SWAT.



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