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Where can I get free gold bars in rdr2?

Hey friend! If you‘re looking to get your hands on some free gold bars in the massive open world of Red Dead Redemption 2, you‘ve come to the right place.

As an avid RDR2 player and fan of the Wild West, I‘ve explored every corner of the game‘s vast map and uncovered all the best ways to earn free gold bars. Trust me when I say these glittering ingots can become an invaluable part of your outlaw arsenal.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through each method step-by-step so you can start raking in the riches and pimping out your cowboy swag. Let‘s saddle up and get prospecting partner!

Why Gold Bars Should Be Your #1 Priority

Before we get into the gold bar earning techniques, let me convince you why going after gold needs to be a top priority:

Gold bars make you RICH!

Each standard gold bar can be sold at a fence for $500. That kind of cash goes a long way in the Old West. Here‘s how the numbers stack up:

  • $500 can buy you a brand new revolver or rifle
  • $1,500 can get you a top tier horse like an Arabian
  • $3,000 unlocks the best equipment and clothing

You get the idea – gold spells money, and money is power in 1899 America.

Gold unlocks EXCLUSIVE items

Here‘s the kicker – some of the best weapons, gear, and cosmetics in RDR2 can only be bought with gold bars. We‘re talking essential upgrades like ammo capacity, trinkets for bonuses, and elite horses.

The gold requirement serves as a gatekeeper to the most exclusive stuff.

Gold advances the story

Certain story and stranger missions only unlock once you‘ve accumulated a certain amount of gold. Hoarding bars allows you to see all the narrative content and side quests.

Gold buys convenience

Tired of running from the law? Repay bounties instantly with gold bars. Want to head off into the wilderness but forgot to stock up on provisions? Buy food and tonics without having to ride all the way back to town.

As you can see, gold bars offer you wealth, power, convenience and access to exclusive content. That‘s why you need to get your gold game on point!

Now let‘s dive into the motherlode of methods for scoring free gold…

Method #1 – Main Story Missions

The quickest way to earn your first few free gold bars is by playing through the main story missions. Certain key chapters and big heists will reward Arthur with gold upon completion:

Chapter 2 – After the mission "Polite Society, Valentine Style", check under the bed in your sleeping quarters for a lockbox with 2 gold bars inside. Easy money!

Chapter 3 – Once you reach Horseshoe Overlook camp, finish the mission "Blessed are the Peacemakers." You‘ll find 1 gold bar stashed behind a rolling wall painting inside the Sheriff‘s building there.

Chapter 4 – Later on in Chapter 4 after the mission "Banking, The Old American Art", head inside the Sheriff‘s office in Rhodes and grab the lockbox holding 1 gold bar.

Epilogue – Complete the first Epilogue mission "Gainful Employment" to receive 3 gold bars from John‘s old partner.

That‘s 7 free gold bars worth $3,500 handed to you just for pushing the story forward! Don‘t miss these payouts on your playthrough.

Method #2 – Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps lead you to buried treasure chests hidden throughout the world. Most contain cash, ammo, and one or more gold bars. Here‘s how to track them down:

  • Check fence locations and general stores for Treasure Maps. They cost $10-15 but it‘s worth paying.

  • Loot enemy hideouts – the gang leaders often carry Treasure Maps.

  • Complete the Explorer Challenge Strangers mission line to receive the 10 Jack Hall Gang maps.

There are 11 Treasure Maps in total. If you acquire all of them and dig up the loot, you‘ll net 12 gold bars valued at $6,000!

Here is each Treasure Map location and what‘s inside:

Treasure MapLocationReward
Jack Hall Gang 1North of Valentine1 gold bar
Jack Hall Gang 2West of Wallace Station1 gold bar
Jack Hall Gang 3South of Cotorra Springs1 gold bar
Jack Hall Gang 4East of Bacchus Station1 gold bar
High StakesNorth of Tumbleweed1 gold bar
Poisonous TrailEast of Donner Falls1 gold bar
Landmark of RichesSouth of Braithwaite Manor1 gold bar
Elemental TrailWest of Owanjila1 gold bar
Torn TreasureSoutheast of Riggs Station1 gold bar
ExoticWest of Annesburg1 gold bar
Gaptooth BreachNew Austin north of Gaptooth Ridge2 gold bars

As you can see, the Treasure Maps should be a gold mining priority early in the game. They really pay for themselves!

Method #3 – Looting Key Locations

While out exploring the sprawling map, keep an eye peeled for these locations containing lockboxes or lootable gold:

  • Burned out Braithwaite Manor – Check the 2nd floor ruins to find a lockbox with 1 gold bar tucked away in the rubble.

  • Sheriff‘s office in Limpany – The lockbox inside contains a tidy 1 gold bar reward.

  • Wreck of the Serendipity – Search below decks to find a pirate‘s hat concealing 1 gold bar in the cargo hold.

  • Strange Statue Cave – Complete the side quest by sketching all statues to receive 1 gold bar from Francis Sinclair.

  • Derailed train wreck – A train car lockbox holds 1 gold bar among the debris.

  • Cotorra Springs train robbery – Loot the lockbox in the wrecked train car to find 1 gold bar during this Chapter 2 story mission.

That‘s 5 additional bars bringing your running total up to 19 so far!

Method #4 – Daily Challenges

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Completing at least 1 Daily Challenge per day increases your consecutive streak, earning 0.2 – 0.5 gold bars per completed challenge.

Here‘s the breakdown by streak length:

Challenge StreakGold Bars Earned
1 – 7 days0.2 per challenge
8 – 14 days0.3 per challenge
15 – 21 days0.4 per challenge
22 – 28 days0.5 per challenge

At a minimum, maintaining a 7 day streak nets you 1.4 gold bars per week. Over the course of a month that‘s 6+ bars, over 3 months 18 bars!

The Daily Challenges are an easy, passive way to earn gold on a daily basis. I‘d make it a habit to complete at least one per day.

Some quick tips:

  • Check the Challenges menu to see what‘s available each day

  • Toggle down to the Role Challenges once you have some unlocked

  • Cook meat or season food at camp for easy gold

  • Visit shops in different towns to "Visit 3 Shops in a day"

Method #5 – Stranger Missions

As you travel the world, keep an eye out for strangers with icon markers. Some of their missions reward gold upon completion.

For example, these strangers offer gold opportunities:

  • The Noblest of Men, and a Woman – Given by Edmund Lowry Jr. in Valentine saloon, rewards 1 gold bar.

  • The Artist‘s Way – Charles Chatenay in Saint Denis needs your help to retrieve his art for 1 gold bar.

  • Duchesses and Other Animals – Algernon Wasp north of Strawberry pays 1 gold bar for unique animal carcasses.

Take the time to hear out any strangers offering work. The gold rewards can really add up!

Method #6 – Limited Time Events

Every now and then Rockstar rolls out limited time events, bonuses, or gifts with free gold bars:

  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Social Club nets you 10 free gold bars.

  • Holiday gifts will drop special treasure chests with 5-10 gold bars inside.

  • Event free roam challenges award 1-2 bars for participation.

  • Logging in on Christmas or other holidays may trigger gifts of 1-2 gold bars.

Stay on the lookout for these special gold giveaways! They offer up easy bars.

Total Free Gold Bar Earnings

Adding up all these methods, here‘s a realistic range you can expect to earn over the course of your playthrough:

SourceLow EndHigh End
Story Missions7 bars7 bars
Treasure Maps12 bars12 bars
Looting3 bars5 bars
Daily Challenges6 bars18 bars
Stranger Missions2 bars3 bars
Limited Time Bonuses5 bars15 bars
Total35 bars60+ bars

Conservatively, you‘ll rake in over 35 free gold bars worth $17,500 in value! And if you really optimize your play, you could reach upwards of 60+ bars valued over $30,000!

Cha-ching! You‘ll be knee deep in gold and money in no time.

Top Ways To Spend Your Gold

Once you‘ve built up a solid stash, here are some of the best uses for your gold bars:

  • Buy top tier weapons – Mauser Pistol, Semi-Auto Shotgun, etc cost gold. These guns can change your combat.

  • Elite horse breeds – Arabians, Turkomans, Missouri Fox Trotters provide speed and stamina.

  • Weapon upgrades – Improved sights, rifling, ammo capacity all require gold.

  • Trinkets – Special talismans provide perks like fortified cores or better quality skins.

  • Cosmetics – Unique clothing, accessories, and camp themes let you style.

  • Special lures – Catch bigger and better fish needed for challenges and trophies.

  • Pay bounties – Use gold to instantly clear your bounty and avoid becoming wanted.

  • Provisions – Buy food, tonics, and ammo from any General Store without having to haul it from town.

Get spending partner! Just be smart – purchase game-changers over cosmetics and convenience.

Expert Tips For Maximizing Gold Gains

After all this time prospecting in RDR2 Online, I‘ve picked up some expert tips and strategies for optimizing your gold earnings:

  • Enable 2-Step Verification immediately on Social Club for 10 free bars

  • Prioritize Treasure Maps and known loot locations early in the game

  • Build and extend your Daily Challenge streak ASAP

  • Loan money only when necessary and repay fast

  • Avoid spending gold on food, tonics, ammo – use cash only

  • Enable auto-update on Social Club to get gifts and bonuses

  • Make new saved outfits to "Change your appearance" for gold

  • Check Social Club newswire for announcements of gifts, events, and bonuses

Trust me friend – follow this advice and you‘ll be swimming Scrooge McDuck style in more gold than you can spend. Now get out there, claim your riches, and let me know how your prospecting goes!

Your ol‘ pal,

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