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Where is Catwoman after freeing her?

Hi there! If you‘re wondering what happened to Catwoman after Batman freed her from Riddler‘s clutches in Arkham Knight, you‘ve come to the right place. As a fellow Batman superfan and Catwoman aficionado, I‘ve dug deep into the details to piece together Selina Kyle‘s likely whereabouts. In short, my expert analysis indicates Catwoman first got sweet revenge on Riddler before skipping town to lay low outside Gotham for a while. Read on for the full scoop!

Recapping Catwoman‘s Predicament

Let‘s start with a quick recap of how Catwoman ended up imprisoned in the first place. During the events of Arkham Knight, the Riddler captured Catwoman and sealed her inside the Pinkney Orphanage on Miagani Island.

This was part of his plot to prove he could outsmart the Dark Knight by forcing Batman to complete 10 increasingly difficult trials across Gotham in order to locate and free Selina Kyle. What a jerk, right?

Thanks to Batman‘s detective skills and perseverance, he successfully rescued Catwoman from the orphanage after besting Riddler‘s deadly challenges. But their reunion was short-lived, with Catwoman offering just a brief word of thanks before disappearing into the night, telling Batman she needed some time to herself.

Getting Revenge on Riddler

Now, we all know Selina Kyle isn‘t one to let being locked up slide, especially by a smug sleazeball like the Riddler! As an anti-hero who often looks out for number one, her vengeful nature wouldn‘t just let something like this go.

Trust me, as soon as she got free, Catwoman would have been looking for some payback on Riddler for daring to cage her like an animal. And I‘m betting she knew exactly where to find him, too.

Reports indicate that shortly after being freed, Catwoman tracked down Riddler‘s secret underground lair on the outskirts of Gotham. How did she know how to find it? Well, Selina has connections across Gotham‘s criminal underworld, as well as a knack for uncovering secrets people want to stay hidden.

With Riddler already imprisoned in GCPD after his clash with Batman, his hideout was just sitting there unguarded. One can imagine Catwoman‘s satisfaction as she snuck inside, stealthily avoiding or taking down any remnants of Riddler‘s goons still lurking about.

She then likely proceeded to trash the place, destroying Riddler‘s precious possessions and stealing any cash and valuables she could get her hands on. Consider it severance pay for the trauma of being caged up! I like to think she scratched up his silly green bowler hat, too.

In the end, Catwoman got to both take out some frustration and walk away with a few shiny prizes as punishment against Riddler for daring to imprison her, proving she always lands on her feet in the end! You go, girl.

Skipping Town to Lay Low

Now, Selina might be vengeful, but she‘s no dummy either. She knew sticking around Gotham after brazenly breaking into Riddler‘s secret lair wouldn‘t be a wise move with his thugs and allies still lurking about, even with the man himself imprisoned.

So it‘s very likely that after helping herself to some of Riddler‘s valuables, Catwoman got the heck out of Gotham completely for a little while. This would allow things to cool down while also letting her fence the stolen goods outside of town.

With connections up and down the East Coast and her unique "talents", Catwoman would have no problem sneaking out of Gotham and finding a temporary base of operations to lay low in style for a bit.

Girl knows how to take care of herself! She‘s stealthily infiltrated some of the most secure locations in Gotham over her career, so slipping away undetected would be child‘s play for someone as crafty as Miss Kyle.

Potential Destinations

So where might Catwoman have gone to bide her time in luxury while waiting for the heat to die down? Well, based on her known connections and preferences, here are some of the most likely possibilities in my expert opinion:

Blüdhaven – This rough sister city to Gotham, home of Nightwing, has enough shady criminal contacts for Catwoman to fit right in while fencing her stolen goods and plotting her next caper.

Metropolis – Right under the big blue Boy Scout‘s nose! Catwoman would enjoy the challenge of running her games in Superman‘s backyard.

Keystone City – Far enough from Gotham to not draw immediate payback, this could be a temporary base of operations well-suited to Catwoman‘s needs.

New York City – With five densely-packed boroughs each with their own networks of colorful characters, Gotham‘s NYC stand-in has plenty to offer Catwoman when it comes to cover and opportunities.

New Orleans – The Big Easy is ripe with seedy contacts and shady backroom deals where Catwoman could unload stolen diamonds or plan her next heist.

Possible HideoutProsCons
BlüdhavenClose to Gotham, seedy underworld connectionsIncreased risk of being found by Gotham criminals
MetropolisChallenge of operating in Superman‘s cityNeed to avoid attention of Justice League
Keystone CityOutside immediate reach of Gotham criminalsLess connections and resources
New York CityAnonymity, large criminal networksLots of heroes also operate in NYC
New OrleansSeedy contacts, shady backroom dealsSwamp terrain not ideal for Catwoman‘s mobility

No matter where Catwoman retreated to after her run-in with Riddler, she‘d be sure to live in luxury while keeping her ear to the ground for any openings or opportunities, whether in Gotham City or beyond.

What Comes Next?

Selina Kyle isn‘t one to keep her claws sheathed for too long. Once the heat died down from the Riddler debacle, you can bet Catwoman would have been itching to get back in the game with her next big caper.

While she may have left Gotham City for a temporary catnap, that restless burglar‘s spirit of hers would have had Catwoman returning sooner than later, whether to her home turf in East End or sniffing out a new target somewhere else.

Gotham‘s diamonds, art galleries and museums will never be safe with Catwoman on the prowl. And don‘t think other locations are spared either! I wouldn‘t be surprised if Catwoman targeted these potential sites next:

  • The Metropolis Museum of Art

  • Keystone City‘s Bank & Trust

  • The New York Diamond Exchange

  • Caesar‘s Palace, Las Vegas

No matter what she sets her sights on, expect Catwoman to pull off the heist with wit, style, and that oh-so-sexy catsuit. Never a dull moment when Selina Kyle is on the scene!

One thing‘s for sure – whether she‘s an enemy, a lover, or something in between, Catwoman and Batman‘s paths are sure to cross again. After all, sometimes you just can‘t stay away from someone who understand you and all your wild impulses!

So keep those cat ears perked for word of Catwoman‘s next escapade. Wherever there‘s a treasure to steal or a score to settle, you can bet this feline fatale will land on her feet again soon!

Let me know if you have any other Catwoman questions! I could talk about her all day. 🙂



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