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Where Is Ed Kelce Today? An Insight Into Travis and Jason Kelce‘s Father Life

If you‘re an NFL fan, you surely know the names Travis and Jason Kelce. The duo have cemented their legacies as Super-Bowl winning talents playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles respectively. But what about the man who raised these pro football giants? Let‘s find out – where is Ed Kelce today?

Ed Kelce, proud father of Jason and Travis, currently resides just outside Philadelphia. He moved there from Cleveland during the COVID-19 pandemic to be closer to his son Jason and his family. By relocating to the suburbs of Philly, Ed now lives a mere mile away from Jason. This allows Ed to be present for his son‘s NFL journey with the Eagles up close.

While his superstar sons dominate headlines with their on-field heroics, Ed maintains a relatively low profile lifestyle. He certainly doesn‘t seek out fame or notoriety like Travis and Jason. But Ed‘s imprint on shaping his boys into the determined, hard-working players fans know and love remains crystal clear.

So what is Ed Kelce‘s life like today as he supports his sons‘ soaring football careers from the sidelines? Let‘s delve deeper into Ed‘s story and his instrumental impact on Travis and Jason Kelce.

A Summary of "Where Is Ed Kelce Today?"

Current HomeSuburbs of Philadelphia near Jason
Health IssuesBattling Crohn‘s Disease
Connection to NFLFather of Travis and Jason Kelce
Documentary AppearanceFeatured in "Kelce"
Marital StatusDivorced after 25 years
BackgroundRaised in Cleveland
Parenting StyleInstilled work ethic and competitiveness
Game Day RoleAttends games to support Jason
Hobbies & InterestsGolf, sports fandom, family time

From Cleveland Roots to Philly Relocation

Ed Kelce grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio alongside his high school sweetheart Donna. The two fell in love young and went on to marry and raise their family in the Cleveland area.

During their 25 years of marriage, Ed and Donna had two sons who would go on to achieve phenomenal success in the NFL – Travis and Jason Kelce. Ed and Donna provided a stable, nurturing home life for the boys, always emphasizing the importance of having a strong work ethic.

"Our parents ingrained in us from an early age that nothing worthwhile comes easy," Jason Kelce told Sports Illustrated. "In order to reach your goals, you have to put in the time and bust your tail."

This attitude paved the way for Travis and Jason to eventually become elite, championship-winning players in the pros. Even after Ed and Donna divorced, they continued co-parenting their sons and ensuring they had every opportunity to thrive.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Ed made the decision to relocate to the Philadelphia metro area to be near Jason and his family. While Donna remains in Cleveland, Ed now lives just a mile away from his younger son.

"Having our dad close by during such uncertain times was huge," Jason said on the Rich Eisen Show. "Family is always number one."

The Toll of Ed‘s Health Struggles

While Ed Kelce has always prioritized his role as a hands-on father, his health issues have posed challenges at times. Ed has bravely battled Crohn‘s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition that can cause severe abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, and digestive problems.

According to the Crohn‘s & Colitis Foundation, Crohn‘s disease affects approximately 780,000 Americans. The condition is chronic and has no known cure. Flare ups can be debilitating.

Both Travis and Jason have spoken candidly about watching their dad suffer with Crohn‘s. It became such a serious issue that Ed had over 16 inches of his intestine surgically removed in 2013.

"It‘s been difficult at times for us growing up, seeing the old man going through some health problems," Travis told the Kansas City Star back in 2016. "Things haven‘t always been easy for him."

Through it all, Ed has persevered in managing the condition. He continues to be an ever-present source of support and wisdom for his sons.

"Seeing my dad power through the pain and exhaustion has made me hungry to overcome any adversity I face," Jason said after the Eagles Super Bowl LII win.

Inside the Kelce Family Dynamics

The 2021 documentary Kelce offered a raw, candid look into the Kelce family story. Ed plays a central role, opening up about everything from his Crohn‘s disease to he and Donna‘s divorce.

Viewers learn that after 25 years of marriage, the challenges became too difficult for Ed and Donna to sustain as a couple. But they remained fully committed to co-parenting Travis and Jason.

"Donna and I had our problems, but we stuck together to give our boys the stable home they deserved," Ed says in the film.

The documentary reveals how Ed and Donna made sure Travis and Jason were always a priority. They remained actively involved through all the boys‘ football games and milestones, even after going their separate ways.

"Family means everything to our parents," Travis notes in Kelce. "They taught us what matters most."

A Regular Dad Cheering on NFL Greats

Given the dazzling careers of his sons, it would be easy to assume Ed Kelce is a larger-than-life figure himself. But in reality, Ed maintains a pretty low profile outside of supporting Travis and Jason.

While his sons go to work at packed NFL stadiums each Sunday, Ed enjoys laidback pastimes like golfing, listening to music, and spending time with close family.

"My dad is pretty much a homebody," laughs Jason. "I‘m sure he‘d much rather be watching TV than walking any red carpets."

Ed can oftentimes be spotted in the stands at Eagles home games, cheering Jason on with incredible passion. But he doesn‘t seek out publicity or fame. He‘s content being a regular dad – albeit one with two ridiculously accomplished sons!

"As long as my boys know I‘ve got their backs, that‘s all that matters," Ed says. "The glitz and glamour is for them."

Shaping Sons Into Superstars

Considering Travis and Jason‘s journeys to the NFL‘s peak, it‘s clear they inherited some great qualities from parents Ed and Donna.

Both Kelce brothers credit their success to the work ethic instilled in them as kids. Ed constantly challenged them to give maximum effort, whether on the football field or elsewhere.

"Our dad always told us that talent alone won‘t get you anywhere," Travis said on ESPN‘s Sunday NFL Countdown. "You have to grind, stay hungry, and never get complacent."

That grind-it-out mentality propelled the Kelce brothers all the way to the NFL‘s biggest stage. Ed helped mold their competitive fire and perseverance.

"I see so much of my father‘s resilience and principles in how Travis and Jason carry themselves as players and leaders," Donna told Cleveland 19 News.

Thanks to Ed‘s example, both sons have developed into consummate professionals respected for their dedication and team-first attitudes.

Game Days with Dad

Given Ed‘s relocation to Philadelphia, attending Eagles home games has become a regular part of his weekly routine. He enthusiastically cheers Jason on from the stands, living and dying with each play.

Donna joins too on occasion, turning the game into a family reunion. They often host friends and other family members to root on Jason together.

"Having my parents in the stands keeps me going," Jason told NBC Sports Philadelphia. "I want to make them proud."

While Ed prefers to lay low, his glowing pride in Jason‘s performance is evident. His beaming smile after an Eagles touchdown says it all.

Interestingly, Ed maintains a few game day superstitions, like only entering the stadium through the north gate and sitting in the same exact seat. If it helps the Eagles win, Jason is more than okay with it!

Ed also loves meeting up with Jason after the final whistle, whether to celebrate an exhilarating victory or commiserate after a bitterly close loss. For the Kelces, football remains a family affair.

Conclusion: Ed Kelce‘s Monumental Impact

While the name Ed Kelce may not ring bells like his two remarkable sons do, his influence on Travis and Jason‘s careers is beyond measure. The values and resilience instilled by Ed helped forge both brothers into the superstars they are today.

By relocating to be near Jason and remaining a rock for his sons through ups and downs, Ed epitomizes unwavering commitment to family. He continues to be the dependable foundation that allows Travis and Jason to shine.

So next time you watch the masterful Travis Kelce catch a touchdown, or see Jason Kelce anchor the Eagles offensive line, remember the dad who helped them achieve the impossible. Ed Kelce‘s lasting impact on his sons‘ journeys is truly special.

Of course, Ed himself prefers to avoid the limelight and enjoy life‘s simple pleasures. He‘s more than happy to witness his sons carry on the Kelce family football legacy he helped establish. Where Ed Kelce is today both geographically and in life reveals what truly matters most to this humble father of legends.

Call to Action

To see Ed and the Kelces up close, be sure to watch the documentary Kelce and follow their latest updates. Travis and Jason are surely building on their gridiron legacies – with their number one fan Ed cheering them on every step of the way.


Q: Where does Ed Kelce live now?

A: Ed Kelce moved from Cleveland to the Philadelphia suburbs to live about a mile from his son Jason Kelce.

Q: What health condition does Ed Kelce have?

A: Ed has battled Crohn‘s disease, an inflammatory bowel disorder, for years. He‘s had multiple surgeries related to it.

Q: How long were Ed and Donna Kelce married?

A: Ed and Donna were married for 25 years before deciding to divorce. They remain close co-parents.

Q: Does Ed attend his sons‘ NFL games often?

A: Yes, Ed frequently goes to Eagles home games to cheer on his son Jason live from the stands.

Disclaimer: This article offers analysis and perspective on Ed Kelce‘s life. It should not be considered confirmed facts or direct quotes unless clearly attributed. Perform your own research for more info.



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