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Where is Matt Lauer Now? An In-Depth Look at His Life and Career

Hey there! If you‘ve wondered "where is Matt Lauer now?" you‘re not alone. The veteran morning show host had a sensational rise and shocking downfall that still has people talking years later.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore Matt Lauer‘s current life after losing his long-held post at The Today Show. You‘ll learn all about his early days, path to fame, controversial exit, and quiet existence today.

Grab a coffee, get cozy, and let‘s unravel the mystery of where Matt Lauer is in 2023!

A Quick Glimpse at Matt‘s Life Then and Now

Before jumping in, here‘s a sneak peek at Matt Lauer‘s life:


  • Born in New York in 1957, grew up in Connecticut
  • Studied at Ohio University‘s Scripps College of Communication
  • Began career at local TV stations in the 1980s
  • Joined NBC‘s New York affiliate WNBC in 1992
  • Named co-host of The Today Show in 1997
  • Became highest paid TV news host, earning $25M/year
  • Helmed The Today Show for 20+ years


  • Fired from The Today Show in 2017 for sexual misconduct
  • Divorced from wife Annette Roque in 2019
  • Largely avoids spotlight since firing
  • Lives privately in the Hamptons
  • Net worth estimated around $80M
  • Stays out of the public eye in NYC/Long Island
  • Focused on family, friends, and low-key lifestyle

Okay, now that we‘ve set the stage, let‘s rewind and walk through Matt‘s life in closer detail…

The Early Days: A Budding Broadcast Journalist

To understand Matt Lauer‘s journey, we have to go back to where it all began…

Matthew Todd Lauer was born on December 30, 1957 in New York City. When he was a child, his family relocated to Greenwich, Connecticut where he spent his formative years.

From a young age, Matt was drawn to journalism and broadcasting. He attended Ivy League institution Dartmouth College, developing his reporting skills at the school‘s radio station.

After graduating with a degree in English in 1979, Matt set his sights on a career in television news. His professional journey began with roles at local stations across multiple states.

Here‘s a quick look at Matt‘s early TV news jobs:

  • WOWK-TV in Huntington, West Virginia – Reporter
  • WNYW in New York City – Talk show host
  • WNEW-TV in New York City – Co-host of "9 Broadcast Plaza"
  • WCVB-TV in Boston – Lifestyle show host
  • WISH-TV in Indianapolis – Reported on-location
  • KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon – Investigative reporter

This array of experience prepared Matt for the national stage. In 1992, he got his big break – joining NBC‘s powerhouse New York affiliate WNBC as a news reporter.

Matt had officially made it to the big leagues. But little did he know, his journey toward morning show fame was just getting started…

The Rise to "Today" Show Glory

For many broadcast journalists, landing a spot on NBC‘s The Today Show represents the pinnacle of career success.

And in 1994, a rising star named Matt Lauer got his first taste of The Today Show life as a news anchor and fill-in host.

It didn‘t take long for Matt‘s charisma and sharp interview skills to get noticed. In 1997, NBC made a big bet on him, naming Matt the new co-host of The Today Show alongside Katie Couric.

This high-pressure role thrust Matt into the spotlight and introduced him to millions of American viewers each morning. By all accounts, he shined in the co-host chair.

Here are some fast facts about Matt Lauer‘s incredible Today Show success:

  • Co-hosted with Katie Couric from 1997 to 2006
  • Known for his quick wit and personable yet probing interview style
  • Covered major events like presidential elections, 9/11, and the Great Recession
  • Helped Today beat rival Good Morning America for 16 consecutive years
  • Earned $25 million per year at his peak, one of TV‘s highest paid hosts
  • Served as co-anchor for over 20 years and nearly 5,000 shows

During his tenure, Matt cemented his status as morning show royalty. He developed close ties with co-hosts like Couric, Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie and others.

Things were good – Matt was at the top of his game professionally. But his lofty perch made the fall that much further…

The Scandal That Changed Everything

On November 29, 2017, Matt Lauer‘s storied career came to a shocking halt. NBC announced it was terminating him after receiving a detailed complaint about sexual misconduct in the workplace.

In the following days and weeks, disturbing revelations surfaced about Matt‘s conduct behind-the-scenes over many years. Former co-workers accused him of harassment and assault.

While he disputed some of the specific allegations, Matt acknowledged that he "acted inappropriately as a husband, father and principal." It was a breathtaking downfall for one of America‘s most prominent television personalities.

Let‘s look at some key details around Matt Lauer‘s scandal and firing:

  • Initial complaint alleged inappropriate sexual behavior during Sochi Olympics coverage
  • Several colleagues came forward with similar complaints after firing
  • Accused of harassment, assault, exposing himself, and coercive relations
  • Matt admitted to extramarital affairs but denied some allegations
  • Swiftly fired by NBC after internal investigation
  • Publicly apologized but criticized "false stories"
  • Replaced by Hoda Kotb as Savannah Guthrie‘s co-host

Matt‘s sudden termination sent shockwaves both within NBC and across the wider entertainment industry. It was an early, prominent case in the reckoning around sexual misconduct ushered in by the #MeToo movement in 2017.

The revelations tarnished Matt‘s legacy and relationships irreparably. But what has he been up to since this massive scandal led to his downfall?

Life After Today: What is Matt Lauer Doing Now?

In the years since his firing, Matt Lauer has led a quiet, private life outside the public arena he once dominated. He‘s made no attempts to return to TV or rehab his image.

So what‘s a day in the current life of Matt Lauer like? Let‘s piece together the puzzle…

He‘s laying low in the Hamptons

Matt primarily resides in his $36 million Hamptons home on Long Island. The 12-bedroom mansion sits on 40 acres. Matt spends most of his time there out of the NYC spotlight.

Focusing on his family

Matt finalized his divorce from wife Annette Roque in 2019 but remains close with their three kids. He concentrates on family time away from cameras and tabloids.

Enjoying hobbies and leisure activities

Matt always had passions like golf, horseback riding, and boating. He now has ample time for these and other hobbies outside public life.

Potentially working on a memoir

Some insiders have suggested Matt may be writing a memoir, but nothing has materialized yet. He has plenty of stories to tell if he chooses.

Receiving professional treatment

Matt has reportedly undergone professional treatment related to sex and substance issues in the wake of his firing.

Maintaining a small inner circle

Matt sticks with a close circle of family and friends. He‘s distanced himself from former celebrity pals and industry contacts.

Laying plans for the future

At 65 years old, Matt likely continues pondering what‘s next for him beyond scandal-induced retirement. But his next steps remain a mystery.

So in summary, Matt has so far settled into quiet country life focused on self-improvement and loved ones. Could we see him attempt a comeback? Let‘s explore…

Will Matt Lauer Return to Television?

For one of TV‘s former biggest stars, the question lingers – could Matt Lauer return to the spotlight he once dominated? A comeback would surely prove challenging.

Public relations executive Ronn Torossian said Lauer is "one of the only people who‘s unhireable in the history of television." His misconduct scandal severely damaged his reputation.

That said, we‘ve seen disgraced celebrities fight their way back before. Experts say anything is possible, but several factors could impact Matt‘s chances:

  • His willingness to do the work for redemption
  • Passage of time softening public judgement
  • A platform willing to take a risk by hiring him
  • Whether he has truly reckoned with his past behaviors

As of early 2023, Matt has made no visible efforts toward a comeback. He would face massive PR challenges and obstacles. But history tells us sometimes powerful men attempt to re-enter public life, despite backlash.

So while it seems unlikely we‘ll see Matt Lauer back on TV anytime soon, his next chapters remain difficult to predict as he figures out life after Today.

The Impact of the Matt Lauer Scandal

While Matt keeps a low profile, the scandal that ended his Today Show career sent lasting shockwaves. Let‘s examine some of the wide-ranging impacts:

  • Empowered victims – Other women spoke up about misconduct in media
  • Spurred reckoning – Networks were forced to examine cultures and policies
  • Informed coverage – Media realized it had missed/dismissed harassment stories
  • Ended era at NBC – Lauer and O‘Reilly‘s falls marked end of MEDIA DARK AGES
  • Provided closure – Former coworkers and viewers felt relief seeing justice
  • Sparked important dialogues – Issues like abuse, consent, and "open secrets"

Like similar scandals of the #MeToo era, Matt Lauer‘s shocking fall put focus on making workplaces and cultures safer, more ethical, diverse, and equitable. It marked a major milestone in demanding accountability.

The Complexity of Matt Lauer‘s Legacy

There‘s no denying Matt Lauer‘s shocking termination rendered a massive stain on his legacy. But looking back on his 25 years in the spotlight, it‘s worth examining his broader impact.

On the one hand, Lauer was undeniably a household name who shaped morning television for over two decades. His interviews, charm, controversies, and rapport with viewers influenced culture.

However, that enduring fame and platform also enabled Matt‘s troubling conduct to go unchecked for many years. He‘ll now forever be associated with #MeToo‘s campaign against sexual misconduct by powerful figures.

Ultimately, Matt Lauer leaves behind a complex legacy marked by high-profile achievements as well as egregious failures. Reconciling respect for his abilities with condemnation of his actions remains a difficult exercise for many Americans who welcomed him into their homes for so long.

Wrapping Up Matt Lauer‘s Journey

If someone asked me "where is Matt Lauer now?" here‘s how I‘d summarize his life and legacy:

Matt Lauer once had one of the most coveted roles in television as host of NBC‘s Today – but lost it all amidst disturbing revelations in 2017. Out of the spotlight he once dominated, Matt now lives privately, surrounded by scandal yet hoping for a path forward.

His shocking fall marked a turning point in media culture at the height of #MeToo. While awash in controversy, Matt retains the enduring impact of someone who shaped morning TV for over 20 years. But his conduct damaged both colleagues and his own legacy severely.

Matt Lauer‘s story reminds us that even the most successful and visible can fall quickly with the right catalyst. It will remain an example of the media‘s reckoning around abuse at the hands of influential figures.

Wherever Matt Lauer goes from here, his trajectory will continue fascination as a tale of immense accomplishments entangled with disgraceful behaviors. But for now, he remains focused simply on life‘s basic joys and challenges as a former celebrity living in the shadows of a towering legacy marked by darkness and light.



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