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Where is the Free Dragon in God of War?

The new God of War game allows players to find and free dragons as they explore the realms. Freeing these epic beasts is an exciting endeavor that rewards the player with new abilities and powerful items. But first, you have to locate where these dragons are imprisoned. This guide will reveal the locations for all three dragons and provide helpful tips on freeing them.

An Overview on the Dragons

There are three imprisoned dragons that can be freed in God of War – Fafnir, Otr, and Reginn. According to the in-game lore, these dragons were once peaceful creatures that watched over the realms. However, over time they became corrupted and destructive, forcing the gods to lock them away.

Now, it is up to Kratos and Atreus to locate these dragons and free them from their torment. By freeing the dragons, they can restore balance to the realms. But it won‘t be easy – each dragon is guarded by powerful enemies and magical seals.

The dragons can be found in the Midgard realm in three different locations:

  • Fafnir – Shores of Nine
  • Otr – Veithurgard
  • Reginn – Konunsgard

Freeing each dragon will reward you with epic crafting materials and artifacts that can upgrade your health, rage, or equipment. It‘s well worth the effort to track down these beasts.

Step-by-Step Guide to Freeing Fafnir

Let‘s start with freeing the dragon Fafnir, located in the Shores of Nine.

Fafnir is imprisoned on a small beach along the northeast coast of the Lake of Nine. To reach this area, you‘ll want to take the boat from the central Lake of Nine hub and sail to the northeast.

Once you reach the beach area, you‘ll need to locate three sealed dragon shrines in the vicinity. These shrines each have a rune seal that must be broken to release the dragon.

Here are the exact locations for the three dragon seal shrines:

  • Shrine 1 – On the left side of the boat‘s anchor point on the beach
  • Shrine 2 – Up the cliff path to the right of the first shrine, within a dark cave
  • Shrine 3 – Behind the rune sealed door, across from the first shrine location

I recommend dealing with the shrine that is behind the rune door first, since it is the most challenging to unlock. You‘ll need to hunt down the three seals to open the rune door before accessing this shrine.

For each seal that you disrupt, enemies will spawn so be prepared for a fight! I‘d recommend being around Level 5 before attempting this.

Once you break all three seals, Fafnir will emerge from his slumber! You‘ll now have to briefly battle the dragon. Focus on dodging his attacks and using your Runic abilities to take Fafnir down quickly. And don‘t forget to utilize Atreus as well to distract and damage the dragon.

After defeating Fafnir, the mighty dragon will reward you with Dragon Tears, which can be traded for permanent upgrades to Kratos‘ health or rage meters. This makes freeing Fafnir an extremely worthwhile endeavor early in the game.

Where to Find and Free Otr the Dragon

The second imprisoned dragon that can be freed is Otr, located in the Veithurgard region.

To reach Otr, you‘ll need to sail or walk east from the central Lake of Nine to the Veithurgard gateway. Pass through here to enter the mountainous cliffs of Veithurgard. This dreary realm is guarded by high level witches so be cautious.

As with Fafnir, there are three dragon seal shrines that must be activated to free Otr. These shrines are located along the cliffs and mountainsides within Veithurgard.

Here are the exact locations:

  • Shrine 1 – On the left as your pass through the gate into Veithurgard
  • Shrine 2 – Within a dark cave tunnel near the first shrine
  • Shrine 3 – Behind a rune sealed doorway deeper in the cliffs

The shrines are guarded by Reavers, Wulvers, and even a Cyclops. I strongly recommend being at least Level 7 before freeing Otr. Utilize the advantages of the hilly terrain for cover during the intense fights.

Once you break all three of Otr‘s seals, the dragon will burst forth for an epic boss battle. Otr is extremely quick so you‘ll need to be on your toes. Use Atreus to keep Otr grounded when he takes to the air.

After defeating the magical dragon, you will be rewarded with the Chilling Mists of Helheim – a crafting material for high level armor and talismans.

Where to Locate and Free the Dragon Reginn

The third and final imprisoned dragon is Reginn, located inside the stronghold of Konunsgard. This southern region can be reached by boat or on foot from the Lake of Nine.

Within Konunsgard, you‘ll find Reginn‘s three dragon seal shrines in the following locations:

  • Shrine 1 – On the southern edge of the stronghold, near the entrance bridge
  • Shrine 2 – On the eastern side of the stronghold, atop a plateau
  • Shrine 3 – Inside the central courtyard of the stronghold

Reginn‘s seals are guarded by some of the toughest enemies in the game, including Dark Elves and Ogres. I recommend being Level 7 or 8 before attempting this challenge.

As before, activate all three shrines to release Reginn for a confrontation. Reginn has extremely powerful fire attacks that can overwhelm you. Keep moving and attack during openings with your strongest Runic abilities.

Once Reginn falls, you will be rewarded with crafting materials for high level armor and talismans.

Tips for Battling the Dragons

Now that you know where to locate the three imprison dragons, here are some tips for defeating them in battle:

  • Save your Rage mode for dragon fights. The Rage boost in strength can really turn the tide.
  • Freeze or stun dragons when possible with Atreus or Runic moves. This gives you big openings to cause damage.
  • Target dragon wings and tails first to ground airborne dragons. This limits their movement and attacks.
  • Utilize the environment. Hide behind rock pillars or draw the dragons into chokepoints.
  • Dodge enemy swoop attacks and breath attacks immediately. Getting caught causes massive damage.
  • Craft epic armor and weapons before attempting. The dragon fights are major challenges.

Follow these tips, and you‘ll be victorious against these legendary beasts!

The Reward of Freeing Dragons

As mentioned, taking down the dragons in God of War rewards you handsomely:

  • Fafnir provides Dragon Tears for realm upgrades
  • Otr gives the Chilling Mists of Helheim crafting material
  • Reginn offers epic armor and talisman crafting items

But more than just gaining new equipment from the dragons, you‘ll also free these majestic creatures from their tortured imprisonment. Observing the freed dragons as they fly off in gratitude is a memorable moment.

You‘ll also gain a big boost in XP from the dragon battles, allowing you to level up Kratos and Atreus further. This prepares you for the tougher challenges that lie ahead in the game.

So set out on your quest to find and liberate the dragons of God of War. This guide should provide the locations and tips you need to accomplish this mythical task. Freeing the dragons will be an unforgettable part of your adventure through the Norse realms. Glory awaits!



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