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Who Are Adonis Graham‘s Parents? A Close Look at Drake and Sophie‘s Parenthood Journey

Drake‘s son Adonis Graham, born on October 11, 2017, is the cherished child of Drake and artist Sophie Brussaux. After initially keeping his birth private, Drake revealed Adonis to the world through lyrics on his 2018 album Scorpion. Since then, Adonis‘ visibility in Drake‘s music and public appearances has increased exponentially.

But who exactly are Adonis Graham‘s parents? How did Drake and Sophie meet? Let‘s explore the key events behind Adonis‘ conception, his early childhood, and his parent‘s separate yet unified parenting approaches.

Drake‘s Whirlwind Romance with Sophie Brussaux

While details are unclear, Drake and Sophie likely first met sometime in early 2017 during Drake‘s Boy Meets World European tour. At several tour stops like Amsterdam and Paris, Drake partied with friends at nightclubs. Sophie, then a model and artist, may have connected with Drake at such a venue.

Soon after, Sophie joined Drake on the UK leg of his tour in February 2017. Their fling lasted a few months, before Sophie discovered she was pregnant that May. Initially, Drake expressed doubts about the pregnancy.

However, a paternity test indeed confirmed Drake as the father. By October 2017, Sophie gave birth to their son, Adonis Mahbed Graham.

Adonis‘ First Years – A Timeline

Let‘s look at key milestones in Adonis‘ early childhood with Drake and Sophie:

  • October 2017 – Adonis is born in California. Drake and Sophie quietly raise him out of the spotlight.
  • February 2018 – Sophie lives with baby Adonis in France to focus on art. Drake visits them often.
  • May 2018 – Drake reveals Adonis‘ existence on album Scorpion.
  • February 2019 – Adonis turns 2. Drake gets his son‘s name tattooed.
  • March 2020 – 3-year old Adonis first appears publicly in Drake‘s "Life Is Good" video.
  • October 2021 – Drake holds a lavish 4th birthday party for Adonis in LA.

As evidenced by this timeline, Drake gradually integrated his son into his public life. He prioritized shielding Adonis initially, before selectively sharing glimpses of their bond.

Drake‘s Fatherhood Journey Through Music

Since 2018, Drake‘s albums chronicle his growth into fatherhood. Let‘s analyze some key songs:

Scorpion (2018)

This album confirmed Drake‘s paternity. Songs like "March 14" detail his son‘s birth, while "Emotionless" explains hiding Adonis to protect him.

SongPeak PositionStreams to Date
"Emotionless"#8 Billboard Hot 100247 million
"March 14"#11 Billboard Hot 100198 million

Dark Lane Demo Tapes (2020)

Tracks like "Chicago Freestyle" reference Drake missing his son while on tour away from home.

SongPeak PositionStreams to Date
"Chicago Freestyle"#10 Billboard Hot 100328 million

Certified Lover Boy (2021)

In "Papi‘s Home", Drake raps about reuniting with 2-year old Adonis after time apart.

SongPeak PositionStreams to Date
"Papi‘s Home"#26 Billboard Hot 100113 million

Clearly, fatherhood changed Drake‘s music direction. He went from party anthems to reflective, confessional songs on raising Adonis.

Sophie Brussaux‘s Artistic Calling

While known as Drake‘s former fling, Sophie Brussaux has an impressive professional background:

  • Previously worked as a model and actress in France. She moved to the US in the early 2010s.
  • Earned a degree in International Business from University of South Carolina in 2013.
  • Took painting classes at Teen Vogue in New York. Exhibited her artworks starting 2016.
  • Showcased pieces at prestigious events like FADA in Marrakech and Venice Biennale.
  • Featured in Vogue Arabia, LA Art Show, and Surface Magazine for her unique style.
  • Currently focused on raising Adonis, while selling her art online.

Though initially unsure about pregnancy, Sophie embraced motherhood. She shares cute moments with Adonis on Instagram, showing off her playful, loving parenting style.

Drake and Sophie‘s Contrasting Parenting Approaches

Though bonded by Adonis, Drake and Sophie take somewhat different parenting approaches:


  • Structured – Ensures Adonis sticks to routine. For example, Adonis takes piano lessons weekly.
  • Nurturing – Drake cuddles and dotes on his boy. He posts proud moments like Adonis‘ martial arts classes.
  • Engaged – Drake is very involved. He changes diapers and takes Adonis on tour.
  • Protective – Drake is cautious about Adonis‘ publicity. He hid his son initially to shield him.


  • Free-flowing – Sophie gives Adonis independence. For instance, she lets him paint and create art.
  • Playful – She has silly dance parties and fun adventures with Adonis.
  • Supportive – She champions Adonis‘ varied interests like music, sports, and more.
  • Private – While posting often, she keeps Adonis‘ face hidden in most photos.

Research shows children benefit from both structure and freedom. Drake provides routine while Sophie allows creativity. Ultimately, Adonis gets the best of both parenting worlds!

Why Drake‘s Visible Fatherhood Matters

Unlike most celebrities, Drake actively shows off his duties as a dad. Psychologists emphasize the impact an involved father has on children:

  • Emotional development – Children with active dads often have higher self-esteem, better social skills, and fewer signs of depression.
  • Academic achievement – Kids with a father‘s guidance tend to excel in subjects like math and science.
  • Healthy habits – Active fathers promote good nutrition, exercise, and hygiene in kids.

Drake‘s presence in Adonis‘ life from sports, to school, to just silly selfies surely supports his son‘s well-rounded growth. Their visible bond sets a positive example of involved fatherhood.

Key Takeaways from Drake and Adonis‘ Journey

A few worth remembering:

  • Drake prioritized Adonis‘ privacy initially before strategically introducing him to the public eye.
  • Songs across his recent albums highlight Drake‘s dedication to Adonis.
  • Sophie continues to pursue her artistic passion, while raising Adonis primarily.
  • Drake and Sophie demonstrate joint teamwork in co-parenting despite past differences.
  • Adonis benefits from Drake‘s attentive parenting style and Sophie‘s creative approach.
  • Drake openly showcases paternal duties, breaking gender stereotypes around fatherhood.

At just 6 years old, Adonis has a bright future ahead with two adoring parents supporting him. His increasingly public presence hints at the mark this charming boy will likely leave on the world someday!



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