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Who Are Adriana Lima‘s Children and How They Have Shaped Her Life?

Adriana Lima is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. But beyond strutting down runways in designer heels and angel wings, her proudest role is being a mother to three children. Lima has achieved what many aspire to – raising a family while excelling in a demanding career at the highest levels.

Brief Background on Adriana Lima‘s Wildly Successful Modeling Career

Lima hails from Brazil and began modeling locally as a teenager, winning a national modeling contest at age 15. She rose to international prominence in the early 2000s as one of the headline Victoria‘s Secret Angels, alongside Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum.

Over her illustrious 20+ year career, Lima has walked in over 20 Victoria‘s Secret fashion shows – more than any other model. She was selected as the brand‘s most valuable Victoria‘s Secret Angel from 2000 to 2018. During her peak, she was among the highest paid models in the world, earning an estimated $10 million per year.

Beyond Victoria‘s Secret, Lima has graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Esquire. She has walked the runway for countless top designers, including Vera Wang, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and many more. She has served as a spokesmodel for brands like Maybelline and has appeared in campaigns for IWC, Prada, and Miu Miu.

It‘s safe to say Adriana Lima is one of the most accomplished and recognizable supermodels of her generation. But her priorities shifted as she embarked on motherhood.

An Overview of Adriana Lima‘s Three Children

Lima has two daughters – Valentina and Sienna – from her marriage to former NBA player Marko Jaric. She gave birth to her third child, a son named Cyan, in 2022 at age 41 with her current partner Andre Lemmers.

Valentina Lima Jaric

Valentina, Lima‘s oldest, was born in November 2009. She is now a teenager at 13 years old. Of Lima‘s children, Valentina seems most interested in following her mother‘s career path one day.

In interviews, Lima has commented that Valentina shows a passion for fashion, style, and modeling from a young age. While Lima wants her daughter to have a normal childhood first, she would support Valentina pursuing modeling as an adult if she desires.

Lima is very protective of her daughter, rarely posting photos showing her face. But she does share shots of them jet-setting to fashion events and on magazine shoots together.

It‘s clear Lima and Valentina share a tight mother-daughter bond. As a single mom, Lima made an effort to keep Valentina close as her career ramped up.

Sienna Lima Jaric

Three years after Valentina came Lima‘s second daughter, Sienna, born in September 2012. Now 10 years old, Sienna is said to have interests in dance, sports, and animals.

From occasional paparazzi photos, it appears Sienna may have gotten her height from her 6‘7" tall father. Lima reveals that Sienna is an excellent volleyball player.

While Sienna admires her supermodel mom, she doesn‘t seem to have the same passion for fashion and modeling – at least not yet! But Lima encourages all of her daughters‘ talents and interests, attending Sienna‘s practices and performances as much as her hectic schedule allows.

Cyan Lima Lemmers

At 41 years old, Lima surprised fans by announcing she was expecting another child with her boyfriend, film producer Andre Lemmers. Her son Cyan Lima Lemmers was born in August 2022.

Lima explained that she wanted Valentina and Sienna to have a sibling to grow up with, leading to her decision to expand the family later in life. She was initially nervous about being pregnant and giving birth again after so long, but reports she is overjoyed to be a new mom all over again.

Since Cyan is only a few months old, his personality and talents have yet to shine through. But his unique name, meaning "sky blue" in Greek, may hint at his future character.

A Look at Adriana Lima‘s Relationship History

Lima has had two major public relationships that resulted in children – her nine year marriage to NBA player Marko Jaric and her current partner, Andre Lemmers.

Marriage to Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima first met professional basketball player Marko Jaric in 2007. They married in 2009 shortly before the birth of their daughter Valentina, when Lima was 27.

The couple seemed madly in love in the early years of their marriage. Jaric even had Lima‘s portfolio tattooed down his forearm. In 2012, they welcomed their second daughter Sienna.

Lima brought Jaric as her date to many high profile events during their relationship. He supported her modeling career, and she reciprocated by attending his NBA games.

After nine years together, Lima and Jaric announced their amicable separation in 2014. Their priorities simply shifted as Lima‘s career accelerated. She once revealed that Jaric wanted three to five kids, while her modeling ambitions allowed for just two.

Despite the split, they remain friendly and coordinate to co-parent Valentina and Sienna between Lima‘s New York residence and Jaric‘s home in Miami.

Current Partner Andre Lemmers

In 2021, Lima began a relationship with Andre Lemmers, a film producer based in Miami. Little is known about how they met, but their romance moved quickly.

By February 2022, Lima announced via TikTok that she was expecting a child with Lemmers. Their son Cyan was born six months later in August 2022.

Lima, then 41, admitted her third pregnancy was challenging. But having Lemmers‘s support made all the difference. He was actively involved, even helping deliver Cyan.

Though unmarried, Lima and Lemmers appear to be in a stable and committed relationship as they raise a newborn together. Lima calls Lemmers caring, supportive, and a "present father." It seems he may be a lifelong partner.

How Motherhood Has Influenced Lima‘s Career Decisions

Becoming a mother significantly impacted how Adriana Lima approached her career. In the early years of her modeling success during her teens and 20s, her work took priority.

After having Valentina in 2009, Lima made some major changes. She limited modeling commitments to spend more time at home, doing just one photoshoot or event per month maximum.

She also became pickier about what modeling jobs she accepted. Lima refused to promote brands or ads that encouraged unhealthy body standards for young girls.

As her daughters grew up, Lima put strict rules in place to guard their privacy. She rarely shares photos showing their faces or personal details.

Lima also scaled back on her most demanding role as a Victoria‘s Secret Angel in order to be more available to her girls. By 2018 when she was 37, Lima officially hung up her angel wings for good after 20 years with the brand.

Above all, Lima‘s children became her main focus in life – not her career. She recognizes that their childhood years are precious, so she cherishes the time spent with them.

Glimpses at Lima‘s Bond with Her Kids

As one of the world‘s most photographed women, paparazzi often catch Lima out with her kids around New York City. These candid shots provide a glimpse into their close family dynamic.

Lima is frequently spotted picking Valentina and Sienna up from school, walking hand-in-hand. The girls accompany her on casual errands like grabbing pizza and ice cream together.

In photos, Lima is always smiling down at her daughters, showing affection and undivided attention. Valentina acts protective of her little sister in the same way Lima watches over them both.

The model also brings her girls to industry events she‘s attending, allowing them to share in the experience. They‘ve joined Lima at shows for designers like Jeremy Scott and on trips to Paris Fashion Week.

These public sightings show Lima‘s devotion as a hands-on, affectionate mother – even when her work brings her into the spotlight.

Lima Opens Up About Her Passion for Parenting

In interviews over the years, Adriana Lima has shared details about her approach to parenting and bond with her kids.

She admits being a mom didn‘t come naturally to her at first; the constant demands were jarring compared to her fast-paced lifestyle. But her deep love for her kids motivated Lima to adjust.

Lima greatly enjoys simple activities like playing in the park, baking cookies, doing arts and crafts, and snuggling up reading bedtime stories. She forgoes electronics to engage with her girls.

Despite her fame and fortune, Lima works hard to raise Valentina and Sienna to be grounded and down-to-earth. She emphasizes virtues like kindness and gratitude.

Lima also prioritizes giving back and serving as a positive role model. She brings her daughters to volunteer at homeless shelters and women‘s organizations to instill strong values.

Above all, she says the smile on her daughters‘ faces fills her heart with joy and purpose. Their unconditional love motivates Lima to be the best mother possible.

Lima‘s Daughters Admire Her Success and Beauty

With a supermodel for a mother, it‘s no surprise that Lima‘s daughters look up to her – both for her career and beauty. In fact, Valentina aspires to follow in her high-heeled footsteps one day.

Lima recalls watching fashion shows as a child and dreaming of modeling herself. She sees that same fascination in 13-year-old Valentina.

When asked if she‘d support Valentina modeling eventually, Lima said she would be thrilled to see her daughter pursue her passion. But Lima wants Valentina to finish her education first and enter the industry as an adult.

Lima knows the pressure and maturity it requires, having started so young herself. She aims to give her daughter a childhood free from such demands.

For now, Valentina joins Lima at photoshoots to observe and learn. She clearly inherited her mom‘s natural modeling instincts and poise in front the camera.

Seeing her daughter admire her successful career is incredibly rewarding for Lima and motivates her to continue succeeding.

The Joys and Challenges of Motherhood at Different Life Stages

Adriana Lima had her first child in her late 20s, her second in her 30s, and third in her 40s – each with unique challenges.

After giving birth to daughter Valentina in 2009 at age 27, Lima bounced back fast. Just eight weeks later, she famously walked the Victoria’s Secret runway looking as stunning as ever.

Her quick postpartum recovery was impressive but typical of a fit 20-something model. However, she later shared that appearance was a facade; adjusting to motherhood was an enormous life change she struggled with privately.

Lima had her second child, Sienna, at age 30 in 2012. She found it harder to get back to her pre-baby weight compared to her 20s. But she embraced the changes motherhood created in her body and priorities.

In 2022, Lima welcomed her third child, son Cyan, at age 41. She was candid that this postpartum period was her most challenging yet, physically and emotionally. Lima‘s body did not snap back the way it did in her youth.

As an older mom, she found it took patience, self-love, and acceptance to adjust to the changes pregnancy created. Now she focuses on being strong and healthy to raise her newborn.

No matter her age, Lima considers her children her proudest accomplishment. She Finds motherhood to be the most rewarding part of her multifaceted life.

A Rare Red Carpet Appearance with Her Lookalike Daughters

Adriana Lima spends most of her time out of the spotlight when it comes to her family life. But in May 2022, she brought daughters Valentina and Sienna to a rare red carpet appearance.

The event was the LuisaViaRoma for UNICEF charity gala held in Italy. 12-year-old Valentina and 9-year-old Sienna stunned fans with their resemblance to a young Lima.

The sisters wore trendy designer outfits carefully picked by their fashionable mom. Valentina donned a black mini dress with lace detailing, while Sienna shimmered in a silver pleated gown.

Lima was dazzling in a sheer beige gown with intricate cutouts. She proudly escorted her two doppelgänger daughters, beaming with her arms wrapped around them.

The sighting provided a sweet glimpse into Lima‘s private world as a mother. Her daughters clearly inherited her signature beauty, both inside and out.

Expanding the Family Again at Age 41

In summer 2022, at 41 years old, Adriana Lima surprised fans by announcing she was pregnant with her third child – her first with boyfriend Andre Lemmers.

Having Lemmers‘s baby completed Lima‘s vision of her family. She wanted to give daughters Valentina and Sienna a younger sibling to bond with, like she shared with her own brother while growing up.

Lima admitted being pregnant at her age was challenging. She endured endless jokes about being geriatric and high-risk. But her desire for one more child outweighed any criticism or health concerns.

On August 2nd 2022, Lima delivered a healthy baby boy named Cyan Lima Lemmers in Santa Monica. Lemmers was actively involved in the birth, even helping deliver his son.

At 41, Lima‘s priorities are vastly different compared to her 20s new motherhood journey. This time, she is less concerned with bouncing back and more focused on cherishing each moment with her infant.

Lima could not be happier with her three remarkable kids. Though her life looks different than she imagined, motherhood has given her purpose beyond her wildest dreams.

An Inspiration as a Model, Mom, and Multifaceted Woman

With one of the longest and most successful careers in modeling history under her belt and a thriving family, Adriana Lima has solidified herself as an icon.

What makes her story so inspirational is her ability to achieve work-life balance at the highest levels. She scaled career heights most models only dream of while being an incredibly devoted mom of three.

Rather than feeling pressured to chooses between family and her passion for modeling, Lima pioneered maintaining both. She redefined priorities on her own terms.

Of course, this required sacrifice – declining jobs, cutting back on demanding roles, and constantly traveling to be there for her kids. But for Lima, the rewards always outweighed the costs.

At 41, the supermodel shows no signs of slowing down. But her children will always be her first love and most cherished accomplishment.

Lima offers an empowering example for working moms wanting both professional success and a rich family life. She represents the beauty in loving your work while never losing sight of what matters most.



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