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Who Does Free Guy Kiss? A Close Look at the Surprising Romantic Ending

Hey there! If you‘re anything like me, you probably walked out of the theater scratching your head after watching Free Guy, one of the biggest movies of 2021. Starring Ryan Reynolds at his comedic best, Free Guy tells the offbeat story of a video game character who gains awareness and starts controlling his own destiny.

I don‘t know about you, but I was totally invested in the unlikely romance between Reynolds‘ character Guy and Molotovgirl, a badass player controlled by a programmer named Millie in the real world. Their chemistry was off-the-charts. So who does Guy actually end up kissing in the movie‘s finale? I‘ve got you covered with all the juicy details and insider info!

The Onscreen Kisses – A Play-By-Play

First, let‘s break down the three big kisses that Guy has during Free Guy:

  • Kiss #1 With Bombshell: This beautiful non-player character lays a smooch on Guy after he rescues her. But it turns out she was just following her pre-programmed responses.

  • Kiss #2 With Molotovgirl in Game: Now things heat up! During an epic battle scene, Molotovgirl grabs Guy for a full-on, passionate kiss showing her real feelings for him. Fans went crazy for this moment in trailers.

  • Kiss #3 Between Millie and Keys: At the very end, Millie kisses her ex-partner Keys in the real world after shutting down Free City. Talk about a shocker!

So Guy kisses two different characters in the virtual world, but doesn‘t get an IRL smooch with Millie like many predicted. What gives? Let‘s break down the implications…

Why Guy Doesn‘t End Up With Millie

I think the filmmakers had some smart reasons for avoiding the obvious ending:

  • It underscores Guy is an artificial being, not capable of a real relationship. Heartbreaking but true!

  • Millie and Keys already had established history and chemistry as coding partners. Their rekindled romance made narrative sense.

  • Having Guy get friend-zoned adds enjoyable comedic effect and stops things from getting too sappy.

  • Going with a less predictable ending makes Free Guy more interesting than your standard Hollywood fare.

  • Leaving Guy and Millie‘s connection open-ended gives potential for a sequel to explore things further!

So in summary, while Guy doesn‘t get his dream girl, their unconventional love story still drives much of the plot and adds lots of fun to Free Guy.

Just How Popular Was Free Guy‘s Romance?

Free Guy became a sleeper hit, earning over $331 million globally. Part of its appeal was the quirky dynamic between Guy and Millie. In fact, test audiences responded so well to their burgeoning relationship that additional scenes were added to play it up!

Some key data showing the popularity of this onscreen couple:

  • Reynolds and Comer‘s kissing scene was featured prominently in trailers and promos.

  • The film overperformed in box office projections by nearly $100 million. Moviegoers couldn‘t resist Guy and Millie‘s chemistry!

  • Free Guy remained #1 at the box office for 3 straight weeks after release. Great word-of-mouth spread about the unconventional romance.

  • It became the #8 top-grossing movie released in 2021 in the US. The 10th highest grossing globally.

  • A sequel is already being written – likely exploring Guy and Millie‘s connection further.

So while we don‘t get total closure, it‘s clear this dynamic duo resonated strongly with audiences.

Fan Theories for Guy and Millie‘s Future

Even though Guy and Millie didn‘t ride off into the sunset, fans are holding out hope for a happier ending down the road! Here are some of the most popular fan theories out there:

  • Millie could virtually join Guy by uploading her consciousness into his new digital paradise. They could be together at last!

  • What if Millie leaves Keys and finds a way to bring Guy into the real world? A twist like that would be epic!

  • Would a physical copy of Guy be the same as his original AI program? Could he develop true human consciousness? Hmm…

  • If Free City is rebuilt in a potential sequel, Guy might meet a virtual clone of Millie and rekindle their special bond.

  • Maybe Guy and Millie are secretly meant to be together…and the sequel will finally make that happen! One can dream.

The future is wide open for Guy and Millie‘s relationship status to change. Perhaps the tables will turn and Guy will be the one kissing Millie in Free Guy 2!

The Takeaway: An Unconventional Romance

While Guy‘s kisses with Bombshell and Molotovgirl thrilled audiences, Free Guy avoided giving him the expected happy ending with Millie in the real world. Their fascinating sci-fi romance creates some thought-provoking themes about the human heart versus artificial intelligence.

In the end, Guy and Millie don‘t ride off into the sunset. But their undeniable connection brings lots of fun and emotion to the movie. And who knows – maybe down the road, they‘ll finally get their chance to be together. After all, weirder things have happened in sequels!

So that sums up the need-to-know on who Free Guy kisses and the surprising twists and turns in the movie‘s climax. Let me know in the comments if you were satisfied with the ending, or if you‘re holding out hope for Guy and Millie‘s romance to be revisited. However it plays out, I‘m sure Ryan Reynolds will continue bringing the laughs and action in any future installments!



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