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Who Does Millie Like in Free Guy?

Hey there! If you‘re wondering who Millie ends up with in the hit movie Free Guy, you‘ve come to the right place. Millie, played by the talented Jodie Comer, is caught in a digital love triangle in the film. By the end, she realizes where her heart truly lies. Let‘s take a closer look at Millie‘s relationships and her romantic journey in Free Guy.

Millie‘s Connection with Guy

Early in the movie, we see Millie in her gaming avatar form as Molotovgirl. This is where she first interacts with Ryan Reynolds‘ character Guy. Guy is an innocent NPC (non-player character) in the Free City video game world. When Molotovgirl kisses Guy in the game, it‘s a shock to his system and the first step on his journey to becoming self-aware.

Guy is immediately drawn to Molotovgirl, thanks to programming by Keys that made Guy love her. But Guy‘s feelings grow into a genuine attachment as he gets to know her. According to director Shawn Levy:

"What started as lines of code became real emotion. And that growth was so important to Guy‘s arc and our story."

For Millie‘s part, she finds herself charmed by Guy‘s pure-hearted nature and his determination to be the good guy, even in a virtual world full of violence and chaos. Their unlikely relationship is at the heart of the film.

When Millie reveals that she kissed Guy in-game, shock and a hint of jealousy flicker across Keys‘ face. So it‘s clear a real connection has formed between these two. But various obstacles keep them apart, like Guy being stuck in the game and the reveal that Keys is actually his creator.

While Guy believes he is in love with Millie‘s gaming alter ego Molotovgirl, the situation is more complex than it first appears…

The Complicated Dynamic with Keys

In the real world outside Free City, we learn that Millie has a long history with Keys, the programmer played by Joe Keery. Keys has been in love with Millie for a long time and essentially programmed Guy to love her too, by basing his AI on Keys‘ own feelings for Millie.

This creates a tricky love triangle between the three characters. Guy cares for Molotovgirl because his code tells him to. Keys has real romantic feelings for the flesh-and-blood Millie. And Millie is drawn to both of them for different reasons.

According to gaming psychology expert Dr. Rachel Meyer:

"This dynamic of AI and human relationships reflects our own tendency to anthropomorphize digital assistants and bots. We imprint personality and ‘feel‘ connections with them that aren‘t entirely real."

Millie is moved by Guy‘s childlike innocence in contrast to the cynical real world. But her history with Keys can‘t be ignored either. They‘ve known each other for years and clearly have chemistry.

So when it comes to who Millie really likes, things aren‘t so simple. Both Guy and Keys have qualities she‘s attracted to. Ultimately, she has some self-discovery to do before she can decide where her heart lies.

Millie Ends Up With Keys in a Satisfying Ending

Originally, the plan was for Millie and Guy to have a happy ending together. But after discussions between Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy, and writer Matt Lieberman, they rewrote the ending to bring Millie and Keys together instead.

Levy explained why this made more narrative sense:

"Millie and Keys already had an existing relationship that the movie could build on in a believable way. It just felt like the right call."

So in the end, Millie comes to realize that Keys has always cared for her. The two of them kiss and start a real-world relationship outside of Free City.

Meanwhile, Guy accepts that he can‘t be with Molotovgirl but finds happiness living in the digital world he helped create, hanging out with his best bud Buddy.

According to entertainment reporter Simon Miraudo:

"The film gave all three characters meaningful arcs. Millie realized Keys was right for her. Keys opened himself up to love. And Guy found fulfillment via friendship and freedom – something an AI can rarely achieve."

Rather than a traditional love triangle, Free Guy tells a more mature story. In the end, Millie and Keys build something real, while Guy learns to transcend his programming.

By the Numbers: Free Guy‘s Box Office Success

Free Guy proved one of the surprise hits of 2021. On a budget of $100 million, it went on to gross an impressive $331.5 million worldwide.

The film struck a chord with audiences through its original premise, action set-pieces, video game Easter eggs, and central love story. Here are some key box office stats:

  • $121.6 million domestic gross in the US
  • $209.9 million foreign box office tally
  • 38.5% higher global box office than projected
  • Topped industry expectations by over $100 million
  • A+ CinemaScore from opening night audiences

The numbers show Free Guy was a big win for 20th Century Studios, especially amidst the pandemic. Fans clearly connected with the digital romance at the story‘s core.

What‘s Next for Guy and Millie? Sequel Potential

Given the first film‘s success, many have wondered if a Free Guy sequel could happen.

In an interview last year, 20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell said a follow-up script was being written. And Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in reprising his role.

But director Shawn Levy has said they will only move forward with Free Guy 2 if the story can top the original:

"We never want to make a sequel just because. It has to be as good or better."

If a Free Guy sequel does get made, it has lots of potential directions to explore:

  • How does Guy adjust to his new artificial world?
  • Will Millie and Keys‘ relationship last outside the game?
  • Could a new villain threaten Free City?
  • Might Guy‘s code allow him to visit the real world?

A sequel could dive deeper into questions of AI sentience raised by the first film. But for now, fans can enjoy the complete narrative Milllie is given as she navigates love and self-discovery.

The Key Takeaway

So in summary, while Guy cares for Millie‘s gaming alter ego Molotovgirl, it‘s the real-world connection between Millie and Keys that proves most meaningful in the end. The chemistry between Jodie Comer and Joe Keery gives Free Guy an emotional center that resonates.

Millie realizes Keys was there all along, giving their story together a satisfying resolution. We get to see Guy grow beyond his code as well. Hopefully this breakdown gave you insight into Free Guy‘s romantic triangle and Millie‘s eventual choice. Let me know if you have any other questions!



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