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Who is Adam Devine‘s Girlfriend? Get the Inside Scoop on His Relationship with Chloe Bridges and Past with Maya Benberry

Adam Devine‘s love life has been making headlines lately. The hilarious actor and comedian recently tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Chloe Bridges. The two are now expecting their first child together!

But before finding love with Chloe, Adam had a few other high-profile relationships. One of his most notable exes is actress Maya Benberry. Their 2014 split sparked rumors and controversies.

In this jam-packed guide, we‘ll uncover all the juicy details and insider scoop on Adam‘s dating history. From his marriage to Chloe to his past with Maya, we‘ll explore it all!

Ready to learn the full story about who Adam Devine‘s girlfriend is now and the women he dated before? Grab some popcorn and let‘s dive in!

A Quick Recap of Adam Devine‘s Relationship Timeline

Before we spill the tea, here‘s a quick recap of Adam Devine‘s relationship timeline:

  • 2012 – 2014: Dated actress Kelley Jakle

  • 2012 – 2014: Also romantically linked to actress Maya Benberry during this period

  • 2014: Met his future wife, Chloe Bridges, on the set of The Final Girls

  • 2015: Started officially dating Chloe

  • October 2021: Married Chloe in an intimate vineyard wedding

  • October 2022: Announced they are expecting their first child together

Phew, Adam has had an eventful dating life! Now let‘s dig into each relationship in more detail…

Adam‘s Ill-Fated Romance with Maya Benberry

One of Adam Devine‘s earliest public relationships was with actress Maya Benberry. The two reportedly dated from 2012 to 2014.

Maya is known for roles in shows like American Housewife. She also had a high-profile fling with NFL star Travis Kelce before he met girlfriend Kayla Nicole.

While their romance seemed solid at first, Adam and Maya‘s relationship ended abruptly in 2014.

Fans speculated it was because Devine had fallen for his The Final Girls co-star, Chloe Bridges. But neither party directly confirmed the reason for the split.

However, in 2022, Maya found herself in hot water for an Instagram activity.

She accidentally liked a comment dissing Taylor Swift‘s attractiveness. As Swifties attacked her online, Maya apologized and said it was just a mindless double-tap mistake.

She emphasized that she‘s a true Swiftie at heart and never meant to throw shade at the pop icon.

But this social media snafu brought Maya‘s past with Adam back into headlines.

Some speculated her Swift dissing was an attempt to shade Adam‘s wife, Chloe Bridges. But Maya firmly denied any ill intent.

All in all, Maya says her brief romance and breakup with Devine is water under the bridge. The two have clearly moved on and closed that chapter for good.

Kelley Jakle – Adam‘s Other Early Girlfriend

While Maya Benberry was his main squeeze, Adam Devine also had a fling with another up-and-coming actress.

From 2012 to 2014, Devine was reportedly romantically involved with actress Kelley Jakle.

Kelley landed a breakout role as Jessica in Pitch Perfect. Her character was part of the a cappella group "The Treblemakers."

But aside from Pitch Perfect, Kelley has enjoyed plenty of other roles:

  • Appeared in 7 episodes of The Big Bang Theory
  • Played Samantha in 5 episodes of New Girl
  • Starred in the 2020 thriller Exorcism at 60,000 Feet
  • Recently wrapped filming the 2023 rom-com The Pale Blue Eye

Her singing talent even led her to release two EPs:

  • Debut EP in 2012
  • Follow-up EP in 2018

So while Kelley and Adam were never officially exclusive, they crossed paths during their rise to fame.

Many fans rooted for the musically-inclined duo to become a real couple. But it wasn‘t meant to be.

By late 2014, Adam had already set his sights on Chloe Bridges. And the rest is history!

Let‘s look at a timeline of Kelley‘s acting and singing highlights:

YearMajor Kelley Jakle Career Milestones
  • Stars as Jessica in Pitch Perfect
  • Releases debut self-titled EP
  • Romantically linked to Adam Devine
2013 – 2014
  • Appears in The Big Bang Theory
  • Continues dating Adam Devine
2015 – 2016
  • Plays Samantha in New Girl
  • Ends relationship with Adam
2018 – Present
  • Releases 2nd EP titled Edge of This
  • Stars in films like Exorcism at 60,000 Feet
  • Acting and music career continues rising

So while things cooled off with Adam by 2014, Kelley continued pursuing her passions. She seems content focusing on her singing and acting career for now.

How Adam Devine Met Wife Chloe Bridges

In 2014, Adam Devine met the woman who would soon become his real life "leading lady."

He was cast alongside actress Chloe Bridges in the 2015 horror comedy The Final Girls.

They played camp counselors who transported into a throwback 80s horror movie.

As filming brought Adam and Chloe together, romance soon blossomed behind the scenes.

By 2015, the two officially became a couple. And they‘ve been happily together ever since!

Chloe Bridges already had an established acting career before crossing paths with Adam. Some of her best known roles include:

  • Playing Dana Turner in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
  • Starring as Zoey Wilson in the Disney Channel original series Freddie
  • Recently portraying Sydney Davenport in the VH1 drama Daytime Divas

Fun fact: Chloe Bridges‘ full name is Chloe Suazo Bridges, but she uses her middle name as her stage name.

Born in Louisiana, Bridges moved to LA as a child to pursue acting. And the rest is history!

Over the years, both Chloe and Adam have praised each other for providing endless support in their shared career field.

In an interview with People magazine, Adam gushed:

"Chloe has definitely made me a better person in general and for that I thank her. She always pushes me to be my best self."

It‘s clear Adam finally met his perfect match with Chloe!

Now let‘s explore Adam and Chloe‘s relationship timeline:

Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges Relationship Timeline
  • October 2014: Adam and Chloe meet on set of The Final Girls
  • Early 2015: They start dating shortly after wrapping filming
  • 2016 – 2020: Attend red carpet events together and gush about each other in interviews
  • February 2019: Adopt an adorable dog named Bugsy together
  • October 2021: Get married in an intimate vineyard wedding
  • October 2022: Announce they are expecting their first child, due in 2023

Clearly, sparks flew when Adam and Chloe met in 2014. And almost a decade later, their love is still going strong.

Up next, we‘ll explore Adam and Chloe‘s recent pregnancy announcement…

Adam and Chloe Share Pregnancy News in Adorable Posts

On October 11, 2022, Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges melted hearts by announcing they are expecting their first child.

Both took to Instagram to share the joyful news in the most adorable way possible.

Adam posted a photo of the beaming couple holding up a baby onesie. Chloe‘s other hand rested on her bump.

He captioned it:

"We have a baby on the way! I don‘t know what I did to deserve you @chloebridges but I‘ll take it. I love you forever."

Chloe shared some more lighthearted pregnancy announcement pics. She held a pacifier in her mouth while cradling her bump. Another showed Adam grinning wildly while holding up a positive pregnancy test.

Her caption read:

"When 2 becomes 3. We have a bunny in the oven!"

Fans and celeb friends immediately flooded their posts with congratulatory messages and well wishes.

Country singer Maren Morris wrote: "Congrats you two!!"

The funny pregnancy reveal was so perfectly on-brand for the comedian and actress duo.

Close sources say Chloe is due in Spring 2023. We can‘t wait to see Adam and Chloe embark on parenthood together!

Other Celebrity Couple News: Post Malone‘s Relationship Status

In other celeb love news, Grammy-winning rapper Post Malone recently opened up about his romantic life.

Turns out, Posty has been with his girlfriend for a while now. And the couple secretly welcomed their first child earlier this year!

In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, Post confirmed:

"I have a daughter now…been together for a couple years. I just want to be there and be a good dad."

He emphasized his priority is keeping his new family life very private. The rapper wants to give his daughter a normal childhood away from his fame.

We don‘t know Post‘s girlfriend‘s identity or any other details about their bundle of joy. But it‘s sweet to see Posty settling down!

This news comes after years of the rapper being notoriously private about who he dates.

Back in 2020, Post admitted he had a girlfriend but was very hush-hush about her identity.

He told GQ magazine:

"There‘s a few people in my life that I love but…I don‘t want to be known for dating celebrities."

Looks like Mr. Hollywood‘s Bleeding has finally found "The One!" Congrats again to Posty and his growing family.

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The Heartwarming Love Story of Adam and Chloe

As we‘ve learned, Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges‘ off-screen love story is equally endearing as their on-screen rom-com meet-cute.

After connecting on the set of The Final Girls, acting chemistry blossomed into real romance.

By 2015, they officially became a couple. And it didn‘t take fans long to realize this relationship was the real deal.

Both Adam and Chloe regularly praise each other‘s talents in interviews.

In a 2019 chat with PEOPLE, Adam gushed about Chloe‘s ability to keep him grounded:

"Chloe has helped me so much in my life. She really pushes me to be a better person."

Chloe has also raved about Adam‘s nurturing spirit, telling media outlets:

"Adam is one of the most caring people I‘ve ever met. He goes out of his way to make me feel special every day."

And the couple‘s Instagram pages leave no doubt about their mutual affection and admiration.

Their posts and stories are peppered with loving behind-the-scenes moments, silly antics, and tributes to each other‘s talents.

Let‘s take a look at a few of their cutest Instagram posts celebrating their relationship:

Adam and Chloe smiling at a red carpet event

Adam and Chloe looking fab at an event in 2019. His caption reads: "A pic that makes it look like we really have our lives together. Nailed it!"

Chloe and Adam holding their dog Bugsy

The couple snuggling their rescue pup Bugsy, who they adopted in 2019. Chloe wrote: "My Valentines."

Adam and Chloe smiling in front of a Christmas tree

Enjoying some holiday festivities in matching pajamas! As Adam joked: "We invited all our friends over to take pics by our tree but then realized we don‘t have any friends!"

Clearly, Chloe and Adam were meant for each other. We can‘t wait to see what adventures parenthood has in store for this funny, loving couple!

The Final Takeaway: Adam Hit the Jackpot with Chloe!

At the end of the day, Adam Devine absolutely hit relationship gold by finding an amazing partner in Chloe Bridges.

After dating actresses like Maya Benberry and Kelley Jakle, Devine finally met his perfect match on the set of The Final Girls in 2014.

Flash forward to today, and Adam and Chloe are happily married and expecting an addition to their little family!

Chloe has proven to be Adam‘s biggest cheerleader, supporting him both professionally and personally. They clearly share a loving, laughter-filled bond.

And we have a feeling the hilarious Workaholics actor and Camp Rock alum will make amazing parents. Their first child is sure to grow up in a fun-filled, creativity-driven household.

So who is Adam Devine‘s girlfriend now? His soulmate and wife of one year, Chloe Bridges! We wish the mom and dad-to-be nothing but joy as they embark on this new chapter together.

What do you think about Adam and Chloe‘s relationship? Are you surprised to learn about Devine‘s past girlfriends? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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