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Who Is Adriana Lima Husband? A Timeline of Her Romantic Relationships

If you‘re someone who loves keeping up with celebrity relationships and marriages, model Adriana Lima‘s love life is sure to be intriguing. Known for her stunning beauty and iconic Victoria‘s Secret runway walks, Lima has been making headlines since the 1990s for her romances and family life. Let‘s dive into the supermodel‘s relationship history and get the scoop on Adriana Lima‘s husbands and children over the years.

But first, a little background on this Brazilian beauty:

From Teen Model to Victoria‘s Secret Star

Lima was born in 1981 in Salvador, Brazil and started modeling locally as a teenager. At just 15 years old, she entered Ford‘s "Supermodel of Brazil" modeling contest and finished as a runner-up.

Her star was on the rise, and by 1996, Lima had moved to New York City to pursue an international modeling career. She quickly became a runway fixture, walking for big names like Versace, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren.

But Lima‘s career really took off when she became a Victoria‘s Secret Angel in 2000 at age 19. She went on to star in numerous campaigns and runway shows for the lingerie giant over the next two decades.

Lima set a record by opening the iconic Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show five times between 2003 and 2012. She was dubbed the brand‘s "most valuable Victoria‘s Secret Angel" over the years.

Now at 41 years old, Lima is still at the top, fronting fashion and beauty campaigns while also expanding into acting roles. She made her film debut in 2022 as Esmeralda in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

But between all the modeling success and accolades, Lima has also made time for romance. Let‘s look at the ins and outs of the supermodel‘s love life over the years.

A Look at Adriana Lima‘s Relationship Timelines

Like many celebs, Lima‘s relationship history involves a mix of dating fellow stars, engagements, marriages, and of course, plenty of breakups. She‘s tied the knot twice now (with overlapping engagements too!) and has three children with two husbands.

Let‘s break it down year-by-year:

2001: Brief relationship with Brazilian singer Elias De Souza aka Xuxa

2006: Starts dating NBA player Marko Jarić after meeting at a party

2008: Gets engaged to Jarić

2009: Marries Jarić in February in Wyoming. Applies for Serbian citizenship. Daughter Valentina born in November.

2012: Second daughter Sienna born in September

2014: Announces separation from Jarić after 5 years of marriage

2016: Divorce from Jarić is finalized with joint custody agreement

2016: Engagement to fellow model Joe Thomas announced but later called off

2021: New relationship with Andre Lemmers revealed

2022: Announces pregnancy with Lemmers

2022: Gives birth to son Cyan in August with Lemmers

That‘s a lot of ups and downs over two decades! Now let‘s get into the details of Lima‘s two trips down the aisle.

Marriage #1: Marko Jarić

Lima‘s first husband was Serbian NBA player Marko Jarić. The pair started dating in 2006 after meeting at a party. Following a 2 year courtship, they got engaged in 2008.

Their wedding in 2009 was a fairy tale affair set against the scenic backdrop of Wyoming‘s snow-capped mountains. Lima wore an elegant lace gown with a 10-foot-long train and carried white roses.

The couple wed in two ceremonies – one civil, one religious – so they could exchange vows in both English and Serbian.

Lima and Jarić settled in New York City, where they started a family right away. Daughter Valentina was born later in 2009, while second daughter Sienna arrived in 2012.

Unfortunately, this model marriage didn‘t stand the test of time. After about 5 years of marriage, Jarić and Lima announced their separation in May 2014.

The divorce was finalized relatively quickly in March 2016. The split seemed amicable, with the two agreeing to joint legal and physical custody of their daughters.

When comparing this marriage to Lima‘s second, here are some key stats:

Marriage #1Marriage #2
To Marko JarićTo Andre Lemmers
5 years duration2 years so far
Married in 2009Started dating in 2021
2 children born1 child born
Divorced in 2016Current relationship

While the reasons for their divorce were kept private, Lima and Jarić managed to remain focused on positively co-parenting their two girls post-split.

Marriage #2: Andre Lemmers

After being single for a few years following her divorce, Lima found love again with businessman Andre Lemmers in 2021.

Limmers is the CEO of NEM, an entertainment and media company based in Dubai. He and Lima met through mutual friends and took their romance public in 2021.

They appeared increasingly comfortable showcasing PDA, holding hands on red carpets and sharing kisses. In February 2022, Lima announced she and Lemmers were expecting their first child together.

At 41 years old, Lima gave birth to a baby boy named Cyan Lima Lemmers in August 2022.

Expanding her family later in life has come with challenges, but Lima has taken them in stride. She‘s been open on social media about struggling to get her pre-baby body back at 41 compared to earlier pregnancies in her 20s.

But her joy at welcoming Cyan – her first son! – is evident. She‘s shared tender photos of the baby meeting her family in Brazil and Lemmers holding him lovingly.

While it‘s still early days, Lima seems to have found romance again with Lemmers. Only time will tell if this relationship stands the test of time like her first marriage.

Insights on Love and Motherhood From Lima Herself

When it comes to relationships, breakups, and parenting, Lima has shared some insightful perspectives over the years:

On finding love after divorce:

“I’m very lucky to have found love again. I never thought I would find love again like this. I feel very fulfilled as a person.”

On co-parenting after splitting from Jarić:

“Regardless of whatever happens, for the sake of our beautiful children, Marko and I have worked very hard to stay civil and respect each other.”

On pregnancy in her 40s:

“Super challenging. When you’re in your 20s, you’re like, ‘It’s fine, I’m going to bounce back and feel good again.’ At 41, it’s definitely different.”

On juggling career and motherhood:

“I think the secret is prioritizing. Nothing comes before my children. The rest falls into place because I’ve set that focus.”

For someone in the public eye, Lima comes across as relatable, honest and down-to-earth in so many ways. She‘s open about the joys and difficulties of relationships, divorce, blended families and finding balance as a working mom.

A Look at Adriana Lima‘s Current Partner

So who exactly is Lima‘s current partner, Andre Lemmers? What‘s his background and how did he and Lima become a couple?

Background: Lemmers was born in Germany and has been based in Dubai for over a decade now. He is an experienced executive in the entertainment and media industry.

Career: Lemmers is the CEO of NEM, a media distribution and entertainment company that operates worldwide. He has held several other senior leadership roles with major international media firms.

Meeting Lima: Lemmers and Lima reportedly met through mutual friends in 2021. They likely crossed paths due to their connections in the entertainment/celebrity sphere.

Going Public: The pair went public with their romance by making their first red carpet appearance together at the 2021 Venice Film Festival.

Engagement Status: While engagement rumors have swirled, as of early 2023, there are no reports that Lemmers has proposed to Lima. They do not appear to be formally engaged.

Adding to Their Family: In 2022, Lima and Lemmers welcomed their first child together – a baby boy named Cyan.

While Lemmers himself avoids the spotlight, it‘s clear from Lima‘s social media that they‘ve settled into life as a happy new family. She regularly shares family photos with her nearly 2 million Instagram followers.

Only time will tell if this low-key businessman becomes Lima‘s next husband!

By the Numbers: Adriana Lima‘s Impressive Career

  • 20+ years as a Victoria‘s Secret Angel (her first show was in 2000)
  • Modeling since she was a teenager – she‘s now 41
  • #1 on Forbes‘ list of highest earning models in 2012
  • Named world‘s second highest paid model in 2014 by Forbes
  • Her trademark Victoria‘s Secret runway walk has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube
  • Opens the Victoria‘s Secret fashion show 5 times between 2003-2012
  • Has walked in over 200 fashion shows in her career
  • Fronts campaigns for brands like Maybelline, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton
  • Has over 1.8 million Instagram followers as of 2023
  • Considered a veteran in the industry after decades as a top model

It‘s clear that modeling isn‘t just a career for Lima – it‘s a lifelong passion. She‘s achieved the pinnacle of success but still remains motivated. Even in her 40s and after 3 kids, she looks as sensational as ever.

Potential Future Supermodels? Keep an Eye on Her Daughters

With such a famously gorgeous and talented mother, could Adriana‘s two daughters follow in her footsteps one day?

Valentina and Sienna have certainly inherited their mom‘s beautiful looks. And they seem interested in the world of fashion and modeling already at a young age.

Lima has shared behind-the-scenes photos of her girls, now 10 and 7 years old, playing dress up and having fun on shoots. They like to pose for the camera with plenty of flair.

While it‘s too soon to tell if they‘ll pursue modeling careers, there‘s certainly potential. Lima seems happy to encourage their interest in the industry she loves.

Down the road, don‘t be surprised if Valentina and Sienna blossom into supermodels just like their iconic mother!

The Heart of the Matter: Why Did Her First Marriage Fail?

In the spotlight, Adriana Lima and her former NBA star husband Marko Jarić once seemed like the picture perfect celebrity couple.

But after just 5 years together, their marriage came crumbling down. They separated in 2014 and finalized their quickie divorce in 2016.

Lima has never directly commented on exactly what caused the demise of her first marriage. The reasons for their split have remained private over the years.

As a consumer/reader interested in her love life journey, you can‘t help but wonder – what went wrong?

Some speculate that busy schedules or long periods apart damaged their relationship foundation.

Others wonder if they struggled to adjust to settled family life after the excitement of dating and wedded bliss wore off.

Perhaps raising two young daughters under the glare of the public spotlight put strains on the marriage as well.

Only Lima and Jarić know the true private factors at play. But whatever caused the breakdown, they chose not to air their issues publicly, focusing instead on co-parenting duties.

This graceful discretion proves that even celebrities deserve privacy around such sensitive matters of the heart.

The Next Chapter: What‘s on the Horizon for Adriana Lima?

It‘s been over two decades since Lima‘s career first took off as a teenager. Now nearing her 40s, this iconic supermodel remains busy as ever.

She shows no signs of slowing down her modeling career, continuing to book major fashion campaigns and magazine covers.

In her personal life, Lima appears content with partner Andre Lemmers and their baby boy Cyan. She also continues to amicably co-parent daughters Valentina and Sienna with ex Jarić.

With such an impressive balancing act of family and career, what does the future hold for this still glamorous but grounded supermodel?

Here‘s an outlook of what‘s likely on the horizon for the unstoppable Adriana Lima:

  • Walking in more global fashion shows and events as she maintains her modeling stardom into her 40s

  • Launching a beauty or lingerie line of her own based on her branding power

  • Taking on more diverse acting roles and potentially producing films focused on female empowerment

  • Advocating for causes like environmental responsibility and children‘s charities

  • Continuing to raise her three children and nurture her relationship with Lemmers

No matter what, it‘s certain we‘ll be seeing this iconic face in the spotlight for years to come – on runways, magazine covers, and beyond. There are still plenty of goals, runway walks, and magazine covers left in this top model‘s stellar career.

The Takeaway: What Adriana Lima‘s Love Life Teaches Us

If there‘s one thing following Adriana Lima‘s relationship timeline demonstrates, it‘s that even the most glamorous among us deal with real life matters of the heart.

Her romantic journey shows that no one is immune to heartbreak – even a supermodel can have marriage troubles and pick up the pieces after divorce.

But Lima‘s grace and discretion in keeping her split private proves celebrities deserve empathy around such sensitive topics too.

She also teaches us that new love and happiness are possible, even after the pain of broken vows. Her new family with Lemmers shows that life can go on joyfully.

Most of all, Lima inspires us to handle the ups and downs of love and family with dignity and resilience. Supermodel or not, she‘s just like anyone navigating the road of romance and motherhood as best as she can.

At the end of the day, that‘s a journey we can all relate to.




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