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Who is Angelo Adkins? A Closer Look at Adele‘s Precious Son

Adele‘s incredibly successful career as a top-selling musical artist is well known across the globe. With hit songs like "Hello" and "Rolling in the Deep" catapulting her to fame, she has broken records with over 120 million albums sold worldwide. However, while her powerful vocals continue to wow audiences, much less is publicly known about Adele‘s journey into motherhood. This changed with the release of her latest album, 30, which gives unprecedented insight into her life with son Angelo Adkins. So who exactly is Angelo, and what has his impact been on Adele‘s personal and professional path? Let‘s take a closer look!

The Genesis of Angelo: Adele‘s Road to Motherhood

Long before Angelo was born, Adele found fame at a young age. She signed her first recording contract at 18 years old after a friend posted her demo on Myspace in 2006. Her debut album, 19, released in 2008, later went 7x platinum in the UK.

During this rapid career ascent, she began a relationship with charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki. Though initially private, their romance became serious, and Adele announced she was expecting her first child in June 2012 at age 24. On October 19th, their son Angelo James Adkins entered the world.

Becoming a mother profoundly impacted Adele. She battled postpartum depression but called Angelo her "greatest accomplishment and proudest achievement." She even got the coordinates of Angelo‘s birth tattooed on her hand. Adele was unequivocally in love.

Adele’s Albums and Accolades
19 (2008)8x Platinum
21 (2011)31x Platinum
25 (2015)22x Platinum
30 (2021)2x Platinum
Estimated album salesOver 120 million worldwide
Grammy wins15
Oscar wins1

Angelo‘s Formative Early Years

Initially, Adele strived to give Angelo a normal childhood, balancing motherhood with her exploding music career. She brought him on tour but tried to maintain stability. “All I can do is be there, take him with me as much as possible and try to have family trips,” she said.

In 2016, she married Simon in secret. Though constantly busy, she prioritized being present for Angelo‘s biggest milestones like first words, lost teeth, and school send-offs.

But in April 2019, she announced her separation from Simon after 7 years together. They committed to raise Angelo jointly with love. Their divorce finalized in March 2021, bringing big changes. Still, Angelo remained Adele‘s number one priority.

How Angelo Influenced Adele‘s Music

Ever since becoming a mom, Adele‘s artistry has been infused with insights from motherhood. Tracks like “Sweetest Devotion” from 25 chronicle her fears taking Angelo on tour.

But it was 2021‘s 30 that truly provided unprecedented access to her journey as a mother during her divorce. Songs like "My Little Love" even featured voice memos with chatter between Adele and her son.

As she tries to explain her separation, Angelo remains blissfully distracted by his toys. The bittersweet exchange lays bare the pain and complexity of shielding kids from divorce‘s messiness.

By weaving these intimate moments into songs, Adele commemorates precious memories with her beloved son. For life‘s most challenging transitions, Angelo stayed central, keeping Adele‘s voice strong even in heartbreak.

How Angelo Factors Into Adele‘s Personal Life Now

Today, Angelo is 10 years old and living a relatively lowkey life in LA and London with Adele as she continues touring and working on new music. As a fiercely protective mom, Adele tries to give Angelo normalcy away from the paparazzi glare other celebrity kids contend with.

“Angelo has no idea what my job is yet,” she said in 2021. “I can‘t wait for the moment he discovers music that isn‘t mine, and TV shows and films.”

She shares snippets on social media, like Angelo‘s abstract painting skills. She also acknowledges him in award speeches, thanking Angelo for her success. But she prefers keeping him out of the limelight.

Adele does gush about him in interviews: "He‘s the absolute love of my life." And by including Angelo on 30, she‘s finally given fans a window into their precious bond.

Timeline of Angelo‘s Major Milestones
October 2012: Angelo is born in London
2014: Angelo joins mom Adele on tour for the first time
2016: Angelo is present for mom and dad‘s secret wedding
April 2019: His parents Adele and Simon separate
March 2021: His parents‘ divorce is finalized
Nov 2021: Angelo makes musical debut on Adele‘s 30 album
Nov 2021: Adele gives him sweet shoutout during TV special

Public Sightings of the Young Boy

Given Adele‘s protectiveness, Angelo is rarely spotted out in public. But a few special moments have provided glimpses of the sweet boy:

  • 2012: As a newborn, Angelo was photographed during a stroll with mom Adele pushing him in a pram around London. It marked one of the first public sightings of the infant.

  • 2015: At a Sesame Street event in New York, Adele brought along Angelo, then 3 years old. They mingled with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby in a rare appearance.

  • 2017: Cameras captured Angelo, age 5, smiling happily while holding Adele‘s hand on a weekend outing in Los Angeles.

  • 2021: During her One Night Only concert special, Adele gave a touching shoutout to Angelo, calling the 9 year old her "baby" and the "absolute love of my life" before launching into "Someone Like You.”

These moments represent just a few of the times Angelo has accompanied his mom to public events. While Adele limits his exposure, each appearance demonstrates her joy and affection toward her only son.

Fan Reactions to Angelo‘s Musical Debut

When Angelo made his singing debut on “My Little Love,” fans were touched hearing his sweet voice interact with mom Adele about grown-up topics like love and divorce.

Many took to social media to express their reactions:

  • “Hearing Angelo on the album made me so emotional – what a beautiful way to commemorate their relationship!”

  • “That surprise voice memo with her son on the new Adele album!!! I GOT CHILLS.”

  • “Adele’s son has an adorable voice. So cute hearing them sing together!”

  • “Her bonding with Angelo is so heartwarming and gives me hope for humanity.”

By allowing Angelo‘s voice to appear on her vulnerable album, Adele shared an exclusive glimpse of motherhood that resonated profoundly with supporters.

The Truth About Her Reported New Romance

With Adele‘s divorce from Angelo‘s father finalized in 2021, her romantic life has drawn renewed curiosity. There are rumors she‘s now dating prominent American sports agent Rich Paul.

While Adele has mentioned him warmly in public, she’s declined to formally confirm their status. Sources say Paul has spent time with Angelo as they get to know each other. If the reports are true, Adele seems to be allowing their relationship to blossom at a gradual, cautious pace.

Most importantly, insiders say her number one priority remains Angelo‘s wellbeing and privacy. Though thriving both personally and professionally these days, her commitment to motherhood still guides her path.


For global superstar Adele, her greatest accomplishment in life remains her son Angelo. Since becoming a young mom at the height of fame, she’s balanced dazzling success with the profound experiences of childrearing—from beautiful firsts to painful heartaches.

And as evidenced by her latest vulnerable album, Angelo has stayed central through her evolution as an artist and woman, serving as her inspiration and guiding light even in difficult seasons.

While Adele works to give her son a loving childhood tucked away from the spotlight‘s harsh glare, she can‘t help but gush about her baby boy in interviews. The immense love she harbors for him continues to give fans priceless insight into the close bond between this adoring mother and child.



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