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Who Is Jimmy Uso Married To? Unveiling the Story Behind Trinity Fatu‘s Union with the WWE Star

Jimmy Uso‘s wife is the talented WWE superstar Trinity Fatu, known by her ring name Naomi. The two wrestlers found love inside the ring and have been married since 2014. Their journey together offers insight into a powerful partnership that has conquered personal and professional challenges.

As we dive into Jimmy and Naomi‘s romance, we‘ll uncover the key moments in their relationship timeline, their impressive WWE careers, Naomi‘s special bond with the Anoaʻi family, and the unshakeable foundation supporting this wrestling power couple.

A Whirlwind Romance: Jimmy and Naomi‘s Relationship Timeline

Jimmy Uso first met Trinity Fatu in 2009 during their early WWE developmental days. Sparks instantly flew between the two athletes, but they started off as friends, bonding over wrestling. By 2010, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.

After four loving years together, Jimmy popped the big question to Naomi in August 2013. He later shared that she had no idea it was coming, saying:

“She thought she was going to do a photoshoot for work. When she showed up, it was just me waiting there in the room with the ring. I told her how much I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and then I asked her to marry me. Lucky for me, she said yes!"

On January 16, 2014, Jimmy and Naomi sealed their love with a wedding on the idyllic shores of Maui. Only 35 close friends and family attended the intimate ceremony, allowing them to cherish the special milestone.

Since their Hawaiian nuptials, Jimmy and Naomi have built a blissful union spanning 9 years…and counting! They‘ve each ascended to the peak of WWE success all while supporting each other‘s wrestling dreams. And in 2016, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, adding to their family.

Tag Team Partners for Life: Jimmy & Naomi‘s Wrestling Bond

Jimmy Uso and Naomi share a deep bond forged by their passion for wrestling. They‘ve helped motivate each other to reach incredible heights in WWE.

Jimmy Uso makes up one-half of the acclaimed tag team The Usos with his twin brother Jey. Dubbed the "Samoan Soldiers of the WWE," they‘ve captured the Tag Team Championship a remarkable 7 times. Jimmy‘s high-flying moves, paired with the duo‘s synchronized entrance and war cry cheers, electrify audiences.

Naomi entered WWE in 2009 after dazzling as an NBA cheerleader. Her glowing persona and dazzling athleticism earned her the nickname "The Glow Queen." She captured gold in 2017 when she triumphed in a thrilling elimination match to become the first African-American Smackdown Women‘s Champion.

Among her other accolades, Naomi is also:

  • A 2x Smackdown Women‘s Champion
  • Winner of the WrestleMania Women‘s Battle Royal
  • 1x Glow Champion

Naomi has broken barriers for women of color in WWE, becoming a trailblazer the industry. But she hasn‘t done it alone. Her husband Jimmy Uso has been by her side through it all – celebrating her victories, consoling her after losses, and motivating her to keep fighting.

They constantly cheer each other on at ringside and sing one another‘s praises on social media. During Naomi‘s title run, Jimmy was her biggest cheerleader, writing:

“My baby did that! Went out there and snatched that title and showed the world her worth. So proud of you…”

During grueling WWE tours, they lean on one another as they balance their wrestling careers with family life. This supportive tag team partnership provides the foundation to excel both personally and professionally.

Joining Wrestling Royalty: Naomi Enters the Anoaʻi Family

When Naomi married Jimmy Uso in 2014, she gained more than a husband – she joined a legendary wrestling dynasty.

The Anoaʻi family: This storied Samoan lineage has produced over 30 pro wrestlers, with roots tracing back to brothers Afa and Sika "The Wild Samoans" in the 1960s. Their sons continue the legacy in WWE today:

  • Roman Reigns
  • Jimmy & Jey Uso
  • Solo Sikoa

Other iconic wrestlers from this bloodline include:

  • Yokozuna
  • Umaga
  • Rikishi
  • The Rock

For over 50 years, the Anoaʻi family has made an indelible impact on wrestling history. By marrying into this revered group, Naomi took on the family name with honor.

On her wedding day, it was her father-in-law Rikishi who walked her down the aisle in place of her late father. She shares a close bond with Rikishi and the whole Anoaʻi clan, who welcomed her with open arms.

Fans also see Naomi‘s deep connection with Roman Reigns, her husband‘s cousin, on WWE programming. She stands proudly alongside The Bloodline, their fearsome faction. The Anoaʻi lineage empowers Naomi, and she gives back by furthering their wrestling legacy.

Overcoming Obstacles: Naomi‘s Break and Triumphant Return

In early 2022, Naomi decided to step away from the ring, citing mental and physical health reasons. After more than a decade grinding on the WWE circuit, she recognized the need to recharge.

During her hiatus, Naomi cherished quality time with her husband and daughter. Jimmy wholeheartedly supported her decision, later telling ESPN:

“She‘s been going nonstop on a hamster wheel for 10-plus years. She never had a chance to step back. So I‘m happy she got to do that physically and mentally for herself."

While fans wondered if she had retired, Naomi reassured she still loved wrestling but was focused on self-care. After nearly 4 months off-screen, fans erupted when she made a surprise return on August 29.

Naomi picked up right where she left off without missing a beat. She earned a title shot in her first match back and continues breaking barriers today. Her husband‘s support gave her strength during difficult times. And now with her passion renewed, the future looks brighter than ever for "The Glow Queen."

The Unbreakable Bond of Jimmy & Naomi

Jimmy Uso and Naomi‘s story is one of true love overcoming adversity. While enjoying wrestling success, they‘ve also weathered storms.

In 2022, Jimmy faced uncertainty when charged with a DUI. With his job potentially on the line, Naomi faithfully stood by her husband. She even accompanied him to court dates, tweeting "Uce and Me against the world."

During her WWE sabbatical, Jimmy provided unwavering support in return. This mutual devotion has allowed their bond to grow unbreakable. They inspire fans worldwide with their ability to lean on each other through thick and thin.

As their 9th anniversary approaches, Jimmy and Naomi have so much to celebrate. They‘ve scaled the heights of WWE all while raising their daughter and nurturing an unshakeable relationship. Win or lose, glory or defeat, their real-life love story continues captivating audiences worldwide.

FAQs: Get the Inside Scoop on Jimmy Uso‘s Marriage

Get the answers to all your top questions about Jimmy Uso‘s relationship with fellow WWE star Naomi:

  • Who is Jimmy Uso married to?

    • He is married to Trinity Fatu, whose ring name is Naomi.
  • When did they get married?

    • Jimmy and Naomi got married on January 16, 2014 in Maui, Hawaii.
  • How long have they been married?

    • As of 2023, Jimmy and Naomi have been married for nearly 9 years.
  • Do they have children together?

    • Yes, they have a daughter named Naomi Reigns born in 2016.
  • What wrestling family is Naomi part of now?

    • She married into the legendary Anoaʻi wrestling family.
  • Why did Naomi take time off WWE in 2022?

    • To focus on her mental and physical health after over a decade grinding on the WWE circuit.
  • How did Jimmy support his wife during her WWE break?

    • He fully supported her time off to recharge and spend time with family.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi showcase one of the strongest bonds in WWE, both as a married couple and wrestling partners. Their love story plays out eloquently on the global stage, captivating millions of devoted pro wrestling fans.



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