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Who is Snooki Married to Now? Inside the Jersey Shore Star‘s Life in 2023

In 2023, even years after Jersey Shore left the airwaves, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi remains a pop culture fixture for legions of fans. Reality TV lovers especially still wonder – who is Snooki married to now?

The answer, which this comprehensive article will explore in detail: Jionni LaValle, Snooki‘s husband since 2014.

Beyond that, we‘ll examine Snooki‘s background, rise to fame, life as a mom, career achievements, iconic fashion sense, and much more. So grab your poofiest hair and a pair of leopard print heels, and let‘s journey into Snooki‘s world!

From Adopted Child to Teen Cheerleader – Snooki‘s Early Life

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1987, little Nicole Snooki Polizzi was adopted at just six months old. She relocated to Marlboro, New Jersey to live with her Italian-American parents Andy and Helen Polizzi. Growing up, Snooki faced bullying and identity issues due to her adoption and short stature (4‘8").

However, she found her place as a cheerleader at Marlboro High School. With her energetic spirit and athleticism, cheerleading allowed Snooki to gain confidence and make friends. Still, she dreamed of a bigger life beyond her small suburban town.

After graduating high school in 2005, Snooki started studies to become a veterinary technician. But a fateful casting call would soon change the trajectory of her life forever.

Jersey Shore Catapults Snooki to Fame

In 2009, MTV began casting for a new reality show following the summer lives of young Italian-American partygoers at the Jersey Shore. The resulting show, Jersey Shore, became an instant sensation.

It premiered in December 2009 and rapidly grew into MTV‘s most-watched series, with 5.3 million viewers tuning in during Season 2.

While the entire cast gained fame, 4‘8" dynamo Snooki emerged as the breakout star. With her bouffant hair, outrageous behavior, and hilarious one-liners ("Where‘s the beach?!"), she captured the hearts of viewers.

By the Season 6 finale, Snooki was earning a reported $150,000 per episode. Jersey Shore ended up running for 6 seasons from 2009 to 2012, catapulting Snooki to A-list celebrity status.

Finding Love on the Boardwalk – Snooki‘s Future Husband Jionni

In 2010 during Season 3 of filming Jersey Shore, Snooki met Jionni LaValle during a night out on the boardwalk. The two hit it off and began seriously dating. Jionni offered a more grounded, mature presence in Snooki‘s life beyond her hard-partying ways.

While their relationship had its share of drama through the years, Jionni stuck by Snooki‘s side. He even cared for her when she suffered a concussion during a bar brawl while filming in Italy.

In March 2012, Jionni got down on one knee on a romantic beach and proposed to Snooki with a huge diamond ring.

Snooki engagement ring

Jionni proposing to Snooki in 2012 (Via Daily Mail)

Initially they planned a Great Gatsby-themed wedding for 2013. However, the nuptials got postponed due to a rift between Snooki and Jionni, sparked by rumors he was communicating with her co-star JWoww.

But Snooki and Jionni managed to patch things up. On November 29, 2014, they officially tied the knot in a traditional ceremony at St. Rose of Lima Church in East Hanover, NJ.

Snooki‘s Life After Jersey Shore – TV, Businesses, and Motherhood

With Jersey Shore wrapped up in 2012, Snooki stayed busy with other TV appearances including:

  • Snooki & Jwoww (2012-2015) – Reality spinoff with co-star JWoww
  • Dancing with the Stars (2013) – Lasted until 8th week
  • Celebrity Apprentice (2015) – Fired in 2nd month by Donald Trump
  • Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (2018-present) – Reunion show with original cast

She also launched various business ventures capitalizing on her fame:

  • Snooki Shop – Her own clothing, sunglasses, shoes, handbag lines
  • Literary works – 4 published books including a novel and kids‘ book
  • Other products – Branded perfume, jewelry, tanning lotion, slippers, liquor

But eventually Snooki‘s priorities shifted from her career to starting a family. She gave birth to her first child Lorenzo Dominic LaValle in 2012, followed by daughter Giovanna Marie in 2014.

Motherhood prompted Snooki to make healthier lifestyle changes. She toned down her famously wild persona to focus on parenting.

After a break from TV, Snooki returned in 2018 for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, now filmed as a married mother of two. She gave birth to her third baby Angelo James in 2019.

Inside Snooki‘s Domesticated Life Today

Flash forward to 2023, and the hard-partying Snooki of Jersey Shore is now a devoted wife and mother first and foremost. She and husband Jionni LaValle are still going strong, defying reality TV relationship odds.

They live together in Florham Park, New Jersey in a gated community alongside other families. Snooki starts her day getting her kids ready for school, then focuses on business meetings, gym workouts, and filming obligations.

While she still lets loose occasionally, gone are the days of stumbling drunk around the Jersey Shore at all hours. Her wild nights out have been replaced by school functions, family dinners, and trips to kids‘ basketball games.

The Evolution of Snooki‘s Iconic Fashion Sense

A retrospective of Snooki must include her bold fashion choices. The petite star used over-the-top outfits to make a statement. Her look could be described as "leopard print lover meets 80‘s rock groupie."

Some of Snooki‘s most memorable ensembles include:

  • The pouf – Her gravity-defying, spray-tamed hairstyle became a sensation. Snooki once teased her hair 20 inches high!
  • Bandage dresses – Her signature bodycon dresses in animal prints and bold colors showcased her curves.
  • Stripper heels – She strutted around in sky-high platform shoes.
  • Oversized shades – Whether round or butterfly-shaped, Snooki donned giant sunglasses for a glam look.
  • Fluffy handbags – From fuzzy purses to ones shaped like animals, she loved a novelty bag.

While she now opts for more low-key mom styles, Snooki‘s fashion fearlessness cemented her place in the annals of 2000‘s pop culture. The Snooki poof especially remains iconic.

By the Numbers: How Snooki Amassed Her $10 Million Fortune

For a 4-foot ball of energy, Snooki boasts an impressively tall fortune. From her early adoptive family to reality TV riches, her net worth progression is remarkable:

$150,000 – Reported pay per episode by Season 6 of Jersey Shore

$2.6 million – Her estimated Jersey Shore total earnings

$3 million – Approximate income from spinoff reality shows per year

$2 million – Annual amount from endorsements / sponsorships

$500,000 – Estimated yearly profits from her branded product lines

$10 million – Snooki‘s current estimated net worth

While she spends on a lavish lifestyle today, Snooki has made smart money moves – investing in property, saving, and diversifying income. She provides her kids a comfortable life, worlds away from her own modest upbringing.

Life After Jersey Shore – Where Are They Now?

While the guide has focused on Snooki, fans wonder: what became of the other Jersey Shore cast members? Here‘s a "where are they now" roundup:

  • JWoww – Has appeared on Marriage Boot Camp, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, settled her divorce in 2022
  • Deena – Married Chris Buckner in 2017, couple has two children. Still films Family Vacation
  • Vinny – Starred in dating show Double Shot at Love. Active on celebrity and Vegas circuit as a host / dancer
  • Pauly D – DJs extensively at big venues like Las Vegas clubs. One of most successful cast financially.
  • Angelina -Returned for Family Vacation after originally departing in Season 2. Married Chris Larangeira in 2019 but soon separated.
  • The Situation – Had a stint in prison for tax evasion. Now sober and working as a motivational speaker
  • Ronnie – Left show following domestic abuse charges. Completed rehab in 2022 for mental health and addiction issues.
  • Sammi Sweetheart – The only original cast member not returning for Family Vacation. Lives quietly away from spotlight.

Looking Ahead – What‘s Next for Snooki?

As she settles into her mid-30s, Snooki looks content focusing on her family and businesses rather than chasing fame. She‘s come a long way from her wild reality TV days.

Still, fans hold out hope she will return to TV soon in a new project, perhaps a cooking show given her love of food. She also may get more involved publicly supporting adoption or animal rescue causes close to her heart.

And of course, avid pop culture watchers will keep wondering: how is her marriage to Jionni holding up? Could there ever be a Jersey Shore second generation reality show starring her kids one day?

While Snooki‘s next chapter is unknown, she‘s sure to approach it with her signature spunk and fearless spirit. The world isn‘t done enjoying this diminutive dynamo yet!

Conclusion – Why Snooki Still Captivates Fans

Snooki Polizzi inhabited one of the most unforgettable reality TV personas of all time. But she grew into a more grounded person without losing the spirit that made her so lovable. Her journey from party girl to wife and mother is an inspiring evolution.

No matter where Snooki goes next, she remains for fans an electric bolt of positive energy. Her embrace of life‘s possibilities represents the power inside everyone. Wherever Snooki pops up next, the applause and delight for this one-of-a-kind star will follow.



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