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Who is the Best Free Kick Taker in FIFA 16?

The best free kick taker in FIFA 16 is Lionel Messi. With his unparalleled combination of 94 FK Accuracy, 91 Curve, and 85 Shot Power, Messi is simply the most dominant set piece specialist in the game. Free kicks are a crucial part of scoring goals in FIFA, and Messi‘s ability to place accurate bending shots from distance makes him a clear choice as the #1 free kick taker.

As an avid FIFA player myself, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have players in your team who excel at free kicks. Let me walk you through exactly why free kicks matter so much, how to evaluate the top free kick attributes, and which players beyond Messi are the top free kick takers in FIFA 16.

Here‘s Why Free Kicks Are So Important in FIFA

Free kicks represent one of the best goal scoring opportunities in a football match. They allow you to take a direct shot on target from an advantageous position. Unlike penalties, the opposing team has a chance to set up a wall and the keeper is ready, but you still have ample space and only have to beat a handful of defenders.

Some key reasons why free kicks are such a valuable attacking tool:

  • You can go directly for goal – Unlike a corner or throw-in, free kicks let you shoot on target immediately without having to build up an attack.

  • Catch the defense off guard – Quick free kicks or clever layoffs can create great chances before the defense gets set.

  • Create scoring chances from nothing – Draw a foul 25 yards out, and suddenly you have a dangerous opportunity from a harmless area.

  • Force the opposition to concede fouls deep – Opponents will refrain from overly aggressive defending to avoid giving up free kicks near their box.

  • Opportunities for creativity – Fancy curling shots at goal, whipped crosses, layoffs, dummies – free kicks allow for tremendous creativity.

According to statistics from the Premier League, over 12% of all goals scored came directly from free kicks in the past decade. That‘s a massive number. Having specialists who can consistently beat the keeper from free kicks is a major advantage for any competitive FIFA 16 player.

How to Evaluate Free Kick Taking Attributes in FIFA 16

Not all players are equally gifted when it comes to free kick ability in FIFA 16. To bend shots up and over the wall and place them perfectly into the corners takes a special mastery of technique and attributes.

Here are the key attributes that enable players to truly excel at free kicks:

FK Accuracy (FKA)

FK Accuracy represents a player‘s precision when shooting directly at goal from a dead ball situation. Players with higher FKA will be able to place shots more accurately into the top and bottom corners. This attribute impacts accuracy on all free kicks.

Curve (CRV)

Curve is all about a player‘s ability to impart various types of spin and bend on the ball. Players with higher curve ratings will be able to curl and finesse shots up and over the wall and into the side netting. Curve is especially important for aimed shots to the far post from wider angles.

Shot Power (SP)

Shot power determines how much pace and velocity a player can generate on their strikes. More shot power results in stronger hits that the keeper will have less time to react to. Stronger shot power is useful for driven free kicks from more central areas.

Long Shots (LS)

The long shots attribute affects both shot accuracy and power from longer distances. Players with higher LS will be comfortable shooting from farther out, like from direct free kicks past the 20 yard mark. LS is key for free kicks taken closer to midfield.

Finishing (FIN)

While not as important as the others, a player‘s finishing attribute still impacts their accuracy placing shots on target. Higher finishing means they will be more precise with their shot placement overall.

Taking all of these attributes together, the players with the best free kick taking stats will have high ratings in FK Accuracy, Curve, Shot Power, and Long Shots. Combining these attributes is the recipe for free kick brilliance in FIFA 16.

Now let‘s look at exactly which players have the best free kick taking attributes:

The Top 10 Free Kick Specialists in FIFA 16

After poring over the FIFA 16 player stats, here are definitively the top 10 free kick takers in the game:

1. Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona

FK Accuracy: 94

Curve: 91

Shot Power: 85

No surprises here, Lionel Messi rightfully deserves the #1 spot. With his 94 FK Accuracy combined with 91 Curve and 85 Shot Power, he‘s simply on another level compared to any other player. Messi can consistently pick out the upper and lower corners with his shots. He can finesse shots with precision over the wall or hit powerful driven shots. If you‘re blessed to have Messi on your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, always put him on free kick duty.

2. Hakan Calhanoglu – Bayer Leverkusen

FK Accuracy: 88

Curve: 94

Shot Power: 79

The next best free kick maestro in FIFA 16 is Hakan Calhanoglu. With his astounding 94 Curve rating, Calhanoglu can make the ball move through the air like no one else. Any free kick within 35 yards of goal is a serious danger when taken by the Turkish midfielder. He can get massive bend and dip on his shots to pick out the top and bottom corners.

3. James Rodriguez – Real Madrid

FK Accuracy: 88

Curve: 87

Shot Power: 85

James Rodriguez showcased his brilliant free kick taking ability during the 2014 World Cup for Colombia. In FIFA 16, Rodriguez has well-rounded free kick attributes including 88 FK Accuracy, 87 Curve, and 85 Shot Power. This makes him equally adept at curling finesse shots and hitting powerful drives up and over the wall. James is automatic from free kicks within 25 yards.

4. Miralem Pjanic – AS Roma

FK Accuracy: 85

Curve: 89

Shot Power: 79

The Bosnian midfielder has been one of the most dangerous free kick takers in Serie A over the past several seasons. His precise free kicks were a big part of Roma‘s success. In FIFA 16, Pjanic has 85 FK Accuracy and 89 Curve, making him lethal with shots to the top corner. He‘s especially good at finesse shots that curl away from the goalkeeper‘s reach.

5. Christian Eriksen – Tottenham

FK Accuracy: 84

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 74

Since arriving in the Premier League, Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen has scored some beautiful free kicks for Tottenham. His 88 Curve rating means he can get lots of dip and bend on his shots, allowing him to find the side netting consistently. Eriksen should be on free kicks for any Premier League squad you use in FIFA 16.

6. Memphis Depay – Manchester United

FK Accuracy: 84

Curve: 87

Shot Power: 79

After joining Manchester United in 2015, Memphis Depay quickly showcased his free kick taking credentials by scoring on several excellent strikes. With 84 FK Accuracy and 87 Curve, he‘s capable of consistently picking out the upper corners with shots, especially from the right side.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

FK Accuracy: 85

Curve: 81

Shot Power: 94

Cristiano Ronaldo prioritizes sheer power on his free kicks rather than curve or finesse. With his 94 Shot Power rating, CR7 can absolutely hammer the ball from all distances. He specializes in violent knuckle ball strikes that dip and swerve violently before hitting the net.

8. Andrea Pirlo – New York City FC

FK Accuracy: 85

Curve: 86

Shot Power: 75

Legendary Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo may be past his prime currently playing in the MLS, but he‘s still one of the world‘s best free kick takers. His technique and accuracy are unmatched despite lacking power. Pirlo uses his 85 FK Accuracy and 86 Curve to pick out the top and bottom corners with surgical precision.

9. Juan Arango – Club Tijuana

FK Accuracy: 80

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 87

While past his prime, Venezuelan veteran Juan Arango is still a free kick wizard. His immense 88 Curve and 87 Shot Power ratings allow him to score from distance consistently. Arango excels at power curlers into the top corner from the left side. He‘s an elite option for Liga MX teams.

10. Neymar Jr. – FC Barcelona

FK Accuracy: 81

Curve: 88

Shot Power: 79

Even though Messi takes most of Barcelona‘s free kicks, Neymar is lethal in his own right. The Brazilian‘s 88 Curve attribute lets him get extreme bend on his shots. This allows him to locate the far upper corners with precision. Neymar should definitely be on free kicks for La Liga teams when Messi is not present.

Other Top Free Kick Takers

While they did not quite make the top 10, here are some other strong free kick choices in FIFA 16:

  • Dimitri Payet – West Ham‘s French star boasts 87 Curve and 84 FK Accuracy. Dangerous from the left.

  • Ricardo Quaresma – With 87 Curve and 5 star skill moves, he can create magic on free kicks.

  • Xherdan Shaqiri – The Swiss midfielder has 84 FK Accuracy and 85 Curve, making him a big threat from right wing free kicks.

  • Keisuke Honda – The Japanese playmaker has 87 FK Accuracy and 88 Curve for strong all-around shooting.

  • Shunsuke Nakamura – Despite being retired, he still has stunning free kick stats like 92 FKA and 90 CRV.

  • Lasse Schöne – The Danish midfielder has produced some beautiful free kicks for Ajax thanks to 86 Curve.

Free Kick Strategy, Tips and Tactics

Beyond just having great free kick takers, you also need the right strategy to maximize your chances of scoring from set pieces in FIFA 16. Here are some of my top tips for free kick success:

  • Use driven shots (RT + B on Xbox, R2 + Circle on PlayStation) when central for more power – try to go over and around the wall.

  • Finesse shots (LB + B on Xbox, L2 + Circle on PlayStation) work well for placement into the corners from wide areas.

  • Aim to get elevation on shots by pushing the left stick upward – chipping the keeper is very effective.

  • Call a second player (hit RB or R1) for layoffs around the wall or one-two passing plays.

  • Make quick aim adjustments with the right stick when the keeper moves or the wall jumps.

  • Exploit wall mismatches – if one side is shorter, aim there to more easily get over it.

Mastering these tips along with having top free kick takers like Messi, Rodriguez, and Calhanoglu will lead to greatly increased scoring from your free kicks.

Historical Free Kick Masters

While FIFA 16 focuses on modern players, let‘s take a moment to pay homage to some legends from the past who were also free kick experts:

  • Pele – Considered by many the greatest ever, Pele scored an astounding 70 free kick goals in his career with superb placement.

  • Diego Maradona – The Argentine legend netted 62 free kicks, many struck with phenomenal power and accuracy.

  • Roberto Baggio – With his signature ponytail, Baggio curled in 55 free kick goals with technical brilliance. Finesse personified.

  • Zico – The Brazilian maestro scored 62 direct free kicks thanks to his smooth stroke and consistency.

  • David Beckham – Beckham made bending free kicks his signature, scoring 65 goals this way. Pinpoint accuracy.

  • Juninho – This Brazilian midfielder is considered the greatest free kick taker ever, with 77 goals scored. Unique consistency.


I hope this guide has outlined exactly why free kicks are so important in FIFA and how you can maximize your chances of scoring from them. It all comes down to having specialists with high attributes in FK Accuracy, Curve, Shot Power, and Long Shots. Lionel Messi stands above all others as the best free kick taker in FIFA 16 with his combination of accuracy and curl ability.

But players like Hakan Calhanoglu, James Rodriguez, and Andrea Pirlo are also elite dead ball strikers. Whether playing Ultimate Team or Career Mode, be sure to stock your squad with players possessing free kick skills. They will win you many extra goals and matches! Feel free to reach out with any other FIFA questions you have!



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