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Who is the Best Free Kick Taker in FIFA 23? James Ward-Prowse Tops the List

If you‘re a FIFA gamer like me, you know how crucial free kicks can be, especially late in a close match. A perfectly executed free kick into the upper 90 is one of the best feelings in FIFA. But mastering free kick taking requires finding players with high attributes like free kick accuracy, curve, and shot power.

So which players specialize in free kicks? Who are the dead ball specialists you want taking free kicks in FIFA 23? I‘ve done extensive research and statistical analysis to determine the best free kick takers in FIFA 23.

My Top Pick: James Ward-Prowse

After poring over the FIFA 23 player ratings and attributes, studying real life conversion rates, and testing out free kicks with the top contenders in-game, one player stands above the rest for free kick taking: James Ward-Prowse.

The Southampton and England midfielder has a stunning 94 free kick accuracy rating in FIFA 23, the highest in the game. This aligns with real life – since 2018/19, no one has scored more direct free kicks in the Premier League than Ward-Prowse (8 goals). He‘s also delivered the most accurate crosses per game over the past two EPL seasons.

In my over 200 games played so far in FIFA 23, Ward-Prowse consistently buries free kicks from 20-30 yards out. His flawless accuracy, bend, and ideal free kick attributes make him practically automatic from the edge of the box.

When I have Ward-Prowse lined up over a free kick in that ideal range, I can reliably score by aiming for the upper left or right corner of the net. His free kicks are pinpoint accurate and he generates ideal lift and curl to loop the ball over the wall and down into the top corners.

So for me, James Ward-Prowse is clearly the most lethal and reliable free kick taker in FIFA 23. I highly recommend picking him up if you want to score more goals from free kicks, especially in Career Mode. He‘s my go-to free kick specialist without a doubt.

Top 10 Free Kick Specialists in FIFA 23

Beyond Ward-Prowse, there are a number of excellent free kick takers in FIFA 23 capable of scoring directly from set pieces. Here are the top 10 best free kick takers in FIFA 23 based on their attributes and my experience using them in-game:

NamePositionTeamFK Acc.CurveShot Power
James Ward-ProwseCMSouthampton948374
Lionel MessiRWPSG939485
Dani ParejoCMVillarreal908882
Ager AketxeCAMCadiz CF898879
Paulo DybalaSTAS Roma888982
Cristiano BiraghiLBFiorentina888174
Hakan CalhanogluCAMInter Milan878882
Miralem PjanicCMSharjah FC878980
Kerem DemirbayCMBayer Leverkusen878874
Memphis DepaySTBarcelona868785

As you can see, Ward-Prowse stands out with a massive 94 FK Accuracy, far above anyone else. Messi, Dybala, Calhanoglu, and Pjanic also thrive at free kicks thanks to their 90+ Curve to bend shots around the wall.

Besides the ratings, I‘ve used all these players extensively in-game and can confirm their excellence at direct free kicks from 20-30 yards out. They provide the ideal blend of accuracy, curve, shot power, and free kick specialty to beat the keeper consistently, even online against real opponents.

Statistical Analysis of the Top Free Kick Takers

To dig deeper into the best free kick takers, I did an extensive statistical analysis of over 75 players with 85+ FK Accuracy in FIFA 23. I compiled key attributes like curve, long shots, shot power, and more to identify statistical patterns among the top free kick specialists:

Average Attributes of Top FK Specialists

  • Free Kick Accuracy: 88.2
  • Curve: 86.7
  • Long Shots: 82.1
  • Shot Power: 80.3
  • Ball Control: 84.5
  • Dribbling: 84.1
  • Long Passing: 80.2

You can see that elite free kick takers excel at Curve to bend shots into the corners. They also have great Long Shots, Shot Power, Ball Control, and Dribbling to strike the ball cleanly from distance. Ward-Prowse fits this statistical profile nearly perfectly.

I also found that the very best free kick specialists like Ward-Prowse, Dybala, and Messi have at least 90 Curve, 80+ Long Shots/Shot Power, and 90+ FK Accuracy. Meeting these attribute thresholds allows them to score directly off free kicks consistently, even at long distances.

So in summary, the statistical analysis shows that Curve, Long Shot, Shot Power, and FK Accuracy are the most vital attributes for free kick takers in FIFA 23.

Tips for Scoring More Free Kicks

If you have an elite free kick taker like Ward-Prowse, Messi, or Dybala, here are some tips to maximize your conversion rate from free kicks:

  • Aim for the top corners – Finesse your shots to the upper left or upper right corners. The key is getting lift and bend over the wall.

  • Add lots of curve – Curve is crucial, so hold L1/LB when shooting and really finesse your shots.

  • Use run ups – Run ups like Reus help generate shot power. But don‘t overdo it.

  • Time your contact – For dipping shots, contact the lower half of the ball to get maximum lift.

  • Practice regularly – Repetition breeds perfection. Learn free kick aiming, power, and timing through practice.

  • Disguise your shots – Slight pauses or taps can fake out the keeper before striking the ball.

  • Catch the keeper off guard – If they‘re not set, shoot earlier than expected.

I highly recommend practicing free kicks with Ward-Prowse or Messi in the Practice Arena to master technique. With the right aim, curve, and timing, you can consistently score goals from free kicks, even online against real opponents who move the keeper.

Long Shot Specialists Can Also Thrive on Free Kicks

While FK Specialists like Ward-Prowse are ideal for free kicks, certain elite long shot takers can also excel from set pieces.

Players with 90+ Shot Power and Long Shots like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, and Erling Haaland lack FK Accuracy. But they make up for it with raw power and long shot ability.

For example, I‘ve had great success scoring 30+ yard rocket free kicks with Ronaldo. Even lacking curve, his 99 Shot Power can blast through the wall into the top corners.

So consider players with 90+ Long Shots and Shot Power for your free kick takers as well. Though they lack accuracy, their pure power from distance can still produce free kick goals.

Free Kicks vs Near Post Corners?

When you earn a free kick near the corner of the box, should you take it as a free kick or short corner? This decision depends on two key factors:

1. Free kick taker quality – With Ward-Prowse, easily take it as a free kick. But with a non-FK specialist, a short corner may be better.

2. Angle to goal – The more perpendicular angle from corners benefits power shots. Acute angles favor curled free kicks.

As a rule of thumb, I take free kicks from 20+ yards out and corners/short corners when closer than 20 yards. Near post power corner kicks can be lethal when you have strong aerial threats like Ronaldo or Lewandowski. But utilize elite free kick takers when further out.

Final Thoughts

After extensive analysis, James Ward-Prowse stands above the rest as the #1 free kick taker in FIFA 23 thanks to his sensational 94 FK Accuracy paired with 83 Curve and 74 Shot Power. He‘s practically automatic on free kicks within 30 yards.

Beyond Ward-Prowse, Messi, Dybala, and Calhanoglu also offer amazing free kick accuracy. Mastering factors like curl, aim, timing, and disguising your shots can help you score more goals with them.

Scoring directly off free kicks provides a big competitive advantage in FIFA, especially online. Hopefully these tips and player recommendations can help you convert more free kicks and win more matches! Let me know who your favorite free kick taker is in the comments.



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