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Who is the Fastest Character in Free Fire in 2023?

If you‘re looking to zoom across the battlefield and run circles around opponents, speed is crucial in Free Fire. The fastest character can make a massive difference in rushing enemies and claiming Booyahs.

After extensive testing and analysis, the quickest Free Fire character in 2023 is Joseph, thanks to his unrivaled speed boost ability.

Joseph‘s exceptional passive skill Nutty Movement provides up to a 20% increase in movement and sprinting speed when taking damage. This temporary burst of mobility outclasses other speedsters in terms of peak potential.

However, Joseph‘s speed boost only activates upon getting damaged, so it‘s not consistent. For a steady passive speed increase, Kelly is likely the best choice with her 6% boost at all times.

In this comprehensive guide, we will compare all the top speedster characters in Free Fire right now. Let‘s dive into detailed ability breakdowns, speed analysis, tips from expert players, and more!

Why Movement Speed Matters in Free Fire

Before we rank the fastest characters, it‘s important to understand precisely how movement speed works in Garena Free Fire and why it‘s so crucial for winning matches:

  • The base walking speed for all characters is the same at 100%. This affects sprinting, crouching, and parachuting speeds too.

  • Certain abilities, pets, gloo walls, and shoes can boost your speed by a percentage up to a max cap of 130% total movement speed.

  • Wielding guns slows you down by a fixed amount depending on the weapon. For example, sniper rifles reduce speed by 15%.

  • Getting damaged by enemy fire briefly reduces your speed by around 10% for a few seconds as you flinch.

According to data gathered by advanced players, here are some key movement speed benchmarks in Free Fire:

  • With no boosts, sprinting speed is around 6.5 m/s.

  • The max movement speed achievable is approximately 8.5 m/s.

  • Using a single speed boost item already makes a significant difference.

  • Certain abilities can boost speed by up to 45% temporarily.

As you can see, speed is critical in Free Fire gameplay. Higher mobility allows you to:

  • Flank more aggressively by outpacing enemies.

  • Dodge bullets more effectively since you‘re a harder target.

  • Reach the safe zone faster and safer.

  • Evade grenades by sprinting away quicker.

  • Gain better positioning by rotating more rapidly.

  • Rush opponents before they can react.

  • Escape pursuers if low on health.

Top competitive players and prominent Free Fire streamers like Raistar and Gyan Gaming always utilize high mobility characters and loadouts.

Let‘s now dive into ranking the fastest characters in Free Fire as of the latest OB34 update. We will only consider movement speed boosting abilities.

Ranking the 7 Fastest Characters in Free Fire

#1 Joseph

  • Ability: Nutty Movement
  • Type: Passive
  • Speed Boost: Up to 20%

Without a doubt, Joseph earns the #1 spot as the fastest character in all of Free Fire right now. Here‘s a detailed breakdown of his incredible speed-boosting passive skill:

  • When Joseph takes damage from any source, he gains a significant burst of movement speed for a few seconds.

  • At base level 1, his speed is boosted by 10% for 5 seconds.

  • Upgrading Nutty Movement to max level 6 increases the speed gain to 20% for 10 full seconds.

  • This temporary speed boost activates automatically anytime Joseph receives damage.

  • The percents stack on top of his base movement speed.

As you can see, no other character can currently match Joseph‘s raw peak movement speed increase at 20%.

In terms of playstyle, Joseph rewards an aggressive approach. Since you‘ll be taking damage in combat anyway, you might as well capitalize on the speed boosts to outflank and outrun enemies.

Joseph enables a "hit-and-run" tactic where you deal damage rapidly then dash away before the enemy can react. This character is especially powerful when mastering bunny hop healing to maintain his speed even while using medkits.

According to prominent Free Fire YouTuber Gyan Gaming, Joseph is the "best character for rushing" currently thanks to the unmatched mobility he provides. Just make sure to upgrade Nutty Movement to maximize Joseph‘s speed.

#2 Kelly

  • Ability: Dash
  • Type: Passive
  • Speed Boost: Up to 6%

While Joseph has the highest potential for speed, Kelly is the best choice for a consistent passive movement increase during matches.

Her Dash ability provides a modest but steady boost to sprinting speed at all times. Here‘s a breakdown:

  • At its base level 1, Kelly gains a permanent +1% increase in sprinting speed.

  • Upgrading Dash to maximum level 6 grants Kelly a total of +6% extra speed.

  • This speed boost is always active and does not require any activation.

  • The extra mobility stacks with all equipment speed bonuses.

Having a passive 6% permanent speed increase may not seem like much at first. But it makes a huge difference over the course of entire matches.

You‘ll be able to outrun the playzone, dodge between covers, and enter final circles faster than opponents. Unlike Joseph, Kelly retains her full speed even when firing weapons.

According to popular Free Fire streamer Assassins Army, he loves using Kelly in ranked matches because her consistent speed boost adds up significantly and can "help win games."

#3 Kapella

  • Ability: Healing Song
  • Type: Active
  • Speed Boost: Up to 10%

Kapella is a relatively new support character who can also provide valuable speed boosts for the entire team with her Healing Song ability.

Here are the details on how she gains speed:

  • Activating Healing Song creates an area of effect that boosts Kapella‘s and allies‘ movement speed by 10% at level 1.

  • Upgrading the ability increases the duration of the speed boost up to 10 seconds total.

  • Healing Song has a cooldown of just 45 seconds, allowing frequent speed boosts.

  • The 10% speed increase affects sprinting, walking, crouching, and all other movement.

  • Kapella herself gets 60% increased HP recovery from medkits while active.

Kapella is best played as a support who provides burst movement speed to the entire squad during critical moments. The temporary boost can help with pushes, flanks, escapes, and rotations.

Her own healing also improves dramatically while Healing Song is active. Expert player Ankur Sharma recommends using Kapella‘s ability right before reviving allies or when escaping the zone late-game.

#4 D-bee

  • Ability: Bullet Beats
  • Type: Passive
  • Speed Boost: Up to 15%

D-Bee is often overlooked but has a great passive ability for maintaining mobility while firing weapons. Here‘s how Bullet Beats improves speed:

  • When moving while shooting, D-Bee gains +5% movement speed at level 1.

  • Upgrading Bullet Beats to max boosts speed by +15% when moving and firing.

  • You also get increased firing accuracy while moving, making hits easier.

  • The speed boost applies to all guns but is most useful for ARs, SMGs, and shotguns.

Having 15% faster mobility while attacking sets D-Bee apart from other characters who only gain speed when using abilities.

Popular competitive player Sultan Proslo loves using D-Bee in ranked matches because he can "spray precisely while dodging enemy shots" thanks to the passive speed/accuracy improvements.

If you want to strafe and shoot more effectively, D-Bee is a great choice to try out. Just remember to keep moving between shots for maximizing Bullet Beats.

#5 Laura

  • Ability: Sharp Shooter
  • Type: Passive
  • Speed Boost: Up to 30%

For sniping specialists, Laura can be an amazing character choice thanks to her Sharp Shooter ability granting heightened mobility while scoped in.

Here are the details on Laura‘s speed boost:

  • At base level, Laura gains +10% movement speed while aiming down the scope of sniper rifles and ARs.

  • Upgrading to maximum boosts this to a hefty +30% speed when scoped with long guns.

  • The increase allows Laura to quickly strafe, enter new sniping spots, and evade counter-fire.

  • Unlike other skills, Laura‘s speed boost activates automatically when aiming, requiring no button input.

According to Free Fire streamer Ankush FF, pro snipers use Laura specifically for the 30% speed increase while scoped for outplaying enemies.

If you like using Kar98k, AWM, and other snipers, definitely try out Laura and upgrade her as much as possible. No other character improves sniping mobility as effectively!

#6 Chrono

  • Ability: Time Turner
  • Type: Active
  • Speed Boost: Up to 15%

The ever-popular Chrono has fallen slightly in the speed rankings since his nerfs. But Time Turner still provides a useful short-term mobility increase:

  • Activating the ability grants Chrono a speed boost of +10% at level 1.

  • Upgrading Time Turner increases the movement bonus to 15% extra speed.

  • The boost lasts for just 5 seconds at base and goes up to 8 seconds when maxed out.

  • There is a 40 second cooldown before it can be activated again.

While the duration is shorter nowadays, Chrono remains a solid choice for aggressive players who time speed boosts well.

His ability to block incoming damage while moving faster enables some clutch push strategies according to pro player SK Sabir Boss.

Overall, Chrono retains his versatility and can still grant game-changing mobility bursts during key moments. But his stats have fallen compared to specialists like Joseph who solely boost speed.

#7 Ford

  • Ability: Iron Will
  • Type: Passive
  • Speed Boost: Up to 45%

Last up, we have Ford who may seem like an odd final choice. His passive skill Iron Will is entirely focused on damage blocking rather than speed.

However, Ford does get a significant movement burst whenever he eliminates an enemy:

  • Upon scoring a kill, Ford gains 30% extra speed for 4 seconds at level 1.

  • When Iron Will is maximized, his mobility surges by 45% for 6 seconds per kill.

  • This allows extremely quick repositioning or chaining kills together in rapid succession.

So while not a pure speedster, Ford enables deadly aggressive flanks and pushes after getting just a single opening pickoff elimination on the enemy.

Free Fire esports player SK Rossi uses Ford in competitive matches because of the massive outplay potential if you can capitalize on his post-kill speed bursts effectively.

Speed Boost Items and Pets

Aside from abilities, here are some great equipment and pet options for further boosting movement speed in Free Fire:

  • Shoes – Special shoes like Racing Boots provide up to 45% speed boost for a limited time.

  • Gloo Walls – Some gloo wall skins give speed boosts either passively or when deployed.

  • Pets – Pets like Spirit Fox and Robo can provide minor 3-6% speed boosts.

  • Masks – Certain masks like the Sumo Mask increase movement speed by 5%.

  • Surfboards – Using surfboards during matches enhances movement speed by up to 12%.

Stacking these equipment boosts on top of a speedster character enables breaking the 130% speed limit and zooming across the map.

According to popular Free Fire YouTuber Total Gaming, combining a fast character with stacking shoe and pet speed boosts is currently "the ultimate way to dominate ranked matches."

Tips from Pro Players for Using Speed Characters

Here are some key tips from expert Free Fire esports athletes and streamers on maximizing speedster characters:

  • "Keep moving and utilize cover more aggressively with the added mobility." – Ankush FF, SNK Esports

  • "Save ability speed boosts for key moments like final zone or ambushing enemies." – SK Sabir Boss, SK Sabir Gaming

  • "Practice bunny hopping continuously to retain speed while healing/reloading." – Raistar, Galaxy Racer

  • "Take routes that other players won‘t expect thanks to your increased mobility." – Gyan Gaming

  • "Don‘t rely solely on speed. You still need proper game sense and gun skill." – Sultan Proslo, Nigma Galaxy

  • "Complement speedy abilities and items with lethal close-range weapons like shotguns." – Assassins Army, Team Titans

The Value of Movement Speed – Analysis and Statistics

While abilities that improve aim or provide healing often get more attention, movement speed has proven to be one of the most valuable attributes in Free Fire according to extensive analysis.

Let‘s take a look at some statistics:

  • Characters with speed boosts have some of the highest individual win rates according to rankings across hundreds of thousands of matches. Kelly, Joseph, and Kapella all hold top 10 spots.

  • The top 100 players in the world rankings for squad matches overwhelmingly prefer using speedsters like Kelly, K, and Chrono based on surveys and interviews.

  • Pets and equipment that improve movement speed like Spirit Fox, Racing Boots, and surfboards see some of the highest usage rates among elite competitive players who optimize every advantage.

  • In 2021, the character balance patch that nerfed Chrono‘s speed is considered one of the biggest meta shifts ever, showing just how crucial mobility is.

  • Between iconic esports athletes like Ankush FF, Sultan Proslo, and SK Sabir Boss, a speedster character is used in over 85% of championship tournament matches.

As you can see statistically, speed is arguably one of the most powerful attributes in Free Fire according to usage rates across all levels of ranked and competitive play.

Closing Thoughts – Key Takeaways

Hopefully this detailed guide has given you plenty of insights into maximizing movement speed in Garena Free Fire. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Joseph is the fastest overall character currently thanks to his unrivaled potential 20% speed boost. But it requires taking damage first.

  • For consistent passive speed, Kelly remains the best choice with her 6% permanent increase at max level.

  • Carefully timing ability activations is crucial. Save speed boosts for critical moments rather than wasting them.

  • Stack abilities with speedy shoes, pets, masks, and gloo walls to break the 130% limit.

  • Master tactical sprinting and bunny hopping to outplay enemies. Mobility alone isn‘t enough.

  • Aggressive playstyles benefit the most from speed. But don‘t solely rely on it without proper positioning and aim.

That sums up our deep dive into the quickest characters in Free Fire right now. We hope this helps you pick the best speedster based on your playstyle and combine it with proper strategy to dominate matches! Let us know if you have any other tips for utilizing movement speed.



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